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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've still yet to be unimpressed with Worley in his time in the bigs.

He is a battler and he isn't afraid to challenge you in tight spots. I think he has a future here in the back of the rotation.

Herndon is going to make it easy for the FO. He will force himself back to LV.

Would be great for Worley to have some good outings and build some trade value while Blanton is out. Could be a nice piece a la Happ last year.

Wheb everyone's healthy, the bullpen should be, in no particular order:


That still allows you to have a 5 man bench. But if they want to 6 deep on the bench, than, of the above list, Stutes will be the one demoted, not KK. I would actually agree with this, as we need a long man.

Herndon should be bound and dropped off in the parking lot in the Leo Mall where the movie theater used to be (aka the Front Office of the Road Warriors).

I've been a Herndon defender, but good god. He is throwing BP every time out now. When Romero comes back, he has no shot at sticking on the MLB roster.

Clout, I'm not saying Raul is finished but he sure looks like crap.

Overall, Worley looked good.

From the previous thread:

"I'm still surprised four Phillies were HBP last night and nothing was done about it. Sooner or later one of our guys are going to get hurt.

Posted by: 3r0ck"

Personally, I hate to see our guys get hit without 'some' form or retaliation (at least a knockdown pitch). (They even came really close to hitting Orr late in the game, so I don't think they went after the big hitters.)

However, two congruent possibilities exist:

One, the Mets had a gameplan to pound Phillies hitters inside, and

Two, their pitchers don't/didn't have enough command to execute the gameplan which led to the hit batters.

After last night's results, I'm willing to suffer through a hit batter every once in a while (I know, it's not me!) if the Mets are going to try to pound the Phillies inside (Vic was hit by an errant breaking ball).

JRoll, BenFran, Howie, and Vic are all pretty much pull hitters. If the Mets want to toss them stuff they can pull....let them.

NEPP, how can you say that? clout already posted at the end of the last thread that Worley did not earn an "LG" last night.

Herndon has been a major league disappointment so far (pun intended).

Last night he was elevating his sinker, and didn't seem to have good command of his breaking ball.

We've all seen what happens to KK when he has the same issues. Why would we expect different results from Herndon?

JRoll, BenFran, Howie, and Vic are all pretty much pull hitters. If the Mets want to toss them stuff they can pull....let them.

Posted by: awh

Good points n well said

Dom Brown went 2-4 again last night in Clearwater. I'd expect to see him in Reading or LHV next week.

It's good that Brown that off to a nice start at Clearwater but he needs alot more time & ABs down at AA/AAA. Given the start the Phils have gotten out to, I really hope they don't even consider bringing him back until at least well into June. Maybe even later.

Phils need to see if Ibanez is really cooked (they will have a pretty good idea in another month) and Brown needs at least another 150 ABs in the minors & likely a bit more.

Also, I want to give some credit to Charlie Manuel. Before the season, many of us noted that the offense wasn't going to be the same kind of lineup where Charlie could just write in 8 names every day and expect top of the league production. Charlie would need to be more creative.

To his credit, he has absolutely played this well. He gave Raul a good bit of time, but has also now recognized that a platoon is in the team's best interests, and has gotten good production out of Mayberry. Also, the Orr/Valdez platoon is a really good idea, and he's squeezed some extra production out of that.

We all know that the offense isn't exactly what it used to be. But the fact that we're winning games is, yes, mostly starting pitching, but also a credit to Charlie squeezing every advantage possible out of the resources he's been given. Does he still mess up some in-game decisions? Yes, he does. Overall, though, he's done a damn fine job of managing so far.

After last night, I don't know what Herndon has to do to actually get demoted. IronPigs are home this weekend vs. Buffalo so it is not like they would have to have someone take a flight.

Maybe give Dubee an Atomic Wedgie and do an 'Elmer Fudd' impersonation of Cholly in the clubhouse will do the trick.

The full lineup below:

1. Shane Victorino 8
2. Placido Polanco 5
3. Jimmy Rollins 6
4. Ryan Howard 3
5. Ben Francisco 9
6. John Mayberry Jr. 7
7. Wilson Valdez 4
8. Dane Sardinha 2
9. Roy Halladay 1

Romero is supposed to have a rehab start at Lakewood on Tues. He will likely be activated later this week.

After last night, I don't know what Herndon has to do to actually get demoted.

Someone needs to explain to r00b that he no longer needs to keep Herndon on his MLB roster ... although I have no idea why his former team would want him back anyway.

