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Monday, April 25, 2011


It is funny how many teams 'time their funk' when they visit San Diego, just as often as teams heat up offensively when they visit, say, Colorado.

It's kind of awkward for me to defend any of these guys on the basis of their Offensive prowess, but Placido Polanco must be at least the equal of one of the Big Four to this point in the season. He's the polar opposite of so many of the glaring flaws -- namely, refusing to work the count & striking out w/ reckless abandon -- outlined above.

I realize we need to see what Bastardo has in him, but I do not want see him pitch 3 out of 4 days, with 75 pitches thrown like Contreras did. One day he might be able to do that, and eventually they have to test him, but that time isn't now with only one proven reliable arm in the pen.

EFF - Arizona is also a good place as any to heat up too. Curious to see how the Phils do though against three starters (Hudson, Saunders, Kennedy) they simply haven't faced much. Never faced Hudson and have only faced Saunders twice and Kennedy once.

"All pitch, no hit"

Runs Per Game NL:

1. CIN 5.2
2. STL 5.2
3. COL 5.0
4. ARI 4.8
5. MIL 4.7
6. PHI 4.5
7. WSH 4.5
8. HOU 4.4
9. FLA 4.3
10. CHC 4.2
11. LAD 4.1
12. SFG 4.1
13. WSN 4.1
14. ATL 3.8
15. PIT 3.7
16. SDP 2.9

lorecore: My mistake.

Agreed GTown - I'd say PP has been more important to the Phillies early season success than C____ L__. I know that's blasphemy.

JW: Your assessment is far too negative for this place. Ridiculous.

The Phils have scrimped together an average of three runs per game over their last 13 contests, having failed to score more than four runs in a game since Apr. 9.

GTown Dave: Are you suggesting that Polanco works the count (in contrast to the other playres who don't)?

Couldn't be further from the truth. Polanco has the second lowest pitches/plate appearance of our regulars, better than just Valdez... and solidly behind everyone else.

Polanco only needs to see two pitches to put himself in an 0-2 hole, which is where he seems to thrive hitting balls out of the strike zone.

Best division in baseball, by run differntial per game:

NL East +.3
AL West +.1
AL Central 0
NL Central 0
AL East -.1
NL West -.2

As bad as the DBack's starters have been, there bullpen has actually been improved especially Putz over Qualls in the closer spot.

Let's not forget the Phillies went 1-2 in Arizone last season vs. a pitching staff which finished the year w/ the second highest ERA in the league. Philadelphia's starting pitching also won't be facing the absolute worst offense in baseball this series. Chase Field has historically not been kind to the Phillies (19-25, .432), the bullpen situation has become uncomfortable at best, & if the bats don't heat up soon ...

Tail end of a west coast trip, too.

This will actually be a nice test for Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. Facing a good offensive team in a hitters' park. Dominance here will be quite impressive.

gtown: thats actually a pretty good point, the Phils have had some bad trips to Airzona of recent memory - plus its the end of a west coast trip.

I know 'end of west coast trip' isn't very saber-friendly, but its still a factor i think.

CJ: There are two possible reasons why a guy could have a low pitch per PA average. The usual reason is that the guy is an impatient, unselective hitter. But the other possible reason is that he is just extremely good at putting balls in play when he does swing. I think the latter explanation rings much more true with Polanco. How often do you see a Placido Polanco PA, in which you come away asking yourself, "How could he have swung at that pitch?" It doesn't happen very often.

MG: I'm amused Putz has found success in Arizona after being part of another bad deal for the Mets. NY dealt 6 players (Heilman, Endy Chavez, Jason Vargas and 3 minor leaguers) for Putz, Jeremy Reed and Sean Green, none of whom are still on the Mets. Not saying the Mets gave up a ton... but they got virtually nothing back.

Polanco has the highest OBP on the team by a margin of 77 points over his nearest teammate, also leads the team in BA, OPS, OPS+ & Total Bases, is second on the team in SLG, & only has 2 fewer BB & 1 fewer SB than the team leader. Clearly he's going up to the plate w/ a plan, which is a helluva lot more than can be said for pretty much everyone else on the team.

bap: I agree. But no one can argue that Polanco is good at working the count. Polanco is very good at making contact.

Wow, and I thought I was down on the Phils offense.

Can the webmaster be cast into awh's ridiculous "club?" That's pretty pessimistic. CJ's head might explode.

