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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow, the Marlins increase their lead from 3-2 to 6-2 in the top of the 9th, only to then blow it in the bottom of the 9th.

Hopefully, San Fran can finish it off.

I was just thrilled it was still on at 10 p.m. on the west coast.

What a great game. Valdez was the TRUE definition of a utility player tonight. Glad to see this game end with some sort of story.

Clutch walk from Brown and the game winner from RaOld. It was BL reverse jinx at its finest all around.

New thread at 1:30 am.

I love this game, tonight was one of the reasons why.

Oswalt in LF Valdez as relief pitcher... Amaro clearly likes versatility.

I really want to run out and find a casual Phillies fan that I can tell about this game.

"Danys Baez threw 5 shutout innings and Wilson Valdez shut down the heart of the Cincinnati lineup in order to earn the win."

Just repeat that to yourself a few times.

Just awesome. Totally worth staying up late for. JW named all the heroes. Feel bad for Fisher; he shouldn't have been left in there. I wonder if that other reliever hurt himself warming in the pen. I'll remember this game for a long time.


What a game. And we witnessed it - with Beerleaguer. Good night all.

And that is why it's nice to have a guy like Valdez on your team.
That was some crazy s88t.

The Reds could have used Paul Janish to pitch, as they have done before. But, unlike our utility infielder turned pitcher, Janish gets completely lit up every time he pitches.

One of the most unforgettable Phillies games I have ever seen, just amazing. Huge props to Baez for this one, 5 innings of one hit ball, just awesome, and I'm a huge Baez hater. Just a crazy awesome game.

I love what Valdez said in his interview "I was just trying to throw strikes" - wow, can this be relayed to Romero?

I'm not crying for Fisher. It isn't one game that gets a pitcher it is a pattern of excessive use. And even that hasn't been proven. Fisher will take a week off and go back to normal outings with no issue.

Ah man, ever since I moved a week ago I haven't had cable, so I couldn't watch this game on tv. Big bummer in hindsight. I followed the whole damn game on Gameday--other than the innings I fell asleep on the couch during (woke up when gameday played some kind of sound right at the end.) I was like, "Wait... the Phillies won?" and then "Wait, Valdez got the win?" and then "Wait, it was WHAT inning??"

Good times.

Baker just said they had nobody left in the bullpen - contrary to what the announcers kept saying.

Well, that was definitely worth staying up for.

As far as relief pitchers coming up, Contreras will be back tomorrow. JC may be on the hook...

Think Ricky Bo reads Beerleager? Who moves down? "Before this game, Herndon. Now? What exactly is Romero giving this team?"

Baker goes on to say Jimmy distracted Phillips when JC couldn't throw strikes.

JC had a few good games when he first came off the DL. Since then, he has been truly awful.

Wasn't as crazy as watching Wild Thing drive in Inky for the GW RBI vs Padres on PRISM at 4:42 but this game was an 'Instant Classic' in Phils' history.

not worried about fisher--little leaguers survive 75 pitches legally. but he deserved a better fate.

love Valdez telling Jim Jackson he was 'throwing sinkers, moving the ball all over the plate' to votto et al who he figured would be swinging for the fences.

Hopefully this leaves a hangover for the Reds and Lee is dominant tomorrow - obviously the bullpen needs a break.

What an epic. Very pleased they won it. Would have been depressing otherwise.

Crazy. There was probably at least 7k-8k still there at the end. Been to a game that went 17 innings at Fenway once but never a game that long in person.

Wonder if anybody who stayed until the end is at the BSP tomorrow at 1:05.

I'm inclined to agree that Romero's brought nothing to the team this season. I don't like Baez or Herndon, either - But both were terrific tonight. Herndon has at times pitched decently, but I never expected Baez to pitch more than 1 clean inning. That was the biggest surprise to me.

Actually, I think the better question is "What does J.C. Romero give the Phillies that Wilson Valdez doesn't?"

I would L Gload and call up an extra pitcher, then figure out the bench thing before the road trip. But Romero does look like he's on his last legs. Even Romero knows that.

