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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Good news about Lidge...Good news about Worley...and Castillo even comes across as a decent guy in the video.

Is this Beer*Leaguer?

awh, OF COURSE it's Beerleaguer!

Whether or not it's the Phils BL that we've all come to love is another question...

I'll make the official announcement about Beerleaguer - White Sox in the next day or so. I wasn't expecting to flip the switch so quickly, but now goes to a landing page, so many of you found it that way.

The long and short of it: Comcast SportsNet is franchising the Beerleaguer model for every one of the Comcast markets, and possibly beyond. JJ Stankevitz becomes the White Sox version of me and will adhere to the standards and discussion model I've established here, with a focus on statistics, topical news, clean presentation and the same attention to detail you've come to expect here.

I'll continue to write Beerleaguer - Phillies and will maintain a proprietary and advisory role on the other franchises. In other words, Beerleaguer will remain as it has been for the last five years.

You'll continue to see Drew Silverman and Matt Grassie contribute game recaps and scheduled features as a way to take some of the load off of my plate. My day-to-day responsibilities at Comcast have evolved into a taking the creative lead on a number of projects at the corporate hub here in Philadelphia. And I'm also a father now, which carries its own set of heavy responsibilities.

Nevertheless, I have no plans to stop writing Beerleaguer. I still treat it as a diversion, and Comcast has encouraged me to set my own pace and carry on business as usual, and they're very careful not to foul it up with any corporate douche-baggery.

None of this would be possible without your support, of course, and I'm thrilled to see many of you have already spread the discussion to Beerleaguer - White Sox.

the franchising of only thing unique left to a Phillies fan's experience might end being that defunct, triangular scoreboard 300 yards past the center-field fence at CBP. Hey, at least no other city has that.

And no other team has the Bruntlett Rain Day image.

RSB, yeah, but still, when something is good like BL, you cannot fault those who have the power to share it with others for actually sharing.

It's nice to know that we participate in something that is good enough to franchise around the country.

Still, JW, if there is some way you can give BL - Phillies, and the commentary we provide, a shout out for being the "original" - and thus worth franchising, I think many of us here would appreciate it.

awh - of course. Just did.

JW, I meant somewhere on the page on the other sites. :)

How about an annual Hall of Fame ceremony where I enshrine two handles into the masthead every year?

Like "Jason Weitzel Presents"


... a clout and awh joint

I don't see my last comment appearing on here, probably because I threw a s-bomb in there...but I'll repeat that I was just kidding. You've created a very successful model, Jason - too good to not be adapted elsewhere. While selfishly I'd prefer to think of as a Phillies-only entity, naturally I know you have every right to capitalize on what you've developed.

Weitzel - props to you, man.

This is a great vessel for Phillies fans to fill with their collective wit, wisdom and wild-assed nonsense. Best of luck trying to replicate it elsewhere. Chi-town is a great place to try.

When you get past the branding and cosmetics, the content and comment thread are the two keys. It starts with unique content. Content attracts repeat visitors and you have to have the right mix. It takes years to gain a following and curate the thread. I spent the first two years IP blocking idiots. It's really up to JJ to dig in now.

Yeah, it feels like I'm selling out. But it only takes one Jon Coutlangus post or rainout and you're home.

Congrats JW. Bigger and better. Going to miss the custom Photoshop pics you occasionally created for the game headers.

Been a regular here since '06 but I have to agree with gobaystars! that this blog might have peaked in '07 for several reasons including some of the epic back-and-forth games the Phils played that year.

Phils' fans tend to have their favorite seasons. '93 probably is the favorite of many and I am sure that '80 and '08 are obviously in the running.

Personally my favorite during my time as a Phils' fan is the '07 season because it was the first time this team got over the 'hump' that had hung over them. Won the NL East in dramatic fashion over a hated rival in a season marked by more epic comebacks/crushing losses than you have in several seasons because of their 'rock-and-sock' em' offense & marginally-talented pitching staff.

The newness of blogging and social media. Typepad didn't have the 100-comment/per limit then, either, which was huge for quasi-real-time engagement. The frustration was palpable, too. For me it goes:


Photoshop pics aren't going away necessarily.

MG - I'm with you, '07 was my favorite season, at least of recent vintage. At least favorite regular season. Coming back on the Mets like that was at least as good as winning a couple post-season series, in my book. It almost tends to be overshadowed now by the championship the following year.

Congrats JW. You are living the dream. Big credit for making it happen for yourself.

Nice post MG - '07 was unique and historic.

JW- Awesome.

RSB - Yeah with my most distinct Phils' moments including receiving a text message (and subsequent loss of a bet with friends visiting at the time) that the Phils had indeed picked up Jose Mesa to bolster a depleted bullpen.

