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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Godspeed, Roy.

TCB, Roy.

No-brainer in terms of priorities. Godspeed and all the best to Oswalt, his family and friends and hometown.

Phillies are 8-0 in day games this year.

I can't help but think that in North Dakota, phargo is nodding her head violently.

Here's hoping that him leaving is purely precautionary on the home front for Roy.

This part of the statement seems weird, although knowing him, he will want to check the whole area to make sure everyone he knows is okay:

"He has chosen to take time to make sure there wasn’t significant damage to his home, but more importantly, ***to make certain that his wife and children are okay.***"

My gut first response, after hoping they are okay was "doesn't he have a phone?"

Just watching the end of the Dodgers/Marlins game. Vicente Padilla just came on to close. Dude looks like he's just finished doing road construction in Arizona in July rather than just jogging to the pitching mound. It's very weird.

JeffS- I'm sure it means make sure they are okay emotionally. Phone call doesn't always take care of that.

Leave it to the Phillies to take what might have been rendered a non-issue w/ a prompt, simple & honest press release, & turn it into a damn ordeal. The arrogance of the Phillies FO frequently becomes annoying to those that pay their bills. Lesson #1: RESPECT YOUR CUSTOMERS.

That said, best wishes to Roy, his family & all others concerned. I didn't figure him to be the type of guy who'd bolt his team for frivolous reasons, & I'm glad (relatively speaking) to find he isn't.

I know Jeffs like OMG don't they have facebook? Can't she just make her status "I'm OK!" and then Roy stay with the team.

It's Roy Oswalt. He doesn't carry a phone. He does, however, have a hunting rifle in case he comes across any wild animal worth eating or hanging on a wall.

All kidding aside, I'm sure he owns a lot a of land down there, and with all those twisters, it wouldn't surprise me if communications have been knocked out, causing his concern...

I know its shocking but oftentimes cell phones do not work if power has been knocked out. Those magical towers that transmit the signal need power too.

How could the Phillies not tell me everything as soon as it happens!? I went to a game once! They are nothing without me! They don't care about fans.

If I may quote Chan Ho Park "Save it!"

Game chat?

I hope all is okay for Roy, along with his family & loved ones.

Sounds to me as if Roy needs to move his family out of Mississippi's tornado alley to a safer location. I wonder if there is a mobile home park nearby that may be attracting all of those twisters? You know how it is: tornado's are to mobile home parks like moths are to a light bulb.

"You know how it is: tornado's are to mobile home parks like moths are to a light bulb."

Q: How are redneck divorces like tornados?
A: Either way, someone's going to lose a mobile home.

Two hits in a row! Woooooo

Cyclic: Here comes the triple play.

So, this is the Game Thread ... ?

Hey! Jimmy! Time for your bi-weekly RBI already?


Is it hitting' season now? (Said hopefully.)

This feels like 2 guys are about to get stranded on 2nd and 3rd.


In moments like these, some of you guys really expose yourself as real morons, and some others completely redeem yourselves.

Darn it, Big Piece.

Here's hoping Roy O. was distracted last night, as opposed to hurting. Godspeed is right; I echo the sentiments of others as far as his family, friends, & home go.

I feel so positive with the black hole Raul not on deck.

Run bukkake! :-o

Who is this team?

3 runs, 4 hits. Feels like the twilight zone.

BenFran again.

Good AB Benny. So many runs.

Every hit has been to LF, no?

Francisco hitting with RISP. Who woulda' thunk it?

Keep. It. Going.

DBacks' announcer Mark Grace just said he thought Raul was shaking out of his slump with some great swings last night.

Not just runs. Runs for Cole Hamels.

Mayberry needs to make the most of these playing opportunities because every fiber of Cholly's being wants to never start him.

nice to see !!!

Very Raul-esque AB by Mayberry.

no game thread yet? Offensive explosion needs documentation!

You can't jinx this type of production with a game thread.

I hope Hamels knows that is all he is getting - 3 runs, they won't score again.

Ron Jones- False.

Ron: In fairness, Ibanez did make good contact a couple times yesterday. Of course, clout & CJ & awh would undoubtedly argue that a guy who strikes out 3 times and gets 1 dribbler hit down the third base line is hitting the ball better than a guy who goes 0 for 4 with 2 hard line outs & 2 deep fly balls to the warning track. But I'd rather stake my bets on the latter player.

FLA lost. Nice to be back in first. (tied, I know)

Uh oh. Chooch?

