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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Polly power!

A good game and much needed win before the west coast swing. SD into extras at Chicago in the first of a DH. Good timing to go get 'em Phils.

Good win today. Apologies if this has come up already but is the current Phillies lineup more "torture" than what the Giants rolled out last year?

I'm tellin ya, this Mayberry kid might just be the guy to round out this offense. It really depends upon the tenured hitters (you know who they are). But aside from that, Jr. could be a nice complementary weapon. If he can stay off the breaking stuff..or better yet, hit it...

I think the second half of your comment explains why he isn't anything more then an 4/5th OF. Did you see his last AB against Narveson with 2 on and 2 out in the 6th? Three straight changes off the plate, showing zero signs of making an adjustment to the pitch. Just an awful looking at bat, trying to pull everything when a single the other way scores the go-ahead run.

The problem is that every OF on our roster except Victorino is a 4th/5th OF by that definition.

Well. Yeah, that's just the problem generally.

Also - 3 abs for Mayberry and 9 pitches seen for the day. Enough said right there.

Very happy to get an extended west coast set over a weekend. Go out, have a drink, come home and watch the Phils with another couple. Sweet.

Drew Silverman, I'm not so sure Lee needed to "bailed out". If Valdez makes a fairly easy catch earlier in the game, the Lee's line is 6 innings of 2 run ball, and he likely only has 85 pitches heading into the 7th. But because of the inneffectiveness of the offense for the first 5.5 innings, they had to pull him, when he could have probably gone another 1, maybe 2 innings. Thankfully, the offense finally came through, though. Good win.

I think it's safe to say that Mayberry isn't the panacea for all that ails the Phillies' offense. But, until & unless Ibanez gets into one of his hot streaks, Mayberry against a lefty is a better matchup for the Phillies than Ibanez against a lefty. That's really all that matters for right now.

He got a hit and he's a good defender...that's more than Ibanez can say.

How did that wrap up not include one use of the word "meatball?"

Mayberry actually reminded me quite a bit of Burrell today. Lousy approach, atrocious swing ... but if you want a guy w/ a strong arm who'll occasionally blast one out, John, Jr.'s your guy. And he certainly has better defensive range than Pat.

bap: Again, our problem is that we have 4 guys for 2 jobs (Ibanez, Francisco, Gload and Maybery), but 0 guys who actually deserve those jobs every day.

Buzz, have you not noticed most everyone in that lineup has been doing similar things through the last week?

Don't confuse "shows a glimmer of getting the knack of major league hitting" with, "will be the next Torii Hunter."

That at bat was due more to anxiety and not raw lack of approach. He'll cool down and be better at those situations.

I'll stand by my proclamation that I made before the season: Domonic Brown should be a starting OF for this team (when he's healthy, obviously).

I'd send him on a longer than usual rehab assignment. However, if he is hitting at AA/AAA, I would absolutely call him up and give him a starting job if Ibanez/Francisco continue to suck.

Jack, and when Brown comes back, add a 5th guy to the mix. Something has to give (though Gload/Mayberry double as 1B options).

"Also - 3 abs for Mayberry and 9 pitches seen for the day. Enough said right there."

He saw a lot of pitches in his AB's last night.

In fact, I think he is being too patient. He hardly ever swings at a first pitch. But that is part of his new approach at the plate (the one that Rollins mentioned after Game 1) that has impressed some folks.

Mayberry is here to hit against LHP (and get starts in LF), be the main RH hitter off the pine and play multiple positions. He doesn't have to be any "savior". He just needs to play that role. And he will.

Buzz, do you occasionally get a chance to watch the Phillies?

When they go through these slumps, usually it's because most or a large portion of the lineup has a terrible approach to at bats, is way too reactionary, lacks patience and has little or no plan....which is what you just accused Jr. of.

My point; how polished do you expect this kid to be? He is the greenest guy on their roster. I think that you are failing to see that angle.

