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Saturday, April 16, 2011


From that Philly Game Day site, this line absolutely killed me:

"The Phillies released a statement apologizing ahead of time for what will inevitably happen to you this season and would offer you free tickets, but you would likely just see Joe Blanton pitch again."

Anyone - Please let me know if the Phillies release the revamped starting rotation anytime soon. I can't bear the thought of driving 300 miles each way to San Diego to watch Fat Joe pitch. Thank you in advance.

For Hamm Radio and aksmith :

Posted this at the end of the last thread for you so don't know if you saw it or not ---


Pitch Blanton//Day//Skip Blanton
Hamels Sunday Hamels
Blanton Monday Halladay
Halladay Tuesday Lee
Lee Wednesday Oswalt?
Oswalt? Thursday Blanton
Hamels Friday Hamels
Blanton Saturday Halladay
Halladay Sunday Lee

In my opinion, they're not skipping Blanton.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled bickering.

cole will pitch sunday per phillies beat writers!

Best news this weekend - No Blanton for me tomorrow.

I was going to say, it's not a rain out without Gnome!

Are arguments like this going to occur after every loss from now? This is mind-numbing.

No, the loss wasn't even remotely Raul's fault.

Yes, Baez had nothing. He had no idea where his pitches were going. It's not an opinion. Anyone watching the game could tell that.

And it's a fair argument that players are kept on the roster due to their exorbitant salaries. It's also relevant when discussing an everyday player like Ibanez that is not easy to replace. It's not really relevant, though, when discussing a player like Baez, because A) He makes a fraction of what Raul makes, and B) Even if Rube is keeping him on the roster because of money, Cholly is not forced to use him in important situations. Baez's role of 'crappy reliever that you don't want to use unless absolutely necessary' is a minimal role and can be performed by any number of pitchers, most of which at least have some sort of upside, like Bastardo. Manuel can just hide Baez like he did last year and the team would be better off for it.

Unlike Baez, Cholly can't hide his left-fielder. If Raul's ABs got cut in half, or if he was flat-out benched, it's my guess that those who want to use him as a whipping boy would be surprised by how little the production out of LF would actually increase. And if production did increase, my guess is it wouldn't be enough to justify sitting a guy making more than $10 million this year who has proven he can get hot for stretches at a time.

Look, if they can find an OF that can provide more than a marginal upgrade in production from Ibanez for less money, then I'm all for telling him to ride the bench. But this is about cost/benefit, and the benefit of replacing Ibanez with an unknown quantity like Mayberry is not worth the cost of wasting a huge amount of money on Raul to sit the bench because you've decided after 13 games he can't possibly turn it around.

Iceman, very well said, although some will find your perfectly sound logic "idiotic".

Per Matt Gelb, everyone will simply be moved back a day, beginning w/ Hamels tomorrow afternoon, which means no skipping of Blanton. Sell your tickets accordingly.

And if you choose not to go see the Phils play when they're in town because Blanton is pitching, I won't go so far as to say you need to turn in your fan card, but it's arguable. At the very least it shows how insufferably spoiled a lot of Phans have become.

I'm sure they considered giving Oswalt an extra day's rest as one of the reasons not to skip Blanton with tonight's rainout affording that possibility.

Ibanez had 2 hits last night (including 2 RBIs) and had good career numbers vs. Vazquez coming in. Why is everyone grousing about him starting last night?

Ibanez should also be the starter in LF. Just wouldn't mind seeing Mayberry start vs. LHP pitching to give Ibanez a blow & hopefully get a little offensive/defensive boost.

The bigger issue isn't starting Ibanez. It is getting Mayberry/Gload enough PT so that they maintain their timing at the plate. Gload hadn't started in over 2+ weeks. Last night, he looked really off at the plate. He still might have been ineffective but can't imagine just getting a handful of PH ABs helped though. That's all.

For example, starting Gload on Thurs. night made sense for several reasons especially since Howard was nursing a bruised hand. Yet Cholly trotted Howard out there & he didn't hit a ball hard all night.

People not going to the park because Blanton is pitching?

Hey, there was a time when you were glad you were getting Blanton.

That time was ... wait for it ... LAST YEAR.

"Ibanez should also be the starter in LF. Just wouldn't mind seeing Mayberry start vs. LHP pitching to give Ibanez a blow & hopefully get a little offensive/defensive boost."

Exactly, and it's not unreasonable to question why that doesn't happen.

