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Monday, May 16, 2011


How about Ronnie "5-for-7" Paulino?

it has something to do with it.....

The Phillies should just trade for Mauer. He can be our backup catcher this year, and then we can throw him left field next year.

Two birds, one very big stone.

Pudge is not going anywhere. He's mentor to young Ramos and the Nats would love to see him get his 3,000th hit in their uniform.

I think we should just put the plush Ruiz pillow from the MLB2k11 ads behind the plate.

There's always Erik Kratz and his 1,013 OPS. That's a glaring sample size fluke, so let's go with his OPS from last year (.875), or the year before (.807), or the year before that (.819).

We obviously have no idea if Erik Kratz can hit big league pitching, but we DO know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he isn't any worse than Dane Sardinha. There's no good reason why he isn't on the roster right now.

Not sure why the tied for last place Nats would have a problem dealing the remainder of Pudge's salary to the Phils unless they have some sort of interest in the fortunes of the Marlins and/or Braves this year.

not topical, and a repost from last post, but an amazing statistic that i'd think many BL's would find hard to believe:

Jose Bautista’s WAR is higher than the entire offense of the Philadelphia Phillies.

(full disclosure, i have not double checked this stat for accuracy)

If there's one position Phils' brass never seem to know what they're doing with, it's catcher. So I'm not super confident that any move would be the right one. But Kratz at least gives the potential for some offense-- is he really that bad at calling a game that Sardinha is preferable to him? If so, how'd he make it all the way to triple A?

Zudok: not entirely correct. I've heard reports down here that Pudge could be an obvious trade target for teams and the Nats would consider it. Wasn't a Phillies specific statement.

Trade Rizotti, Overbeck and Goosewich for a catcher.

Not that the Washington fans would care anyway, but Pudge isn't going to top 3000 this season. He's 170 away and won't reach it as a backup to Ramos.

@clout, I don't believe African Americans were ever overrepresented in baseball. If you chart it, AA (or American "Black folks") were the few and far between passing as Mexicans or Cubans until JR broke the line. Then there was a slight uptick into the 1980's and I believe the number is probably stalled or declined since. I worked on a study 10 years ago but do not own the rights to the data nor do I believe it is online.

@Heather, being part Latino, with cousins who are as "Black" looking as the young Sammy Sosa, I believe the MLB consider "Black" as being a non-Spanish speaking American or Canadian. They (sports business community)also consider "inner city" as poor Black folks.

Somebody mentioned Jews in the NBA and I have to mention they had their own Jewish b-ball team in Philly. The novelty of the Harlem Globetrotters was that it was an all-Black basketball team. How novel? It was started in Illinois, they called it Harlem Globetrotters to denote to white folks that it was all black people.
European Jews, Italians, Polish and Irish Americans were the boxing community before Blacks and Latinos become 90 percent of it.

Vic proved he can
Werth proved his worth
Mayberry should get his chance
Kratz never know unless you try
Minimart send him to the store

cards lineup-Theriot SS, Jay CF, Pujols 1B, Holliday LF, Berkman RF, Craig 2B, Molina C, Punto 3B, Westbrook P

Rollins 6, Valdez 5, Ibanez 7, Howard 3, Mayberry 8, Francisco 9, Orr 4, Ruiz 2, Lee 1

every one happy now....

Another great lineup.

(Valdez at 3B, Mayberry in CF)

Was Polanco hit by a bus?

Can I get a phonetic pronunciation for Gosewisch?
Is it [GOES - WITH] or [GOOSE - WHICH]? I want to make sure I can at least pronounce it correctly when I get my Tuffy jersey.

Did you hear the 'I'm going to give it a little Ichiro' story about Adrian Gonzalez' fourth AB HR Saturday vs. Sabathia? What a ballplayer.

Then I began to feel annoyed and envious because none of the Phillie hitters seem to have the awareness and/or gameplan and/or ability to succeed in performing an AB like that.

At least when Rollins goes 0 for 5 tonight, it will have the benefit of taking the GIDP out of Wilson Valdez's offensive arsenal.

Crazy lineup day (via Matt Gelv):

Rollins 6, Valdez 5, Ibanez 7, Howard 3, Mayberry 8, Francisco 9, Orr 4, Ruiz 2, Lee 1

rauls gp: Over-represented is probably the wrong word. My point is this: Af-Ams were substantially represented in MLB in the 1950s and 1960s and into the 1970s, when the socio-economic gap was far larger than it is today.

The notion that the decline in Af-Am players has been because of a socio-economic gap is bunk.