I hate day games. Now it's game time and, like, there's nothing to do.

I hate WC games more...especially the 10:35 starts.

b_a_p: Your choice of Houston at NYM or Pittsburgh at Florida ... MLB at it's finest, baby!

First of all, why is the word, "savior" even being written when the subject is Mayberry?

You know, there is some substantial middle ground with this kid and that's where's he's most likely to inhabit. The guy can/will be a solid contributor to this team for this season.

Not Jermaine Dye. Not Kevin Sefcik. Not Travis Lee. Not Willie McCovey.

Or more accurately, now it's game time & I'm relegated to watching the Lehigh Valley-Scranton game on Gameday. Spending my late afternoon watching the Iron Pigs makes me feel like the alcoholic who drinks all the vanilla extract after he runs out of booze.

I think the BlueClaws scored more runs today than they have for the entire season. They won 18-8.

You'd think the way this team has an organizational memory, they'd look back at the 1993 team and realize that platooning can be a good thing when you have a bunch of guys who don't deserve to or can't play every day against every pitcher.

Platooning doesn't work as much now simply due to the specialization of bullpens. Guys inevitably face same side pitching far more than they would have even 20 years ago.

This is also the same reason that Howard's LHP splits are far more relevant than say Willie Stargell's or Willie McCovey's.

Despite this, I still think we should be going with platoons in both corner OF spots.

Unfortunately, Raul makes too much dinero to be a true blue platoon guy. Ross Gload needs more at bats as does Jr.

Ibanez doesn't need more at bats but he needs more rest. It'd be a natural fit were it not for his salary.

I don't think too many teams had 7-man bullpens and 5-man benches back in 1993 either. When you've only got 5 backups, and one is the catcher, a platoon really eats into your pinch-hitting options. We saw that in today's game, when Michael Martinez was the only right-hander we had available to pinch hit.

Ibañez should take the whole trip off. You think he's bad at Home, check out his Road splits over the past couple of years.

I missed this game. Was it a good win or a bad win? Was it deserved or not? Was the competition fierce or not?
Most importantly, did anything egregious happen?

GTown, its those late starts on the West Coast. A guy Raul's age is typically in bed by 7 pm...its tough for him to adjust.

In bed by 7 pm???

That explains why he's been playing like he's sleep walking lately.

So, why does he suck in day games then, too?

In 192 PAs, Rauuuuul has a 948 OPS against the Padres. Let the kid play!

NEPP: Makes sense. Which is why the Phils should give him a week or so. Let Raul hit up the Early Bird buffet, watch 'Matlock' reruns ... you know, just get back into a good place, mentally & physically.

Old Phan, shockingly enough, I can't think of anything egregious in today's game.

As a matter of fact, I can't even really recall a single HUHA (unless you count bringing in your pitch-to-contact, low K/9 middle reliever in a tie game a HUHA - I could see both sides of the argument).

Old Phan: Bad game, good win, if that makes any sense. It was the best of games, it was the worst of games ...

GTown, we have some lovely arboretums in the SoCal area (or so I'm told). I'd be happy to provide a list for Raul to give him something to do during his time off.

I dunno, Preacher. Say the wind whips up, leaves start blowing around ... it might be too much excitement for Raul.

Raul is more than welcome to come to my house for some farina and episodes of Murder She Wrote on VHS

MLB seizes control of the Dodgers from McCourt? Wow. I don't like agreeing with anything Bud does, but this might be a good move.

Old Phan: Or as Deadspin put it "Don't Worry, Dodgers Fans: Bud Selig Is In Charge Now"


The total shocker is that this did not happen to the Muts first. Assets in conflict are assets; assets that have been "Madoff'd" don't exist.

Old Phan...I also agree that it was a move that was long overdue by Selig & Co. Some of what BOTH McCourts have done to that team is incompetence bordering on criminal actions.

