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Sunday, April 17, 2011


What's up wit the d-bag on post game show giving
Middle finger and rubbing his crotch this is a total
Violation what does anyone else think?

Not to change the crucially important T-Bag topic, but once again Cole pitched a damn good game today.
I will never get tired of watching this pitching staff.

hope oswalt... is not severly injured...guess we'll know aoon enough...

question-- where did the phillies' bats go in the past week?

no patience at the plate and luckily at least 1 player per game picks it up and they are able to win..

Phillies last 4 starters:

31 IP, 20 H, 6 BB, 6 ER, 34 SO, 1 HR, 1.74 ERA, 9.87 SO/9, 1.74 BB/9.

Yeah, that's our rotation.

phllyinnyc: the Phillies walked 4 times today. They were fairly patient today. Also, quotes for David Hale at

– Roy Oswalt played catch today and said he felt much improved after leaving Friday’s start early with mid-back spasms. “Yesterday I was a little sore, but today it feels better than it did,” Oswalt said.

– Pitching coach Rich Dubee said his confidence that Oswalt will make his next start is “very high.”

OP- how could you possibly enjoy this rotation while having to also watch what is quite possibly the worst offense in league history?

Fat: A more cynical poster might post offensive numbers from the last 6 games and then say "Yeah, that's our offense."

But I'll leave it to a more cynical poster to do that.

But yeah, our starting rotation is sick. Sick.

Fully sick

Wait, who's sick? Blanton? Baez? It's not one of the good pitchers, is it? Oh geez, please tell me it's not Halladay ...

Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I knew injuries would kill this team!

The Phillies starting rotation is suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Jack, the difference between those posters and I myself is that I understand a couple things:

The Phillies are a much better offense with Chase Utley, but he's out injured. What are you going to do?

The Phillies had to give up one of their great offensive pieces in Werth to acquire Lee. Since I'm a bigger fan of starting pitching (good pitching beats good hitting), I'm glad they went the route they did.

Due to the Phillies unbelievably good starting rotation, it's simply unreasonable to expect them to have an amazing offense. They just don't have the money to pay for this good of a rotation and still have money to have gotten great FAs to bolster the offense (no team, beyond the Yankees does).

I've seen the Phillies hit Sanchez, and I've seen the Phillies struggle against Sanchez. This was one of those struggle days. Give Sanchez credit.

Check out this line:

14 G, 55 AB, 11 H, 2 RBI, 8 BB, 13 K, 2 SB, .200 BA

Love ya, J-Dub! Good idea sitting out Game 2 today, as well. You're probably exhausted from being so unproductive.

Iceman, I'm funny that way.

The entire starting staff fell out of a Jeep. Now the Phils are in trouble.

The Phillies, for the first time this year, will be on the really bad end of pitching matchup tomorrow:

Marcum vs. Blanton

Uh oh.

I said before the season that I think the Phils will have less losing streaks than any other team. I'd like to append that to include the Phils will win more serieseses than any other team.

The Phillies, for the first time this year, will be on the really bad end of pitching matchup tomorrow:

Marcum vs. Blanton

So far Blanton's faced the other team's opening day starter twice and their game 2 starter once.

Blanton could face the opposing Batting Practice pitcher & it would be a mismatch.

Let Joe pitch 4 innings then bring in KK for 3.

Last 6 games: 3.3 RPG
Last 7* games: 4.3 RPG
Last 8* games: 4.1 RPG
Last 10* games: 5.4 RPG
Last 11* games: 5.0 RPG
Last 14* games: 5.4 RPG

(* denotes a sample size too small to judge an offense)

To be honest, weren't games like today's and Friday's much like many games you would think the Phillies could have this year? I also think Wednesday's and Thursday's were like some games we expected this year as well. Our offense just isn't going to be as consistently good as it was last year when many bemoaned it wasn't as good as the two prior seasons.
I think with our pitching we will be in most games this year in the late innings either winning or with a good shot at winning!

big deal. so we lose tomorrow. so what

this team is undoubtedly the worst team ever that started the season 10-4 with one of the best starting rotations in the history of the game and an offense that has scored the fourth most runs in the league, and a very good defense, and a good back end of the bullpen, and with a top line player out with injury, and a multi-year track record of being a winner.