LOL, PRISM. Long live the late 80s-early 90s.

I just want to point out that Valdez's pitches were faster than Jamie Moyers'. By a few MPH. Just think that's interesting.

Remember when Halladay pitched in this game?

"Phils win in the bottom of the nineteenth, on an RBI flyout by Raulie-Poo!!!"

I was there jumping on the couches at 2am in '93, and this was right up there. Classic.


Gotta share with the Beerleaguer crew that I spent an entire drive from Milwaukee to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, listening to this game over the Reds radio broadcast.

It was a pleasure hearing Marty Brennaman shave the purple sky as I lived and died with this incredible game.

Great movement on Wilson's pitches (even when he dropped down and almost hit the Red's on deck hitter).
Shaking off the catcher made it even more memorable.
Watching a utility second baseman pitch to a pitcher in the 19th inning is what makes this crazy game unforgettable.
Apparently the first position player to get a win in Phillies history.
And Baez to boot!
This one goes into the lore.
I was wanting this to go 22 or 23 to break the club record until Wilson went to the hill. We HAD to score in the 19th.

Yeah, some of those fly balls were uncomfortably epic, but I was both excited to see Valdez pitch and surprised by how good he looked. "88... MILES AN HOUR!" as ol' Doc Brown used to say.
Was that a curveball there? Shaking off Sardinha! Arbitrary sidearm action! Some Movement! Brass balls on that there fellow.
I know folks around here shot the s88t about "Valdez's cannon of an arm" etc etc, but I figured it would be 75-80mph tops. On some Red Reporter blog they were guessing 65. Suckers.
Good Win.

Random question: we just played game 49 and Rollins and has Rollins had a game off yet? Maybe tomorrow wouldn't be a nad time. Start Sardinha tomorrow, Utkey at 2B, Valdez at SS.

Am I overthinking this?

there is only one thing to take away from the game tonight. Wilson Valdez > Eric Bruntlett.

Obviously can't type on my Blackberry this late at night.. Haha

Baker's brilliant explanation:

“We were out of pitching,” said Baker. “We only had LeCure and Maloney left, but they both pitched multiple innings already this week. LeCure tried to warm up, but he was too sore and Maloney pitched a lot of innings on Monday. So it was Fisher’s game."

LeCure pitched for 3 innings, on Sunday. Like what's harder on a reliever, pitching 4 days after pitching 3 innings, or throwing 80 pitches consecutively? That makes no sense.

Stubbs saw 50 pitches tonight.

Eric Bruntlet earned a debatable spot in memory for the unassisted triple play, but I think Valdez, Baez, and (maybe) Herndon enter into the "real fan" hall of fame. And by that I mean Steve Jeltz hitting 2 HRs (for 40% of his career total) in the same game as a pinch hitter level. Really epic game that compares favorably to this one.

We can't start Valdez at 2nd tomorrow, he'll get an impingement or something. Plus, you know, he'll be deservedly hungover.

I believe I just read on ESPN that Valdez is the first player since Babe Ruth to start a game playing the field and end up the winning pitcher. Valdez and Babe Ruth.

Romero might be wearing out his welcome here just like he did in Boston.

Still has good stuff. But he can't throw strikes. Couldn't do it in Boston and they finally said the hell with it.

Plus, he is a convicted cheater.

I believe I just read on ESPN that Valdez is the first player since Babe Ruth to start a game playing the field and end up the winning pitcher. Valdez and Babe Ruth.

Posted by: Mike | Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 02:13 AM

Uh, I don't think this is true. Wilson and the Babe still have a lot in common though.

Look at this picture:
That looks like a guy who wants to stick around.
What... is... this feeling?
... opti-mism?

Well, there goes any chance of dumping Baez.

OK! I did read it right! First player since the Babe. Pass it on.

On the other hand, I now deem all current Phillies worthy* of their inevitable '11 World Series rings. No repeat of that '08 Adam Eaton debacle.

