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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Trade Ibanez, Herndon and Baez for Michael Young and Neftali Feliz.

Problem solved!

I know which catcher clout would want to see!

From the last thread:

BenFran is basically producing EXACTLY at the level we thought he would going into the season. He currently has a .781 OPS with sometimes interesting defense in RF. He's exactly in line with his career numbers for every offensive category but with a very slight uptick in power (small enough to be statistically insignificant). He's also on pace to hit 24 HRs if he gets 600 ABs (a possibility that looks very strong right now).

I recall getting laughed at early this spring for predicting he would get at least 450 ABs.

Also, on the catcher situation, remember that Halladay basically loves Gosewisch. Still, as Kratz is swinging the hot bat, he might be the best answer even though Sardinha is the more likely guy to get the call. None of them are on the 40 man so a move will have to be made regardless of that.

Was it Halladay or Lee that gave the Tuffster a lofty compliment? Or was it Clout?

Anyone see what the classy Braves organization is up to?

"Quinn, who was down in front of the field, then shouted, "Hey there are kids out here," he said during a news conference at the Los Angeles office of noted attorney Gloria Allred.

Quinn alleged that the coach replied that kids don't belong at a baseball park, picked up a bat, walked up to Quinn and asked him, "How much are your teeth worth?""

I read that article. I think it's absolutely outrageous if true; however, my outrage is slightly tempered by the fact I don't know both sides of the story. This isn't the 1920s, and I find it hard to believe this man made it as far as he did if he routinely shouts homophobic slurs and threatens fans and their small children during batting practice with hundreds of people around.

I mean if he did, I would hope he gets nailed to the wall. But I'm reserving judgement until he gets the chance to respond with his side.

I really just want to be able to yell TUFFY! on a regular basis. Kratz was pretty baller in spring training, though.

Are you sure McDowell wasn't framed by a second heckling coach? Or did he spit from behind a tree?

That actually sounds like a fireable offense, to me. Threatening a fan from the field, basically unprovoked? Yeah, not cool.

That said, painting an entire organization with the actions of one person is generally a dumb idea. As Phillies fans, I think we can certainly understand that.

Meyer _ I think this is the quote you're thinking of.

"Halladay, fresh off a masterful Spring Training start, added, 'I have to admit that clout was right about how good that Gooseworst kid is.'"

3r0ck - You know that the press will be more than happy to tell you that McDowell's behavior id directly attributable to his time spent as a Phillie.

Ah, I remember. Thanks Andy.

I think if you aren't hitting over .100 in AAA, there should be a rule on the books that you cannot legally get promoted.

Kratz is the easy choice here. We already have enough guys on the roster not hitting their weight.

With Niese going on Saturday and likely Gorzelanny for Washington on Tuesday, Kratz will get a couple of starts right away.

Tuffy can then move up to AAA for a couple of weeks when Kratz moves up.

Add to your list of possible relief pitching longshot replacements Chance Capman who has had a great start to the year. He was bumped to LV when they moved Zagurski. He's a real longshot (Grilli and Bonine are more likely choices), but I think he's probably on the list of possibles somewhere.

Fat -

Ordinarily, I would agree with batting Victorino first instead of Polanco. Their career OBPs are comparable and Vic has much better speed. This year, though, may be one of those years where Polanco has a very high average (like 2005 and 2007); in addition, he may have finally developed an ability, late in life, to take a walk. These two factors together would give Polanco a much higher OBP than Vic this year.

Although Polanco is not a perfect lead-off guy, a high OBP trumps speed in the No.1 spot; if Polanco can produce a .380+ OBP (He's done it twice before.), I think he should bat No. 1.

I also would agree that Rollins should bat lower in the order. I just think that Charley coddles Jimmy a little too much and wouldn't slide him down that far. It took an emergency for Charley to switch Rollins to No. 3 (Even though Charley has always said that JRoll is his lead-off hitter, I don't really believe that he thinks Rollins is a good lead-off man. I think it's just part of Charley's way of managing people and maintaining a positive working atmosphere in the clubhouse and on the field.).

I saw someone posted on the other thread to the effect that Kratz must suck b/c he was in the Pirates organization and the Pirates would've played him if he was any good.

Didn't the Pirates, last year, kind of have a bit of a log-jam at catcher with Doumit and Snyder? I think they didn't like Doumit but were trying to trade him and therefore had to showcase him.

