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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Delwyn Young has power from both sides of the plate???? Really? What stats back that up? None.

Congrats to Orr. Major SI improvement to the roster

Why is Herndon still on this team? I thought I was told last year that the plan was to put him in AAA this year so he could work on his stuff. Instead, he's on the team again.

All things equal, Orr and Young are basically in the same boat as Quad-A types. But they're different players. One has power, one has a glove.

.368 SLG Orr (Career minors)
.514 SLG Young (Career minors)

Career homers
3 for Orr
17 for Young

Young isn't Mark Texeira or anything, but for the sake of this argument, has a power bat among serveral guys (Orr, Barfield, Martinez, Castillo) that don't.

Based on last year, I'd say the offense IS in mid-season form. That's the problem.

I thought the Phillies' 2009 bench of Stairs, Dobbs, Francisco, Bruntlett & Bako was one of the worst benches ever assembled by a contending team. But the 2009 bench looks like the 1927 Yankees compared to Gload, Schneider, Orr, Martinez, and Mayberry.

So ...

Vic 8
Polly 5
Rollins 6
Howard 3
Francisco 9
Ibanez 7
Ruiz 2
Valdez 4

Then bench of Schneider, Gload, Mayberry, Orr, Martinez


Not very confident with the bench this year.

I'm not super thrilled with the bullpen either. Madson & Conteras, good. Bastardo, I have high hopes for. The rest of the pen makes me want to hold my nose.


Don't worry, brahs, when it matters and the Phils need the bench, it'll look more like this:

Schneider, Gload, Brown, Valdez, Martinez

Well, we can only hope.

Speaking of benches, for the last 2-3 years I've been jealous of the Rockies having Giambi as a PH off the bench. He seems to kill the Phils.

How much does he even cost? Why can't the Phils look into a guy like that?


"Schneider, Gload, Brown, Valdez, Martinez"

Isn't it a shame when your backup catcher is the second best bat off the bench? Yikes.

Bench really comes down to Mayberry early. If he takes a step forward and not overexposed, the bench isn't terrible. If he can't hit offspeed pitching, this is one of worst benches the Phils' have had the last 25 years.

PH late in a key spot: Martinez, Orr, or Gross?

Yo, new thread

Pete Orr is a great addition to the team..especially in the capacity that he'll be utilized. He is a burner and a hard worker. He's the kind of Joe that needs to fill in on this team and not the Luis Castillo's of the world.

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