What? The Phillies offense is a bunch of weird, old geezers who play scratch golf? What's wrong with that?

Once a Putz always a Putz.

JW/Jack: Last 10 games the Dbacks are scoring 3.7 runs per game.

Lorecore: Sounds like we're gonna get swept.

This season feels like a loss.

typo alert!

"Their drives barely clearly the ladies tees"

hah, if so, I will blame the tail of the west coast swing.

Raul Ibanez plays golf? And if so, is his swing not fast enough?

Score more than 4 runs and it the pen situation is moot.

JW: Very clever write up, I really enjoyed it.

It should be "The Phillies' hands barely grope the ladies' t-shirts."

Phils do seem to have more than one dimension. They don't play as clumsily as most of their opponents do, even if their UZR's aren't what they used to be.

We'll have to see if this year's early season Marlins run is any different than all the other ones of recent vintage.

can we unify posters in a petition to have the ad with Rhea Hughes' face removed from the sidebar?

This is also correct: "The Phillies' hands barely grope the ladies' t-shirts." Definitely less groping since Pat left.

Rhea Hughes = original example of the "2 at 10, 10 at 2" drinking reference.

JW - Didn't think you were talking about scratch golf there the 6 AM tee-time . . .

CJ: I guess it depends on your definition of "working the count." He isn't Jayson Werth or Pat Burrell, who go up there and take 5 pitches before they take the bat off their shoulders. But, to me, working the count doesn't necessarily mean drawing a lot of walks. It means understanding the situation, not swinging at bad pitches, and knowing how to keep an AB alive when you've got two strikes on you.

I don't see Polanco swinging at many bad pitches, & I don't see him going up there and doing stupid-ass things like swinging at the first pitch after the pitcher just got done issuing a 4-pitch walk (a Jimmy Rollins specialty). And, without question, he knows how to keep an AB alive as well as anyone. None of this results in high walk or pitch per PA totals simply because, when he does swing, he very often puts it in play. Because of that, I'm not sure pitches per PA is really a great measurement of his ability to work counts.

raul's swing is still fast enough but he...

a)doesn't swing at the ball, just stares at it, sitting on the tee
b)attempts a hack at it while it's falling off the tee
c)dribbles it just short of the red tees per JW's pants down comments

Rauls grandpa: More like 2 at 6, 6 at 2.

Why is it that pitchers are always either too inexperienced or too old? These guys aren't old; they're in their prime years. Johnson and Schilling were 37 and 34 for the 2001 D-backs. Yeah, we need a few more extra base hits. But let's not worry about the age of this staff.

bap: I just find it difficult to describe a guy with a 3.54 P/PA (which is even above his career average) as someone who works a count. He's a great contact hitter. He doesn't generate a lot of swings and misses and he's good at putting the ball in play. But he's never been a guy with a high walk rate in his career (the start to the season notwithstanding). If he can keep up this walk rate all year long, I'll change my mind... but there's likely the same chance of that as KK keeping his ERA.

Here's a scary thought experiment: if Madson's "arm soreness" turns out to be something more (and reading between the lines, the beat writers seem to be wondering) who is the closer? I guess as of right now it's Bastardo, which is pretty stunning if you take a step back and consider that he was the number 2 lefty a couple weeks ago. Not saying I'm not impressed with his performance--but still... Madson has suddenly become the most important player on this team, arguably, seeing as we can't expect 130-pitch performances from the starters every night.

Well, it's not like it wasn't posted ad nauseum before the season, "we'll be in a lot of 3-2, 2-1 games..."

Basically, this offense is exactly what we thought it would be, with a few exceptions (those who hung their hat on the 2nd most runs in the NL last year).

Yes, they're old. Yes, they "plod along." But most importantly (and the point I think JW was trying to make) is that yes, they have some awesome pitching to pick them up.

My biggest fear is hanging too many expectations on Utley's return. Not because I think he'll rush back or anything. I just think we need to expect a bit of an adjustment to shake the rust off, all the while hoping like hell that those knees don't fail him while doing so.

Sad as it is to say, but we all hung a lot of hope on JRoll returning to "himself" when he went down a few years ago. 2+ years later, and it's clear that we need to redefine "himself."

I guess that's possible. If you made Blanton pitch all 9 innings, I assume it would take atleast 130-140 pitches.

