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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Les Walrond! Definitely making a Barnstormers trip now! It's actually a nice ballpark and it's near the brewery which brews some fine beers.

A Reggie Taylor sighting!!

I'm supposed to make a wish or something, right?

Does Les have a WFC ring?

"No city affiliation, all road team."

I'm sure they're just rolling in the revenue. I can't imagine how much that would suck.

So many questions - Where do they practice? Do they always use the same hotel chain? Is the Travel Coordinator a more important job than GM? How bad does it suck never getting last at-bat in the ninth?....

I imagine he does have a ring. I know Mike Cervenak and Andy Tracey got rings.

Does it hurt a player's confidence to ALWAYS be the ones getting heckled/booed by fans? Do they even have their own fans at all? Where can I get a Road Warriors hat?....

Alfonseca is still pitching?

Can he be worse than Herndon?

Who would have ever guessed that Reggie Taylor would have had such a long professional career?

The Road Warriors were the initial team supposed to be based in the Lehigh Valley. There was a half-completed park around Easton that was supposed to be designed for them. This is also around the era of the Allentown Ambassadors independent team.

The project fell through and now the Road Warriors' franchise tends to come and go in the Atlantic League and I believe the league owns the team. The league has 8 teams - I think in 2010 the Road Warriors were not in the league. But the Newark Bears left for the Can-Am League and in order to get back to 8 teams - back came the Road Warriors. They are basically the "if necessary" team.

Thanks for the background, BENTZ. I'm assuming that the "if necessary" status means they're not that good, in which case we don't need to figure out where they should hang their pennants or retired numbers.

2002 - 34-91
2003 - 30-95
2004 - 23-103
2006 - 42-83
2007 - 43-83

This is their first year back in the league. They do have a retired number...but it is #42 for Jackie Robinson.

Apparently the franchise, which failed as the Black Diamonds with a stadium, did play games in Quakertown in 2000. They had one game where they had a paid attendance of, well, 2.

I for one expect Alfonseca to dominate the atlantic league in FOP and TOR (fingers on pitches and toes on rubber)

holy crap, i might actually go see Reggie Taylor just because.

re: Road Warrios

Wow are you serious?

A guy at work wondered if the Road Warrior jerseys are just T-shirts with names and numbers scrawled in Sharpie.

Probably wouldn't be too 'family-friendly' if the Road Warriors had an older body builder dressed as 'Lord Humungus' rooting on the Road Warriors.

I'm fascinated by the whole concept, and would love to see a reality TV show following around guys in the twilight of their careers who just can't hang 'em up.

I mean, these guys do know that there's, like, NO chance they'll ever sniff the big leagues again, right? I guess they just don't know what else to do in life? I can't imagine it pays well at all. Just fascinating stuff, especially a team that doesn't even have a home field.

BENTZ: thats some nice Road Warrior knowledge by you.

Do you know who I can contact to schedule them to play my beerleague softball champions?

Wasn't Danny Sandoval the original 'no-talent ass clown'?

Ryan Lawrence has a great article in the Delco Times. Every BLer should read it.

Don't give me too much credit - I'm from Allentown so I remember the failed stadium and the 2-person game in Quakertown. I did see something the other day that triggered thoughts about the Atlantic League and noticed the Road Warriors were back in. Otherwise it was a simple Google/Wikipedia search.

The best part is they have to use Camden's park to hold tryouts!

Making a 'Road Warriors' related joke about Camden probably hits a little to close to home . . .

I would guess if you had no family and you just really loved playing baseball, why not hold on for as long as you can?

A lot of these guys don't have a college degree or any other skill (besides baseball), so it's not like they're missing out on a lucrative career.

RSB, yes. IIRC Sandoval was, indeed, the original N-T A-C.

I 'still' remember Carson's rant and original post on the matter.

I laugh sonetimes thinking about it.

I read the Lawrence column on your recommendation, cyclic. A few thoughts:

1. Is this really still a football first town? I know it was maybe 10 years ago, but I think the pendulum is slowly swinging to baseball.