Few thoughts from the game today:

- Scoring decisions have become laughable in MLB. There were '3' official errors today but technically there should have been double that.

You have to really wonder over the course of a season how many breaks/non-breaks a player get almost solely based on a scorer's arbitrary discretion.

- No love for Francisco today? Had a solid day at the plate going 2-3 with 1 BB. He singled in the bottom of the 8th and made the play of the day in the bottom of the 8th with a great take out slide at 2B that caused H Ramirez to hesitate a bit.

If not, Ibanez grounds into a GDP, Chooch's SAC fly becomes the 3rd out, and it was still a 2-2 game.

- I can't believe people on here didn't rip Edwin Rodriquez. He cost the Fish today with his inept managing.

Webb dominated the Phils in the bottom of the 7th. He was dealing as soon as he came & got 3 weak ground balls out on his 94-MPH fastball.

Now granted Webb had only thrown 10 pitches in the 8thh inning and has been used to pitch multiple innings. Still, Rodriquez should have had somebody warming at the start of the bottom of the 8th in case Webb ran into a little trouble.

Did Rodriquez have anybody up the entire inning warming? Nope. Despite being a bit tired, he just left Webb out there for the entire 8th inning without warming anyone up.

Rodriquez did this despite having a completely rested bullpen in a tie game vs. the division leader. It was one of the poorer managerial choices I have seen in a long time.

Much worse than Cholly's decision to use Baez to face Dobbs on Friday night. There was no rationale to not have anybody warmed up & just let Webb out to hang there in the 8th. Especially with the league-leading NL bullpen in ERA.

Thanks Rodriquez. Phils owe you won.

- Contreras looks like he took ludes before he comes in because he shows no emotion. Ball, strike, close call. It is the same. It is almost kind of unsettling a bit.

- For a Sunday, the crowd was pretty good today. Ibanez got booed a bit after the 2nd miscue in the field and they derisively cheered when he caught the ball on the next play.

Helms got booed loudly every time he comes up regardless of the situation (never understand that) and Dobbs really heard it in the 8th inning (understand that because it was a key spot)

- Crowd should have given Hamels a bigger hand after he made a good pitch to start that DP that ended the 7th. He deserves better than he has gotten the past 1+ year.

I was pretty pissed though at the fat imbecile next to me who kept yelling at Hamels the entire 6th that he 'needed to man up.' It was pissing most people off in our section. Finally, the old man (at least 65) sitting in front of him told him to shut up and stop providing commentary.

If Lee/Halladay/Oswalt had been on the mound today, they would have likely gotten a standing O or a much louder cheer. Hamels was absolutely locked in today through 5 and just tired a bit. Still got out a jam in the 7th to keep it 2-2. Hamels deserved better from his team and the fans today.

Ok Jack we got it! You told us so. Geeze, you're like a dog with a frisbee. You won't let it go.

MG: With Howard leading off & Ibanez due up, I was actually surprised Rodriguez didn't bring in Choate to start the inning. Still, I find it hard to blame Webb for what happened in the 8th. He made a good pitch to Howard, but Howard muscled it the opposite way for a bloop hit. Then Francisco singled on what should have been a ground-out, except that Helms was expecting a bunt and playing in. Then Ibanez hit a DP ball but Francisco made a nice slide to break it up. And Ruiz flied out.

Wasn't really a pitching failure by Webb, so it's hard to lay the loss on Rodriguez for leaving him in there. If I fault Rodriguez for anything, it's for the decision to have Helms playing so shallow when there was no way Francisco was ever gonna bunt. Of course, as shallow as he was playing, Helms still probably should have made the play anyway.

