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Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm a large supporter of "the Gload" but I may have missed exactly what he has done to earn the start in right field.

Hitting 16 for 35 (.457) with 6 extra base hits against Vázquez he deserves a look.

bigmyc: He bats left handed.

bigmyc: Not be Ben Francisco?

No, he's hit Vazquez well in the past, I believe. Also, sometimes you just give bench guys a start just because. The season is 162 games long.

re-posting from Dykstra thread:

If someone has the time to do this, would be interesting to compile a list of All-Star players from the Steroid era and see how many have had brushes with the law or been generally discredited as human beings. In basketball and football, the ratio of arrests always seemed higher, but baseball's Asterisk Age has helped the national pastime catch up quickly.

As well as Gload's .457. Polly is hitting .351 and Howard has hit 3 homers from 5 hits in 15 AB's against Vázquez. Ibanez 8 for 25, 4 homers.

Matchups looking very good for the Fightin's lineup.

We've moved from game chat graphics featuring opposing players to now featuring the opposing team's colors. I consider this a step in the right direction.

Vasquez it.

Vasquez no-hitter...that will be broken up in the 4th inning.

Was expecting a graphic of Greg Dobbs for today's game thread.

NEPP - "Hughes has lost a good 2-3 mph off his fastball from last year." Is it only 2-3 MPH? Seems like a lot more...I remember him routinely throwing 93-95 last year and this year I don't think I've seen him throw over 90. If there isn't some major injury then I don't know what's wrong with him.

myc - All the pwns Vasquez stuff everyone mentioned, plus he cuts a fine figure on the graphic.

I heard (from Darren Daulton) on sports radio that Cliff Lee is the second pitcher ever (Other than Koufax) to strike out 12 in a game in under 100 pitches.

Can anyone verify such a stat?

Fatalotti - "Can anyone verify such a stat?" That's the real question...the last verified complete game with less than 100 pitches and 12Ks or more was Koufax, but pitch count data is apparently very questionable if you go back more than 20 years.

Also, Darren Daulton not only believes in astral projection, he believes he has accomplished the same. Fatalotti was correct to double check.

Daulton is a truth teller. Live for today.

Darren Daulton is an Oompa Loompa. Doopity-Doo.

Darren Daulton has the same dermatologist as John Boehner

Are they doing the stupid "everyone wears 42" thing again this year?

Looks like they are.

"Hey, Dad, who's #42?"

Let's keep it rolling, little Roy.

I'd rather, if they feel the need to do it, just pick one guy per team instead of this but whatever.

I love that pitch from Oswalt. Fastball, on the edge, high and away. Perfect pitch.

26 to go.

Can we at least get a throwback Jeff Conine graphic for one of the game threads? I suppose if you had to name the all-time "face of the Franchise" for Florida, he'd be the front runner. (Sheff, Cabrera, Uggla?)

Though, it speaks volumes that Wes Helms would be in the discussion, too....

with apologies if this was answered in an earlier thread--but who threw the back-to-back CGs for the phils in 1999?

What's with all those empty seats behind home? Late arrivals?

Paul Byrd and Curt Schilling.

thanks, fatalotti. i was guessing byrd was involved.

Might be onto something with this pitching staff.

Well he's not on Lee's pace from last night. 17 pitches in the first, but 1,2,3 nonetheless.

I only have MLB Gameday, but it looks like Roy is getting squeezed a little. Can anybody confirm who's watching it live?

1 down, 8 to go.

Zone seems decent so far, SLO Phan. Nothing like the Halladay game.

i thought he threw some borderline, tough pitches that were called balls, slo phan. maybe the zone will loosen as the game proceeds.

This feels like a loss.

I just wanted to be on record as the first one to say it.

That #42 is quite good.

Nothing like "most underrated" player Placido Polnco popping out on the 2nd pitch.

Doing the "everyone wears 42" thing every freakin' year cheapens the gesture. It now reeks of old, paternalistic white guys. "See, we're not racist! Look how much we care!"

Ok, that was some of the worst 3rd base coaching I've ever seen. He could have scored & run back to 2nd base.

This feels like a 3rd straight shutout.

That's the J-Roll swing we like

Samuel's stopsign is part of a concerted effort to prevent Jimmy from getting RBIs.