I wouldn't hesitate going to a game if Joe was pitching, but it might feel like going to the theater and finding out there is an understudy playing in the lead role as opposed to the big star you paid to see.

UGGGGGHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Now I'm gonna see Blanton instead of Halladay on Monday! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

In buying tickets, aim for Oswalt or Lee, so even if they change the schedule by one spot, you're still good.

Clout was right on the previous thread. Right or wrong, Madson wasn't coming in during the 7th and just about every manager in MLB would have followed the same orthodoxy even if it is kind of foolish at times.

The real debate was bringing in Bastardo to face Helms & Coughlan or having Baez face Dobbs & Coughlan.

Cholly said after the game that he preferred Baez because Helms hit .324 vs. LHP pitching last year & that he didn't want to bring in Bastardo with the bases loaded.

I would have gone with Bastardo there especially with Coughlan coming up next hitting only 3-18 vs. LHP pitching. That's just me.

Cholly also stated that in the past that Romero was the kind of guy that would pitch through the 7th. Even though Romero hasn't been bad this year, Cholly has got to realize that Bastardo is the better reliever at this point. He should have started the 7th & be Cholly's go-to guy in higher leverage spots. Not Romero.

Basically do I trust Cholly's 'gut' when it comes to pitching decision more often than not? No. He doesn't seem to have a good intrinsic feel for when his guys are gassed (especially his starters) and give too much preference for relievers.

I do empathize with Cholly though regarding the 7th inning. When his starter doesn't go 7 innings like last night in a close game, he is going to have to mix-and-match with a bunch with 3 relievers (Bastardo, Romero, and Baez) who all have real issues with command & throwing strikes when they come in. It generally is a crap shoot when they come in. That's tough for a manager to have do with.

One good thing is that Cholly has realized that Herndon deserves a mop & should only be used in mop-up duty/when they are up at 3-4 runs.

When I first did the math the other day, I was almost glad Joe was pitching tomorrow because I have a 2 year old and I figure if he gets smoked early it would just be more time wandering around with the kid. If Cole actually has his sh8t together tomorrow, I will actually have to get the pacing right with maintaining my kid's composure.

MG- I agree with you on pretty much everything you said regarding the 7th last night. Originally I was furious Manuel wouldn't bring in Bastardo because he knows Dobbs can't touch LHP from watching him flail at it for 3 years. But I hadn't realized Helms was on the bench, so at least Manuel had a rationale behind keeping Baez in. I happen to disagree with the rationale, but at least it was there.

I'd also generally like to see Bastardo trusted and used more in situations like that over a guy like Baez, who continues to prove he's a bum. You need to see what you have with Bastardo eventually, and you already know what you've got with Baez.

Yeah, if Herndon had come in,he might have given up the lead. . . Oh, waith.

OP- I was offered tickets to the game tomorrow and hesitated when I knew Blanton would be pitching. I was disappointed but took them anyway. I consider this to be mother nature rewarding me for my loyalty.

Last year, here were Bastardo's splits against lefties and righties:

RHB (45 PAs): 4.0 SO/BB, .300/.378/.300 (.678 OPS), .429 BAbip.

LHB (41 PAs): 2.33 SO/BB, .200/.317/.343 (.660 OPS), .300 BAbip.

Limited samples, of course, but a lot more promising than what Baez has given you so far.

FWIW, in 2011:

vs. RHB (11 PAs): 2.50 SO/BB, .111/.273/.111 (.384 OPS), .250 BAbip

vs. LHB (10 PAs): 4 SO/0 BB, .100/.100/.100 (.200 OPS), .167 BAbip.

In 2009 he was pretty terrible against both. I understand that you'd like to use him more often than not against left handed batters, but just strictly using his numbers since the beginning of 2010, he's not a strict platoon pitcher. Bastardo v. Helms would have been a better matchup than Baez v. Dobbs.

aksmith - Baez is the 'taller midget' than Herndon and apparently Cholly/Dubee agree.

Mathieson has gotten out to a slow start at Lehigh but Stutes/Grilli have thrown well. My bet is that Herndon will get another 3-4 weeks to show he belongs. If he doesn't show any improvement, I bet they will call up either Stutes/Grilli to take this spot.