Philipper - I would agree with everything except that this is a middle of the road offensive team and no way this is a 'very good defensive' team.

Below average at three spots (LF, RF, 1B) & a guy who's overrated defensively at 2B (Valdez). Strong on the left side of the infield & CF. Its an average team overall defensively.

BAP - That's a good point especially about the puzzling call to have Helms in so close to play the bunt there with Francisco.

Still, Choate should have probably started the inning and at the very least been in to face Ibanez. Choate is a pretty extreme GB pitcher (67% GB in his MLB career) and it was a lefty-lefty matchup. Webb was also tiring a bit too. I also like Choate's chances of getting a K vs. Ibanez than Webb in that spot too.

Now granted Webb did get the weakly-hit GB but it clearly wasn't the right strategic move. I would have had a lefty/right going especially in that kind of game with a fully-rested pen. It was almost as if Rodriquez was willing to concede it a bit instead of doing everything he could have to win it.

Choate destroys LHP hitting. The last 2 years:

.178 BAA, 14.7 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 67% GB

An unused weapon is a useless weapon. Fish win today and their 9-5 tied with the Phils for 1st place.

People freaking relax about the offense my god.
Wins a win and they are doing that. Just not coming
Up in certain spots and to be honest it ain't even hitting
Season yet as cholly likes to say. Relax they are in first
And winning. I am tired of seein people b&tch and moan
About offense. With the staff we have he'll the muts could
Be 500. When chase gets back and it will be sooner then
Later everything will click. Laser show!!!!!

I don't understand blaming the manager most games and this one is no exception. It isn't like Webb got pummeled in that inning, and there was only one hit. They didnt get it done, and the Phils capitalized on mistakes.

Anyone know if a tape is available of the game 35 years ago today? I remember it, and sure would love to relive it. (Phils down 12-1, win 18-16 on 4 Schmidt HR.)

goody: I believe I've seen that game rebroadcast on MLB Network before, so someone must have it.

Webb pitched more than 1 IP last year 14 times. He ended up being charged with at least 1 run in 5 of those games.

When he pitched 1 IP or less last year (40 times), he ended up being charged with at least 1 runs in only 7 of those games.

Those basically the likelihood that a run would be allowed when Webb went more than 1 IP basically increased 2x.

Interesting question/discussion:

Who's a better reliever in baseball right now than Madson?

Is he top 10? Top 5?


as for the offense, thus far they've exceeded expectations. They will probably end up the year in the middle of the league offensively, but iit is far from a sure thing. they wete second in the nl in runs last year? and are sure likely to get less out of bennyfran this year than they got out of Werth last year - but i think there's a reasonably good shot they will get more out of Howard, Rollins, Vic, and the bench. they might get as much out of the utley/ aldez mix as they got last year.

defensively, i think they rank near the top of the nl. by absolute standards not a great defensive team - by relative standards league wide - near the top.

Fat - Depends. Among setup men, he's top 5 probably. I like Venters better than him. Ditto Romo. Maybe Kuo on the Dodgers.

What impressed me today (and has the past few years) is how Madson strides and releases so far in front of the mound. He throws 93-94 on his fastball but it seems a bit faster than because of where he releases it.

MG, it doesn't just seem faster. It IS faster when it reaches the plate than if he released it farther away. The ball is released at a certain speed, and slows down as it reaches the plate. If you release at the same speed, but closer, than it will travel less distance, thus slowing down less by the time it gets to the catcher's mitt.

Venters, Kuo and Romo are really good. Where does Soriano fit in the hierarchy?

Among setup men in the AL - Soriano is better. Ditto Thornton. Bard maybe.

I would go


I think the Reds are probably the top defensive team in the NL right now. The Rockies might be next but the Phillies are still right there in the top 3 or 4.