2. IMHO, Phillies fans are overreactionary not because of any football mindset, but for the same reason Red Sox and Yankee fans are overrecationary. Our fans have an expectation of success. Witness the reaction from Red Sox nation after the Sox went 0 fer to start the season.

Where would they hold the parade if the Road Warriors won it all?

Go Lancaster!
Do us proud.

Alfonseca must be playing largely out of desire. He made at least $16M in his career.

Actually, for those of us in the Lancaster area, this looks like a fabulous event:

Lots of great breweries represented!

How much are these guys making in the Atlantic League? It seems most of this list has no realistic possibility of making it to the show and no other place to go.

I don't remember the guy's name but in the late 1990's the Riversharks had a guy from South Philly (that was his novelty) who played 2nd and worked as an accountant or something along those lines to make ends meet.


1. Yes.

2. Yes, the article is meant to give perspective to curtail those overreactions. I very much doubt those same Red Sox fans would be declaring the season over if the Patriots started 0-1.

Herndon to the Road Warriors for that guy with the spikey shoulderpads and mohawk dude.

I want the feral boy with the brass boomerang.

RSB - I thought Michael Bolten was the original no talent ass clown ...

So is everyone in agreement that The Road Warriors don't have a team bus but a collection of modified late model vehicles that are meant to survive a nuclear holocaust?

My opinion: Journalists have no business attempting to impose their own professional detachment -- which is largely a matter of self-masturbatory hubris to begin with -- on people who actually pay to attend & watch the games. Unlike many sportswriters we're not following a given team as a cynical exercise in gathering information for a future publishing deal. We truly give a damn, which frequently leads to (*gasp!*) overreactions both positive & negative in nature.

Besides which, any/all "overreaction" w/ regard to Oswalt's absence might easily have been avoided if the Phillies had chosen to be more straightforward & answer the questions posed by Lawrence's peers, as was noted in a somewhat pissy, but understandable & genuine entry in David Murphy's blog.

Finally, Lawrence can't even get his facts straight. IbaƱez is batting .169 as part of an ongoing 0-26 skid. At no point this season was the statement "He is hitting .171 and has gone hitless in his last 24 at-bats" accurate. Does it make that much of a difference in evaluating Raul's performance? Not particularly. It does, however, speak to a reporter being more interested in moralizing to the great unwashed than double-checking his piece.

AWH has it as No Talent Ass-Clown, or an untalented ass-clown. Is this right, not No-Talent-Ass Clown (a distinctly untalented clown)? A vital question, because it seems to me that a mere clown is by no means necessarily an ass-clown.

I generally agree with Gtown Dave's theory that sportswriters who try to tell fans how to be fans pisses me off. Don't tell us to react or overreact, or to boo or not to boo, or any of that. I find columnists' opinion pieces about fans to generally be pretty lazy and uninteresting. I have no beef with sportswriters having opinion, I just generally find their opinions on fan behavior to be not to my liking. I should note that I'm saying all this while actually agreeing with Lawrence's substantive point (that fans are crazy to overreact to small samples). I just don't like sportswriters who take it upon themselves to tell fans that.

I don't agree with the Oswalt thing. The Phils and Oswalt should absolutely have every right to maintain privacy about personal issues if they want, and sportswriters and fans should both respect that.

Agree 100%. Phillies NEVER had to tell us anything about Oswalt except the timetable as they knew it. These people do have lives, after all. We don't need to know everything.

Blanton to the DL.

Worley to start tomorrow.

Gelb tweets:
Joe Blanton has been placed on the DL with an inprngement of the right elbow. Vance Worley starts tomorrow.

BLanton to DL now! WOrley up.