I didn't read that far into the Wiki article on closers, but this is pretty interesting:

" writer Jim Caple wrote that closers' saves in the ninth "merely conclude what is usually a foregone conclusion." Dave Smith of Retrosheet researched the seasons 1930–2003 and found that the winning percentage for teams who enter the ninth inning with a lead has remained virtually unchanged over the decades. One-run leads after eight innings have been won roughly 85 percent of the time, two-run leads 94 percent of the time, and three-run leads about 96 percent of the time. ***Baseball Prospectus projects that teams could gain as much as four extra wins a year by focusing on bringing their ace into the game earlier in more critical situations with runners on base instead of holding them out to accumulate easier ninth inning saves.*** In The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball, Tom Tango et al. wrote that there was more value to having the ace reliever enter in the eighth-inning with a one- or a two-run lead instead of the ninth with a three-run lead. 'Managers feel the need to please their closers—and their closer's agents—by getting them cheap saves to pad their stats and their bank accounts,' wrote Caple. Tango et al. projected that using a great reliever over an average one to start the ninth with a three-run lead resulted in a two percent increase in wins, versus four percent for a two-run lead or six percent for a one-run lead. Former Baltimore Orioles manager Johnny Oates once told Jerome Holtzman, the inventor of the save statistic, that he created the ninth-inning pitcher by inventing the save. Holtzman disagreed, saying it was baseball managers who were responsible for not bringing in their top reliever when the game was on the line, in the seventh or eighth inning, which had been the practice in the past.

Rats. Old Man phargo and I are going to San Diego next weekend and I could hardly believe we were gonna see Halladay on Saturday and Lee on Sunday.

Now we're not.

Oh well, the Easter Bunny will deliver Halladay on Sunday (I hope), and it will still be a whole lot warmer in San Diego than in North Dakota. I hope.

I'm no fan of Herndon, but I am less pessimistic when he enters a game than when Baez does the same. That said, I still do not understand why Stutes was sent back down in favor of keeping Herndon -- or Baez, for that matter -- after Spring Training.

Baez is the taller midget, MG? That may be, but I don't think you'll be seeing him in a higher leverage situation for a while. And if anyone is sent down or out, don't be surprised if it's Baez and not one of the younger guys.

Baez is a short timer now. And when he wears out his welcome, as he inevitably will, they won't hesitate to send him away. Fake DL, or gone. Makes no difference.

I believe the only reason Baez wasn't released outright after last season was because (a) the Phillies were gonna have to pay him $2.75 million in '11 anyway, & (b) he is tight w/ Contreras, a player the Phillies very much wanted to re-sign. That said, there is zero reasonable excuse to continue using him in anything but the most lopsided of blowouts. Danys has been an unmitigated flop.

New pic for csn lunch program a lil weird

Midget stats:

Midget #1 - 5.32 xFIP, 2.9 K/9, 4.3 BB/9, 0.67 K/BB, .346 BABIP, 75.0% LB, 42.3% GB, 5.7% Swing/Miss

Midget #2 - 5.38 xFIP, 2.7 K/9, 4.1 BB/9, 0.67 K/BB, .261 BABIP, 55.6% LB, 54.5% GB, 1.9% Swing/Miss

Midget #1 misses more bats and has been a little more unlucky wiht BABIP than Midget #2 but both guys have put up pretty crummy numbers so far in relief.

Fatalotti said this:
Bastardo v. Helms would have been a better matchup than Baez v. Dobbs.

Me, I'm not so sure

Greg Dobbs career numbers against RHP .264/.311/.424

Wes Helms career numbers against LHP .283/.357/.461

Midget #1 6.1 IP, 12.8 H/9, 1.895 WHIP

Midget #2 6.2 IP, 8.1 H/9, 1.350 WHIP

Truly, they both suck. I simply happen to see Midget #2 as the Lesser of Two Lessers.


My bet is that Oswalt misses his next start but doesn't go on the DL...from the sounds of it, all he needs is some rest, ice, and muscle relaxants and he'll be fine. Sounds like a very minor tweak of the back.

Mike, good point.

But, Baez posted a .949 OPS against when facing a LHB last year. Bastardo posted a .678 OPS against when facing a RHB last year. That's a ~.300 difference in OPS against. The difference between Helms and Dobbs when facing opposite handed pitching is only ~.080 difference. The numbers would suggest that Bastardo vs. Helms is a better bet than Baez vs. Dobbs, in my opinion.

Of course, Madson would be far superior to both pitchers, but...