At the 3 most important positions, we've got guys who are all in the top 4 or 5 in the league (Vic, Rollins, Ruiz), if not better. Valdez has been a little sloppy this year, but he's still a decidedly above average 2nd baseman, while Polanco is probably 2nd only to Zimmerman among NL 3rd basemen. Even Howard's defense is not as bad as advertised. He can't throw and he makes too many errors but he's one of the best at scooping errant throws, which is, after all, the single most important defensive skill that a 1st baseman can have. All of that more than makes up for a couple of clumsy corner outfielders.

Other stat:

Today was the 7th time in 14 games the Phils had scored in the 1st inning. Opponents haven't scored yet in the 1st inning.

You have to love a team built around get starting pitching that gets an early lead.

BAP, very good analysis. We have an above average defensive team.

Count me among those who is confident that Utely will not only be back for a good portion of this year, but he'll be, well, Chase Utley.

To be 10-4 right now, and the fact that I reasonably expect us to be able to win almost every game we go into WITHOUT Chase Utley; well, I just don't think there's terribly much to fret over when it comes to this team.

Also, BAP, very underrated and underappreciated, but we have 4 starting pitchers that field their positions very well. That can mean a lot in a game (although Hamels did botch that bunt by Reyes in his first start this year).

Phils are first in the NL in errors right now (5) and in fielding pct (.990) but after some of the scoring decisions today you have to wonder.

According to RZR, they are just 11th in the NL. My bet is the true is somewhere in between.

Errors have ceased to have any meaning since MLB took over the hiring of Official Scorers.

Dave - Largely agreed. I was talking to an old guy in front of me who is a season ticket-holder and keeps the box score every game. He says it puzzles him on what is an error and what is not.

I forgot what inning it was but take the ball that was hit to Valdez. He had to range to his right & make a tough play. Still, he got his ball on the glove, just stumbled & just couldn't come up with the throw to Howard. The old guy had it scored an E-5 on Valdez yet it got ruled a hit. Said that happens almost every game.

MG: I believe the Valdez play occurred in the Top of the 7th. Here's another one: having had the opportunity to see both plays live & on replay, I remain confused as to how the ball Infante hit into & out of Ibañez's glove (Top 6th) was scored a Double, but the ball Howard hit into & out of Morrison's glove (Bottom 8th) was scored an Error.

By the way, there's a magnificent Twitter Fight going on at the moment between John Gonzalez & David Murphy. Makes some of the worse Beerleaguer back-&-forths appear positively genteel by comparison.

"Contreras looks like he took ludes before he comes in because he shows no emotion. Ball, strike, close call. It is the same. It is almost kind of unsettling a bit."

Doesn't unsettle me. I like it.

The Big Truck is all business.

"Ok Jack we got it! You told us so. Geeze, you're like a dog with a frisbee. You won't let it go.

Posted by: Mike"

Mike, Jack has an age-realted obsession with the Phillies' offense.

Goody, that game was how long ago? God I'm getting old.

I have a thought about Howard and his defensive abilities at scooping the baseball. I'm tempted not to post it because people already assume I have some irrational hatred for him. But whatever. Short story, yes, he seems to be very good at it, but I don't know how much value that adds because if you watch major-league baseball, almost all first basemen are very good at that. I'm constantly amazed at how routine scooping the ball is at the major-league level. I don't know if anyone keeps stats on those plays specifically, but it seems like they're made a vast majority of the time, league-wide.

Does that make sense to people, or are you all just assuming that I'm hating Howard here? As I said, I think he is very good at that. Very good. My question is just how much better he is relative to other major-league 1st basemen. It seems to be a play they all can pretty regularly make, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

No, not all 1B are that good at it. Howard is particularly skilled at it. Howard is a huge target and he's very flexible for a big guy so he saves his fellow infielders a good number of errors.

Overall though I agree that its pretty impressive how good 1B are at scooping balls in the dirt.

