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Monday, April 25, 2011


So Rube signs a reliever quite probably in his 40s to a 2-year deal and then complains about 'overuse' on April 25th, about 3 weeks into the deal?

Next up, Amaro is going to complain that he isn't platooning Ibanez. You're the one making these deals Rube!

Scoring at least 5 runs would be a novel change.

It dosn't matter if the team you are playing has a winning or losing record. What matters is how you and your opponent are playing when you actually meet, same in April as it is in October. It only takes a few guys being hot or cold, or a key player missing, to decide a short series. (Cody Ross,anyone?) This is what makes every game interesting. I can watch a game for three hours and judge the results in the context of a 162 game season. Others seem to use the next 21 hours to judge the team or players on what they did the last 3 hours, or last 3 pitches.

A 14th game in a row with under 5 runs would actually tie the Phillies' longest such stretch in the last 30 years.

I have to be at work at 4:30 in the morning. The baseball junkie in me will still watch this game, though. Stupid west coast swings...

Lets do this!!

Polanco is hitting machine.

Roof open-85 degrees. Good or bad for us?

There goes Polanco even further messing up his pitches per PA numbers.

Phillies best offense is poor defense by adversaries.

goody: I'm gonna say "Good" ... Isn't the ball supposed to carry better there w/ the roof open?

Rollins swing is just so bad right now.


This game feels like a loss

This guy completely stymied the Phillies last year, so there is no reason to believe that he won't do exactly the same thing tonight.

Still looks like he's guessing up there. At least he guessed right on saturday.

b_a_p: Randy Wolf completely stymied the Phillies. Why wouldn't this guy?

G-Town: I think Adam Eaton could stymie the Phillies.

Good start Cliff

This is an interesting strike zone

I guess Cholly fears the apocalypse if he scrambles this highly unproductive lineup one or twice.

GTD: I would take that as bad, since our BP is prone to "long fly balls."

How low is that Ibanez batting average now?

goody: But Charlie sez the Phillies need to hit more of those ...

Petco Field continues to make the Phillies' offense look inept. Oh wait . . .

Since so many negative posters are in the process not results camp with Kendrick, I can't wait to see the wild adulation with which Raul will certainly be showered for crushing a line drive to straightaway center.

Fata - .184 for Raul.

Noah: He certainly didn't crush it & I don't shower anyone with praise for making an out. But he did make better contact than he has made in quite awhile and, yes, I would count that as mildly encouraging.

My prediction that Raul will get as low as .175 before he gets a hit is looking good right now.

Did Wheels just call the Drew brothers terrific tools?

Cliff trying to outdo Roy, apparently.

Lee really spotting his pitches tonight.

Randy Johnson.

Typical misinterpretation of an innocent comment (see first post above): All Amaro said about Contreras is that he's been used a lot lately. Of course, the Philly Phaithful interpret it to mean he's been "overused" by Manuel. Now, let's all agree that UC may just be the dullest knife in the drawer. He gets his panties (Depends) in a bunch and blows steam also (mis)interpreting Amaro's comment.

Let's all just calm down and let things play out as they will about Contreras' pitching health. He just may not have the rubber arm that the FO thinks he has. So, put Madson in his place and work out the bullpen rotation. No big deal. Next.

This offense is pathetic.

Quick question:

Where can I listen to Phils' radio broadcasts online? I thought WPHT 1210 was covering the games but all I'm hearing is political talk right now. What gives?

Here comes our offense. Both of them.

Buddy, are you trying to listen to 1210 online?

Give me a shot vs. our lineup.

I see that the extra batting practice certain Phillies' players took today is paying big dividends.

Trade Hamels for this Kennedy guy NOW!

Fata: yes.

Well, it IS Ian Kennedy.

Buddy - You gotta pay at 20 bucks for the season

Yeah Buddy, you can't listen to phillies game on 1210 using the internet. It gets blacked out. Only way to listen to 1210 is with a normal radio.

Bloodstripes: that shouldn't be.

You guys can tune in to Franzke et al on your radio. Where do you tune and does MLB really prevent them from streaming. Sh!theads if so.