I dunno. I guess I'm trying to convince myself Kratz could've been decent but failed to get promoted b/c the Pirates catching situation was already crowded.

Just looked at the MiLB box scores from last night. Minor League filler OF Steve Susdorf went 5-5 at Reading with a double and 2 HRs. 8 RBIs.

I see that news is also reported on twitter over ---> there.

Heather, the logjam in PIttsburgh happened when they traded for Snyder at teh deadline. Their starter had been Doumit but, they tried to move him from catcher because every game is a track meet with him behind the plate. The other catcher, who originally supplanted Doumit, is former Phils' farm hand Jason Jaramillo. Kratz played in a limited role in Pittsburgh due to injuries and was not considered a legitimate prospect on the major league level for them.

"...painting an entire organization with the actions of one person is generally a dumb idea. As Phillies fans, I think we can certainly understand that."

As much as I have a distate for the Braves and contempt for their fair-weather, no-show-in-the-playoffs fans, Jack is a voice of reason this morning.

Anyone else remember how Susdorf basically carried his team in the College World Series? He went on a Cody Rossesque run that year before we drafted him.

JW needs a davthom73 guest post for this situation.


Yesterday, McDowell issued a statement that said, "I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions."

NEPP: "I recall getting laughed at early this spring for predicting he would get at least 450 ABs."

I wouldnt/didnt laugh at that prediction, but I would have disagreed with it, since he's still about 350 PA away, its far from a lock.

If Ibanez finds his swing, Mayberry keeps improving, and Dom comes back - corner OF PA's won't be as plentiful as they have been.

Send down Herndon and call up Schwimmer, he can't be worse.

lorecore, Ibanez just needs to put a name label on his swing so he doesn't lose it again. With all those players in there it's easy to misplace stuff. I heard that's what Cliff ultimately did with his tilt.

Since Andy mentioned Chance Chapman, I'll mention another obscure minor leaguer who might be under consideration (either now or at some furture point): Juan Perez. He is pitching well at LV, has pitched well in the minors for several years now (including an excellent season in the hitter-friendly PCL), strikes out a lot of hitters, and is left-handed. Surely he would be no worse than Zagurski.

Next time Ibanez hits a HR...or well at least a single...I will DVR and try to see if he wrote his name anywhere on the bat.

Anyone see Food Network's Dinner Impossible w/ Justin DeFratus and Chance Chapman? It was on(replayed) last nite. Not much baseball relevance, just defratus/chapman getting yelled at by some chef trying to cook for 200 players, then had a bunch of playesr commenting on what dishes were better.

I hope no one is concerned that Howard only has 4 HRs so far in April with two games left.

Howard has never had more than 5 HRs in any season by the end of April.

One name that hasn't been mentioned on this board lately is BJ Rosenberg. He was hurt last season and basically had a throw-away year.

Any word on how he's doing, and can he help the team?

I will be surprised if they don't demote Herndon before the Mets' series and call up Grilli especially since Grilli has 'proven MLB experience.' Herndon hasn't shown any reason why he should stay up with the big league club and his numbers over the past year stink:

57 G, 4.79 ERA, 1.65 WHIP, 4.5 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 69.1% LOB.

Grilli isn't a world-beater by any stretch but he would be an upgrade from Herndon at this point. Plus, he actually might strike out a batter or two which Herndon almost never does.

"David Herndon - 50% Of The Time, He Works Every Time" (he's been been charged with at least 1 ER in half of his 10 appearances this year).

Howard's .874 OPS places him 8th in the Majors among 1B. Considering its April and he's a notorious 2nd half player, I am completely content with that level of production.

Rosenberg is posting solid numbers in Reading...albeit as a 25 year old reliever who is repeating that level. He's borderline at best.

David Herndon isn't that young either. He will be 26 this year & is rapidly approaching the point where pitchers are labeled 'MLB tweener' or 'Organizatonal filler.' Really a make or break year for him this year.

awh - Rosenberg has gotten off to a decent start at Reading.

6 G, 9 1/2 IP, 1.86 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 3 BB, 13 K

Don't know how he has looked though. The knock on him wasn't that he had a real velocity loss down to 90-91 vs. where he was at 93-94 in '09. He supposedly has a fastball with little movement & control issues at times. I would imagine he is kind of an afterthought unless he really has another good season at Reading because he will be 26 this year in Sept.

