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Thursday, March 10, 2011


should be fun. Game on TCN?

Easy 1-2-3 first for Doc.

Polanco smoked one to first that ended up in a line drive double play

Halladay is inducing plenty of groundballs at this point and the Yankees hitters are off-balance right now.

Doc looks pretty sick today. And I mean sick like the kids say it. Yankees hitters off balance and lunging. 6 up, 6 down.

Good curveball from CC gets Frnacisco swinging

CC not as sharp, but similar results. Vic ripped one down the third baseline that was knocked down, but was still a single. Then Polly ripped one down the first base line, but it was caught for a double play. In the second, Mayberry hit one hard up the middle that would have been a base hit, but it hit CC and he was thrown out.

Bottom line, CC has also faced the minimum through 2. Scoreless game.

1-2-3 in the third... can't imagine Doc's thrown more than 40 pitches so far. He's pretty good.

Do you leave Doc in for 9 so he can pitch that coveted spring training perfect game?

awh - thanks for the stats in the last thread.

bap: If Doc is on a pitch count, at this pace he might have to go 9 to get in his scheduled work.


Chooch is batting 7th today.

It's time for Matt Miller to justify my man-crush.

***Chooch is batting 7th today.***

We're allowed to do that in Spring Training...its just banned in the regular season (ignores that Chooch batted 7th a good number of times in 2010).

Back to back hits by Barfield and J-Roll. 1st and 3rd, two outs.

Vic hit another down the third base line, but another nice defensive play ends the inning.

Two out hit by Barfield. Hit and run with Rollins leads to first and third.

Vic smokes one to third that Belliard backhands (he got a really nice hop) and that ends the inning.

And the perfect game comes to an end, but Martin thrown out by Francisco as he tried to stretch a single into a double.

And then Posada gets a weak swing and flairs one in front of Francisco in LF. Wind is wreaking havoc on any ball in the air.

CJ: When I was in little league, the official scorer refused to score it a hit if the guy got thrown out trying to take an extra base. So, by those rules, Halladay still has a perfect game.

Well, not now.

awh, thanks for the stats on Valdez vs. Utley, but I was actually referring to the secondary effects of having Valdez play 2B regularly to start the season. Specifically, Valdez being groomed for a move to the OF, to help for when Vic isn't playing (rest or injury). If Valdez has 2B duties, what is the new contingency plan for OF, specifically for CF?

Yanks have generally lost players over the years that I really despised but somehow it just seems fitting that a guy like Martin ended up in blue pinstripes this offseason.

As one who was probably as vocal or more of our dreaded 7-8-9 "black hole" for a few years, I guess I actually really like having Chooch in the 8 spot, turning the lineup over.

I'm sure he'd do just fine farther up in the order, but I keep getting flashbacks to "due up: Bell, Lieberthal, Pitcher."

MG, I second that! Maybe they'll get Lannan, Jose Reyes, and of course Eckstein.

Halladay has thrown 40 pitches through 4 and a third innings.

Doc is nasty.

If I were being negative, I'd say he's going to have to be this nasty because the offense won't do anything. But I don't want to be negative. So I won't say that.

What are the odds this year the Phils could sweep a series by completely shutting out the other team for 3 games?

MG, didnt the Mets do that to us last year but for 5 games?

I think its pretty possible.

MG: What are the chances that if we do sweep a series by shutting out the other team that someone still finds a way to complain about the pitching performance?

Barfield with a leadoff stand up triple in the bottom of the 6th

The one thing that is always fun to watch about Halladay is how he is always making the hitter hit his pitch.

You saw that when he was in Toronto but I don't think I ever fully appreciated that. He just never seems to back down to a hitter in any single count.

TTI - 80%

TTI: Please. No one would complain about the pitching performance.

We'd complain because we won each game 1-0 and the offense sucked for the most part.

Jack: I don't underestimate the people on here.

2-0 Phillies. Vic with a sac fly to score Barfield, and Polanco with a double to score Rollins.

Mayberry just crushed a two run homer into the wind in left.

Wow... Mayberry drilled another HR. Just hammered it. 4-0 Phils.

TTI: Hey, I think we've found just the recipe to get Rollins and Polanco back to their old selves: a AAA pitcher with 2 straight seasons of a 6+ ERA.

Out of curiosity, I am following on Gameday and it says that Robertson started the 5th, but was taken out after one batter and replaced by Fish.

Was Robertson taken out due to injury? That would be a bit of a blow to the Yanks.

Heather: They didn't mention any type of injury. Just had him in to face Rollins.

They are now interviewing Victorino which means:

Time to play the Victorino interview drinking game.

Take a shot everytime he says, "You know."

One note: Cancel any plans you have afterwards.

Heather - 'Ineptituditis' is the early report.

"Heather - 'Ineptituditis' is the early report."

Well, it was just one batter...

Thanks for the report, though. ;)

hamels beats victorino in "ya know"s by far. it's amazing how he slips in in so quickly.

You know, if Vic can get his OBP back up in the, you know, .350 range, I won't, you know, much care about his syntax.

Just got my first view of JC Ramirez.

Very good fastball. Heavy with late sink in the zone, and he located it really well.

The offspeed stuff? Needs a lot of work. He looks like a reliever to me.

Benny Frank unloaded on a hanging breaking ball and hit it to the deepest part of the park, into the wind. Ended up a double. A HR on a normal day.

Poor Mark Prior. It is sad to see him now in comparison to what he could have been.

Holy moley: I just realized Wilson Valdez was hitting .476 in spring training.