I don't think Rube is going to send Herndon back to the minors, but rather, he is trying to cook up a strange trade to get rid of him.

People have been traded for turkeys, bats, hell, even Dave Winfield was traded for a dinner. I think his problem is trying to find another GM to take him.

Dave - It seems like the common thinking is that the Phils are just waiting for Romero to demote Herndon. My bet is that Romero takes Zagurksi's spot on the roster & that Sardinha is sent down after this weekend.

Worley's mother must be Asian. Can anybody confirm?

MG: That makes a bit of sense, save for the fact that Herndon is absolutely unwatchable. Hard to believe, I'm sure, but I was in a fabulous mood until the 9th Inning last night. It was like finishing off a gourmet meal by drinking a gallon of liquefied pig sh*t.

Worley is creating a future for himself. As Denny B said...."yet to be unimpressed". Herndon is living on borrowed time but the Phils have shown good depth with young arms.

J-Roll and Howard certainly have increased confidence. 1 to 6 in todays lineup all showing good signs with healthy BA's.

There are actually people on the, a site I generally enjoy, who are chastizing people for "jumping the gun" and criticizing Herndon too soon.

It makes one wonder what a player has to do in this town to rightfully be criticized, because Herndon has done close to nothing right since joining the team, and certainly nothing this year to release him from criticism.

Ryan Howard is at least 3 feet taller than Ken Rosenthal.

Ken Rosenthal should cover horse racing. Its more appropriate.

That's right Reyes, give Halladay a very quick out. Nice.

You too, Murphy.

6 pitch inning, including a 3 pitch strikeout. That's why he's the best in the bigs.

Doc doesn't feel like any debates about a high pitch count today.

That was quick. Wicked K of Wright

I love that McCarver tells us not to be misled by the 1-3 record.

Um, Tim, it's not the 1-3 record that would lead people to believe Niese sucks. It would probably be the 5.10 ERA, and the 21/12 K/BB numbers in 30 innings.

Was thinking the exact same thing, Jack.

Also, Vascergian (however the hell you spell it) has made about 5 mistakes in the first 10 minutes of this game.

Matt Gelb: "Raul IbaƱez's 0 for 30 is the longest hitless streak for a Phillies position player since Desi Relaford went 0 for 36 in 1998."

... & I REALLY hated Desi Relaford.

Polly's going to hit .400 this year.

Polanco with just an absurd start to the season.

It would be pretty great to time Utley's return right with Polanco's inevitable cooling off.

These announcers make TBag and Wheels sound like Harry and Whitey.

Batting title

Fat - I have noticed that too and it is largely the fallacy of the mythical 'replacement-level reliever' where the Phils could can just plug minor league arms like Stutes, Mathieson, Zagurski, and De Fratus into the MLB team & get decent overall results. You simply can't plug in 3-4 relievers like that at the start of teh season & have a quality bullpen. 1-2 at the most.

Same folks who argued hard for that often approach take an irrational approach to MLB relievers. I saw plenty of talk there this offseason that the Phils should have just replaced Baez & KK outright which made no/little sense especially Baez who they were on the hook for already this season.

Taking a saber-oriented approach is valuable when discussing players but you have to realize the limitations of it and combine it with traditional scouting too especially for relievers.

Jack: Better to offset that by a week or two. Utley will struggle w/ his timing at first & everyone will demand he either be sent back to the DL, or traded.

A couple hard hit balls, and 21 pitches for Niese. Not a bad first inning. Doc, of course, with only 6 pitches so far.

MG, I agree that it's fallacious to simply expect a minor league pitcher to just come up to the bigs and immediately be effective. But with how little we've gotten out of Herndon, how obvious it is he needs more seasoning in the minors, I just don't think it's illogical to think it's worth the risk to check out other relief pitchers who've been dominating minor league hitting.

You already know you have little to nothing up here with Herndon, you have some guys down in the minors who can miss bats, and, really, can they be worse than Herndon is right now? Doubt it.

Really going after Howard with the high fastball. That was such a dangerous spot to go to earlier in his career - you miss by the slightest and your pitch end up 450ft away.

10 pitches, 6 up 6 down. Damn.

MG: The thing is, if Herndon were an original Phillie and not a Rule 5 pick, he would be that guy in the minors who you and everyone else would rightly be saying "whoa, whoa, you can't just plug him in and expect him to be adequate."