*Brown, Gload, Martinez & Sardinha deemed worthy on account of not doing anything egregiously stupid.

On the other hand, I now deem all current Phillies worthy* of their inevitable '11 World Series rings. No repeat of that '08 Adam Eaton debacle.

*Brown, Gload, Martinez & Sardinha deemed worthy on account of not doing anything egregiously stupid.

Plus, he is a convicted cheater.

That's what moved Romero from 60/40 to 40/60. Not the cheating part, but the "not enough stuff to overlook the rest" part. Gar Joseph was right in 2007 with his LOOGY projection.

I liked Valdez on the bench after his big inning with the towels around his arm, just like, you know, a pitcher.

Lots of firsts for me tonight/this morning. 19 Inning Game. 6+ Hour Game (w/ no Rain Delays). Applauded Danys Baez, & not sarcastically. Saw a Position Player Pitch. Saw a Position Player get a 'W'. Cruised home in the middle of Kelly Drive, because there was no one else on the road.

Hard to believe, Harry ...

Awesome game, thanks for all the comments during the game, all I had was live box score updates which are not sufficient in their explanations.

Halladay again gives up late inning runs. Bastardo gives up the HR to a lefty just to see Howard clutch with a tying 10 inning HR. Some unexplainable line by Romero (and did not give up a run, I really had to read the play by play for that one and count the outs). Then the 'last pitcher available' duel, which the Reds supposedly won once Valdez entered. Of course he gets rocked by Votto but stays in the park, hits the hated Rolen, then gets out the other 'pitcher' for the eventual win/last out. Raul out of the doghouse again.

I really need to get video of Valdez pitching now. Good morning all....

Of course Atl and Fla win in extras also. Clearwater went 23 innings just a few days ago.

My guess is Herndon down for Contrares. All the useful bullpen guys should be okay. Kendrick will still be the long man if needed.

It sounded like a soccer match at the end with all the chanting. Valdez comes up big in the most unusual way. Awesome stuff.

To think some fans on here were talking about a loss after the top of the ninth. One inning Howard looks like a chump and the next he's the champ. Clutch homer. J-Rolls D was excellent. If he's lost a step it's only a baby one. 3 years 18 mil to stay a Phil. Would like to see that.

Reported from last night:

Baez and Valdez just earned Teflon coupons, entitling them to zero crap from us. (coupons valid for 30 days from date of issue. Does not apply to day games, road games or Thursday games. Offer not valid in Utah and Hawaii. May cause hair loss. Ask your doctor if you can watch phillies games int these conditions.)

"Reposted," that is. (Thanks, Autocorrect!)

3 years/18 mil = hahaha. No way J-Roll stays for that little if he plays in 130+ games this year.

I stayed all for 19--I am paying for it now, but the memories of this crazy game will last forever. Jimmy's defense was outstanding in the late stages of the game; he took away several basehits with his range and his arm.

Who wants to keep Orr over Valdez now? pfft

Good Morning!

Well, that was unexpected. What a hoot.

I love how seriously Chooch takes it, wherever he is.

Have a great day.

What a game. I'm just sorry I wasted so much of it arguing.

Tried this morning to explain to my 6 year old how crazy it was. The Babe Ruth comparison is not exactly resonating.

Fell asleep early. But what more can you expect from Exxon, he won and hit Rolen!

Sometime before 11:30 PM on May 25, I wrote: "Feels like a loss". Then I promptly went to bed. To RAJ and the Phillies FO: This service is available at a nominal fee. Please contact Jason W. to contact me, and gain access to my amazing "Reverse Beerleaguer Jinx On Demand".

All kidding aside, this was nothing short of breathtaking. Charlie's teams have more guts and heart than any I've seen in any sport, any league. Surely Whitey and Harry stayed up for this one; heck, Harry probably said: "Hard to believe, Whitey".

Last night's game was awesome. This comment comes from my 5 year old daughter who I'm teaching about blogs right now

It is amazing to think that no matter what Wilson Valdez does from here on out, he shares one record in common with Babe Ruth.

