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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I like his new swing a hell of a lot better.


I'm sold. Work on the D, Dom.

Conservative estimate on his 2011 season:

.345 AVG, .464 OBP, 1.403 OPS, 62 2B, 13 3B, 47 HR, 193 RBI, 175 R, 52 SB, 3 CS.

Honestly, he looks like he gained more than 10 lbs but its probably distorted because it was likely pure muscle gain. He looks ripped.

Maybe Dom surprises all of us (even clout) this year.

From MLBTradeRumors:

"Heyman also tweets that Pujols' representation asked for an ownership share in the Cardinals, who turned down the request due to the complicated nature of the process."

I thought it was illegal/against MLB's rules for players to get an ownership share. I remember jokingly suggesting that for Jeter and getting told that.

Anyone else think that Ruben is just waiting for the Giants to let Rowand go - and then he brings him back in the fold?

There will be no stopping Domonic's hose when he's playing deep behind Coutlangus.

Last one I promise.

If Rowand were released or put on waivers, I could easily see Rube jumping on him. Rowand at $400 K is well worth a shot. His glove was still good last year even if his bat was Juan Castroesque. Hopefully, his bat rebounds.


I could still see Rowand raking in CBP. He always did pretty good in Philly. Do I expect the '07 season, no. He's not the worst option though should it arise.

He was terrible last year but he also had a substantially low BABIP (.263 last year vs. .317 for his career). Some of that was probably just weaker contact leading to easy outs and some of it was the result of him posting the lowest line-drive rate of his career.

He's probably closer to his 2009 self than 2010...basically a decent 4th OF who can cover all 3 OF positions well.

I'm a little pissed that NEPP thinks the Domonator will CS 3 times.

I assume due to his rookie naivete that he will have some issues with advanced pickoff moves...thus the 3 CS.

The smart money is still on Brown to be the starting RF. Just like it always was and should have been.

Are the Giants actually considering releasing Rowand? Eating $24MM would be one of the largest amounts ever.
Sure, he's not worth his salary; but he's an adequate extra OF. Giants don't seem to have anything better, unless he's blocking a youngster.

Jesus, Pujols really wants a piece of the team before he'll agree to continue playing for them?

Bonehead- Agreed. I would be stunned if the Giants just flat out released Rowand this spring even if he stinks. It is like Torres is a known quantity in CF nor or they stacked with quality OFs.

More like mediocre veterans including Ross and Burrell.

Next spring though if Rowand struggles and is coming off another horrible year, yeah I could possibly see it.

It is not illegal for a player to own part of a team as long as he remains with that team. It is only illegal for a player to be part owner of a team that he could compete against.

And according to reports it was actually the Cards owner who floated the idea of offering an ownership stake. Pujols' representation turned the offer down.

Ugh. I always get on too late to ever really contribute.

Will the Half-wit quotes from last night has to do with the fact that you can't seem to help but point out Charlie's flaws even when no one is really defending them anyway. You just keep pointing out that the emperor (charlie) has no clothes (strategic skills) even though everyone here has basically said "Dude we know. We just don't really care about it." I mean, listen, everyone understands the quote. It's really easy to understand and you completely misrepresented it as defending charlie. I can only hope you did that on purpose as some sort of sly sarcasm because I don't think you are that stupid. In fact I have never defended Charlie in this whole thing. I just attack what I see as stupid arguments and silly logic.

I was being sarcastic with the Leyland thing, obviously. I was just pointing out that your whole "I can guarantee a completely unknown event" is incredibly fallacious. I can make guarantees and just say things too.

I guarantee Charlie Manuel will cure cancer. There that was easy. See I don't even have to back it up.

The front office isn't "scared" to let charlie walk. I just said they don't want to look stupid. Even though it's unlikely to happen that things go to hell if they hire a new manager.

I want to point out again so I am as clear as possible. Nothing I am saying is really being said as to defend charlie (I don't actually have to defend Charlie because in all honestly math already does.) . I am simply attacking your logic and reasoning as ridiculously faulty and without any evidence or consistency whatsoever. At least in regards to the Manuel thing. Other times you seem quite reasonable so I don't say anything.

Every time Charlie is brought up you just seem to say this

" Blah Blah Blah overrated Blah Blah Blah Right place right time Blah Blah Blah Anyone else could have blah blah blah."

I do like that you have actually softened you stance from this past season when I believe you insinuated that Charlie was terrible and that the players won in spite of him. You now like Charlie and wouldn't mind seeing him extended you just think playing hardball is fine.

No way he gets more than 175 RBIs.

I looked over the schedule today. I noticed that the phils have a 17 game stretch without a day off and 3 20 game stretches without a day off. Does that seem high or is it just me?

I say run Kentucky Joe out there every 5 days regardless if the team had a day off or not. That is until the deadline then I'd move him, if there is a need in another area. If salary isn't an issue than keep him.

bap, I've been busy and haven't had time to respond to you from the last thread (Ugh, I know).