He won't sniff the MLB roster this year even in Sept.

I'm all for demoting Herndon. Far too many baser runners allowed. Start auditiong people. If they pitch well, they stick. If not, they're sent back down.

I still don't understand the reason for Michael Martinez. Orr is the utility infielder and has a better bat. Why have a munchkin that can't hit on the team. Our infielders don't get defensive replacements, and pinch running can be done by Orr. Let Mini-Mart go and call up Frandsen and see if he adds anything to the bench.

The combination of Raul Ibanez (0-25) and Carlos Ruiz (0-22) have zero hits in their last 47 at bats. Seeing that they occupy the 6 and 7 holes in the lineup; it explains much of the Phillies offensive woes.

Schwimmer did nothing for me the few times I saw him this spring.

It's a really boring day here at work, so i thinking... there is a stat no one has brought to the table yet this season.


That's right. Facial hair Factor.

Currently, Cole Hamels is 4-0, with an ERA of 1.55, WHIP of 0.86, WHILE sporting facial hair.

With out Facial hair, he is 0-1, ERA of 20.25, and WHIP of 4.09.

With a 100 being no change between clean shaven and facial hair, Coles FhF number is somewheres around 100,000.

Just something to consider...

Mini-Mart is completely redundent...especially when Utley comes back. At that point, there is simply no reason to keep him on the roster. However, his magical Rule 5 status might see him stick instead of Orr.

Looking forward to the Mets/Phils this weekend. Mets' come into smoking (Won 6 straight) and aren't making the same boneheaded plays/lackluster mistakes over the past week.

It would be fun to see the Mets' beat Blanton tomorrow night only to have Halladay/Lee break their will & resolve to send them limping on their way.

Doc has quickly established him as the 'Master of his Domain' when facing the Mets:

5 G, 5-0, 2.13 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 8.3 K/9, 0.7 BB/9

Santana had alot of early success against the Phils but not the kind that Halladay has had so far.

Carson - I believe that in the eyes of the FO MiniMart vs. Frandsen is a wash long term at the MLB level. Since he's a rule 5 he gets a bit longer leash. The call on him vs. Orr, however, comes on the day before Utley returns. Until then, the thinking, I believe, is that since the hitting is depressed anyway, we need to emphasize versatility.

I think I'd rather have another actual bat, though. I'm just not convinced that, faced with big league pitching, that means Frandsen.

The Mets are hot right now...hopefully our pitching cools their offense off a bit. Ike Davis is destroying the ball right now. He's not that good but he's playing like Pujols right now. His .444 BABIP suggests a regression in his future but that won't matter against us. Beltran, Reyes, Wright, etc are all looking really good right now.

MG - I'd rather see Blanton break their will and resolve in game 1 and then the aces destroy whatever self-confidence they have left in the next two games. Just me I guess. But I like 3-0 better than 2-1.

- 'Evil' Hamels > 'Good' Hamels.

- Orr will get sent back down when Utley inevitably comes back and they will keep up Mini Mart which is just a waste of a roster spot.

He's useless offensively (2-11 in 3 GS and doesn't have an XHB in 16 ABs this season) and Cholly obviously is very reluctant to use him in almost any capacity.

- True 'Master of his Domain' has to be Lester vs. O's. I was listening to the Sox-O's game last night as I was driving back from NC. Lester is 13-0 vs. O's in 16 GS and the Sox are 15-1 in those games.

Andy - Nah. It would much funner to see the Mets win tonight and on Friday night to get the Mets' fan chirping again (8-game winning streak) only to watch Halladay just throw a 7-8 IP gut putch that derails them only to have Lee finish them off on Sunday night on a national broadocast.

Then they have to go through a rough stretch with 3 vs. SF, 3 vs. LA, 3 vs @ COL.

Regarding Herndon: He's been pretty awful. So, IMO, whether it's Grillie, Worley, Rosenberg, Aumont, DeFratus, Schimmer....whoever......I guess they 'could' be worse than Herndon has been, but why not give them a shot?

***Schwimmer did nothing for me the few times I saw him this spring.***

He's got decent but not great stuff. He could end up as a middle reliever if he continues to improve. He's got an okay fastball in the low 90s and an okay slider. Neither is great but neither is bad. He does have a deceptive delivery at least.