ATWIN Issues Troll Warning for Philadelphia Baseball Blogs (April 25, 2011)

The Advanced Troll Warning and Infestation Network (ATWIN) have issued a “Moderate” troll alert for followers of Philadelphia Phillies baseball blog, most notably Beerleaguer . The alert officially begins at 12:01 AM Friday, April 29 and expires 12:01 AM Monday, May 2, 2011. The alert coincidences with the playing of a 3-game series between the team with the best record in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies, and one of the worst teams, the New York Metropolitan Baseball club (NY Mets).

Conditions leading to this alert include the recent Mets 4-game winning streak, which features a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the upcoming 3 game series between the Phillies and the D’Backs, scheduled to be played just prior to the Mets-Phils series in Philadelphia.

“Historically, there is a rise in the number of NY Mets trolls infesting Beerleaguer every time the 2 teams play,” said ATWIN spokesman S. Omeone, while obliquely referencing the 2007 and 2008 baseball seasons. “Given the series loss by the Mess ... er, Mets to the Phils at NY’s Shiti ... err... Citi Field and overall lousy play earlier this month, and the recent improvement in the Mets’ on-field performance as well as certain issues within the Phillies, ATWIN believes issuing this alert is wise and prudent.”

“Should the Phillies stumble in their 3-game set with the D’Backs, we at ATWIN will re-evaluate our advisory,” said Omeone. When asked how high the alert level could go, Omeone said, “A single Philadelphia loss will result in a minor upgrade. Two or three losses would result in a major change in our advisory, most likely beyond Critical to Meltdown, where no amount of filter would keep trolls away. Additionally, women and small children should refrain from any mention of baseball near any loved one who follows the Phillies should the aforementioned losses occur.”

When pressed for more detail on those “certain issues within the Phillies,” Omeone elaborated: The Phillies MLB-leading 15-6 record would be closely criticized by troll. Omeone noted that the Phils only have a 2-3 record against winning teams. “Surely this will not be overlooked” said Omeone.

Advanced trolls will also peruse local blogs before posting, taking note of what is under discussion, Omeone said. Omeone pointed to local skeptics that have already ripped the team for the series loss to the only team (Brewers) with a winning record, as well as lamenting the rest of the wins that have come at the expense of last-place clubs or teams that have been historically bad versus the Phillies. The latter has resulted in Beerleaguer calls for a new metric, the Underserved Win (UW).

“Trolls will also note the lack of rbi generated by the Phils #3 hitter,” Omeone said. “Better-informed trolls will note that Ben Francisco has the third lowest WAR among everyday right fielders in the NL, while Raul Ibanez has the eighth-lowest WAR of any player in baseball.” Omeone expects more trolling on the #3 hitter rather than the Philadelphia corner OF.

Omeone also gave some insight as to how the advisories are generated: “Take the Phillies bullpen, for example. They are now working on their 3rd closer for the season. Mets trolls are sure to bring this to light. When some of our staff members snickered when they learned that Herdon and Baez were somehow actually members of an MLB club, we knew the trolls would have a talking point upon which to feast.” Again referring to local skeptics, Omeone noted the call on the Beerleaguer blog for the tracking of LAB (Losses Attributable to the Bullpen) a local metric used in 2007.

Omeone noted the starting rotations of both clubs will be brought into discussion. The series starter, Joe “Bagodonuts” Blanton, is scheduled to open the series against Mets. Omeone noted that Blanton’s 0-1 record, his 5.92 ERA and his traditional first inning troubles will become fodder for trolls who will “toot Pelfry’s horn” for the Met’s starter, who actually has a win to his credit in 2011. Omeone said Pelfrey’s 2 losses and 7.23 ERA will be “overlooked by the trolls.”

As for the vaunted Phillies starters, Omeone had this so say: “Expect the trolls to somehow twist the lone bad start by C. Hamels as being a product of a being less than a man. They will completely ignore the fact that Hamels will not pitch this series, but that the Mets will face Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee on Saturday and Sunday.”

...I'm not sure pitches per PA is really a great measurement of his ability to work counts.