It helps if you are good friends with Selig personally. Frank McCourt wasn't while the Mets owners are very tight with him.

Torre got out in time, but I feel bad for Donny Baseball.

It helps if you are good friends with Selig personally. Frank McCourt wasn't while the Mets owners are very tight with him.

Which reminds me, where has that Mets troll who shows up every once in awhile to accuse the Phillies of being cheaters been? I doubt the concept of "hypocrisy" finally registered w/ him.

If they need to free up some cash, we should offer to take on Ethier for them.

"Jamie McCourt released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"As the 50% owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I welcome and support the Commissioner's actions to provide the necessary transparency, guidance and direction for the franchise and for Dodgers fans everywhere, and if at the same time it f88ks with my ex husband, even better"

(The above statement has been edited to fit your screen)

NEPP- was just thinking that. We'll take Ethier off their hands.

And if they want to cut bait on Broxton, bring him in, too. He should boost the hitters' confidence. Have him pitch batting practice.

Then we would have a lineup that had Ethier/Orr

Kemp would be ok too.

Mets losing to Houston again, at home. They have 5 question marks in their starting rotation and so far, it's been pretty much the worst-case scenario for them (Pelfrey isn't a top of the rotation guy, Niese in a sophomore slump, Dickey is average at best, Young hurt already, Capuano is a fringe MLB starter).

I don't even think their line-up is all that bad, but it's been a disaster for them pitching-wise so far. Not that I'm complaining.

If I had to pick, I'd take Ethier over Kemp.

Though Kemp is younger and RH so he'd probably be a better fit...even if we did move him to RF (which we would do as Vic is a better defender in CF)

Good one Old Phan. I'd take Ethier or Kemp. Doesn't matter to me. Either one would be a significant upgrade over our corner OF slop. Kemp could play center and Vic could go back to RF.

True NEPP. What's Kemp's arm like?

Could we just get BOTH Kemp and Ethier? That would solve a lot of problems. I'd be willing to give up Danys Baez, Raul Ibanez, Kyle Kendrick, David Herndon, AND Mike Zagurski to make it happen.

@Fat: No idea on Kemp's arm. I recall that he doesn't have Vic's range but I dont know about his arm. He did have 16 Assists in 08 and 14 in 09 so I would guess its solid. Doesnt look like many ran on him in 2010 as it dropped way down to 3.

UZR hates Kemp in both RF and CF FWIW...that's a career split, not seasonal.

UZR hates Ethier too for his entire career in RF.

Put Kemp in RF and Ethier in LF and we're golden. Perhaps ask for Kershaw to be a middle reliever.

Kemp has a good arm, better than average. His range is just average, maybe slightly below.

You guys are silly. If anybody is getting shed, they will most likely end up on Bud's team.

I wonder how long it would take the Hess or Mara family to throw together a deal for the Mutts.

I remember there being a story 2 years ago or so about Gillick inquiring about Kemp.

Mets lose by 1. Reyes doubled off first on a failed bunt in the 9th to end it.

I have read that Selig placed Sandy Alderson with the Mets to make sure that the Wilpons don't screw up the team further. If true, the league may be in de facto control of the Mets already.

"Could we just get BOTH Kemp and Ethier? That would solve a lot of problems. I'd be willing to give up Danys Baez, Raul Ibanez, Kyle Kendrick, David Herndon, AND Mike Zagurski to make it happen."

NEPP - If the Dodgers also ask for Savery and/or Rizzotti, is that a deal killer for you?

I'm glad that someone in the media gets these things. David Murphy is easily the most enjoyable of the Phillies writers.

"Kyle Kendrick, rebounding from a shaky performance in Monday’s 12-inning loss, pitched a 1-2-3 seventh."

This is what the box score looks like. Reality is something more like: "Kyle Kendrick managed to get three long fly outs before being able to cause any more damage."

