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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Baez jersey day?


25 years ago today . . . For your reading pleasure:

Carlton at Wrigley, goes 1 2/3, gives up 7, in what looked like a pitchers duel on paper against Rick Reuschel. Phils come back from 12-1 down to win 18-16 in 10. Schmidt, batting 6th, hits 4 consecutive homers, 8 RBI.

Er, um, 35 years ago. Damn, I'm old.

Cole Hamels, day game, hopefully a great showing by the Gtown Dave's Zooperstars (perhaps the last time Alien Iverson makes an appearance before they recycle the costume into prophylactics), free t-shirt for the kid. It's gonna be great.

No rotation shift. Turns out the Phillies are still the Phillies.

13 games into the season and the same old lineup and rotation?

The irony of calling Hamels "Hollywood" is that his reputation was not least of all undone by the horribly amateurish commercials he used to appear in, produced presumably by local sub-Hollywood grade film talent.

When I was a kid, I lived in California, but kept a subscription to the Philly Daily News (even though it arrived a week late) just for the Phillies coverage. I kept all the news clippings from Schmidt's 4-homerun game & eventually made a scrap book dedicated exclusively to that game. It might still exist, if I were ever motivated to look hard enough.

Technically, though, the history books don't count Schmidt's performance among all the other 4-homerun games, since it wasn't a 9-inning game.

Over/under on the boos for Cole Hamels-2 I'll take the over and say he gets 3. Will they boo him the first time when he takes the mound?

Speaking of Phillies alumni . . . it somehow got missed during the whole Lenny Dykstra discussion that he was apparently arrested not once, but twice. The first time was for federal bankruptcy fraud. Then, the very next day, he was arrested in a totally separate matter for trying to buy a stolen car.

I don't know how many history books don't count the schmidt feat. In fact every book/website etc I've seen include it. Maybe just older books. They just include an asterisk indicating that it was a 10 inning game. In fact Schmidt's feat is even more rare in that it was in 4 consecutive at bats. Of the 15 men to do it, only 6 were in consecutive at bats.

3 Phillies have hit 4 home runs in a game. Ed Delahanty (pre-modern era) and Chuck Klein who also did it in extra innings. And one who later became a Phillie of course the mediocre Mark Whiten. *The Braves franchise also have 3 players one in Boston one in Milwaukee one in Atlanta. The last of course Mr. Bob Horner of Game Thread Logo fame.

Some tidbits from David Hale today:

Highlights include:

– Roy Oswalt played catch today and said he felt much improved after leaving Friday’s start early with mid-back spasms. “Yesterday I was a little sore, but today it feels better than it did,” Oswalt said.

– Pitching coach Rich Dubee said his confidence that Oswalt will make his next start is “very high.”

Good sign.

A day game after his regularly scheduled start was PPD by rain ... skeptics might think this is a ready-made "Bad Cole" situation.

Cole starts things off well. I love that he's not afraid to throw his changeup to either lefties or righties.

Strike three to Coughlin was malicious.

First pitch was a strike in that at bat. Umpires like to get themselves in the game early.

Ball 1 and ball 4 to Ramierz were both strikes. What is up with umps this year? Did the commish tell them to generate more offense by squeezing everyone?

Man, what looked like it could've been a quick easy first inning for Cole is turning into a bit of a struggle.

Pitch 4 to Hanley was called a Strike. Pitch 5 was borderline, but called a Ball.

Nice Curve to sit Stanton down.

Nice curve.

That was a curveball for strike three. I love to see that from Cole. That was a nasty curve, too.

Opposite field power for Polly? Must be windy.

So I guess the ball is carrying today ...

Polanco showing his patented opposite field power. Everyone saw that coming.


Pretty typical for Polanco...

Magician with the bat.

That looked like a routine pop-up when it came off the bat. If the wind is blowing like that, then Hamels' fly ball tendencies are likely to get him in big trouble later in this game.

Did anybody else see Oswalt calling pitches from the bench during that Stanton AB?

Seeing a Polly homer is akin to seeing a lunar eclipse.

Polanco HR, excellent. Rollings 8-pitch walk, excellent again.

Rollings? bleah. Rollins.

Howard needs to come out of his mini funk today.

I love you Jimmy Rollins.

Once again, spending too much time freaking out about the runner on 1B backfires.

Nice patient AB there by Howard. When he's slumping (2 for last 26), he needs to be drawing walks like that. That's a good thing.

Hopefully these walks are a sign that Phillies are going to start being patient at the plate with more frequency.

And then you get a terrible AB by Francisco.