I would link the aforementioned blog entry here, but it has since been edited out of existence by David Murphy, & regrettably so. I would suggest that while it's certainly no good to bite the hand that feeds, the occasional cautionary nibble serves a useful purpose. Regardless, his basic point, w/ which I heartily agree, is that all the Phillies had to do was issue a statement to the effect of: "Roy Oswalt is temporarily leaving the team to deal w/ personal matters unrelated to his own health. We wish him well, & hope to have him back w/ the team soon." Instead the Phillies released only a terse statement -- "Roy Oswalt has left the team" -- & (according to Murphy) responded in a surprised & belligerent manner when the beat reporters requested amplification/clarification. That sort of attitude has become typical of the Phillies during the r00b era, & it grates on my nerves.


@Jack -- "I don't agree with the Oswalt thing. The Phils and Oswalt should absolutely have every right to maintain privacy about personal issues if they want, and sportswriters and fans should both respect that."

I concur.

The problem that every organization, media outlet, and fan/consumer is that we are inundated with instant information that if it doesn't 100% completely satisfy all of our answers within 10 seconds, we will rant and rave and bang our heads on the wall until we get the answer we want.

Everyone is to blame.

The Phillies wanted to get out quickly a statement that RoyO was going to be away from the team. Meanwhile, guys are holding their Zoom recorders in one hand while tweeting in their other before a press conference is over. I NEED TO BE FIRST!!! My 450 followers demand that of me.

Even the Highest of Cheese took down his whining post when he was provided a less vague explanation, satisfied that his boot stomping got him the ice cream cone he wanted.

Its a double edged sword , the Phillies success has increased the demand for this insatiable need for an instant information so that the fans and media can regurgitate their instant snark-filled rage or rage-filled snark.

Still, I have no problem with members of the media writing a piece on fan etiquette. Remember those detestable Red Sox fans that invaded our ballpark after in 2005 through 2008, they now wear Cliff Lee jerseys.

And it will only gets worse.

I pause to instantly react to his Joe Blanton news... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOHNNNNNNNNUTSSSSSSSSS

What is it w/ me & Worley? Tomorrow will be only his third Major League start, & yet somehow it'll be the second time I've attended such a game. So far my tickets have worked out Halladay (good), Hamels (his only bad start of the season), Hamels (PPD, rain) & Blanton ==> Worley. Green is not the 17 Game Plan to have this season.

It makes sense Blanton to the DL. He pitched too well in his last two outings. :)

When people complain why Amaro went after Cliff Lee instead of a bat.

This is the reason why.

YOu can NEVER EVER EVER have too much pitching.

i am just glad they are not letting kk start.....

This comes from left field. It has often been said that Blanton's value lies in his ability to make 32 starts per year & give his team 6 decent innings. Unfortunately, he has done neither since he signed his contract.

I bet when people were projecting the Phillies to win 105 games before the season, they didn't have Pete Orr, Michael Martinez, Tuffy Gosewich and Vance Worley in mind.

b_a_p: Exactly.

Also, someone on Twitter notes the Phillies might have opted to start Halladay & Lee on regular rest, w/ Kendrick starting Sunday. I figure the fact that they're not is simply indicative of how reluctant the team is to even go down that road w/ Kyle anymore. Although I'd certainly rather see Halladay tomorrow than Worley, I can't say as I blame them.

and jack they still might do

3-month recovery???

Salisbury tweets indications are that Ruiz will not go on DL, but will take it easy.

People rip on Blanton a lot (and rightly so at times) but losing him and replacing him with Worley is a clear downgrade. Words 'right elbow' and 'impingement' sound kind of foreboding.

Yeah their old but the Phils just can't catch a break with injuries in the early going.

Yo, new thread.

@bap -- Since 2007, Joe Blanton has started 130 games. Only 17 other major league pitchers have started as many games. Three of those guys are named Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels.

56 percent of those games were quality starts.

If you look at the numbers Blanton brings every much the value that they expected.

CJ - "Salisbury tweets indications are that Ruiz will not go on DL, but will take it easy"

So instead of letting him getting 100% healthy they will let him be 'day-to-day' where he won't play for at least 2-3 games and only PH for 1-2 games after that.

Phils' choice to play short-handed for at least 4-5 games because a player is 'day-to-day' is perplexing to me. Especially this early in the season with a player who isn't hitting a lick and potential adequate backups.

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