There is no question that Bastardo should have faced Dobbs (or the inevitable PH appearance by Helms) over the Baez matchup. Anyone watching Baez pitch last night KNEW what was gonna happen, especially with a LHB up.

UC went with the Gut and it blew up in his face. Sh8t happens.

Also, some of you have posted Bastardo's limited MLB splits to show he's weaker against RHBs. Go look at his MiLB splits and you'll see he dominated them just like he killed LHBs. That's a much larger sample size. His stuff is good, very good.

NEPP: Gut Happens? We should print bumper stickers.

NEPP, I posted Bastardo's splits from last year and this year. His OPS only went up .018 when facing RHB last year, and that's with a .129 increase in his BAbip when facing RHB. I would say, his MLB splits since the beginning of last year support that he's just as good, if not better, against RHB.

Bruntlet currently hitting .327 (12 doubles, 44 RBI) playing SS for Monterey of the Mexican League.

Bruntlett es muy bueno!

Okay, I made that up. But Tomas Perez is actually playing pro ball in Italy.

Sorry Fat, I just skimmed the last two threads after working in the yard all day. Missed the context of it I guess.

His MiLB splits show that he's vicious against RHBs:

2010: 5 of 31, .161 AVG
2009: 6 of 28, .214 AVG
2008: 46 of 198, .232 AVG
2007: 5 of 27, .185 AVG

The guy can get RHBs out no problem.

Danys Baez is currently playing pro ball for Philadelphia of the U.S. Major Leagues.

I only wish I were making that up.

No Gut. No Sh8t.

If Gnome is picked up by a club, he'll be able to use the old Jake Taylor line from Major League.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Couldn't cut it in the Mexican League." -Taylor

GTown, say it ain't so!

(At the Cuban embassy in Mexico)
Danys: I am here to revoke my defection. I want to return to my homeland.
Guy at desk: No thanks, we saw what the Marlins did to you. We got no more room, but if you see Chapman or Contreras tell them we'll give them one more shot.

So, it looks like the Mets put Chris Young on the DL today with tendonitis. He was pretty much their best pitcher so far this year.

Fat: Really interesting info. from Caple. To my mind, his findings represent the most important scientific research in any field, in the last 5 years. I'd say the last decade, exept that it's hard to top the importance of that 2004 article by the Berkeley economist, who concluded that NFL head coaches punt way too much. This stuff should be mandatory reading for anyone who goes into coaching.

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading the last thread, simply for the sheer novelty of seeing two iconic members of the Blind Optimist Club -- CJ and Old Phan -- doing battle with each other. It was like slipping "The Wizard of Oz" into your DVD player and finding that, this time, Toto has turned on Dorothy & joined forces with the Wicked Witch.

That's why I was glad to see the above photo, because there's no place like Gnome.

LAB (Losses Attributable to the Bullpen) especially due to Baez can even make members of the Optimist Club turn on one another.

MG, true, although it had to do with Ibanez, not our fine middle reliever.

Speaking of Mexican League:

- Mets are about to drop their 6 straight and move 4-10. Their best starter (Young) just went on the shelf, their bullpen is in complete disarray, their 'ace' (Pelfrey) has been a disaster, and their offense has shown much more life than the anemic group last year.

Mets' have had strong attendance through their first 6 home games at ~30,700 and change but it is already a drop from ~32,000 they averaged last year. If they go into the tank early this year (and it certainly has all the makings of that), I wonder how much of an attendance hit they will take.

There were some rumors floating around this offseason that if the Mets saw a huge decrease in attendance that they might run into some cash flow issues this season. Seemed pretty far-fetched but they did leverage loans to the hilt and are servicing a sizable debt load. I do wonder if things will go so bad that MLB will have to step in & force the Wilpons to sell a majority share this season if cash flow does become a real issue.

The Mets have seen their attendance drop for the past 4 years in a row since hitting a high-water mark in 2008:

2008: 49,902 (4,042,045 total)
2009: 39,118 (3,168,571 total)
2010: 31,602 (2,559,738 total)
2011: 26,347 (2,134,107 projected)

Hell, they could be averaging 20K per game or less by the end if they really suck.

Good thing they got themselves that new stadium. Old stadiums look so sad when they're empty.

Checking the schedule before the makeup date was announced, and saw that 15 of the last 30 games will be against teams out of the division. Isn't this unusual?

Have the Mets even had a sellout at Shiti Field yet? I believe that, at least as of the end of the '10 season, the answer to that question was "No".