Terrible job by Francisco. Just terrible. Sanchez has been throwing ball after ball, and he swings at ball 2.

Not the best AB I've ever seen by Ben Fran.

Cue the Ibanez benching comments.

If Raul were younger, that ball would have been a line drive out to center field.

Looked like Jayson Werth out there.

Nice job by Raul waiting back on the changeup. Good piece of hitting.

A younger man would have turned that into a triple.

24 pitches in teh inning for Sanchez so far. 12 strikes, 12 balls. Be patient today, Phillies.

Under the Common Sense Ibañez Platoon Plan advocated by many highly intelligent Beerleaguer posters, Raul would have been playing today anyway vs. the RH Pitcher. called that strikeout pitch a cutter. He can get his cutter down to 86 mph?

Cole's Curve is ON today. Man when he gets that thing working it's a thing of beauty.

A couple of beautiful curves for Cole today.

1 through 6 Marlins lineup isn't exactly easy to navigate.

This is the best I've seen Cole's curveball.

Ruiz is an awesome defensive catcher. I had no doubt, if Cole got out of his way, that Ruiz would take care of that and put the ball right in Howard's gut.

GTown: Many posters devoted about an entire day on Beerleaguer to attacking the strawman argument that Ibanez should be benched. Please don't let petty details like the truth derail all their efforts.

Wow Helms is slow.

Is the wind blowing out? Just watched Polanco's homer and it looked like he reached out and just got the bat head on it.

I don't know if it was the wind or if Polly was using a corked bat.

Exxon has been very impressive in the early going this season. He's really saved our offense's arse once again.

Wind is blowing out like a jet stream to RF apparently...per the announcers.

23 mph from left to right supposedly.

Yeah can't say I agree with the decision to let Hamels hit away there.

Bad luck there on the bounce off the mound...oh well.

Senor Hamels is en fuego!

I'm sorry, but batters should not be allowed to call time once the pitcher is in his windup.

Fat, per the rule book, I dont think they are...its just not enforced.


Cole Hamels is good at pitching. Let's score some more runs.

Damn. Cole is on point today. I'd like the Phils to score 4-5 quick Runs & put this game on cruise control.

Infante does his darnest to shatter his ankle there with that slide into the 1B bag.


I guess Cole can pitch when the sun's out.

BAP- you are getting an early start on the lying today. From yesterday's threads:

"Ibanez: .235 BA; 72 OPS+; several posters have noted his rag-armed throws from the outfield...Wow. Any way that ongoing playing time can be justified for these seemingly fading pieces of past championship teams is a real stretch." - cut_fastball

"CJ - I have been a big Raul booster. But yes, he needs to be benched." - aksmith

Just because you didn't try to make the argument doesn't mean that nobody tried to make the argument.

Howard should be able to hit one 510 feet with this wind.

51 feet with this wind.

Howard could play another 10 years and he may never get a cheaper hit than that one. Not that I care.

Howard with a ... base hit, I suppose you'd have to call it.

Crushed that one.

I'm surprised a pro athlete like Helms couldn't catch up to that one.

Hit it just past the stake.

The BAbip fairy smiles upon us once again.

Phils getting some luck on balls in play here. A reasonably competent 3rd baseman makes that play pretty easily.

ANother crushed liner to LF.

Wes Helms IS the babip fairy.

Andy: Well played.

Now if Darling would only call that a strike for Hamels.

Iceman: So I'm a habitual liar? That's a new accusation.

How's this? I stand corrected. I didn't recall anyone advocating that he be benched. I only recall that the bulk of us were arguing for a platoon.

Shocked that Ibanez didn't catch up to that one.

... or that one.

To BAP's defense, cut_fastball is a knee jerk reaction poster, and certainly didn't represent the majority, and I'm not even sure if he reprented much of the minority either.

And a reasonably competent LF makes that play.

That was right in his glove. Should be an Error.

Burrell would have had that.

How is that not an error?

Sarge: "That's either a hit or a great play."

Or, Option 3: a relatively routine catch, as it would have been for quite a few leftfielders.

I don't care that Ibanez is older. He got his glove on that one, and needs to catch it. Otherwise, lay back on it, and try to hold him to a single.

I'll take that back. He has been calling the outside corner against lefties. It's the outside corner over the black against righties that's a ball today. It's on the small side, but maybe not as bad as a couple of others we've seen.

Ibanez has worse range than The Bat...just sad.

Hamels doing everything he needs to do to make up for a poor fielding left fielder.

E - 7

You get your glove on it, it should be an error.

Hamels quite obviously pitching around Morrison, as he should be here.

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