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Sunday, March 20, 2011


First shrewd move the Mets have made in years: paying Castillo to play for the Phillies.

forget the stats ---> his attitude svcks!

So is he really a bad seed or did he just want out of New York? If he's willing to take a minor league deal here, then maybe it is the latter. I guess the Phillies are banking on this. If this is the case, he's no worse than Barfield/Orr/Martinez. None of these options are good defensively, but Castillo's ability to take a walk may come in handy.

My prediction included Martinez with the caveat that I still thought we'd get someone else to take his place. Otherwise it was identical to NEPP's roster (even the lineups too). Right now it's looking we're both going to be right.

BTW, JW, I think the 5 guys you listed are actually competing for two spots.

who can forget the pop up he dropped ( and not on purpose)

My feet feel fine. It's a miracle.

...and here comes the "stats aside, his attitude sucks!!!!1" crowd. Newsflash: a bad attitude in the Mets clubhouse probably doesn't gather the same attention as a bad attitude in the Phils clubhouse. For a minor league deal, I'd wager that he'll be a serviceable fill-in.

If your star second baseman is out indefinitely and you had a guy with plenty of service time out there for virtually free, you'd be an idiot not to pick him up. I have no idea if Castillo is done or not, but it's worth it to check him out.

If a guy takes a minor-league deal where he has to fight to make the roster, I doubt his attitude will be bad.

guess - time will tell....

The quote 'Revenge is a much more punctual paymaster than gratitude' seems apt here.



I thought it was "Revenge is a dish best served cold...and it is very cold in space."

Castillo is worth a look. If he sucks then just release him. He's not blocking a prospect, not costing much money, and not going to play any worse than Orr, Barfield, or Martinez.

By the way, his dropped pop-up was embarrassing, but I remember Chase Utley misplaying a pop-up into an inside the park homerun or something like that.

I guess the interesting question is who starts? Do they want Valdez's glove or Castillo's OBP?

Waste of time and $450K. He's cooked. I'll be happy when the Phils realize that in a week or so.

CJ, we dont pay him the $414 K unless he makes the 25 man. Its a minor league deal. If he doesnt hit in the next 10 days, he wont make Opening Day. If he does hit, he's probably worth a minimal shot.

Valdez is still likely the starter, but if he'll need a break sometime too, and he might need to give Polly or J-Roll a break, so that gives Castillo's some playing time too.

At least we'll finally have a guy on the roster that knows how to bunt.

NEPP- Oswalt is a damn fine bunter.

GM-Carson - Hamels is pretty good too. Blanton stinks and Halladay struggled last year doing it. Curious to see how Lee looks.

They are all in good hands with tutelage of the master of the bunt, Juan Samuel. Try to say that with a straight face.

People who always wanted the Phils to play more 'small-ball' and emphasize contact are likely going to get what they wished for . .

I think the Phillies would better off going with Martinez that Castillo, and that isn't saying much. He can play more positions, he fields well, and he's essentially the same type of hitter. Castillo is yet another old body on a team already overloaded with them.

It's like people don't understand where Castillo got his bad rep. He only wants to play everyday. Period. Just this spring as he was "fighting" for a job, he refused to take ground balls before the game because he was the DH. Bad apple.

And really? I'm to be excited about a .337 OBP? Even if that goes up some this year, what he offers over Valdez in OBP is lost in slugging (Castillo's is historically bad) and range.

Valdez is the better starter and Castillo can't be a bench player. This move ONLY makes sense if Polanco is also out.

Seriously? Some of you guys are saying Castillo is worth something? To replace Utley?


If Phillies fans are lucky he'll never break camp with the team. If he does, get used to this phrase: Dribbler to the right fielded by the second baseman.

MG: It was only ever ignorant fans who wanted more "small ball." When the Phillies offense was truly great, it was because they got on base and hit for a lot of power. Walk, walk, 3-run homer.

If the Phils could have put this pitching staff together in the 2005-2008 years, they would've been one of the greatest teams of all time.

From CJ:

This move ONLY makes sense if Polanco is also out.

Hard to believe, Harry...

Anyone see the article over at crashburn alley where it's shown that the Phillies offense hasn't really been declining anymore than the league average?

Just wondering. Since the Stupid sports news people seem to keep brining the Phillies offense up as "declining."

Numbers are fun out of context.

Also I have to believe that if Castillo was released from. Oh I don't know. ANY OTHER Major league team (you know, not the mets) There probably wouldn't be a peep about him being washed up or bad character.

Sometimes, And I can't believe I'm going to say this since I'm pretty pro Phils, but sometimes you have to take off the fan cap.


It'll be OK. At this point, taking a flyer on Castillo to see if he's got anything left in the tank will have almost no repercussions for the team, and is probably worth it. I doubt he'll make the team unless he shows he can provide some value. Even then he won't be a major player, but we don't really need that unless we expect him to fill in for Chase all season long.