BREAKING: Mariano Rivera throws a Cutter, & well!

(This shocking development brought to you by ESPN. ESPN, dumbing it down since 1979.)

NEPP: I guess. I just watch a good amount of baseball (teams outside of the Phillies as well) and feel like it's a play that, visually, looks impressive, but gets made pretty routinely.

Do you have anyone in mind who specifically ISN'T good at scooping balls?

Does anyone know if stats are kept on this?

How much longer can Mariano Rivera go? Will he live out his 2 year contract? Longer?

He's just incredible.

Dunn was terrible at it when he was a 1B.

Thome had some issues with it IIRC...probably due to his back issues.

I think most 1B are pretty good at it but Howard excells at it.

NEPP: Well, yeah, Dunn was bad at it, but he's not a first baseman. He was put there last year after playing OF his entire career. Scooping the ball seems like a skill that particularly comes from experience playing the position.

I'm open to the idea that Howard is specifically above-average in that skill. He does seem to be very good at it. It's just really hard for me to tell because when I watch baseball, I think that almost every first baseman in the bigs is very good at that skill.

The best Phils' 1B I can remember at scooping balls was Rico Brogna (past 20 years or so). He was badly miscast as the cleanup hitter and wasn't a great defensive 1B. He just really could pick it.

Brogna was great at scooping balls in the dirt.

Fat: Thanks, that's interesting. It also led me to find this, which is also interesting:

Looks at career leaders in "Scoops" from 1985-2007. Among the top guys? Todd Helton, Wally Joyner, Keith Hernandez, John Olerud, J.T. Snow and former Phillie great Travis Lee.

I refuse to believe Travis Lee was good at anything.

I love this line in that article you posted Jack:

"Martinez is a fluke. He's -47 errors overall, and -38 of that is from his second basemen. Which second baseman in particular? Chuck Knoblauch. Tino was just unlucky enough to play the position when Knoblauch forgot how to throw."

Oh, the yips.


I was sitting in the outfield. Before the 8th inning started Choate actually walked down to the fence like he thought was going into the game. I wonder if Rodriguez changed his mind before the inning started.

Jack: I watch a lot of games too, but don't really follow any other team systematically enough to have formed clear opinions about players' defensive skills. I agree with you that it's not really unusual for 1st basemen to be very good at scooping, but I do see a lot of guys who aren't (Brett Wallace, for instance, was having all sorts of problems with the scoop in the season-opening series). And my overall impression is that Howard really is quite good at it, even in comparison to other 1st basemen. It also seems like he is called upon to do it an inordinate number of times. Might be because guys like Polanco & Rollins make so many acrobatic plays that they are often forced to throw off balance.

I think Howard is very good at the scoop, but I'm hard pressed to think of any decent first baseman who aren't good at scooping.

It's kind of like saying, "Man, that shortstop has a good arm!" Most do. Similarly, most first baseman are good scoopers.


I think all first baseman have to at least be decent at scooping low-throws because it's going to happen a lot.

I watch an unhealthy amount of baseball outside of just the Phillies, and while Howard isn't the best I've ever seen, I am hard-pressed to think of a time when he missed one that he should have had. He also makes some scoops on awful throws that, if it got by, would be 100% the throwers fault. He's bailed out the IF on many occasions.

He may not be the best in the league, but from what I've seen he's definitely above average. Not every 1B is automatic, and Howard is almost as close to automatic as you're going to get.

As far as throws to second base, I have him ranked dead last.

Fat- that was a cool article. No surprise that Vaughn (a born DH) and Thome were on that list as the worst. Wasn't surprised that Olerud, Clark, and Mieckwicz were among the best.

I always thought it was harder to scoop balls in the NL say 10-15 years ago when you had the turf surfaces. Remember often where infielders would purposely hop balls off the turf especially deep in the hole at 3b and SS. Made scooping balls that much more difficult.