We can argue back and forth forever as to what the SP depth chart is/was, but it really doesn't matter.

The fact is that the FO DFA's Carpenter. The fact is they see Schlitter as having more value.

I posited that perhaps the reason is they see some young pitcher - as yet unidentified to you and me - as being capable of taking major strides this season and being ready for the crucible of a pennant race.

You maintain that "none of our remaining starting pitching prospects is remotely close to major league ready". OK, I don't disagree.

But, you missed my point. My point was NOT what the conventional wisdom is based on available information, my point was that the FO MAY disagree with you. They may feel someone is close to ready or at least capable of making enough progress this season to be ready if the situation presents itself.

Wolever has a reputation for pushing along prospects and challenging them.

I used Kendrick as an example of someone who neither you nor I would have said - at the beginning of the 2007 season - would be able to make an MLB contribution that season.

He was 21 years old and had just finished a 2006 season in both Lakewood and Clearwater where he was effective but far from dominant.

So, maybe the FO disagrees with you. Maybe, in their view, he wasn't likely to be the 8th guy on the depth chart after a couple of months.

Sure, you weren't "going out on any limb" by maintaining that he was next on the chart - at least the one that they discuss publicly. And sure, there is also th eoption of them going out and getting someone who will take the hill for the MLB minimum.

But My point is that THEY may feel that that scenario is unlikely, because they believe someone will make enough progress to be ready if called upon.

We'll never know, because they, for obvious reasons, eill never say.

Gee whiz, Rosenthal or someone at MLB Network reads BL.

We discussed/speculated a couple of weeks ago about a potential Pujols/Howard trade.

Now they are also:

Should of kept Worth?

Pujols is 6'3". Why not move him to 3rd and trade Polanco and Blanton instead of Howard?

awh: Out of all the things beerleaguer is good for, crediting it with starting "pujols/howard trade rumors" isnt very flattering.

and Pujols/Howard trade "rumors" have been said for years and in so many different mediums. About two years ago I was in Times Square and the ESPNZone had a ticker scrolling "Howard for Pujols swap discussed?" with pretty much no reasonable source or story even causing it.

In today's DN, Raul Ibanez says he's stronger and healthier than he's felt in years.

Bonehead/MG: I tried to find the largest salary ever eaton...i mean eaten before. Couldn't really find a decent way to search tho - I would imagine it would have to be recently just because of the constantly rising salaries nowadays.

I would be pretty surprised if the answer is more than the $24M that Rowand is owed though.

Placido can get on my shoulders. We already have designed a double friendship bobble head doll for the Phillies.

Jack: There is no question that the best possible outcome for RF, one that every Phillies fan should pray for, is that Dom Brown wins the job.

The only debatable issue was what the Phils fallback plan would be if Brown wasn't quite ready. You've said that is inconceivable, just as it was inconceivable that Kendrick could have a major league career. But, sadly, reality and history tell us different.

We are all rooting for Dom Brown to have a kick-ass spring and take the RF job and run with it. Since the Phils have no fallback plan beyond Ben Francisco, that is probably the most important story of the spring.

Stark's my favorite at, and came up with this gem: Musial hit .330 at age 41. In the last year of an Albert Pujols' 10-year deal, Albert's 41 years old. Do you think Pujols could hit a solid .300 at age 41? I do.

The following is just the grossest speculation possible. Regardless, could the Phillies thrive by offering a Howard/Pujols swap, and then locking down King Albert immediately for 10 years/$300mm? I believe they could.

Albert Pujols as a Phillie would certainly tilt the center of gravity on this team. Because RAJ just might be trying to swing the Howard/Pujols deal, I just wonder if RAJ is hemming and hawing on re-upping Charlie because Charlie Manual could not teach Albert Pujols a damn thing about hitting. Yikes.

It's funny how noticeable the difference in his swing actually is. Until it was brought up earlier in the off-season when Gross noticed his elevated hands, I never really took note. Now that it has been pointed out, it seems so obvious. I guess that's why they pay hitting and pitching coaches the big bucks (just not first base coaches).

And the extra muscle can't hurt. Not only will his 400 ft HRs now fly 420 ft, it should help with being able to sustain the grind of a 162 game season. You know, should the need arise of course.

I can't wait for this season! My favorite game of the year is always against Florida State. Only a few more days.

Should of kept Milt Thompson..?

New thread...

Rex: You poked your nose into a conversation without reading the entire thing. If you look back, you will see more than a few posts that identify Charlie as one of the best managers in baseball and deserving of his contractual demands. I was arguing that this isn't the case and that it's not unwise for the FO to sit on their hands and see what plays out before re-signing Charlie.

If you didn't hold the counter position to what I was saying, I can only conclude that you wanted to argue for the sake of arguing. Now please stop - this is a dead issue, and it's an issue that you haven't really voiced anything of substance to begin with.

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