Phils get two more on a fly ball to deep center that was misplayed into a double. Should have been caught. 7-0 Phils.

Who is this...E. Kratz?

Heather: AAA filler.

CJ: Maybe slightly more than that. He's a much better hitter than Sardinha (pretty much anyone is, save for Brian Bocock) & I think his defense is pretty decent. So, if one of our catchers goes down, Kratz would probably be the call-up.

thanks to all(mainly CJ) who have been posting notable game updates this spring.

Is it just me?

My favorite play of the game was when Doc got the GB to Mayberry with 1 out in the bottom of the 6th with men on 1st and 2nd.

Mayberry fielded it looking like he might try to do more with it and Doc yelled "Get one", compelling Mayberry to get the easy out at 1B. That left runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out and Posada coming up.

YOu could see one Doc's face and interaction with Mayberry an attitude of "Don't eff' around with it...get one..I GOT the next guy so don't eff' it up trying to get cute."

You have to LOVE the confidence and teh eff' you attitude he takes to the mound.

Again, is it just me?

bap, maybe. Sardinha performed admirably when he got the call last season and even helped win a game or two with dingers.

The FO/Charlie may remember that if they have to call one of those guys up.

bap: Yeah... that will be an interesting decision the first time Chooch or Schneider go down.

awh: I missed that particular play. Wish I had seen it!

awh: Yeah, Sardinha became sort of a cult hero on Beerleaguer when he hit 3 homeruns after getting called up. But it's hard for me to overlook the fact that he has a .151/.183/.269 slash line in 471 major league PAs, and a .219/.263/.333 slash line in more than 3,000 minor league PAs. I actually slandered Brian Bocock by saying he was worse. He isn't.

Question for the board:

If Matt Rizzotti continues to rake in LV this season, what could he bring in a trade?

Decent bullpen arm?

Also, I've heard his limited defensively, but I've never seen him play. Is he a butcher slated for DH duty, or could he at least play a passable 1B?

bap, I don't question who who the better hitter is, I was merely pointing out that sometimes moves are made that don't necessarily have anything to do with MiL stats.

Ooh, just saw that BenFran got picked off again today.

He really needs to knock that crap off.

*** Is he a butcher slated for DH duty, or could he at least play a passable 1B?***

From all reports, he's an unathletic butcher at 1B. He's just one of those 1 tool guys that can really hit but can do little else. That said, the bar for 1B is really really low so he could probably stick there on a 2nd division club.

Trade value: If he really rakes (like he did last year), I'd say his status would be "legit piece in a good trade" or "middle relief/bench player 1 for 1" type trade.

***He really needs to knock that crap off.***

Remember that stretch in the 2nd half last year where he was platooning with Ibanez for maybe 2 weeks straight...then he got picked off in one of the worse bonehead moves I've ever seen and suddenly UC nailed his arse to the bench for the rest of the year?

Yeah, its gotta stop.

And then there was that ridiculous pickoff of Werth where he was sleeping at 2B.

I'm jealous of you all being able to see the game, while I toil away at work. The play by play in this thread is getting those Phillies red blood juices surging through my veins, getting me pumped for opening day when it becomes real.

"Ooh, just saw that BenFran got picked off again today. He really needs to knock that crap off."

He's just trying to emulate the guy he's replacing. In tomorrow's game, he plans to work on striking out with runners in scoring position.

NEPP's scouting report on Rizzotti is correct. He doesn't run well either.

Jack Cust-type maybe, if he can hit MLB pitching. It should be noted that baseball history is littered with guys who could absolutely destroy Trip A pitching, but couldn't hit big league stuff.

"Ooh, just saw that BenFran got picked off again today. He really needs to knock that crap off."

You know that is the kind of stuff that drives Cholly ape$hit regarding Francisco and why he doesn't have confidence in him to execute in key spots. Just mentally phases out of the game at time and just isn't good overall to get away with it.

He's like Jack Cust with better contact skills but less power.

And that's assuming 2010 wasn't just a mirage.

So... are there more AAAA-hitters with no glove (1B/DH types) or more utility IFs with no bat?

The guy he's replacing is currently batting a lusty .071.

b-a-p: I think BenFran heard that the best way to get getting picked off was the best way to score married chicks.

I love spring training but I need the regular season to start. Anyone have any plans for opening day? My friends and I are planning to "tailgate" at his house- steaks, cigars, a nice bourbon cask ale and, weather permitting, listening on the radio outside. Thank God for baseball season and the spring.

I plan to "call in sick" from work and watch it from home on my laptop.

The Ben Fran thing today is not really as bad as you're making it out to be. He got picked off but it wasn't falling asleep or anything on the bases. The pitcher started his wind-up and Ben Fran started to move towards second and the pitcher threw over behind him and Fran was dead to rights. Wasn't a boneheaded play but more a play where he was trying to be overly aggressive.

Yo, new thread.

NEPP- whatever you have to do. I've called in sick from school and work the first two days of march madness every year. Opening Day is just as reasonable of an event to miss work. And is Brett Myers Houston's number 1? Or Wandy Rodriguez?

The problem with Rizzotti is that he doesn't have Cust's power. He can hit and he's got some patience, but he doesn't have enough raw power. Cust isn't really a good comp at all, actually. Cust was a TTO player (walk, strikeout, or HR), while Rizzotti puts the ball in play much more.

His best-case scenario is like a .280/.360/.470 hitter with negative defensive and no baserunning value. So Hideki Matsui last year.

That doesn't get you all that far if that's your maximum upside, and that's only been based on hitting bad pitching at low levels.

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