The difference is that the former statement makes it sound like ole Kyle's got his stuff straightened out and is ready to kill the middle innings. The second makes it sound like the babip fairy took good care of him this time.

Could we just get BOTH Kemp and Ethier? That would solve a lot of problems. I'd be willing to give up Danys Baez, Raul Ibanez, Kyle Kendrick, David Herndon, AND Mike Zagurski to make it happen."

NEPP - If the Dodgers also ask for Savery and/or Rizzotti, is that a deal killer for you?

Derek - they can have Savery AND Rizzotti in that deal as long as they take D'Arby Myers too.

Jered Weaver and Josh Johnson are two guys who are making a run at being included in that upper tier of pitchers like Halladay, Felix and Lincecum.

Weaver led the league in Ks last year, and is now 5-0 with a pretty ridiculous numbers. Johnson obviously lead the league in ERA last year, and has now taken no-nos deep into games twice already this season.

They have to prove they can keep it going as long as the other guys have, but they both have the talent to join that very rare upper echelon.

Where is the love?

Vic is a guy gets his share of flack for his perceived mental shortcomings and situational awareness. I wanted to give the guy his due today. If not for his contributions, the Phils would have certainly lost today.

His first AB he flailed at a couple of pitches including some changeups before striking out. It was a bad AB and a sign of what was to come as Narveson just cruised through the order the first time through with German-like efficiency.

However, his 2nd AB in the 4th he demonstrated some real patience working the count, laying a tough changeup on a 2-2 count, and ultimately working a BB. It was the best AB to that point in the game by far by a Phils' hitter.

Next time up in the 6th, he again demonstrated some real patience laying off the first two pitches. He battled and wound up singling to shallow RF to put men at the corners with 1 out. It was a solid piece of situational hitting that allowed Valdez to go to 3rd. Polly would come up the next AB and hit a 3-run HR to tie the game.

Finally, in his last AB in the 7th he was the difference-maker smashing a fastball to deep right CF to put the Phils up 4-3. Kunzler did leave the 94 MPH fastball over the inner part of the plate but Vic still did a nice job of hitting the ball out. This was after he again worked the count in his favor to 2-1 after an initial strike.

I thought it was really a great game for Vic. After an initial poor AB, he worked the count in every subsequent AB putting together in the process some great situational hitting.

People will likely say the game turned on Polly's HR in the 6th. I would actually say it began to turn with Vic's AB in the 4th instead even if we didn't recognize it at the time.

KK was okay on the first two batters but he hung a sinker that I thought Braun was going to crush at least 10 runs deep in LF. Instead Braun dropped one of the loudest f-bombs I can remember hearing on a broadcast in recent memory and just got under to hit a lazy fly to LF. Contrast that to Vic who just got great wood on that 94-MPH fastball by Kuntzler and hit it a mile in the bullpen in right-center. Baseball is kind of funky like that.

"PT ST. LUCIE, Fla—In an attempt to move the organization into a new era, the New York Mets announced Friday they will part ways with the New York Mets, releasing all 40 of its roster players and its entire farm system. "They were given a fair chance to prove themselves, but they've shown a disappointing lack of productivity for the past 64 years," Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told reporters, citing the 1988 NLCS, the 1999 NLCS, the Subway Series, the 2006 NLCS, the 2007 and 2008 collapses, seven consecutive losing seasons in the 1960s, the decision to trade Nolan Ryan, K-Rod punching his girlfriend's father in the face, and Carlos Beltran as reasons to swallow the remaining $480 million left on every player's contract. "Mets fans associate an intense feeling of negativity with the Mets. Cutting the entire organization was the only way to get them back on our side." Following his statement, Alderson said, "Goodbye," and left, as he had just informed himself of his own release."

Bold move by Alderson. Terry Collins will be the most relieved.

Golly, look what Francouer is doing out in KC after leaving that wasteland.