Trade for a catcher????


Kratz und Goosewurst, sehr gut!

Phils ex-catchers:

1. Marson - .303/.351/.455 in 33 ABs with the Indians as a backup
2. Jaramillo - .276/.373/.379 in 58 ABs with Indianapolis and .357/.400/.357 in 14 ABs with Pirates (up only the first 2 weeks of the season)
3. Paulino - .370/.433/.407 in 27 ABs with Mets as a backup
4. Barajas - .233/.278/.440 in 116 ABs with Dodgers as a starter

Why does Cholly insist on hitting Valdez/Mini Mart in the 2 hole with Vic out? Just a poor strategic move.

Polanco wasn't hit by a bus. He's hitting barely the Mendoza line in May with 2 xbhs. If his last name was Ibanez, BLers would be calling for his release.

That said, I still wish Valdez was not playing and batting second tonight.

Aside from the fact that you should never, EVER get Raul Ibañez wet, allow him to play on the Road, or feed him after midnight -- I'm almost certain at least one of those is correct -- I don't completely hate this lineup. Mayberry's playing, Martinez isn't & hey, at least something different. *shrugs*

Also, if the Phillies ever have the nerve to sign Barajas again I will gorge at the nearest Indian buffet, march into r00b's office & take a giant, sloppy sh*t on his desk.

clout: Buy a 2011 Civil Rights Game Commemorative T-Shirt. You'll feel better.

I know there is a goodly segment of Beerleaguer who thinks the bench players need to start 75% of the time. But this poster finds it exremely puzzling that a team which has averaged just 3.38 runs over its last 8 games would replace a .340 hitter with a .239 hitter, giving up more than .250 points of OPS in the process.

Cards are getting good value out of Punto so far at a line of .250/.352/.383 in 60 ABs for $750k. Rather have him on this roster than Valdez. At least Punto works counts and takes his share of BBs.

call up Valle, he's on fire.

The Negro Leagues fed the system with minor leaguers and children fans who played the game hoping to make the big time for years, you forget that.
Curt Floyd's problems also disenfranchised many fans.

The Negro Leagues fed the system with minor leaguers and children fans who played the game hoping to make the big time for years, you forget that.
Curt Flood's problems also disenfranchised many fans.

classy as ever.

I try and remain optimistic about the Phillies lineup night after night, and I may very well be pleasantly surprised this night as well, but dear God that lineup they're trotting out tonight is abysmal.

Oswalt activated. Worley sent down.

Interesting that the first pitcher to go was Worley and not Mathieson. Worley has been called upon in high leverage spots and Mathieson is a fine looking pitcher as long as he stays in the bullpen.

Lee is thinking - "Valdez #2? Francisco #6/Orr #7? Sh~t. I give up a 3-run jack and this game to Pujols or Berkman and this game is over.

This year only Taylor Teagarden in the PCL has more home runs as a catcher at AAA with 7 than Kratz. Kratz leads all IL catchers with 6 homers. Kratz has thrown out runners on 7 of 16 stolen base attempts for a whopping 44% caught stealing %. Last year in 9 games with the Pirates he threw out 4 of 7 base stealers. But for some reason Ruben and Dubes really like old Sardinha.

CJ - Nah. Amaro has said several times he wants Worley stretched out as a starter. I absolutely agree given the questionable health status of Oswalt/Blanton.

"My point is this: Af-Ams were substantially represented in MLB in the 1950s and 1960s and into the 1970s, when the socio-economic gap was far larger than it is today."

The gap is far larger today than it was in 1984, which is close enough to the 1970s for our purposes. Here's one article on it:

I read the story of how mad the Yanks are at Jeter. Angry enough to trade for Jimmy?

Tough get going . . .

If any hitter choose Billy Ocean as his walk-up music, I wouldn't know exactly how to react. Bewilderment? Amusement? Hysteria?

Jim Salisbury: "No explanation why Polanco out of lineup yet. Will pass along when known."

Don't you almost have to assume he's unavailable for either injury or personal reasons? Charlie doesn't give guys like Polanco days off.

"If his last name was Ibanez, BLers would be calling for his release."

Agreed. Beerleagers have clearly developed an irrational antipathy toward Ibanez and an irrational fondness for Polanco. Other than the minor, insignificant fact that one guy is hittng .340, posting an .824 OPS, and playing brilliant defense, while the other guy is hitting .230, posting a .636 OPS, and playing terrible defense, they are essentially the same player.

Polanco says he's fine, just a day off. I think he learned he was being moved down in the lineup and refused to play.