Roy Halladay is good at baseball.

I was just about to type that Halladay was going to get a first pitch GIDP.

11 pitches through 2 innings of work, all strikes. Doc's on pace for a 50 pitch CGSO.

So I popped into the house and brought up Gameday to see how the game was going, and I saw "Roy Halladay: 10 strikes, 0 balls".

And I said, "All's right with the world."

Talk about tilt. The strikeout pitch to Bay. Sick!!!

So, do the Phillies get anything out of their 6-7-8 hitters today?

Currently 3 for their last 82.

Come on Mayberry, get 'em off the schneid.

Ah, the groundout to 2nd from our 6-hole hitting LF. I've seen that before.

3-84. :(

Wow. That was a pitiful display.

Can we just give the mets their 21 outs in a row? I want to watch Doc pitch and just DVR the offense later.

14 strikes, 0 balls. Ridiculous. Doc just likes pitching against the Mets.

I was thinking earlier that if Doc's on his game, we might get the entire Phils game in, and still catch the vast majority of the Flyers games.

20 pitches-1 ball?

They'd boo'd the umpire, Vascergian.


Doc is losing it Old Phan. 2 balls now

Blood, he is a bit overrated.

Did Rosenthal raid Pee Wee Herman's closet?

He continues to amaze

I thought I read a tweet that Zagurski was optioned already to make room for Sardinha - Or was that just wishful thinking on my part?

krukker: Rosenthal is dressing like a stooge for charity which, I suppose, makes it acceptable.

GTown, what's his excuse the rest of the year?

Fat Mike has indeed been optioned

Yes Zagurski was optioned for Sardinha.

He's a control guy and he is getting results even with the BB he has given up. Still he is producing, even if he is lacking LG's.

Of course this is a big IF, but if Lidge comes back healthy and strong and with good stuff(also Contreras), this bullpen looks good with what Bastardo and Stutes have shown in small samples. Herndon is a bum.

The offense needs Utley and Ruiz back, and we can then see where we are at. Polanco is just awesome so far.

Halladay is amazing and as I write this he has 2 on, so no jinx hopefully.

Old Phan: Poor taste.

Halladay may want to try to throw some balls. Just a thought.

I really wish there was a way to mute the announcers but still get audio from the stadium.

Re: Zagurski optioned: Thank goodness!

Polanco has reached base in all but 1 game so far this season? Wow, that's impressive!

Once again, pitiful.

Looks the Mets have Cy Niese on the hill today.

Why did Polly dive for that one? It's strike 3, no?

Nice job by Valdez picking up Howard.

Halladay: 5IP, 52 Pitches (45 Strikes, 7 Balls).

And he's currently on the hook for a Loss.

Maybe Polly thought he could get a DP?

The Mets better stop hitting our damn players!

At some point you have to throw in to the other team. Period. There's no excuse not to.

Good, francisco going down wouldn't of been good.

In a close game, I hope we don't put on a baserunner when we don't need to. That would be really stupid.

Whoa, we have a lead-off hitter on base.

That was a T-Mac-esque segue there. "Well if Francisco brings home his jersey today he'll have a mark..."

It'd be a nice time for Valdez to get out of his funk.

Mound conference for super threat Exxon.

This whole chase thing is perplexing. Is he going to go to rehab, or not?

Better to possibly surrender another Run in a close game than allow your players to get continually drilled. Eventually one of those will result in a DL stint, & that would be far more costly than a single Run.

I hate you, Wilson Valdez.

what, no one called the GIDP?

Had a feeling that would happen. Oh well.

"not a bunt situation"
good call

Since no one else has posted it, I might as well be the one.

Feels like a loss.

Well, at least that turns the lineup over, although, whend own 1 run at home, not muce gut punching then getting your first two men on, and then getting nothing out of it.

Doc needed to help himself right there. Heaven knows no one else in this lineup is gonna bother.

Offensive hangover from last game?

No1: How can you be hung over after one drink? 3-15 w/ RISP last night.

This offense can win a game for a crappy starter in Vance Worley, and lose a game for the best starter in baseball in Roy Halladay.

Such is baseball. Such is this team

What did I miss. Have we lost already?

Seriously, Doc's set down two in the sixth, and just there threw his 12th ball. Ridiculous.

When talking about "established starters' changing their tactics to fit those of Roy Halladay, he couldn't have picked a better example than Charlie Morton?

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