NEPP: I'd make them throw in Kershaw if they want Rizzotti

"Golly, look what Francouer is doing out in KC after leaving that wasteland. "

A hot start on a new team is a Francoeur trademark. We'll see what happens when teams adjust.

Then again, he's only 27. If there's hope in Philly for JM, Jr., there's hope for JF.


I'm glad that someone in the media gets these things. David Murphy is easily the most enjoyable of the Phillies writers.

Clearly he reads my posts here as I said almost exactly the same thing.

Funny thing is that I didn't care for Murphy at first as a beat writer but he's really grown on me the last couple years. I still miss Scott Lauber's work as I always thought he put the most effort into minutiae type articles but he just HAD to move to Boston.

On Vance Worley...the most impressive thing so far about his early season in Lehigh is the following:

3 GS, 17.2 IP, 20 SO, 3 BB. His WHIP is under 1, he's striking out 10 per 9 IP and he isn't walking anyone. You can't tell me he's not a better option than KK at this point.

Great pic in the header. Needs a credit.

I try not to criticize RAJ and the gang, but... with Worley tearing it up in LV -- surely they had to at least suspect who they had in Worley when they offered KK the $2.45mm and then kept him on the 25 man -- pardon the ramble, but what were they thinking?

Ultimately, $2.45mm for Kendrick might be pocket change for the Phils. However, KK's "big" salary appears to lock Worley out of the 25 man roster. I really wish they could get an attractive deal for KY Joe. We know what we have with him. Worley's upside looks pretty darn good.

NEPP - w/Worley, it's all about whether you want to keep him stretched out to start when (if?) one of the starters goes down. If you trade places, then Worley is pitching occasional mop-up and KK is stretched as a emergency starter.

I'd rather keep KK and send Herndon to LAD for one of their expensive players. Or at least to Allentown for Stutes.

They were thinking that its better to have 2 backup options for the rotation than just 1 as its very rare for teams to go an entire season on just 5 or 6 starting pitchers.

Worley's upside is that of a solid 4th starter basically. He doesn't have any one great pitch but he knows how to use the pitches he does have and he knows how to locate his 93 mph fastball pretty weel.

Ryan Franklin got booed in baseball heaven. I thought only uncouth Filtydelphians did stuff like boo their own players. Not those true and loving mid-western baseball fans.

Here's some good MiLB stuff:

Lakewood BlueClaws:

First 11 games: 21 runs scored (1.91 runs per game)
Last 2 games: 22 runs scored (3.31 runs per game)

In two games they went from historically bad offense to just really bad offense.

Hugh: Agreed, I dont think i've ever seen a better photo that didnt have "courtesy of ...." written beneath it.

speaking of Rizzotti(even tho it was all sarcasm), he is one again tearing the cover off the ball.

.404/.426/.745 with 10 doubles in 54 PA.

If only Jeff Larish wasn't such an integral part of our farm system, Rizz might be getting some valuable experience against some quadA pitching.

while browsing, caught this stat line from JC Ramirez:

He has more wins(2) than strikeouts(1) so far.

lorecore, Rizzotti was dropped down to AA to start the year because he showed up to ST fat and out of shape, not due to his abilities as a hitter or due to Jeff Larish's presence.

@andy: I think the whole "stretched out" thing is overrated. As a long reliever, Worley would be expected to regularly go 2-3 IP at a time so it wouldn't take much to "stretch him out" to give us a start. At worst, he could do one of those 3-4 inning starts followed by the bullpen. You have to look at it by it worth more to the team in wins to have a good emergency starter in the minors or to have a better middle reliever in the BP.

***I dont think i've ever seen a better photo that didnt have "courtesy of ...." written beneath it.***

I took that with my camera phone.

How far do you say vic's hr went?Man that thing was crushed!!

Yo, newer thread

I don't think i've ever seen a better photo that didn't have "courtesy of ..." written beneath it.

Chris Pronger took it. Apparently he's got nothing better to do this time of year.

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