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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here's hoping that Kendrick gets as much playing time as Roger Dorn in "Major League 2".

Similar situation as last year. Last season's opening day pen: Ryan Madson, Danys Baez, Chad Durbin, Jose Contreras, Antonio Bastardo, David Herndon, Andrew Carpenter. Lidge received a cortisone shot in his elbow and started on the DL, as did Romero and Blanton. Happ, Kendrick, Moyer were in the rotation. Happ went down mid-April, Romero replaced him on roster.

Talk about burying the lede. Isn't Polanco being reevaluated the real story here?

Personally, I'd keep Mathieson over Herndon, but that's only because as a fan I have irrational expectations about prospects. Still, I'm not sure that Herrndon has shown much at a major league level. (And isn't Mathieson older?)

At least we have Baez.

I would have kept Mathieson too. He has pitched pretty well in ST & he can strike people out. Can he succeed at the major league level? I don't know but it seems about time we find out. It's not like David Herndon is some sort of world beater.

FWIW, I would have also kept Mathieson over Herndon. I think April would have been a good low-pressure chance to see if he can hack it.

More breath has been wasted on Mathieson than any other Phillies' prospect the past 3 years. He's a AAAA pitcher. Nothing more.

I just came across a surprising fact: despite all the outstanding Dominicans that have played major league ball, only one is in the Hall of Fame. He is Juan Marichal.

The Mathieson story just has to have a happy ending, no? I have a hunch. Relievers get hurt frequently in the bigs. If Mathieson stays healthy, he'll learn to control his splitter/breaking stuff in Lehigh Valley with increasingly better results with regular work. If he bumps up his control a notch, he could become a devastating big-league 7th or 8th inning guy; heck, he closes in Lehigh Valley, no?

God forbid we lose Mad Dog – he’s not in this equation. Regardless, it’s my guess that as long as a LOOGY is not involved, Mathieson is the first call up just as soon as one of those relievers appointed to go north gets dinged.

Big news: Freddy Garcia beat out Bartolo Colon. Sawx fans every where trying not to smirk in {only slightly?} arrogant anticipation.

Doggone it! New damn thread.

Isn' Mathieson out of options? likely will be traded. Welcome Joaquim soria

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