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Monday, February 14, 2011


Funny note from ESPN story about Sabathia opting out to get Cliff Lee money, "Sabathia. . . said he is 25 pounds lighter after he stopped eating full boxes of Cap'n Crunch."

For all the talk over the past year about how terrible the Howard contract is, it appears to me that it will shape up as the most club friendly contract among baseball's elite first basemen. Let's take a look at the competition.

Albert Pujols - talk has been 10/300
Adrian Gonzalez - talk has been his extension will be similar to Mauer deal 8/184.
Mark Teixiera - in the middle of a contract for 8/180
Prince Fielder - has hired Scott Boras and will hit free agency and is said to be looking for over $200m in his new deal. Does anyone really doubt that Boras will get this guy something crazy?

How is 5/125 terrible in comparison?

I guess its spring training for the media, too.
The questions are uninspired.

Interesting note at the CC press conference today.

He was asked if he planned to opt out of his contract after this year and he said "I have no idea [if I will opt out,]" a noticeably lighter Sabathia said in the Yankees clubhouse Monday morning, as pitchers and catchers reported. "It is still in my contract. Anything is possible."

CC to be a Phillie, maybe? Yes, please.

who am I?- Yeah these questions have been pretty dull even for spring training conference.

Cliff Lee is the more outspoken of the five. Lee seems to be the spokesman.

How quiet and reserved are the other four for Cliff Lee to be the mouthpiece? I'll have to watch this later tonight.

this feels very awkward

A lot of questions are directed at Lee, as the 'new' guy. Hamels still doesn't mind talking, Oswalt, Halladay and Blanton speak only when they have to.

At one point, though, one of the others said Lee had to answer the generically addressed question as he was in the middle.

That's probably the first and last time you'll see the starting pitching rotation ahve a press conference all at once. Made Lee look the spokesperson while Halladay looked like the quiet general.

I guess the video only worked when the conference was live, because there's no video or audio for me now. Did anything useful come from it? Like did they confirm anything about the rotation order or anything else or was it just the usual "We're excited but we still have to play the games" rhetoric the entire time?

This all still has to be a dream. I still can't believe that stealth GM Rube, Jr. snatched Cliff Lee from the hated Yankees and signed him up for the Phillies. To keep this dream going, I'll stay under the covers all season. Wake me up in November!

Did the questions asked sound as dumb as they look in print on Twitter posts? Think I lost my desire to watch this when I get home.

Questions were pretty dumb, but there's not much to ask them after the first couple "How great is this?" type.

I figured at least one of those questions would be "Howard for Pujols?!?"

Zolecki has the transcript.

"Funny note from ESPN story about Sabathia opting out to get Cliff Lee money, "Sabathia. . . said he is 25 pounds lighter after he stopped eating full boxes of Cap'n Crunch.""

To clarify, he didn't stop eating the Cap'n Crunch, itself, he just stopped eating the box.

I watched the 3 minute version on (No questions heard, only replies.) I thoroughly enjoyed it, but that's no doubt because it's been so long without baseball. And because it's just great to look forward to a full season of this rotation!

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I am checking in for another season, and in true BLer fashion, gotta say the toughest battle in camp will be between Dan Meyer and Zags the dawg as final lefty out of the pen

Didn't we play the Grammys last night Greene Brothers?

Surprised no comments about this, from the News Journal:

"Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said Monday that he wants a contract extension done before the season begins."

Manuel and Pujols: Get it done before the season or we walk.


It begs the question...why the hell hasn't UC been extended yet?

"why the hell hasn't UC been extended yet?"

Two theories:

1. Charlie is holding out for contractual demands (years/money).

2. Amaro is less interested in keeping Charlie in Philly than we are led to believe.

3. Charlie is less interested in staying in Philly than we are led to believe.

I'm thinking that #2 is the most likely of the three scenarios.

Make that three theories.

Just to recap the betting lines from a few threads ago with the dates added. If we could sticky them somewhere that'd be awesome. But I'll keep them for dexterity:

- On what date will people start posting "season=over"?

[Tricky one to call as it really depends how we jump out of the gate. Last year we were pretty good in April. I'll assume we will be again and think that July 3rd will be the date as we are finishing up a series in Toronto. The Pirates are early June in Pittsburgh and I think that's too early.]

- How long will it take before Howard is declared a bust of a contract?

[I think Jack won't be able to help himself early in the season. Plus Howard has a little bit of a stigma remaining from the end of the NLCS last year. I'll call April 24th]

- How long will it take before MG fires off a missive about the Reading Phillies promotion of the team this year?

[This probably comes by clout day- March 20th.]

- How long until we get a flurry of posts about Charlie's handling of the bullpen?

[May 14th. He usually get a little bit of a pass early as it's the beginning of the season. But the vultures will circle early here. Only outlier is how well the rotation does through this point.]

- What date will Jimmy Rollins be determined to be finished?

[Career wise his worst month is June in many ways. But people forget that and regardless of how he starts it will wear off quick. I'll live dangerously and call it June 9th.]

- On what date will some poster suggest that we need to sign Pedro Martinez because he'll fix everything?

[Have to give Blanton/Kendrick a few starts here. I'll say May 22nd.]

- On what date will a poster suggest that Cody Ransom, Matt Rizzotti, Cory Sullivan or some other LV equivalent is "the solution" to the latest setback?

[This will get closer to the All Star Break. I'm saying June 25th.]

- How long will people give Dom Brown until they start posting, "This guy is clearly not going to be anything as a player in the major leagues"?

[He won't get much past April 15th if he starts slow.]

- How long until someone complains the the Phillies FO/ownership is cheap?

[This has to come around the trade deadline as we may need to add a piece. I'll say July 24th. You could also probably parlay this bet by adding in the Howard bet, and the Ransom, Rizzotti bet as people will advocate saving tehc ash and calling up someone like that from Triple A.]

Yo, new thread

The Philthy Phive or Just for short I like Philth......

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