Also included the epic comeback 11-10 win vs. Mets on August 30th to cap the 4-game series where Wagner;s machismo wilted in the 9th inning and Hernandez was literally speechless after the game on the WFAN. Basically put new life back into the season as the Phils swept the 4-game series were only 2 GB going into Sept.

Easily my favorite single regular season game of recent memory.


- For a guy who put up great numbers in his career including here in Philly, there isn't a reliever of recent memory I remember that almost repeatedly either failed/broke down when his team needed him the most. He notably failed in the playoffs with the Astros and the Mets and gave up short up the Phils & Mets at key spots late in the season.

NO, NO, NO, JW, I meant something in the masthead to the tune of "Born In Philadelphia" or "A Philly Original" or "Bringing the Worst of Philly Fans to Your City" or "A Philly Export" or something like that.

Heck, I don't even care if it's cheesy, just give B*L Philly the props for being the original.

Have a contest here and pick a winner.

Oh, and to weigh in: '07 was my fave because it was so unexpected late in the season, and the passion here on B*L was phenomenal.

It was just awesome thread after awesome thread.

Also, I was at the game on September 30th. It's still, and probably will be, the most fun I've ever had at a game.

I know that even if fans weren't there, they still experienced the same kind of euphoria, but when your in a ballpark with 45,000 other fans who are screaming themselves hoarse, celebrating every run and opponent's out...

It's also the game when I realized how just how smart and informed Philly fans are. The place was loudest that day when JRoll hit his 20th triple of the season. It was a collective recognition of the accomplishment, that Jimmy had put himself in elite company, that he had done something in a season that only 3-4 other players in the history of the game had done.

The noise when he was rounding second and heading for third was so loud it's indescribable.

I left deaf and hoarse that day. My Dad was sore from standing the whole game, and he was hurting for a couple of days.

Neither one of us would trade it for anything.

JW, I've got it:

Beer*Leaguer: Made in Philadelphia.

The greatest BL game chat ever, culminating in a primordial howl, a comment so perfect for the moment that it continues echoing out across the great chasm of the interwebs, and throughout the vast expanse of time...

TAKE THAT YOU F%$IN' RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: CJ | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 05:02 PM

I love that thread, and that game especially. Favorite comment is from right after Werth stole third, and shows just how far we've all come:

"holy crapola is this what playoff baseball feels like????"

Congrats JW. The branching out of Beerleaguer is a testament to the hard work you've put in over the years to help make this blog a great destination for fans.

That thread from '07 was great. I thought I didn't start posting here until the off-season before 2008 but I was in that thread.

For me the best year was 2008. It isn't because we won either. That year was the first real year where now we had expectations. Because of those expectations that was the year where we saw the genesis of some of our more favorite bits around here now.

Good Morning!

Beerleager is apt to be like a cheesesteak; you can find items with the same name in other towns, but for the real thing you've got to go to Philadelphia.

I did not see this coming from Ben Francisco! I hope he keeps it up.

I hope everyone had a happy clout day.

CJ, how about this prediction in that gamethread:

"Carlos Ruiz is the $hit behind the plate, and his offense should improve over the next couple seasons too. That's our boy Weitzel!

Posted by: GM-Carson | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 01:43 PM"

And this comment proves that MG hasn't changed much:

"MG: I'm puzzled. The Phillies good pitching is luck? Or is it that the Mets are flat? Is it against your religion to give the Phillies credit when they play well? Or do they have to be perfect?

Posted by: clout | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 02:15 PM"

And for those 'worried' about the 2011 offense, Ben provides a detail from the great offensive year of 2007:

The Phillies success in this series is simple. They are doing what good teams do. When the hitting isn't there, the pitching and defense step up to pick up the slack. Most of this year, that hasn't been the case, as evidenced by the 3-33(34?) record when scoring less than 3 runs.

Posted by: Ben Rivera | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 02:18 PM"

Hmmm, 36 games where they scored less than 3 runs?

I'm enjoying reading that Met game thread. Hilarious stuff.

"prohibitive ace Ricky Romero, a lefty who posted a 3.73 ERA in 32 starts"

Wouldn't a truly prohibitive ace put up a 0.00 ERA ? :) I think the word is putative.

Do you save Beerleaguer messages, awh?

"Hate to say it, but i think the Mets announcers are some of the best in the league."
Posted by: JD | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 01:35 PM

But through the benefit of having time traveled four years into this strange and exotic future of Biebers and iPads, I can reveal, JD, that Tom McCarthy is in fact the worst.

LOOGY boy, do you even read? Do you know how to click on a link? Sheesh.


no castillo in the lineup again today?

Yo, new thread

Oops, yo no new thread!

JW: Congrats, you being given the creative lead over new products at Comcast is probably the best news in that update you just gave. Look forward to it.

Also, where do I apply to open up a Beerleaguer? My softball league is in dire needs of a blog!

