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Thursday, April 14, 2011


My God, will he ever tilt again?

I plan to tilt a few back tonight, if you get my meaning

I'm going to drink beer.

I hate Mrs. Lee

Rumblings AND grumblings? This could be bad.

Well if Lee has back problems, wouldn't that make two of our starters, then? Doesn't Oswalt have back problems too?

The doctor who examined Freddy Garcia has pronounced Lee 100% fit.

Are the two Nats Zimmerman's related?

Looked out this morning, the tilt was gone ... closed my eyes & it slipped awaaayyyyy ...

I'm officially semi-nervous about Lee, what with all these cray-zee rumors.

On the other hand, I'm thinking Matt Stairs should retire and become a hockey analyst for the Flyers' organ-eye-zation.

If Lee adjusts his tilt and his azimuth, he'll receive HBO in his head.

OP, nice reference.

Jerry Crasnick rates the top "p the middle contingents" in MLB:

Guess who's #1:

Yo, new thread

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