This is not the end.

Awesome. Mets fans are relevant again.

Phils working to get Juan Pierre. Welcome to 2003. Seriously, he will have a couple of weeks to show what's left.

Got the following text from my Mets fan buddy (old college roommate):
"Castiilo and Valdez? Haha. Mets will be cutting Oliver Perez tmro also if u need a loogy,"

So, do we need a LOOGY?

Really though, I'm ok with it for two reasons:
1. It's a minor league deal on the cheap (easy to part ways)
2. It means no David Eckstein

All in all, easy enough to get away if it doesn't work out. Upside only. Still would prefer Utley's lawn chair.

More range?:

Utley's lawn chair or Castillo 2B?

Probably the toughest choice on about range at a position since Wes Helms and a wood post that was posed in '07 . . .

I would go: Utley's Lawn Chair at 2B and The Wood Post at 3B.

Utley's lawn chair has the higher slugging %.

I am surprised he took a minor league deal, though I would assume he has an out clause if not on the roster for opening day. He would be a backup on any other team I suppose so Phils give him the best chance to start.

Castillo is truly a small ball type player though. He can take pitches (similar pitch/PA as Utley) and still has some speed (more steals than Polanco). His value will be tied to his batting average (at least Polanco has slight power) and how much his fielding has deteriorated.

Getting an experienced starter on the cheap with at least one useful skill is not too bad. Castillo is less useful as a bench player since he can only play 2B and his speed is no longer a true threat. Makes sense to see how he does with the club for two weeks.

Terrible move.

Just what this team needs...somebody with no range, no power, a bad attitude, ancient (lord knows we need more old guys) and who NEVER walks.

If you like watching groundballs to SS, then Louie is your guy at the plate. He is the human fungo infield practice man.

Which old guy do we go after next? Maybe we can trade Kendrick and sign Jim Kaat to fill out our pen.

Yeah, Luis Castillo "NEVER walks."

Here is the list of players on the 2010 Phillies who had a higher walk rate than Luis Castillo in 2010:


1) Luis Castillo is almost definitely better than Barfield, Orr, and Martinez. As a result, he will almost definitely make the team.

2) Wouldn't it be great if Castillo became the Mets' version of Rod Barajas?

Game on the line. Castillo at 2B,Gload in RF,and KK comes in to face 3 LH. How many fielders do you put on the right side?

On the LF-RF talk,you do put the best arm in RF,but if you have 2 guys with similar arms,you put the better fielder in RF. More RH hitters does mean more balls hit to LF,but it also means more opposite-field hit balls to RF. These tend to curve away from the fielder,making them harder to judge. That is why so many OFers say CF is the easiest to play(if you have the range).

Castillo is added early season insurance for Polanco and Rollins. Valdez better keep eating and resting when he can if he's going to see 600 AB's.

i think castillo could be pumped about his prospects, much like ibanez when he arrived in baseball's new candyland...and give us one hell of a first half of the season. hopefully, that's all we'll need.

Guys, I actually have it by full knowledge that Castillo deliberately dropped that pop up to start a chain of events that led to his eventual departure and subsequent signing by the Phillies. He's been planning this for years and expects to return to 2002 form.

Evidently, this plan also includes slowly phasing out Rollins so Freddy Galvis can take over everyday as a more reliable defensive asset. And it will also allow for Ryan Howard to move to left field, Dom Brown to catch and Matthew Rizzoti to finally take over his rightful spot in the Phillies bullpen.

In short, and seriously, it's a good move. It's low-cost and could be effective. If not, it's not. Whatever. At least we're not going after Ollie Perez or anything ...

Knowing the accuracy of proclamations from metsblog in the past, guess Castillo will help.

This releasing of Castillo should put a stop to the other mets who are moping around.

Mets release Perez, owe Castillo $6 mil and Perez $12 mil, not to play...huh?

"And really? I'm to be excited about a .337 OBP?"

CJ, the difference between Valdez's OBP of .306 and Castillo's .337 is that Castillo would be on base about 14 more times in 450 PA.

Does the drop in defense from Valdez to Castillo justify the increase in OBP, that is, how many more balls foes Valdez get to that Castillo does not (14?) and how many of those guys score, vs. how many more runs might Castillo score being on base 14 maore times?

For anyone to call this a great or terrible signing is being ridiculous. Its a minor league deal, so what?

I think he makes the team over Orr/Barfield/DYoung and will probably be used as a situational pinch hitter all the time - a veteran switch hitter who keeps the ball on the ground.

And this shouldn't be a Valdez/Castillo argument since Valdez is going to be the starter and Castillo is competing as a backup.

Hopefully for our sake, Castillo won't be on this team for long so we won't have to edure too many pages of debate over the value of his OBP vs Valdez's glove.

new thread.

There is zero down side to this move. Just really limited upside. Castillo is better than Barfield/Martinez because he can be a tolerable offensive option. The other two can't.

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