Agreed. The difference between the Phillies player w/ the most Pitches/PA & Polanco's Pitches/PA is 0.47 Pitches/PA. It's an ignorant stat, which provides no insight into the ability or intelligence of a given batter. If it did one might be led to conclude Ian Desmond (3.67 Pitches/PA) is as skilled at working a count to his advantage & then acting successfully upon it as Albert Pujols (3.69 Pitches/PA), when in fact Desmond & his 78th highest in the NL 3.67 Pitches/PA has a similarly pathetic slash line as Jayson Werth & his 6th highest in the NL 4.29 Pitches/PA does.

GTown Dave: Really? Look at Polanco's career. You need not just look at this season. Polanco has never been a player to "work a count." He's a great contact hitter. That's his strength. His career walk rate is 2 points lower than Jimmy Rollins... who I've heard NEVER walks. His got a higher swing percentage than Jimmy Rollins (both this year and career)... and I've heard Jimmy Rollins swings at every pitch.

Polanco's skill is putting balls in play and doing it effectively. Let's not create some myth that he's "good at working counts." It's false. Period.

Happy Birthday Phanatic

"Can the webmaster be cast into awh's ridiculous "club?"

Preacher, I have no ridiculous clubs. Just clubs full of ridiculous posters.

Random thoughts by awh:

I wonder, what actually constitutes "beating a winning team" this early in the season?

The Atlanta Braves just swept last year's WS Champion San Francisco Giants in a 3 game series. The Giants now sit a 10 - 11, and are a losing team. But, they were a winning team before they were swept by the Braves.

So, did the Braves beat a winning team or a losing team?

The Braves, of course, still have a losing record at 11 - 12. They were beaten by the Phillies in a 3 games series earlier this season after winning the first game. The Braves were 3 - 4 going into the series.

So, were the Braves a losing team that the Phillies beat, or were they a .500 team that the Phillies beat twice in a row? Or, are they just a losing team?

Interestingly, the same thing happened in the Phillies/Nationals series. The Nats came into the series with a 4 - 5 record, and won the first game to make it to 5 - 5.

Did the Phillies beat a losing team 2 out of 3, or did they sweep 2 games from a .500 team?

I'm really scared of that Colorado Rockies team...aren't you? Seriously, they're 14 - 7 right now, the second best record in the league. Forget that they just lost a series to the Marlins, and that they lost a series to the Giants before that. They won 9 of 11 games against the Cubs, Pirates and Mets. They must be really good to do that. Scary good.

Hey, those Yankees scare me too. They're 4 - 0 against last place Baltimore, and 8 - 6 against everybody else so they must be good.

Now that I think about it, the Orioles are 8 - 12, so they're .500 against everyone except the Yankees. Hmmm.

I find that Texas team frightening as well. They're 8 - 1 against the Red Sox, Mariners and Orioles, all losers, and 6 - 6 against everyone else - the Yankees, Royals, Angels and Tigers....all winning teams.

The Indians are terrifying. They're 10 - 4 against losing teams, and 3 - 4 against winning teams.

I don't know what to think. It seems to me that teams that people might think are good (Giants & Red Sox) have losing records are aren't that good, and teams that people think are bad (Royals and Indians) have winning records.

Also, it seems to me that MOST winning teams have either .500 or LOSING records against winning teams, and winning records against losing teams.

That makes me wonder just what David Murphy's point was?

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "The usual lineup; Ibañez is back in there. RHP Ian Kennedy starts."

Back to the standard lineup tonight:

Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, J Roll SS, Howard 1B, Francisco RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez 2B, Lee P.

I think the Phillies might be two-dimensional. They don't seem to make as many fielding mistakes as most of the teams they play.

1. Ibanez is in there = feels like a loss

2. Phils a playing a team with a losing record = even if the Phils win, it doesn't count in the standings.

Iowaphan: You're right. This team has done a good job of minimizing errors, particularly errors that lead to runs.

Wow, just found out John Mayberry Jr. has a UZR/150 of 127.1! Of course, Wilson Valdez has a UZR/150 of -138.6. Hooray for small sample sizes... particularly with defensive stats!

Matt Gelb just tweeted:
Charlie says Contreras was not overused, as Amaro implied. Went on quite a rant. Check the blog soon.

After reading the past two threads I feel like this is such a terrible time to be a Phillies fan. I miss 1988. now that was a team you could really complain about properly.

Yankees shut down Phil Hughes. They need a guy like Blanton even more, right? Blanton for David Robertson - c'mon Rube, get it done!

What happened in 1988?

Can I suggest an educated post on bullpen use because I really do not have a good understanding of it?