Chooch is out of the game? Oh boy ...


what happened to chooch?

Chooch is hurt? What happened (for those of us at work)

"But I'd rather stake my bets on the latter player."

which is exactly what every single other poster said so why are you still posting this?

GD, Chooch out and injury list continues to swell.

I agree w/ Mark Grace about Ibanez.

Chooch got hurt? Hope it's minor. Who's our emergency catcher w/Werth gone?

Sardania will be with the team against the Mets.

RE: Chooch, either he's tending to Roy's family or the Phillies have sent him to investigate why Oswalt is hiding his injury...

Wilson Valdez is the emergency catcher.

Ditto NEPP's concern on a Game Thread jinxing a good offensive start.

lorecore: Because Ron Jones just got done implying that it wasn't the case. Plus, it's always fun to tweak clout when the opportunity arises.

Chooch hurt is toe - second day in a row they've been foiled by Toe-nado's!

You know another pitcher who fielded well? Jamie Moyer.

Nice job, Cole.

orr is the backup,backup catcher.....

Anybody else having problems with

Have the announcers said anything about Chooch? I'm watching but can't do audio at work.

Gelb- "If you're wondering, Wilson Valdez is the emergency catcher. But Pete Orr has also caught a few bullpen sessions."

glad we have backup backup catchers... because our backup-backup left fielder Oswalt is not here.

anyone try to listen to 1210 on free android phone apps? Cuts out and throws in commercials during play-by-play constantly. any nonpay service advice?

Anyone with Chooch update?

bap: yeah i know but now we have to read a bunch of crap from clout that will be even more BS of what you even posted and all the ppl who despise him will have to comment on it and make it even worse.

sifl- Nope.

Cole's career average is very Raulesque.

no info on carlos yet......

Woohoo!! Day game in Arizona! Shane heating up--Good news.

Vic adopting the "use HR's for offense" mentality, that is subject to much scrutiny.

how about the boss who caught the hr?

I can't believe the Phillies haven't produced medical records concerning Chooch's injury! They just lost a fan.
Also, slump over.

We have scored 6 runs in the last 3 innings.

lorecore: I thought it was in the Beerleaguer Bylaws that all posters must strive to keep a stupid debate going for as long as possible.


For those of you who might have forgotten, the Rules of MLB define what just happened as a "Home Run".

Shane Victorino....slugger

Polanco sure is living right this year.

Dave- Benny Fran reminded me last night. But you probably went to bed.

Nothing like a left handed starter for this lefty-heavy lineup to get hot.

When are we getting that right handed power bat again?

Here's an article on Wilson Valdez as the emergency catcher -

Cyclic: I was awake, but Francisco's HR -- after stranding most of the Western world earlier in the game -- only made the loss close enough to annoy that much more. I'm much happier w/ today's HR.

Damn. J-Roll got skunked.

Dave- Very true, re: Francisco HR.

"anyone try to listen to 1210 on free android phone apps? Cuts out and throws in commercials during play-by-play constantly. any nonpay service advice?"

All I can say is I tried the non pay route last year and it sucks. You can try I sometimes had some luck there.

But really, the service from for a full year is just $20 and well worth it not to have to deal with the aggravation.

bap - who is more stubborn, Charlie starting struggling veterans or us abiding the beerleague bylaws to extend stupid debates

i think charlie forgot that chooch does not do day games......

Have TBag and Wheels said anything about Ruiz?

Cyclic: Thanks. I'm overseas, so maybe that is the issue. I've tried watching on both mine and my girlfriend's computer, and both have very choppy service. Too bad, because it's not too often I get to watch a game live during the week.

Yeah. TBAG said glugglughggglug.

not yet....

D. Brown hit a HR today in clearwater rehab, also hit a couple in xst. That's really good news considering that power is supposed to be the last thing that comes back after a hamate bone break.

The D-Backs announcers are incensed that Roberts got a green light on 3-0 down by 4 runs. They're going on and on..."Andre Dawson doesn't get a green light there! Ryne Sanburg doesn't get a green light there! Sammy Sosa doesn't get a green light there!" Too funny.

Mego: Charlie had expressed concern over Dom's "ham bone". I hope this news helps set his mind at ease.

mego: thanks for update that is sweet.

What's the "ham bone" connected to?

Hamels is my #2 starter.

Domonic 2-5 with a HR in Clearwater today. Wasn't sure if anyone had mentioned it yet.

Heather: Joe Blanton.

Hey, I heard Dom Brown had a HR today.

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