Vonderful - I thought Choate would start the 8th with Howard leading off and ibanez batting 3rd. Figured they would have a righty up too in case Cholly went with Mayberry instead of Ibanez too.

Hell I thought Choate was tough on lefties but didn't realize how tough. He simply destroys them. Howard is 0-3 with 1bb and 2 ks. Ibanez was 0-1 with a k.

Phils have plenty of crappy 1st baseman at scooping. Kevin Jordan was putrid at 1st. Ditto Ricky Jordan who had stone yards. Thome was also awful at fielding bounces off the turf at the Vet.

Brewers BP threw 93 pitches in the DH, so we have that going for us later today.

Have to run out and get a wide-screen for Blanton vs. Fielder.

'd like to see Hamels win a CY sometime soon, but he's not quite there yet.

Three areas of improvement to get him there: 1) BB/9, 2) HR and 3) IP.

Cole's BB/9 ticked up last year as he added to his pitching repertoire. If he can get it down to 2.0/9, about where it was in 2007-2009, while maintaining his high K/9 rate, that would do the job.

Hamels has had a HR problem throughout his major-league career. I'm not expecting miracles, but HR < 20 for the season would be great for him (So far in 2011, he's been splendid.).

Finally, I'd like to see Cole muscle up to 230 innings for the season. That's an average of 7 innings per start. In his career, he's averaged about 6 1/3 innings per start. Cole was there in 2008; he's capable.

If Hamels can just keep doing what he's been doing and tighten up in these areas, I think he'll be a CY winner.

The Phillies and the Giants have the best rotations in baseball. I'm not so sure that the Athletics don't have the most promising rotation in baseball. They have 5 starting pitchers with career ERA+ over 100, 2 are 27 years old, 1 is 25 and the other 2 are 23 years old.

Must be fun to be an A's fan right now and watch that much young starting pitching with that much potential.

You know, if this whole Contreras as interim closer thing works out, he could possibly be the closer next season on a very modest salary with Lidge likely gone (hopefully!) and Mandson also set for free agency.

Since 1871, 6 pitchers have thrown over 230 innings, maintaining BB/9 at 2.0 or below, giving up fewer than 20 HRs and maintaining a K/9 of 8.6 or better (Hamels's career rate):

Hugh "One Arm" Daily-1884 (predates Cy Young, baseball player and award)
Sandy Koufax-1963 (won Cy Young and MVP)
Tom Seaver-1971 (2nd in the CY to Fergie Jenkins)
John Smoltz-1996 (Won CY)
Kevin Brown- 1998 (3rd in the Cy, behind Glavine and Hoffman)
Randy Johnson- 2004 (2nd in the Cy to Clemens).

Hamels would probably win the Cy Young if he maintained these rates, though it's been surprisingly hit or miss. He'd also join elite, historic company.

i know it says "fewer than 20 HRs" but the sort I used was less than or equal to 20 HRs.

Noah - Thanks for pointing out how rare the combination of numbers is that I suggested. I had no idea. Looking at his yearly numbers, I thought it was a reasonable goal for Hamels to achieve; perhaps, not.

I checked out a few guys. Maddux never reached the high K rate. Schilling gave up a few more than 20 HRs in his best years. Pedro came close a few times, but missed in one of the categories. In his best overall year, Pedro threw only 217 innings.

Carson, that's just crazy enough to work (Contreras as a cheap closer). Of course, it likely has us allowing Madson to walk and collecting the 2 draft picks (as he'll be a Type A) but that might just be the smart play. Paying Madson top dollars in a multi-year deal might not be the smartest financial decision.

I think the Phils have shown the Type A stuff doesn't mean much to them.

"Webb pitched more than 1 IP last year 14 times. He ended up being charged with at least 1 run in 5 of those games.

When he pitched 1 IP or less last year (40 times), he ended up being charged with at least 1 runs in only 7 of those games.

