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Monday, March 28, 2011


Me and Patrone were trying to tell you this all along

Clearly we should give him a roster spot for the entire season too then.

Or we could just offer Mini Mart back as we now have his non-Rule 5 equivalent.

For all the love that was given Jason Donald, I should point out that, uh, this guy isn't all that different.

The last piece. Let the games begin.

They are accumulating quite a list of crappy infielders on their AA/AAA/AAAA/Major league rosters.

I'd rather have Frandsen on the 25 man than Mini Mart.

What luck, Martinez is wearing his favorite number 19.

They should make a run at Pete Happy for the IronPigs hot corner.

Orr, Barfield, Frandsen, Larish, Feliz, Bocock, Rivero ... on and on and on.

This is the result of a total, all hands on deck, organizational effort.

JW: You hit the nail on the head: Frandsen IS Jason Donald. Has modest hitting and OB skills with mediocre defense and no speed or power.

Donald, of course, was the object of effusive gushing, fawning, slobbering and drooling by Beerleaguer posters until he was traded, after which time nobody knew nuthin'.

Personally, I would take a flyer on Belliard as well. Sure he's 35 (so is Polly) and sure he didn't do much last season [.216/.295/.327 in 185 PA], but he wqas pretty good the prior 3 years [.286/.342/.445 in 1,181 PA]. And if Seidman at fansgraphs is to be believed, the sample size from 2010 doesn't mean very much.

Here's what Seidman says are necessary sample sizes for stats to be reliable:

_50 PA: Swing %
100 PA: Contact Rate
150 PA: Strikeout Rate, Line Drive Rate, Pitches/PA
200 PA: Walk Rate, Groundball Rate, GB/FB
250 PA: Flyball Rate
300 PA: Home Run Rate, HR/FB
500 PA: OBP, SLG, OPS, 1B Rate, Popup Rate
550 PA: ISO

So why not take a flyer on Belliard? If he can get somewhat back to where he was in '07-'09 then they'll have a useful stick on the bench who's a whole lot better than any one of the marginal AAAA guys on the roster.

I saw that Felipe Lopez was cut, is he next? Lol.

I think there could be some method to Rube's madness.

First, gather the greatest collection of Quad-A infielders ever. Second, each of them gets 10 games at secondbase. If they achieve certain goals, they get 10 more games. If not, they are relased and the next guy is brought in. At some point they will catch lightning in a bottle.


Eric Bruntlett is back....masquerading as Ryan Howard.

Take a look at the RPhils tweet on the right:

RPhils One lucky fan wins a 550 pound
life-size Ryan Howard Garden Gnome on
Opening NIght.
Get tickets now!!
about 1 hour ago · reply

clout, I methinks you're on to something.

Our organizational strengths are starting pitching and AAAA utility infielders.

The sad thing is, you could take Orr's speed, Castillo's eye, Young's power, and Valdez's defense, put em all together in one, and a healthy Utley is still better.

Stanford Business School actually has a name for the model that Amaro is using to find a 2nd basemen. They call it: "Throw a bunch of sh*t up against the wall and see what sticks."

I assume an infielder extraordinaire like Ryne managing AAA will take one look at this crew he now has and puke.

What I learned today:

Nate Bump > Kyle Kendrick

Okajima was sent to Triple A by the Red Sox today. Talk about a guy falling from grace.

TTI, he's got major issues (he throws flat pitches) and a crap attitude about it, rather rare for an import.

re: The Truth Infection

You know you hit rock bottom when you've been replaced by Denys Reyes. Just ask J.C. Romero!

Scotch: It'll actually be interesting to see who has the better season between JC Romero and Dennys Reyes.

I'm more interested in his run at the Silver Slugger Award which awards him a few K in his contract.

Oscar Salazzar got cut? Start the clock until it's announced he's a Phillie.

My guess BAP is that your money is on Reyes.

I'll go on a limb and call a straight push

Since the Phils are cornering the market on AAAA 2B and have already picked up Mets' castoffs (Castillo and Valdez), I wonder if they go after Ramon Martinez? Maybe a triumphant return of Marlon Anderson . . .

Kevin Frandsen wasn't a bad player until his Achilles tendon literally exploded in training camp in 2008 with the Giants. Still remembering seeing the clip of him running and then look like he had been shot.

I don't know what everyone expected from Martinez. The kid has fielded well, sometimes brilliantly. He can run a little. And he's hit with little power, but a better average than expected.

If he can maintain even a semblance of all that he's better than Eric Bruntlett ever was in Philly, and maybe better than anyone expected Exxon to be before last season.

Maybe we can wait for him to fail before piling on? I mean, if he can actually earn his spot in the majors, the next thing you'll be telling me is that Benny Fran doesn't suck. And we all know Benny Fran sucks because Clout has explained over and over how awful he is.

If both of these guys play even average for their respective roster spots this season, I think that's a major win. And Clout will spin it somehow that he knew all along it was going to happen.

(Had to take a season opening jab at Clout. All the pronouncements about players should probably wait until we've actually seen them play even once. And before any of us had ever seen Mini-Mart, the decision was in.)

aksmith: Give me your best guess as to Mini-Mart's slash line in the majors this season.

The opinions about him are based on his minor league stats and scouting reports, two things you know nothing about.

SI Cover... all five starters....

I've been staring at this for 20 minutes...

I'll take a guess: .238/.310/.349

TTI - .238 is possible but no way on the .310 OBP. Martinez never will BB nearly enough to get close. More like .270 or so.