Classic Carson Comment (CCC):

"There's your f*cking manager of the year. All you retarded shitforbrains that suggested that now know you're a moron. Manuel may get these guys to play hard, but he can't manage.

Today's mistakes:
1. Pulling Lohse too early.
2. Walking the go-ahead run (Reyes, who is fast as hell) with virtually no chance of doubling up the next batter (Chavez).

Manuel has called for the intentional base on balls many times this season and I swear to God that 75%+ of the time that runner comes around to score. Get a f'n clue Manuel, this loss is on you...oh, don't worry they will lose.

Posted by: GM-Carson | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 04:26 PM"

Here's another 'CCC' (Never underestimate the ability of ANY poster to turn on a dime):


Go cry about it you whiny b*tch.

I can't believe they won that game. Amazing...

Posted by: GM-Carson | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 05:08 PM"

And, of course, our lady friend from the Upper Midwest displayed a sensitivity that she has been able to keep, despite being exposed to this board:

"Phils sweep mets- I think I am gonna cry.

Posted by: phargo | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 05:10 PM"

"(tears of joy, that is)

Posted by: phargo | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 05:11 PM'

"the franchising of Beerleaguer" = Trolls

as the franchising exands, are we going to be directed to a page with every franchise on it?
so every series we will have opposing fans on this site? (i know muts and yanks fans troll, but now it's just a click away)

Good reason for why its an AL team - reduction of trollage

When the Phillies are in the throes of a tough series I often switch over to the other team's blogs to get their POV - and I have always been astounded by how much better Beerleaguer is than say, a Metsblog, or a Talking Chop. Most of the other blogs are thread upon thread filled with sophomoric one liners.

Somehow Jason has infected Beerleaguer with an intellectual and analytical spirit as well as a wicked sense of humor and I couldn't be happier that his accomplishments are being recognized and rewarded.


What if mvptommy moved to chicago?

awh - The Phils' monthly ERA in August 2007 was 4.95 and 15th in the NL. There pitching stunk all month including that 11-10 epic comeback win where Lohse couldn't even make it out of the 4th inning when he was spotted with a 5-0 lead.

Moyer pitched a good game that series but JD Durbin (6 1/3 IP, 2 ER) and Eaton (5 2/3, 2 ER) both generally shut the Mets' offense with their best starts of the 2nd half. Otherwise, both guys got lite up in the 2nd half and Eaton somehow stayed in the rotation for the entire year including an ERA of 7.38 in 12 GS after the ASB.

2007 was my first year on BL.

I like the Franchise idea. Though I really don't even want to think of a Mets Beerleaguer or a Braves Beerleaguer.

Late to the party, but congrats Jason!

so BL - Philly has Clout.

will BL - Chicago have Gout?

***but now goes to a landing page, so many of you found it that way.***

Is there anyway to get it so it doesn't open a new window for me? Cant stand when that happens. I clicked on the Philly BL box and a whole new window comes up instead of just going to the site on the current tab. Its a bit annoying.

Also, congrats on the franchising...that's gotta feel good after all the hard work you put into the site.

NEPP - Right click: open in new tab.

also late. well played, jason. comcast knows talent when they see it, in this case anyway.

Thanks Andy.

bullit, love it!

Excellent TBag inference! EXCELLENT!

Nope, that still opens a new window. Damn. Oh well. The address still comes straight here...I could just use that as my favorite or for manual entry.

What is next JW - "Beerleaguer" the movie. Uh, wait that was done already.

Merchandizing, Merchandizing, Merchandizing!

Jason, I'm so happy for you. BL is being franchised to other cities. Soon all the baseball compasses in MLB cities will point to Philly.

Your success was brilliant. you used a nice format, interesting thread headers and a group of posters who are all characters in their own right. We have clout, awh, heather, GM-Carson, RSB, NEPP, BAP, Bed Beard, phargo, Andy, Jack, R.Billingsly, Willard Preacher, The Truth Injection, East Fallowfield, and others that my brain fails atremembering. It's all a lot of fun, but we learn a lot in the (sometimes heated) discussions, usually about the last man on the bench or in the pen. We comment because we all think we know it all, ha ha! The common ground is that we all love our Phillies. Congratulations!

Phillies ranked 10? I thought we were decimating our minors through all these trades...

Oh and Congrats JW, you're living the dream as it would seem.

August and September of 2007 were legendary. Great times in the real world, and in this alternate universe.

I have no doubt in my mind that the better the Phillies are, the less interesting the comments section here is. The pure nerves and tension of 2007 made for great drama. The offseasons were even better. Then, we made minor-league deals for Greg Dobbs. Now, we sign Cliff Lee. Real life? Way better now. BL discussion? Way better then.

I wonder where our system will rank once Dom Brown is no longer a prospect.