What a hell of a game. I promised myself I would go to bed after the 10th but simply kept it on the tv in my bedroom all the way to the end.

Wilson Valdez was simply fantastic on both sides of the ball...good for him.

I stopped posting after a while last night with all intentions of going to bed. I couldn't do it. And thank God for that.

What a game. Brandon Philips still has to be kicking himself for getting picked off. It was a game changing play to say the least.

Look at the box score for last night's game. What a wonderful game this baseball is.

I was just looking at's highlights for this game. There is one called "Baez works on Chapped Lips". The clip is entirely Wheels and TBag talking while Baez applies Chapstick.

I'm not making this up.

Wilson and The Babe. Go figure. I wonder if the runners will test his arm when he catches.

Interesting notes:

The Reds were 3-15 with RISP, the Phils, 1-13.

Of the Reds' 15 hits, only 2 extra base hits (Bruce's HR, Renteria's 2B -- both off Bastardo). Of the Phils' 13 hits, 5 XBH (Francisco, Howard HRs, Rollins, Ruiz 2B, Ibanez 3B).

The Reds left 17 men on base, the Phils 16.

What a game.

It's a good thing they had Baez stretched out.

Valdez only threw 10 pitches, so he's available.

"What a game. I'm just sorry I wasted so much of it arguing.

Tried this morning to explain to my 6 year old how crazy it was. The Babe Ruth comparison is not exactly resonating.

You should be arrested for bad parenting. At age 6, your child should know, at minimum, that Ruth:
1. Once held the HR record for season and career
2. Once held the WS record for consecutive scoreless innings
3. Called his shot in the '32 WS

Just wanted to say kudos to the BL-ers who stuck it out last night posting until it was all over.

One thing I thought was weird last night was that Dusty Baker didn't send LeCure (or another reliever) out there even though the poor kid they had on the mound was clearly gassed.

I mean, I'm glad he didn't, obviously, but it did seem like a very questionable decision.

I read this morning that LeCure was sore and couldn't get loose.

I understand that in the 13th inning, but... Sometime around the 17th inning, don't you tell the guy he better find a way to get loose and everybody is sore, so suck it up?

Maybe someone who was a pitcher or knows a little more about the game can explain it to me.

Just wanted to say kudos to the BL-ers who stuck it out last night posting until it was all over.

Posted by: Dan in Philly | Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 08:52 AM

Thanks! Makes it all worth it!!


Edmundo, you are right. All I can say is that I'll work on it. He is pretty sure that Ryan Howard is the greatest player that ever lived, so it will be a challenge.

On the plus side of my parenting ledger, the kid really seems to dislike the Mets and Yankees. We live in suburban NY, so I consider that a significant accomplishment.

still going through all the game changing plays last nite, amazing how many keep coming to mind(Chooch's tarp dive from 3B had nothing to do with the game but was still one of my favs).

I fully expect JC Romero to be released before gametime, Herndon to be sent down and Zagurski and Truck activated before gametime.

Also - I am not bashing Valdez anymore and take back all the prior bashing.

Not only did the Marlins win, but they knocked Buster Posey out for an extended period of time. Fellow Buster, Olney, thinks MLB should change the rules regarding collisions at the plate. If that happened to Dane Sardinha, I don't think Olney would care one bit.

If that happened to Dane Sardinha, I don't think Olney would care one bit.

Don't worry, Sardinha has made it obvious that he won't be blocking the plate anytime soon.

"If that happened to Dane Sardinha by accident" is what I should have written.

I feel awful this morning. but wilson valdez WARMING UP HIS ARM in the dugout made it worth it.

Of all the Valdez antics last night that really maade me laugh, after he induced the pop-up to the pitcher, he didn't even watch the ball get caught. He just walked back to the dugout like he didn't know, like a real pitcher who's used to induces pop-ups to end innings would.

Valdez is awesome.