Yeah, we had the bad luck to face the Mets best pitcher (Young) during his 2 healthy starts in 2011.

Yeah, I had the great fortune to see Blanton lose in person 3 times last year. And as someone said, if you're with your little kid, Blanton often does give you the chance to go try to distract the bored little kid with fun and games around the park.

Phan -- that was the walk-off "salami" of puns; way too inside for any non-Beerleaguer, but totally 'effin hysterical to those who've seen that vaunted pic: wait, did they actually show that photo on the scoreboard at CBP?.... I guess I’m still the newbie.

I can see myself chasing a car full of kids through the park as Halladay/Lee is throwing a perfect game on a pre-scheduled Blanton outing.

I actually watched a guy, his wife & their child (she appeared to be 3-years-old or so) leave the Vet in the 8th Inning of Milwood's No Hitter. The kid wasn't even acting up or anything, that just happened to be the time the Mrs. had set for leaving ... so they left. Sunday crowds are awful.

The chatter after that game would be a BLAB (Big Loss Attributable to the Bullpen).

Iceman: You said you watched Dobbs flail at LHP for 3 years. His career avg. is only .011 less, and its not like UC gave him many chances.

Cash flow problems abound Dude:

Desperate Mets need fans, 'closer'

"Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz next week are expected to ask all three groups -- along with any late entrants into the field -- to make binding proposals. The team, which needs a cash infusion to fund operations, is believed to be looking for $200 million for up to 49 percent of the team.

Cohen, sources said, expressed interest in buying the Mets minority stake and sought permission to buy some of the team's bank debt from a JPMorgan-led lending group. Owning debt would allow him to repossess the team if it fell into extreme financial distress.

The Mets financial situation at the same time is becoming more perilous.

Team attendance over its first six home dates is averaging 30,738, down 9.5 percent compared to last year. The attendance drop early this season, like the team's record, is worse than it was in 2010 compared to the previous season.

If the Mets, who have a 4-9 record and are in last place in the NL East, don't improve their performance at the gate they stand to see ticket sales decline by $11 million over the full season, based on average ticket prices.

The drop in ticket revenue this year could push the red ink to roughly $60 million from last year's $50 million loss.

The Mets in November borrowed $25 million from Major League Baseball to cover operating expenses."

Read more:

Dave - Your right about Sunday crowds. I have had Sunday season ticket packages last year and this year. Works best with my schedule but yeah the crowds generally sucks. Understand that it will be more younger kids but there are tons of people who leave by the end of the 7th/8th even in close games.

The obvious solution is to let Dykstra buy the Mets.

MG: I changed my plan from the 13 Game Sunday Plan to a 17 Game Plan when CBP opened in large part due to the fact that I became tired of watching baseball w/ "fans" who treated it more like an amusement park than a ball park. A man can only take so many appearances by the "Zooperstars" ...


How on earth would one know that it was the Mrs who wanted to leave early?

If it wasn't for me, I never would have seen an entire baseball game because my Dad always wanted to leave early. We had many a battle at games, but I always refused to leave until it was over.

This just in...Wilpon seeks infusion of new capital funding to keep controlling stake in Zooperstars empire.

phargo: One would know if one heard the Mrs. declare it so in the early innings. Said family was sitting in the seats directly in front of mine. :-)

Old Phan: My Dad was quite the opposite. If we were there, we were gonna by gar stay there 'til the bitter end! Probably why I'm the same way today.

Nothing is worse than playing golf with someone who says they have to be home at a certain time.

I take that back. Playing with someone who's on the cell phone constantly is definately worse.

"Look, if they can find an OF that can provide more than a marginal upgrade in production from Ibanez for less money, then I'm all for telling him to ride the bench. But this is about cost/benefit, and the benefit of replacing Ibanez with an unknown quantity like Mayberry is not worth the cost of wasting a huge amount of money on Raul to sit the bench because you've decided after 13 games he can't possibly turn it around."

No, unless I'm missing something, that's wrong, because Ibanez is a sunk cost. If you play Mayberry and Mayberry's a little better, you're not wasting any money at all; that's money that we're already under contract to spend.