I played the game cause I knew I would always get mad tail and fine hats. That is the number one reason in the African American community. Now that hats are passe, we don't play ball no more. That's why brothers play basketball and the football.Peace.

Victorino will take bp today & says he feels better but still having trouble pushing off when he runs.

Oswalt says he no longer feels any back pain, velocity decrease may be related to having to change workout routine while battling back.

MG: Sure... I get that. Just cuts down, yet again, on the arms available for high-leverage innings. With the current bullpen, here is the list of pitchers I trust in high-leverage situations:
Madson, Bastardo

And those I might trust if I'm feeling generous, but not likely:
Romero, Stutes

And those I don't trust in high-leverage situations:

And those I don't trust in any situation:

And those who should be used only in long relief:

"The fact that Dom Brown is 23 and Mayberry is 27 means nothing to you, huh?"

No. It means nothing to me whatsoever until the time comes to discuss money/years. All I care about for 2011 is who can hit major league pitching.

"Brown hasn't proven that he is worth the hype, there's no reason to be excited for his potential at all."

That is correct.

Until he does something that I didn't already know he could do, I don't care to hear about his performance in the International League.

I'll get excited about Brown when he does something worth getting excited about...hit major league pitching.

"Over-represented is probably the wrong word. My point is this: Af-Ams were substantially represented in MLB in the 1950s and 1960s"

No...over-represented is exactly the right word to use when the presence of a sub-group in a sample is drastically larger than the percentage of that sub-group in a population.

African Americans presence in MLB is what should be expected based on their presence in the population. Individuals from the Dominican Republic are currently over-represented.

Why is this the case? Who cares?

Jim Salisbury (via Twitter): "Manuel said polanco had little back stiffness yesterday and struggling w swing. Good time for day off."

... & the truth comes out. Is there anyone on this damn team who doesn't have back issues? I've visited senior centers w/ a more fit population.

Thank you Will Schweitzer.

Haha. When it comes to civil rights, I take Al Sharpton about as seriously as I take David Duke.

Lots happening today...looks like David Wright has a stress fracture in his back. Maybe now's the time to trade for him. Even with a broken back, I'd like to see him over Valdez at 3rd.

BAP: I said they were essentially the same player? Your solid comprehension skills explain the rest of your posts.

The fitness of this team has been questioned on BL before. With the backs and hamies, something is going on here. They need more potassium!

Injuries tend to snowball on clubs as the training staff gets overworked and preventative work is skipped in lieu of rehab for the DLed guys.. The Mets were a perfect example of this a few years back. Honestly, I think it will get worse before it gets better.

It seems Phillies back problems have transferred to the Mutts: via twitter: AmyKNelson37 minutes ago
Sandy Alderson says David Wright had MRI on his back, tentative diagnosis stress fracture in his lower back. getting 2nd opinion...

That's a loaded poll question, Jason. My answer is a qualified, yes, I have the "sense" that they have faced a number of good pitchers who seemed to be on their games that particular day, and that is a part of the problem.

I think that is a small piece of the puzzle though. Other pieces include the obvious injuries to key players, and an overall downward trend in offense this season that is ML wide.

I was wondering about the other side of the coin yesterday, but am having a tough time framing the question(s). (1) Is the production of the Phils' starting rotation equal to, better, or worse than these Phils' pitchers' norms? (2) How much better or worse would the Phillies record be if they were facing say, the same pitchers the other NL East teams were? In other words, how grim would the hitting problem be if they were like the Fish and already had to face Halladay, Lee, Hamels et al twice each? And how much would the other teams' offenses benefit if they faced a "typical" NL East pitcher rather than the four aces?

In a way it's irrelevant since the teams are what they are. However some here cite runs per game as a measure of offensive performance and some would contend that because the Phils and Braves are roughly equivalent in that category, the two teams offenses aren't that far apart. However, no disrespect to the Braves starters, but IMO the Braves offense faces tougher pitching in the division over the long haul due to the quality of the Phils starters than does the Phils' offense.

I don't know but they better put up a crooked number against Jake Westbrook tonight. Not sure I like their chances too much against the probables after that.

quincy: You said, "He's hitting barely the Mendoza line in May with 2 xbhs. If his last name was Ibanez, BLers would be calling for his release."

Seems to me you were implying that there's something unjust about the fact that one guy is taking so much heat & the other is getting a pass. If that wasn't your implication, I stand corrected.

SLO Phan - Mandatory 3 bananas for everyone?