Those basically the likelihood that a run would be allowed when Webb went more than 1 IP basically increased 2x."

So roughly, he gave up twice as many runs when he pitched twice as many innings? What am I missing here? Isn't this what you would expect?

MG: Is your list of set-up men a predictive list? If so then I wouldn't argue too much. But if thats your list for "the best", Venters has 1 season in the bigs while Romo has only 1 season with more than 34 IP. Pretty weak credentials despite looking great in first ~8IP in 2011.

If Madson wants closer money, then take the 2 draft picks. If he's willing to sign for very-good-setup-man-not-named-soriano money then pay him.

our luck - madson will go to the nats.. and we will be *** out of some more top draft picks...

What if Madson wants 3 years, $21-24 million total?

That's right between premier setup man and top closer money. Its probably about his open market value right now. I'd be hardpressed to say no to that as the other option is relying on a 40 year old* Jose Contreras next year. Relying on a 40 year old for anything in baseball is a risky decision.

OT: A great commercial featuring Jim Thome and a big blue ox....very funny.

The Phils have arguably the best staff in baseball. It makes sense to have at least a few elite pieces of the puzzle in the bullpen. Sign Madson and at some point he will be the closer.

The Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz Braves teams had dominant starters and some pretty good offense. They won only one World Series. A big reason for their lack of post-season success was due to a weak bullpen.

Resigning Madson should be a priority for the Phils. I am not sure if Contreras or Lidge could be relied on for anything next season, so I would think finding another top bullpen arm besides Madson would be high on the list.

It would be nice if one of the young guys (Bastrado, Worley, Stutes, Mathieson) made a huge leap this year and showed the ability to be a late inning stopper. But I feel like the Phils will have to look outside the organization for that piece.

Bastardo has done ok so far in the early going:

5.2 IP, 0.00 ERA, 9 K, 2 BB, 2 H, 0.706 WHIP, 14.3 K/9

UC just needs to actually trust him and keep using him. UC is using him as if he's a pure LOOGY whereas his splits (both MLB & MiLB) show that he can easily get RHBs out. That was the biggest issue with resigning JC Romero. Regardless of the fact that Romero is washed up and terrible, UC still sees him as the primary LH reliever and is using him as such...which has delegated Bastardo down to 2nd Lefty.

NEPP: I would pull the trigger on that. Even if his DITHL really ends up being true - and i only put that at like a 10% chance - you are still getting a shut down reliever. $8M/yr would be overpaying a setup guy, but the amount you are overpaying is well worth the chance that he has the same success in the 9th as he does the 8th for the next three years.

Re: List of setup men.

I also don't buy guys like Venters and Romo necessarily being better than Madson. Madson has a HUGE book on him and is still dominant. I believe it's easier to be dominant when you're relatively new at the job. Let's see how good Venters and Romo are in their 2nd and 3rd seasons on the job. Madson has been our setup guy since 2007.

NEPP, what are Bastardo's numbers on inherited runners?

I remember reading something where either Amaro or Woelever said the Phils look at the number of inherited runners stranded as well as results of "first batter faced".

Madson has been consistently dominant for the past 4+ seasons now. Ever since his failed starter experiment in 2006, he's been a very good reliever. He's been a premier setup man for the past 3 years now. idea. I dont even know where to find that statistic.

Re: the *scoopers* discussion...the only thing I remember Travis Lee being good at was the unibrow.

Re: Mariano...I think he could probably pitch a few years after his current 2 year deal expires. Seems to keep himself in good shape and has avoided serious injury.

There are a dozen reasons that this should not be true:

Philadelphia Phillies: Are the Phillies Better Without Chase Utley?

But it could be (last season):

With Utley in the lineup, they were 68-47, for a .591 winning percentage.
Without Utley, the Phillies went 29-18, for a .617 winning percentage.

More evidence of the Pose-Chase era of Phillies baseball? Hard to believe, Harry.

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