#15? further down? He's really our only true blue-chipper. The rest are too far away to be sure things. To the extent that any prospect is a sure-thing as obviously there are questions about even Brown.

NEPP: By the time rankings come out where Brown is not a prospect, guys like Cosart, Colvin, May, Singleton and Valle will have all had a full season at High-A, and it's possible someone like May could have moved up to AA, and Biddle will have made his full-season debut at Low-A. We will have a MUCH better sense of those guys. What they do this year (mostly at High-A) will determine how the Phils' system looks going forward.

I wonder if the rankings include Savery's switch from pitching....

Jack, I was thinking of the mid-season rankings (if Brown were to accumulate enough service time by then). They typically reevaluate the team systems around the AS break.

I dont think Savery matters enough to affect the ranking.

NEPP: Then yes, assuming that you didn't get something like Singleton tearing up High-A at .340/.430/.600 at age 19, you would almost surely see a drop once Brown moves out of prospect eligibility.

I happen to think Brown will move up and make the team once he's healed and done a rehab assignment, but my guess is that a lot of people on this board think Brown will spend most of the year down in AAA.

"Not bad. The 2011 Phillies project to be about three wins worse than the ’05 Astros, but I think the Phillies can easily make up that ground with the bullpen and some upward regression from some of the players who struggled last year, namely Jimmy Rollins. (Also note that the VORP calculations above did not include the rest of the bullpen or the benches.)"

I don't understand this point at all that it is encouraging that by Baer's VORP assumption this is an ~86 win that because some of the above assumptions will be about an ~89 win team.

Moderate chance that if this team only wins 88-89 games they will be home come Oct. Win 90+ games and you are in like Flynn in regards to the playoffs. Posted the other week but only 3 teams have won 90+ games since introduction of the WC and been home come Oct.

Winning a 5th consecutive NL East title would be nice but making the playoffs with this starting rotation is really what matters.

"I wonder where our system will rank once Dom Brown is no longer a prospect."

That's a very MGian or BAPian question: "But how would our system be if we didn't have any minor leaguers!?!?!"

(just pulling your leg, NEPP)

***Then yes, assuming that you didn't get something like Singleton tearing up High-A at .340/.430/.600 at age 19,***

That would be awesome...and its actually a possibility of happening.

****That's a very MGian or BAPian question: "But how would our system be if we didn't have any minor leaguers!?!?!"***

LOL...I wasn't trying to be negative...I was just curious as to how much of that is based on his presence.

Of course, it should be noted that we'll probably end up trading Cosart and Singleton for a middle infielder at some point this year as Utley will never play again (from what I've read on BL).

NEPP - once we trade Joe Blanton for Mike Trout, we'll be fine.

Wow, a Beerleaguer franchise! Years from now I'll get to tell everyone I used to frequent the original site.

Jason, I checked out the White Sox version of BL. In their book list on the side, the have books about other areas besides Chicago. As such, I believe that it should be mandatory that "Hard to Believe" is listed on their book list. My 2¢.

Can I start a Beerleaguer Vermont just for fun?

That said, if I were to start a Beerleaguer Vermont on typepad independently, would Comcast goons come to my house and trash my laptop?

My prediction on Utley:

- He delays the surgery, notes he has improved a bit, returns to play a handful of games in May/June, and is shutdown for the year with season-ending surgery.

Speaking of health, I still really haven't heard much about Castillo's current health status. When he struggled in 2008 and 2010, he was injury-ridden and never healthy. If he is relatively healthy, I am actually fairly optimistic he can be a useful asset to this team who is clearly a better option than the likes of Valdez or M. Martinez.

So, does the block on MVPTommy extend to Beerleaguer WhiteSox? Or will we soon start seeing posts that Matt Thornton can only pitch the 8th, & that Brent Lillibridge's .194 career average means nothing when compared to his .500 career average with a runner on 3rd and 2 outs?

I said it last thread, but the franchising of Beerleaguer is awesome. It's a testament to the great work Jason has done. He's given us a home to talk about the Phillies intelligently... which is hard to find on the internet.

Sure, we have our spats, but I'd say there always permeates a level of respect here that is key to our success. Hopefully that can emerge at other BL franchises.

Yo, new thread

This time it's real

Phils have three players with most popular jerseys sold in 2010: Hallday 3rd, Utley 4th, Lee 5th. Howard is 18th. No other team in baseball has 4 players in the top 20.

Phils ranked 4th in MLB in overall licensing in 2010.

Information from various beat reporter tweets.

Late to the Congrats but I think I found Beerleaguer mid-2007 as a transplant trying to figure out what was going on with the team.
Awesome site with just the right level of information, opinion, and interest. Great job J-Dub.

I am never a fan of 'selling-out' but great things will be copied, exploited, etc. At least it will be with Beerleaguer's guidance so best of luck.
And thanks again to all the posters. I post little (for good reason) but read often.

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