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Friday, March 25, 2011



Since awh is determined to beat this ARI thing until it's dead, then turn it over and beat it some more, perhaps someone should start keeping a comparison list of players 31 or older who have to go on the shelf. I'm gonna take a wild guess that this list would be longer, even though the average age for major leaguers is around 29. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to create such a list myself, but I'm happy to get it started wtih 3 right off the top of my head:

Chase Utley
Brad Lidge
Placido Polanco

Oh, yeah. And Jamie Moyer makes 4.

BAP: That would be an interesting study. Someone should do an analysis of the average age of all players on the 60-day DL over the past few years.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if there are more players under 30 on the list than over 30.

bap: Just checking... you're old when you reach age 31?

CJ: Speaking in very general terms, I would say, no, 31 is not old for baseball, although it's certainly an age where some players do start to show age-related decline. Obviously, whatever age I pick is going to be somewhat arbitrary.

clout: I wouldn't disagree with your statement but, then again, I'm pretty sure there are a lot more major league players over 30 than under 30. I would guess that the percentage of over-30 players on the DL is greater than the percentage of over-30 players in major league baseball.

For Conshy Matt:

Don't see this tweet on the right..

Heard Mike Sweeney is hangin' them up. Boys & girls, that man is the real deal.1 of the nicest you'll ever meet. congrats on a gr8 career

From "JimmyRollins11"

That's too bad for Sweeney. I've got half a mind to drive out to Arizona and give him a big hug.

Since obscure infielders are the flavor of the week on Beerleaguer . . . the Padres just released Kevin Frandsen. 29 years old; pretty good defender who can play anywhere on the field; .312/.376/.444 minor league slash line (to be viewed with caution since much of that was in the PCL); was once a Top 10 guy in the Giants' system. Has flopped pretty badly at the major league level, but has had some pretty significant injuries.

When this guy came up with the Giants, I actually thought he'd be pretty good. Even now, I certainly can't see how he'd be any worse than guys like Orr and Martinez.

Stairs might not given him a hug, but he'd certainly pound know.

EFF...twitter protocal dictates acknowledging the source as follows:


The J and R are both capitalized in Rollins' twitter account name. Does twitter protocol demand changing that when you quote them?

Polanco played today.

Blanton is the 5th pitcher on this staff. He is not a 5th ace. Come on now...

Anyone think the Braves let Castillo on base 3 times today in the hopes that he makes the team?

Earlier bap mentioned Frandsen. DBacks are going to sign him. Maybe this means Kelly Johnson could be made available? Would be nice...

The way Blanton pitched today was on par with the Big 4. Obviously he's not going to do that every time out, but his stuff was really working for him today, especially his change-up.

If he can pitch like a #3 this year, he will have a pretty good win total considering the caliber of pitcher he will be matching up against most of the time, especially early on.

I don't really care about how old players are on other teams.

What are the ages of Utley, Lidge, and Polanco? They seem to be kind of a big deal to our team. This whole thing started when some posters, myself included, noted that while the Phillies' roster looked great on paper, the fact that they were starting to get older could be a problem in terms of injuries. Lo and behold, what has happened so far? Who could have ever predicted that injuries could start to pose a problem for the oldest team in the league?

What an awful subject this has evolved into and continues to dominate the comment section.

awh: no one cares about your cherry picked list of injuries. you already admitted yourself that older age increases chance of injury so what are you trying to accomplish?

jack: congratulations to you and other geniuses that realized people get older as time moves on. Bravo. I wish you told Chase Utley and Brad Lidge - "Don't get old" - then we wouldn't be in the mess, right?

C'mon people give it up. People will always age and injuries can always happen. Can we not argue for +2 months about fundamentals of life?

"If he can pitch like a #3 this year..."

Then his trade value will go up and Rube will be able to get what he needs for him.

The better Big Joe pitches, the better the haul Rube will eventually get. Because on a club with very few tradeable commodities, he is at the top of the list.

bap, I saw the Frandsen release. Looks similar to Josh Rodriguez, and they both look better than Martinez and Orr.

lorecore- Jack is baiting people into arguing with him. He admitted as much earlier in the week.

goody- Sadly I think Castillo is making the roster either way. Today just increased his chances of being the starter. I hate to root against anyone, but..

krukker- I actually like the idea of Johnson more than Ramirez because he would cost much less. He's someone I would hope Rube would make a call on, especially if he knows Utley is cooked for the year. He'd be a one-year solution and definitely be a boost to the lineup.

dennyb- I'd be surprised if Rube can get anything substantial for Blanton without packaging him with a prospect. I don't think his performance matters much in that respect.

off topic, but anyone doing the Phillies 5k today at the park? if i could find my beer leaguer shirt i'd wear it....

If I was walking the 5K, I would wear a Louey Louey Castillo shirt.

Beerleaguer Phillies should sponsor a 5K Walk/Run some day for the Arthritis Foundation. Get all the old guys out. Better make it a 1K and lunch.

mathieson & zags sent down

Yo, new thread

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