I want to relate it to Halladay's comments and this magic 100 pitch count for starters. What is the magic pitch count / appearances limit for relievers? I know how many pitches are thrown in games, but how many pitches are thrown warming up? Do those count? Between innings pitches? How often can you get someone up in the bullpen then not use them, then have them warm up two innings later?

I have never managed a bullpen so I have no idea how difficult it is to give the appropriate 'rest'. Also, for someone like Kendrick who rarely pitches, when does he throw a 'side session' so he is not rusty; because it may be the next day he is needed to throw 6 innings?

It seems very difficult to me. I also think that is why having well defined roles (8th inning guy, closer) makes it much easier to keep track of workload and limit wasted warmup tosses.

Big Truck wasn't overused. Sh!t happens...especially when you're 105 years old like he was.

What happened in 1988?

Both Milt Thompson & Greg Gross were teammates on the '88 Phillies. I think the implications for the wretched offense of this year's squad are obvious.

The Pirates crowd tonight makes the Marlins crowd look big.

Worth quoting in full:

Angered Manuel Says Contreras Was Not Overused

Standing in the manager's office at Petco Park on Sunday, Ruben Amaro Jr. briefed reporters on Jose Contreras' strained elbow that forced him to the disabled list.

"He had been pitching quite a bit," Amaro said of the 39-year-old Contreras.

He continued: "I think it was just the work that he’s done. He didn’t indicate it was one pitch, just over time, especially after his outing on Thursday."

Amaro did not say Contreras was overused. He did imply it.

On Monday, Charlie Manuel went on a long-winded rant against his critics. He did not name Amaro specifically. Included are the questions asked to Manuel...

Q: Did you feel like you had the personnel to be able to stay away from Contreras?

A: Do I feel like I had the personnel? I feel like, first of all, that there's no way in hell we overused Contreras. That's how I feel. There's no way. What did he pitch? The most games was three. Then he had a day off. He pitched five times in seven days. We weren't trying to stay away from him. He was closing games for us. That's how I look at it.

Q: Ruben has said he was used a lot.

A: I don't think he had been used a lot. Really. What's today? April 25? It's April 25 and I already hear our guys need days off. Guys need this. Guys need that. I've been listening to that for about four or five years now. The object of it is, like I tell our guys in the meetings, the brass, the object is for us to win the game. Every day we come to the ballpark, that's the object, to win the game. Now do you want to win or do you want to lose? To me, I want to win so I'll put the best team I possibly can on the field that day. I'll give you days off when I think so. That's part of my job too. If I'm going to be accountable for my job then you let me do the whole thing. You basically let me do my whole job. I don't need nobody to tell me what to do and how to do it. It's up to me to do it. That's how I look at it. If you want to talk about it and say something about it, that's fine too.

Q: Is anyone saying anything to you?

A: That's none of your business.

Source Link:


Ya know, Charlie, the first step is admitting you have a problem ...

NEPP: "...especially when you're 105 years old like he was."

Did they put him out to pasture? Why the past tense?

Contreras was used pretty hard but it is going to happen during the course of the season at least at one point. This isn't like '07 where Cholly was pitching Myers for 2-inning saves. Contreras is just old & has had a his share of injury problems the past few years.

I know I'm late to the "Rhea Hughes is ugly" party, but I interned at 610 4 years ago, and while she may not be the best looking female in sports, she is hands down one of the nicest. More than half of the radio hosts there are complete Jer8offs, but she was easily the most down to earth. I know that means little if you are ugly, but I figure I'd throw that in there.

Sorry for interrupting, continue your Ruff-style whining over the best record in baseball

GTown, wow.

If you've "read between the lines" for the last two years, it appears that Cholly and RAJ don't see eye-to-eye a lot. Cholly hasn't been afraid to imply that the GM needs to get him the pieces he needs and clearly Smug Life, himself, hasn't shied from critiquing Cholly's use of said pieces.

I know you don't have to like your boss to be successful, but it's been awkward before, and that exchange is only going to fuel the fires. Has to be a tense relationship those two have.

"The object of it is, like I tell our guys in the meetings, the brass, the object is for us to win the game. Every day we come to the ballpark, that's the object, to win the game."

Sometimes you need to lose a battle to win the war. Its his management style but I would just disagree with it slightly.