Stoke the fires:

Braves' starters ERA: 3.16 ERA
Phils' starters ERA: 3.66 ERA

"It would be fun to see the Mets' beat Blanton tomorrow night"

MG, written like a true Mets troll.

The Mets' offense is actually pretty good. With Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Davis and Murphy, those are decent hitters. They have scored more runs than the Phils so far. The Phils will probably end up scoring more runs because we'll get Utley back and they'll trade at least one of those guys (Reyes), but right now, the Mets have the better lineup.

Their, pitching, however, is horrible. Really bad. Putrid.

I disagree on Murphy being a decent hitter but yeah. Davis is also a good hitter who is playing over his head. The Mets lineup may be better but they have ZERO pitching. They're like the Orioles a couple years back.

awh - Yup a Mets' troll. You have smoked me out after all of these years. Your schtick as "Happy Thought" board monitor is getting a bit old.

There's something about Rule 5 I don't get.

Since it only costs a team $50,000 to sign a Rule 5 player, I would guess teams would not think twice about offering the player back to his previous team if things don't work out. Freeing up a roster spot for a maximum cost of $25,000 seems to be a no-brainer rather than carrying dead weight on the 25-man roster.

Is there some other penalty involving Rule 5 players that I am missing?

More on the Mets Debt issues.

$625 million in team debt with a projected loss of $70 million for the 2011 season.

In order to comply with awh and others' new policies for BL, I feel compelled to note:

The Mets, Braves, Marlins, Nationals, Reds, Cardinals, Brewers, Pirates, Astros, Cubs, Giants, Rockies, Dodgers, Padres, and Diamondbacks are all horribly pathetic baseball teams and should never be discussed in a positive manner or in a manner that could somehow be construed as negative towards the greatest team in the history of sports, and possibly the greatest collective organization in the history of modern society, the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies.

Am I in compliance?

***Is there some other penalty involving Rule 5 players that I am missing?***

Nope, you about covered it. Hell, with Mini-Mart, the odds are that the Nats would simply say "keep him" and he'd go to AAA Lehigh. Its not like he's some up and coming prospect. He's a journeyman AAAA middle infielder who is pushing 30.

Jack: "The Phils will probably end up scoring more runs because we'll get Utley back"

Look who got up on the right side of the bed this morning.

awh's rules for BL will definitely allow for s negative post on the Phillies ... but only if it is about Cliff Lee.

Orr has a .626 career OPS in the majors, so you kind of know what to expect from him. Mini-Mart has a .683 career OPS in the minors. At best, maybe that translates to about the same major league production as Orr. But that's at best.

Cholly keeps telling us what a great defender Mini-Mart is, but Orr has looked like the better defensive player -- at least at 2nd base -- when they've played.

We've also been told about Mini-Mart's plus speed, but Orr also has plus speed & a considerably better career stolen base percentage in the minors leagues.

About the only thing Mini-Mart brings that Orr doesn't bring is an ability to play the OF. But it's hard to get excited about his ability to play a position where you'd absolutely never want him to play. OTOH, Orr can play 3rd base & Martinez can't and, unlike the OF, that's a skill that might actually be of some use to the Phillies at some point.

To me, it's a no-brainer that Orr > Martinez.

You never know when you're gonna need a 7th OF.

Current OF rankings:


And that's not even counting Dom Brown when he's back.

"MG - I'd rather see Blanton break their will and resolve in game 1 and then the aces destroy whatever self-confidence they have left in the next two games. Just me I guess. But I like 3-0 better than 2-1."

Seriously. What kind of person WANTS their team to lose a game? My mind has been blown.

Make that 8th OF...I forgot about Oswalt until I did the list and then didn't correct the first sentence.

***What kind of person WANTS their team to lose a game?***

Depending on the spread, Pete Rose?

You don't think that we should at least CONSIDER tanking for a better draft pick?

i think our BP playoff percentages aren't looking too good - time to rebuild.

Was just catching up on actual news (I get to do that once a week or so - much farther down the priority list after work, Phillies baseball and my own insufferable egotism).

At any rate, shows the absolute devastation from the tornadoes and storms in the South, once again proving that mother nature does not give a sh8t about your house - perhaps even if you're a wealthy baseball player.

Thoughts absolutely go out to Oswalt and his family. Not that he'll ever read this or that I want anyone to think that I have a heart, but every now and again things get put into perspective. I can't imagine having to deal with all of the clean up, insurance b.s., etc. and that's assuming that everyone is fine.