Buddy - I'm along way from Philly. I paid 100 bucks to watch the season on

Siddown, Rico Suave.

Balkin Bob didn't get the new strike zone memo.

That last pitch to Parra didn't look like a strike. But it probably didn't help that he looked like a petulant child after the strike two call.

Buddy, they're just trying to make their money.

I'm far enough away from Philly for it to be tuesday afternoon

Bloodstripes, China?

Oh, Bob Davidson. That explains a lot.

Australia Fata

Noah: Excellent point.

Should we have an LG for hitters too? Since results don't matter to BAP for pitchers, to be consistent they shouldn't matter on offense either. A hard liner to center, even if caught, is worth far more than a dribbler single. Thus Raul is 1 for 1 tonight by BAP standards.

Hahaha. Lee didn't want to have to use the curve on the pitcher but he didn't have a choice after all those fouls. Take a seat pal.

Game over.

Swings & hits one in the direction of South America ...

He killed that ball. Wow.

That ball was hit REALLY hard.

guten nacht

If Benny Fresh were a good defender, he wouldn't have had to dive.

great play benny frank

I guess BenFran's just been playing possum w/ regard to his awesome defense.

Time for the vaunted Phillie offense to come alive and... oh, wait...

BS: Since you live in the future, what was the final score?

Do two Rollins foul line drives qualify him for positive process status or is it bad that he reached base on a grounder?

I don't really want to add to the pile-on here, but I remember when this offense used to punish mistakes like that.

Guys like Kennedy can go up there and throw mistakes all game and never pay for it. Lee will probably make only a few mistakes, has only made one so far, and paid for it dearly.

It might be common to think that team's will look at having to face the Phillies rotation and be scared, but knowing that your pitcher is facing the Phillies anemic offense means that you don't have to do much against Doc, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. And since none of those guys have 0.00 ERAs, it makes facing them a lot less daunting.

Remember when Ryan Howard used to absolutely murder right handed pitchers like Kennedy?

Cue Howard apologists with career numbers...


LOL @ Goody.......Phils 3-2 in 16. Kendrick threw 5 perfect innings and Baez k's the side for the save.

iceman, so what happend?

I remember when Howard killed the likes of Kennedy. It was 2 weeks ago. He'll be doing it again soon.

I thought offense would be a problem, but I never imagined it would be this bad. I'm hoping this is just a bad stretch like the White Sox are currently enduring.

I know it looks bad but I've seen a couple of these baseball seasons before and they are really long. There are ups and downs and weird dry spells. Trust me ot won't be like this forever.

Again, this same cast of characters was punchless for weeks on end last year. Why should anything be different this year?

Gold Glover.

Did Cliff forget to bring his tilt to the ballpark again?

I get it Curt
but why Manual nervous and cautious about the offense before the season started? whats the difference. Some one say.
Werth , I dont think so.
Utely, maybe, but I am not so sure thats the reason Rollins cant see m to hit and Howard is "Howard"
Just weird. Weird I tells ya.
Do you guys think RyHo will ever hit 40 HR mark again?
oops here it comes...

phanatic- a number of things.

phanatic, you're blowing my mind. your posts are like performance art.

good job cliff.....

Cue the Raul griping.


I am fully confident we will be shut out tonight, and I'm usually not much of a doom and gloomer. But we just aren't driving any balls at all.

Turning a 3-0 Count into a Ground Out ... Impressive, Raul.

Raul can't buy a hit. At least he's squaring the ball up, which is a far cry from what he was doing last week.

Anthony Bourdain in Vienna in between innings.

phan's bro, thanks, i like Bourdain.

L.A., on the current Phillies Hot Topic of Rest:

"The Phillies bats have had plenty of rest."

Oh, well, there's that early meeting tomorrow to look forward to.

Well, Valdez didn't turn over the lineup, but at least he made Kennedy work.

It also appears that Chooch has gone into one of his patented slumps. He starts out hot, & usually ends the season scorching, but the in-between can be brutal.

I really have no doubt the offense is not going to stay this bad. But if they are anywhere near this bad through the end of June, you know Rube is going to be hot for the best bat on the market, no matter the price.

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