In all fairness, I have no idea if Contreras was "overused" or not, but that did not seem to me to be the case pre-DL. On the other hand, Charlie has been guilty of grievous overuse of a handful of relievers over the past few years, Madson in particular. I have also questioned his reliance on Lidge to pitch 4 straight days. Could this have a negative effect on the health of guys like Madson & Lidge? Certainly. Has it? I have no proof, but I do have suspicions ... as, perhaps, does RAJ.

mike8, if you're late to the "Rhea Hughes is ugly" party, I guess I never even got an invitation, since I don't know what (or who) the hell you're talking about.

Then again, I've been in Mexico for the last 4 days, so I assume it's some of the random regular chatter on BL that permeates its way into that pesky baseball talk.

I do know one thing, though, Rhea Pearlman is FUGLY!

Oh, and I love how "jer8off" has become part of our regular vernacular. That is all.

Dave - You aren't the only one. LA was harping alot on how Cholly was using Madson last year late in the year. Yeah he isn't privy to Madson's medical status day-to-day but as a former reliever I give some credibility on what he has to say on how relievers are being used.

"I don't need nobody to tell me what to do and how to do it. It's up to me to do it."

I'm the decider!

GTown, no coincidence that Madson has been "sore?"

I get Cholly's point, that it's just April 25, but these guys do have routines, and as much as I sound like a snot-nosed punk kid, it's not the 1960's or 1970's Cholly.

In other news, UC has been medically retired with Ryne Sandberg being recalled from AAA.

1-0 Marlins on a Chris Coughlin HR. LAD has a winning record at the moment so this game counts double!!

Did Manuel ever resolve his contract status with Amaro?

NEPP - Nah. Mark Parent.

RAJ would take over himself, but he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.

TV Scheduling Alert: Tonight's HBO Real Sports has "Profile of professional baseball player Jimmy Rollins" as part of the show's summary... will also apparently explore the unknown world of "mini-cheerleading". I'm not sure if this is half-hearted cheering or little people cheerleading. I assume little people.

Tune in to HBO at 8pm ET. Could be a nice lead in to the game...

And I mean that literally. He's clearly the smartest guy for the job, he just doesn't want to have to come in contact with any tobacco juice, or have to give anyone a high five.

***RAJ would take over himself, but he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.***

"Good news guys! I activated myself!"

Preacher: I've heard r00b is involved in multiple extramarital affairs, but he has an assistant handle the actual physical contact.

Jose Contreras is 67 years old, this was bound to happen. I still love him though

Wow. This team is friggn' amazing. Irony of ironies; maybe we need to get swept in AZ to tone down the micro-managed-based posting that has been going on during this early-season march to "Big Red Machine"-style dominance. Just 2 things:

• Charlie – Don’t kill your magnificent staff by letting them be (pitch-count) heroes, and
• please play Mayberry, Gload and Ben Fran more. Even if you need to sit Raul.

To play Devil's Advocate, if I'm in charge, and my options include Herndon, Kendrick, Baez, and Zagurski, you're going to see Doc pitch more than a few 130 pitch games and more than likely BOTH Contreras and Madson will need arm transplants before the season is out.

GTown, my source says Ruben doesn't just ask for a bowl of M&M's with the brown ones pulled out, he actually has Mars custom produce him indigo colored candies.

Didn't Contreras have an MRI today and, if so, do we know anything about what it revealed?

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Contreras was examined in Philly and showed less severe symptoms. But he will still have an MRI done tomorrow."

No word on whether the ball club will also be using this opportunity to apply carbon dating to their injured Closer.

HBO Real Sports Spoiler Alert: J-Roll forgets to guarantee the end of weak grounders and pop-ups to 2B and SS.

I do love this guy though...

As previously mentioned, I've been away in Mexico (where oddly enough there's no real overriding feeling about the Abreu trade - I asked). At any rate, any progress update on Dom Brown?

White Sox announcers are awfully casual when describing the game in progress right now. Humber has a no-no going into the 7th inning. Maybe I should check the other Beerleaguer.

So Rube signs a reliever quite probably in his 40s to a 2-year deal and then complains about 'overuse' on April 25th, about 3 weeks into the deal?

Next up, Amaro is going to complain that he isn't platooning Ibanez. You're the one making these deals Rube!

Preacher: Who needs Dom? Raul is due to bust out any day now!

Game Chat ==>

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