Awww, MG, doo you have no sense of humor left? Look, to you and the rest of the pissy-pants boys, I make no rules here(that's JW's purview), but sometimes you guys get excessively negative. If you do others here have a right to call you on it.

BTW, if you think I'm of the "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" ilk, go to the archives and check out some of my posts about the FO, or Jayson Werth hsi first season here before he turned it around.

When it's time to go negative I do it as well as anyone on this board....maybe better.

This might be sacrilege at BL, but I want the Mets again to be a healthy franchise financially. It's good for baseball.

Then, I want the Mets to become very competitive, and the NY press and Mets' fans to boast about the superiority of their players and prospects, particularly compared to the Cheesesteaks.

Finally, I want the Phils and Mets to battle it out each season and for us to kick their ass the last week of each season to win the division and knock the Mets out of the playoffs.

That's what I call fun. Right now, for me, the Mets' irrelevancy is not fun; rather, it evokes pity.

derek, I will NEVER pity the Mets or their fans.

awh - It has to be funny in some way generally though. Inane name-calling doesn't cut the bar.

I am not saying you need to be negative either. Just tone down the schtick that comes off as self-righteous. That's all.

Make Mine Goosewurst!

derek, I agree. It's hard to hate a pathetic team.

For all of the hand wringing here about egregiously trivial minutiae, I'm a bit surprised that no one seems all that concerned about Chooch going on the DL. I guess we're all so used to everyone getting hurt that it's par for the course, but it's still surprising.

I'm all for the back-and-forth pithy comments on BL. It makes for great fun and we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

But I do agree that blatant and direct name-calling is not only childish, it's pretty troll-like and only going to ensure that no one really wants your opinion or even reads your posts.

awh, even as a regular contributor who I've always respected, to be honest when the name-calling started, I kinda stopped reading most of your posts, as I perceived that they couldn't be that cerebral if you resort names. And you're not even directing your comments toward me.

Just my 2 cents.

Phils have been a bit snake-bit by injuries in the early going but so have other teams. Rangers are missing their closer (Feliz, their start hitter (Hamilton), and have several other players on the DL. Ditto the Cards and Twins.

I would be really curious to see if there have been even more injuries than normal (players on the DL) in the early going this year. Sure seems like it.

The heck with the Mets; even though they've improved at bit in the early going. The Fish (overall W/L record) and the Braves (starters' ERA) scares the crap outta me. This looks like a pretty competitive division.

I'd love to see Blanton set the tone against the Metropolitans with 7 innings, 2 runs on 5 hits. BTW, our offense must stay in full production mode, play all 27 outs; take no prisoners. I don't want the Mets to get any inkling they can compete. With anyone. A team with nothing to lose can be very dangerous.

I'd like to see Blanton succeed, not just because he's pitching for my fav team, but because I want his fat 8ss showcased to unload his salary and open up a spot in the rotation for Worley.

I'm not feeling bad for the Mets. They're not feeling bad for themselves. I got great joy when the ump blatantly blew the call on Reyes' triple last night, though they pulled out the game anyway.

Let's not sleep on the Mets this series. That lineup has shown some pop. I'd expect to see Tony Bastard vs. Ike Davis in the later innings over the next four days. I'd also like to see some inside pitches to Wright to keep him off-balance. And let's please not walk Reyes, okay?

Freddy Galvis 2-4 with a 2B and his 2nd HR on the season today.

He now has almost as many extra-base hits on the year in AA (4) as Rollins does in the majors (6). Both hits were off Jacob Turner, who is a top 100 pitching prospect.

Bring him up!

Jack: You joke... but we can all agree that Galvis is one of our most important position prospects. The glove is there. It's his bat that we're all hoping comes around.

MG, moi? Self-righteous?


I understand your negativity better now.

cut, won't surprise me if the NL East is viewed as the best overall division in the NL by the end of the season.

CJ: Oh, I'm with you. I like Galvis as a prospect, because Gold Glove-quality shortstops are hard to find, and he's still young (21 in his second year of AA).

He's got plenty of leash. It's just fun to joke around because his bat has been so pitifully awful. Still better than Raul so far this year, but really bad.

Yo, new thread.

Galvis has a pair of home runs this week, one from each side of the plate. So.

What a great blog! It's a pity that i can't find your rrs address. If you can offer rrs subscription service, i can track your blog easier!

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