One of my favorite promotions I have seen at the MLB level - '1/2 Night From the 5 Surrounding Counties' that the Brewers had on Sat. night vs. Pirates. It was a resounding success with a sellout.

Scotch Man: Have you seen the lineup for tonight? Get out the Scotch, man.

Unless Cliff Lee is dominant tonight, and he hasn't been dominant lately (he's been good, but not dominant), then I don't see us winning with this lineup we're trotting out.

Unless, of course, Ryan Howard goes absolutely ballistic, which he's been known to do in St. Louis.

MG: Absolutely. Instead of gum, sunflower seeds, and tobacco, I'd like to see the players chewing on bananas in the dugout.

we score 5 or it!

I've always enjoyed these split squad Spring Training games. They give us a chance to see guys we otherwise would have to go to Lehigh to watch.


Besides Ibanez (9-26 with 1 HR), no one in the lineup has really faced Westbrook at all. Polly has but obviously not in the lineup.

A RHP pitcher who doesn't throw all that hard and has a fairly decent changeup? Not a matchup I like at all for the Phils. Only thing is that Westbrook has had real control problems at times this year. Not only issued his share of BBs but has had to throw fastballs behind in the count.

I believe Blanton got special dispensation from the league to keep Banana Cream Pies in the dugout to battle low potassium.

I predict a big win tonight.

NEPP - I think they either not out Westbrook early (doesn't make it out of the 5th) or he completely shuts them down over 7 giving up a run.

Westbrook actually has begun to pitch better but there is no reason the Phils shouldn't be able to work at least 2-3 BBs against him tonight even with hackster Valdez in the lineup.

My prediction for the Phils tonight: Pain (and lots of ground balls out to the left side of the infield)!

Well tonights the night to score,cause tomorrow will not!!

Other things I am interested to see tonight:

- If the Phils can continue their mastery of Pujols (they have dominated him the past 2 years).

- Phils can actually put up a crooked number in an inning while Lee is pitching. Last did it on April 20th vs. Brewers in the 6th inning.

Bold prediction: the Phillies' offense will stink something fierce tonight. And tomorrow night too.

"Tough get going . . .

If any hitter choose Billy Ocean as his walk-up music, I wouldn't know exactly how to react. Bewilderment? Amusement? Hysteria?"

Plus "Loverboy" is a way better song.

Vance Worley looks better than Mattheison in the bullpen, too.
Dimples + glasses = pretty darn cute.

BAP - Rotted meat, spoiled milk, or Limberger cheese (in that order)?

I'd have rather kept Worley over KK, Mathieson or Baez but then I'm not making the moves. Smart money is to keep your 12 best arms up on the 25 man, not "situational guys" over good RH pitchers. Stupid but what do I know. The specialization of the bullpen has really hurt the game IMHO.

Wow. Pujols is playing 3B tonight.

Put me in the Pissy Pants Posse with BAP for tonight's game.

"Rotted meat, spoiled milk, or Limberger cheese"

MG: With Valdez, Orr, & Francisco in the lineup, I think we've covered all 3 of the above.

Really Jay? Why the hell would they do that?

Wait a second... Pujols is playing 3rd tonight?

swircheroo: Commish Hummel confirms Pujols starting 3B, Punto to 2B. Berkman tells me hes playing 1B. Craig in RF


To answer the poll question:

Yes, because offensive production is down across all of baseball. Even more than last year.

Because the Cardinals know that no one will bunt for the next two nights.

9 more starts for Pujols to be 3B eligible in ESPN FBB leagues. That's the important thing here.

Pujols played 1 1/3 innings at 3B earlier this season. Actually played 2B for 3 1/3 innings in 2008. And SS for 2 innings in '02

When Pujols came up, he played a little bit of everywhere: LF, RF, 3B, 1B. But in last 7 seasons, have played over 130 games-per-year at 1B.

Theriot SS, Jay CF, Pujols 3B, Holliday LF, Berkman 1B, Craig RF, Molina C, Punto 2B, Westbrook P

Matt Gelb reports Pujols hasn't started at 3rd since Sept. 23rd... 2002!!!

Pujols moved across the diamond because his defense sucked...but I guess it sucks less than Berkman's defense in RF. And I think they're down to a AA guy at 3B otherwise.

Over-the-hill, reserve, over-the-hill, Ryan Howard, guy trying to prove he's a MLB starter, guy who's proven he's not, reserve, Chooch, Lee.

Yo, new thread.

@timr Kratz bad at calling a game? What in the world gave you that idea? Lehigh Valley pitchers are 14-7 (2.69 ERA) in Kratz' 21 starts.

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