Glad I sold my tickets:

Even getting $7/ticket for the 'On-Deck Series' is better than nothing especially when it is supposed to be 47 and rainy on Wed.

"On Deck" series tickets ought to come with drink coupons at an indoor bar. Wouldn't be any better at PNC. 47 and rainy would be an improvement on the weather so far this spring.

Glas I don't have OD series tix. My first game is next week 4/5 against the Mets. Hopefully it'll warm up a little by then.

Interesting that the SI cover features Cliff Lee front and center, as opposed to Roy Halladay. But I figure that's because he's the newest to join the rotation and cement it as kick-butt, and made the most recent news splash to boot.

It does look good, doesn't it?

Encouraging that the last of the games in FL the offense seemed to come alive, as well.

Sounds like miserable baseball weather here to start the season. Baseball should begin and end 2 weeks earlier.

OOps, meant to say baseball should begin 2 weeks later and end two weeks earlier.

In more houskeeping news, PhoulBallz [link on left] is reporting several minor leaguers were released tonight.

GBrett, when it was a 154 game season and they played doubleheaders, the season started April 15th, or thereabouts. It also ended at the end of September, and since there were no playoffs, the WS started right after the end of the season. it was usually over by October 15th.

As long as we didn't release any no hit middle infielders, I couldn't care less.

TTI: It's pretty much a coin flip but I would bet on Romero, since I'm an optimistic sort.

Awh - I can't imagine not having playoffs, can you?

I can imagine a 154-game season, however. And I remember when it was only a 5-game LCS before the wild card teams at that point. I do like the added excitement for a greater # of teams with the WC. It's just that the weather is that much more likely to be unfavorable for baseball in early April and late October.

As a Jason Donald supporter, I appreciate the comparison of Frandsen, even the 'hustle' and "good teammate' aspect that I liked in Donald. Significant benefit with Donald was the three years of control options and 3 more years of major league control.

Though I think Donald has better speed and possible better power potential he also has a higher K rate. Fielding is likely similar (weak SS but capable elsewhere). I'd prefer Donald but it is a good comparison.

Frandsen? Season=Saved

With the acquisition of Frandsen and about 30 wins total between Blanton and Kendrick this Phillies team could win 97 games.

I need to come clean on my former shout outs for Michael Martinez. These observations are from a non-Sabermetrics-driven fan who did a Web search on Mini-Mart; saw he was drafted at age 22 by the Nats (I still can't find that web page); assumed the Mart was probably age 24 or so; and immediately assumed he must have had an enormous upside (see Werth, Jayson and hopefully Francisco, Ben) as why else would the Phils make him a Rule 5 pick? Heck I even fantasized about a Hanley Ramirez in the rough.

Of course, a cursory review of ST box scores would have shown the "kid" was a pop-gun. That's not the weird part. After I calmed down and realized Martinez is "just a guy", none other than Charlie goes on his own Mini-Mart shout out: From Jim Salisbury (thanks to Jason W.):

‘Let me tell you something,’ Manuel said, ‘if he (Martinez) plays defense in the big leagues like he has here he'll have no trouble playing. He made some plays [at shortstop in Lakeland on Saturday]. He made three or four plays, a couple of them were off the chart. One of them might have been the best play I've ever seen….’

Was Charlie declaring, not in so many words, that Martinez is one of the best infielders he's ever seen? What is this power Martinez has over fans and baseball men alike?

Now, back to reality. I’m not optimistic about a full recovery from Chase Utley. Arthritis is a chronic, degenerative disease, and its course and outcome can’t be influenced by surgery. It’s a brave new world for this offense without Utley’s production. Having said that, we haven’t seen a .300 season from Chase since 2007.

As I tried to write earlier – the wonderful power display he put on against the Yankees in ’09 notwithstanding – we may already be navigating in the “post-Chase” era for several years now. Second base might be a problem here for a long, long time.

As Far as "real" prospects in the minors for 2nd base--- do we have any??

cut_fastball: Not to worry, we've been drafting toolsy infielders for years, knowing this day would eventually come. . . wait, that's not right. dagnabit. It sure would be nice to have Lonnie Chisenhall (Hewitt), Ryan Franklin (the Ibanez pick) and Castellanos (Biddle) in the system at the moment.


Thanks for the link to the SI cover. Awesome picture. Not that I wasn't already, but it pumps me up for the season even more.

For those dissing the OD Series, I'm going to the game tonight and the Phils are doing a great promotion. After the starters are pulled from the game (and assuming after a shower and a change of clothes) they will be placed around the ballpark at random concessions and stores. Imagine getting up to get a beer in the 6th inning and, what do you know, Ryan Howard pours your beer. It should be pretty fun.

Semi-related question re: Chase and his arthritis. I know a few folks with bad arthritis, and steroids are an essential part of their treatment. Are baseball players allowed to take steroids assuming it is part of a legitimate medical condition and the steroids are prescribed by a doctor?

Heather - I want to say yes. . . which is one reason why so many baseball players are diagnosed with ADD and other conditions that require what would otherwise be a banned substance. And why Manny should have been more upfront about his attempts to get pregnant. I thought MLB was real insensitive about his medical difficulties.

Heather - I'm not Dr. but I also beleive they are different types of steroids. We aren't talking the cream or the clear or Deca. Technically hydrocortisone is a steroid, but you aren't going to put a lot of muscle mass on using it.

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