I gave Baez 2 innings max. I was seriously thinking this was going to end with a blow up. He was incredible. I'll never judge his Phillies career in a favorable manor I don't think but when it comes to giving credit where it's due, he was the man of the hour with Valdez. Two guys I am guilty of giving lots of grief to. At risk of sounding like Wheels, that's what makes this game great. I was glad to have been there and stuck it out for all 19.

VOR - funny that you should re-post that as i copied it and was going to paste it this morning. that post made me laugh heartily.

i'm not sure what was more impressive about last night - jimmy's defense, valdez's heater, or me turning down a "treat" from my wife in the 18th inning.

me: "honey, this is the 18th inning for christ sake, i need to concentrate!"

her: "but you can watch the game and read your blog?"

yup, gotta love baseball!

*** understand that in the 13th inning, but... Sometime around the 17th inning, don't you tell the guy he better find a way to get loose and everybody is sore, so suck it up?

Nah because if he can't get loose, there's a very good chance of an arm injury if you ask him to throw. Dusty ironically was smart to protect the guy's arm like that.

Also, I second the awesomeness of seeing Valdez warm his arm between innings...that was just hilarious. He should have given the press conference with his arm completely wrapped in ice packs like a SP. That would have just completed it for me. Between that and his mound "presence" it was just a hilarious game all around.

Watching Valdez on the mound last night was the highlight of the season for me so far.

Watching him shake off pitches.
Watching him "drop down" and throw a "curve ball".
Watching him walk around the back of the mound and wipe his forehead after he missed a pitch.
Watching him hit Scott Rolen.
Watching him walk off the field as if he does this all the time.
Watching him wrap his arm in a towel like a pitcher after the inning.
Listening to him tell Sarge that he was "just trying to throw strikes".

Just classic. He played the part beautifully. Not only that, but he pitched a no-hit inning, getting out Votto and Bruce in the process.

Just awesome to watch. I now have a soft spot for Valdez. All the good will he earned last year, which had all but faded away this year, is all back.

damn conchy, what a pimp

I'd give the Reds about a 0.01% chance of coming back and winning today.

As for the lineup, I think Polly gets the day off (Valdez at 3B). Sardihna behind the plate. Utley at 2B. Brown in RF.

Note to self: Never miss a Phillies vs. Reds series.

My lineup today:

1. Valdez, SS
2. Valdez, 2B
3. Valdez, 3B
4. Valdez, 1B
5. Valdez, LF
6. Valdez, C
7. Brown, RF**
8. Valdez, CF
9. Valdez, P

**Only because he needs ABs.

Excellent note, Seth. They always seem to be good ones, don't they?

Seth, so true. The Phillies and Reds have been involved in some incredible, historical games over the last couple years.

In 2009, the Phillies tagged Johnny Cueto for 9 ER in 2/3 of an inning, scored 10 in the first, and scored 22 in the game, with Jayson Werth hitting a grand slam off Paul Janish.

Last year, 4 game series that included 2 overtime game winning hits by the Phillies, a come back from being down 6 runs in the 9th inning, Halladay matching zeros for 9 innings against Travis Wood pitching a near perfect game, and Brian effing Schneider hitting a walk off homerun in the 12th of the first game.

In the playoffs last year, Halladay pitches only the second postseason no-no against the Reds in game 1. In game 2, Roy Oswalt gets lit up, and it looks like the Red might take game 2, if not for 4 fielding errors handing the game to the Phils. Cole Hamels pitches a complete game shutout in the game 3 of the series finale.

And last night's game came in this year's series.

What a wacky matchup between these two teams over the past few years.

If you went to bed last night and only saw the highlights of what happened then you're missing out on all the fun of what exactly happened.

Valdez was throwing fastballs that actually had some movement on them.

He throws one curveball and hits Rolen with it only adding to the fun for the fans.

He shakes off Dane on a pitch.

I still am in a mode where I don't actually think I saw what happened.

TTI, the pitch that got Bruce out was actually a really nice pitch. On the low outside black, with what seemed like some late movement away from Bruce.


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