Seriously though, good call by Juan.

Now it's moot.

Dammit. I thought that was gone.

That's not a bad call in the 1st inning.

NEPP: You really think so? Looked to me like it wouldn't have even been close.

Damnit...a warmer night and that's gone.

How JUST missed that ball.

bap: Not really moot because it now cost an out to score the run.

Howard* was a good bounce off the wall for the RF. A decent throw/relay and he's out.

Now it's moot.

Well, that was inevitable.


Come on Ross, unGload on a fastball.

Jack: You think Howard's AB would have resulted in a different outcome if Vic weren't on 3rd? That seems kind of dubious.

Ibanez is so old and shouldn't have started tonight...

I knew Gload shouldn't have started.

I love how people will now make it seems like the whole Ibanez conversation today was ridiculous.

As if anyone suggested Raul shouldn't start against a mediocre righty like Vasquez. Of course he should.

Ok, I got it. It cost us an out, which might have prevented Jimmy from scoring too.

bap: I think they have to be judged independently. Entirely possible Howard is pitched to differently. You just never know.

I agree with you Shane should've been sent. I was shocked he didn't score on Rollins' double.

"Vasquez it."

"Vasquez no-hitter...that will be broken up in the 4th inning."

Looks like the BL conventional wisdom is wrong again.

I must say that this guy Stanton is a good looking ballplayer, depite that K.

That's a pretty sweet curveball, right there. Lee actually struck out 4 straight batters on curveballs last night.

Filthy hook there.

awh, I was joking about the no-hitter with that post...thought that much was obvious.

awh: Of course it was wrong. This "Vasquez"fellow isn't even playing tonight.

awh, had I said "Vasquez no-hitter...that will be broken up in the 1st inning", you would have accused me of jinxing the Phils.
Anyway, it was a joke. I never expected a Vasquez.

too many pitches early on for a CG.

I think Oswalt's still trying to find the slot a bit. Impressive that he's been so dominant so far.

NEPP, it was obvious, as I thought I was as well.

Hard to tell sometimes.

It's obvious that it wasn't obvious.
Nice AB, Roy.

Oswalt's trying to help bring us out of the basement in the walk department.

I think Oswalt was more annoyed by the walk than anything...or just not paying attention to the count.

When worlds collide!

so close there.

This looks like it's gonna be another one of those nights where the wind in this bandbox keeps everything in the park.

That's actually to the Phillies' advantage, considering they're winning.

Winning with Oswalt on the mound? Yeah, I dont care about the wind at this point.

Beerleaguer is home to some of the most brusque & uptight jokesters I've yet come across.

"Small sample size, dumbass! ... Wakka Wakka Wakka."

the wind is annoying but the marlins are going to get shut down for a 3rd complete game anyways

Already a better RF than BenFran.

Gload'll probably think twice about begging for another start. Yikes.

9 up, 9 down. The stellar pitching just continues and continues.

When did Oswalt switch to #42?

(sad as it is, I guess I need to qualify that that's a joke to prevent the litany of no-humor do-rights explaining Jackie Robinson Day, even though it kills the entire post).

Brusque? Why I oughta....

Another fine inning by #42.

Nice easy inning.

economical ... 8 pitches that inning.

I'm a big Mo Rivera fan too but I dont get why they honor him like this.

#42 looks great tonight...where has he been all season?

Do they omit the names from the jersey in honor of Robinson, too, or is that just because they're too damn cheap to spend for the names for one game?

Call me crazy, but I like the Brewers staff (with a healthy Greinke).

NEPP: Rivera? I thought MLB was honoring Butch Huskey.

I can see where the Phillies might think 2 will cut it, but Oswalt ain't gonna go the distance, & the bullpen probably can't even remember where the pitcher's mound is. Score more Runs!

Howard's SF in the 1st was his 3rd of the season putting him on pace for 37 on the year.

He currently has 33 in his entire career counting tonight's.

Oswalt's stuff is definitely swing and miss, but he won't go 9 if he doesn't get his strike/ball ratio in check (27/18).

But damn, is he dominating right now!

Nice low strike call.

He sure looks overpowering on Connie Hawkins Day.

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