Ibanez, as we know, is very streaky. Unfortunately, his big streak last year wasn't nearly as long, or as prodigious, as the one in 2009, or even ones in past years. Hence, he ended up with overall numbers (.793 OPS) that were respectable but decidedly below career norms. I think 2011 will play out along the same lines. He'll eventually have one of his patented hot streaks but it will probably be slightly shorter, and less productive, than last year's. The end result will be an OPS around .750 to .770 -- maybe a little higher if Cholly eventually starts playing the lefty-righty matchups with him.

My guess is that this is Raul's last year as a starter -- and almost certainly his last as a starting outfielder. He ends up going to the AL in 2012 and finishing his career as a platoon DH guy.

Ibañez ought to be finishing his career as a platoon LF starting this season. No reason whatsoever Mayberry shouldn't be getting some of Raul's wasted ABs.

BAP - That is if that productive streaks comes at all. Remembering thinking for sure that Jenkins would have gone at some point during the summer of '08 yet it never came. Instead he got benched for Werth full-time by August that year and finished with a .246/.301/.392 line.

The anti Blanton comments here are excessively cruel (welcome to the Internet, I know, I know). The guy has been a very good pitcher for the phils and now has had two bad starts. How about supporting the guy rather than forgetting everything he has done for the team.

Oh stuff it Jheri curl. Sure Lardo looks good to you, you SUCKED.

Oh stuff it Jheri curl. Sure Lardo looks good to you, you SUCKED.

I almost want Mayberry to start for a few months straight just so everyone can shut the hell up after they realize he's a bench player for a reason.

Yes, he should get a spot start once in awhile, I understand - but its not really that crucial.

What I don't understand is the people who are criticizing Cholly for not using Madson for 1 2/3 last night.

Yes, Madson was well-rested but he simply has pitched multiple-innings on any kind of regular basis since '08. Even then, it was only a handful of occasions.

You can make the argument that maybe Madson should have been warming & used as a 'fireman' in the 7th even though managers use their set-up man in the 8th. Right or wrong.

It just isn't a realistic assumption that Madson was going to be used last night for multiple innings. Insisting otherwise is pretty foolish.

I think BAP is right. And given Ibanez's streakiness, you can certainly argue that we should just wait for that streak to happen (and then, perhaps, bench him once the streak stops).

MG: I think I was actually the one who brought up the idea of Madson pitching the 7th, since he hadn't pitched in 5 days. But, as clout pointed out in a subsequent post, that's simply not the way managers use their "setup men" these days. And I understand that, but it still won't stop me from complaining about the sheer mindlessness of having such a rigid set of rules for when it's ok to use your most dominant bullpen piece.

It's not really a criticism of Cholly, since he's just doing what almost every manager in baseball would do. It's more like a general criticism of this particular piece of baseball.

We'd have an amazing team if only Cholly would rest Ibanez some.

curt/lorecore: I hear you. Mayberry has a nice spring training followed by 4 hits in his first 8 regular season ABs & suddenly everyone seems to quickly forget that the guy is a .258/.330/.458 hitter over nearly 3,000 minor league ABs.

Still, the guy hit lefties pretty well in the minors and he's on the team. Ibanez is 39 and surely could use a few days off. He doesn't hit lefties very well anymore, isn't hitting anyone early in the season, & his defense looks like it has taken a steep decline from merely bad to outright terrible. We may not like the results, but why is Mayberry even on the roster if not to take some of Ibanez's starts against left-handers?

I have never tried to manage a Major League Baseball game but I cannot imagine the bullpen use by some of the posters, myself included.
I would be having guys warming up like 7 times a game (like Lidge in that all-star game who then came in a blew his only save of the season which did not actually count).
Charlie saw Dobbs be a terrible PH for 2 years, and Baez had already gotten an out with the bases loaded. How many people wanted him in there after walking the first two guys anyway? Was Bastardo even ready at that time?
I think Herndon has already given up "high leverage" runs this season. Using Romero to start after Oswalt left was a good choice. He warms up quickly and Charlie was hoping to get 3 outs with 2 or 3 pitchers: Romero, Baez, and if necessary Bastardo.
I did not see the game but it sounds like both hits were seeing eye grounders. My guess is that Bastardo probably gets the next leverage 7th inning until he fails (or goes on the DL).

Thanks for mentioning the reality check on Mayberry. Of course, I hope for the best (that he will become the next Werth, even though their situations were different) but Mayberry is really a 4th OF and possibly RH platoon. The chances of him out-performing Ibanez are quite small.

Though I agree with more rest days for Ibanez, especially against lefties, I do not want to see Mayberry that often unless necessary.

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