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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Joe Blanton better hope Rich Dubee isn't releated to Andy Reid with that last comment!

Great to see Lee with the P back on his cap.

Blanton looks to be in mid-season form at 2:44.
Dude needs a manzier.

Haha, Rich Bubee.

Ahhhhh, great to see baseball is on its way back!

Fierce prediction- if Blanton is a Phillie all season, he wins 15 games.

Trouble in St. Louis? Pujols for Howard?

Re: Dubee saying Blanton has #5 w/o compention...

Was there ever a time when the rotation was set at the opening of spring training? (excluding trades, injuries & the 1-5 order)

Bastardo is hurt.

In other news, water is wet.

Does anyone know what time the rotation's press conference will be at? I need to set the DVR, no way I'm missing it.

Kyle Kendrick is THIS close to crying.

After watching that, I have a huge grin from ear to ear and I don't think it will be wiped off my face for quite sometime.

Ah, good to be back! How much weight did Cole lose this offseason?

I'll say this much, it's a major vote of confidence in Joe Blanton to declare that he won't be facing competition for the 5 spot.

When do the bats report? That's a more interesting story at this point.

The press conference is at 1:30 and will be streamed live online.

Blanton DID look lithe. Next up, Joe in yoga tights with Jimmy.

Looking forward to the season. Does anyone else think that Dubee (or Bubee as the caption read) looks like William Shatner?

"Bastardo is a little behind. Meanwhile, Jose Contreras has a little behind."

I can't believe you took this with out attribution.

"So Bastardo is a little behind and Contreras HAS a little behind.

We get all the news on BL.

Posted by: Andy | Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 07:34 PM"

"Does anyone else think that Dubee (or Bubee as the caption read) looks like William Shatner?"

S#!* my pitching coach says?

So, when is Bastardo's TJ Surgery scheduled?


The answer to all you LHP quandaries.

How much weight did he this offseason?

In all seriousness, Dan Meyer is my darkhorse to make a splash in the 'pen this season. He may not come north at the end of March, but I have a feeling he will give some quality innings at some point during the season.

Stop the "Pujols for Howard" posts. It ain't happening. Let's just enjoy what we have: a starting pitching squad that's the envy of the league.

Bring back Cap'n Jack Taschner.

Werth in his new digs ...

Well that didn't work ... let's try it again.

Werth in his new digs...

Where will Werth bat in the Nats lineup? 3rd?

Or 4th with Zimmerman in the 3 hole?

So...I'll be the first to say it:

Had we not extended Howard, he'd be a FA after this year...the same with Pujols. As the only Big Market club without a 1B, we would have been in prime territory to either bargain them against each other for the best deal or to simply sign Albert Pujols.

So basically, to open up a can of worms...we done fvcked up when we extended Ryno.

NEPP if Howard wasn't extended already and with Albert asking for 10 years $300 mil do you really think that 1) we would have the money to pay Albert 2) that Howard would have signed a 5 year $125 mil extension?

Honestly, I think we'd have the money to pay Howard.

Also, would Pujols be asking for $30 million if Howard hadn't gotten $25? Sure, they're pointing to AROD as the comp but Howard is the more accurate comp.

I mean, we'd have the money to pay Pujols if we didnt have to pay Howard. The difference in pay ($5 million) wouldn't break us.

Cubbies will be in the market too (and Orioles if they ever decide to spend again). If Pujols had signed with the Cubs and Howard replaced him in St. Louis, we'd be high and dry hoping Adrian Gonzalez doesn't agree to terms with Boston. . . that's not to say it's not an overpayment for Howard. But, it's conceivable we could have gotten screwed worse...although ending up with Carlos Pena on a reasonable 2 or 3 year deal might have actually been an ok plan C when factoring in payroll flexibility. (2010 WARs 1.1 vs 2.1)

The real problem with paying Pujols $30 million vs Howard at $25 is that Pujols wants to be making that much in his age 38, 39, 40, & 41 seasons too. What's he really going to be worth at that point even if he's still good? $15 million? $10 million?

NEPP: I'm not sure that logic works. Howard's contract is probably one of the main reasons that Pujols feels justified in asking for 10 years, $300M. If it weren't for Howard's contract, Pujols might have already resigned for slightly more than A-Rod money.

For the record, this post should not be construed as either in favor of, or against, the Howard contract. It is just a commentary about how baseball economics work.

"So...I'll be the first to say it:"

And hopefully the last.

Meyer and Zagurski:

If Bastardo is hurt or really awful in spring training, yeah Meyer does have an outside shot (say 10-20%) of making the opening day roster with a good spring. Zagurski has none.

It is much more probable the Phils will go with a single lefty reliever (e.g., Romero) and just start the season with a Herndon/Bonine instead too.

The team that would give Pujols a 10 yr/$300M deal are utter fools. Some indications he has already started to decline a bit last year & that contract would happer even a team with deep pockets.
Hell, even a 7 yr/200M deal is pushing the limits of what a semi-rationale team should do.

MG: If Howard is worth 5/125 2 years ahead of time, how is 7/200 not rational for Pujols? Or are you implying that Howard's deal was also irrational?

I think Pujols gets 8/230. Allows him to beat A-Rod for highest AAV.

MG is Beerleaguer's single biggest champion of Eddie Bonine.

Personally, I think even guys like Zagurski & Mathieson have more chance of making the 25-man roster than Bonine does. Bonine is pretty terrible.

"What's he really going to be worth at that point even if he's still good? $15 million? $10 million?"

IMO, having Pujols around for the next 3 - 5 seasons makes it worth overpaying him for age 38 - 41. With salary inflation, the amount a team would be overpaying a 40 year old Pujols will be a bit less.

In other words, a player that is comparable to Pujols abilities at age 40 (whatever that might be) is likely to cost more per season in 2020 compared to 2011.

Howard for Pujols will NEVER happen, but if the opportunity arose, the front office was willing to pay his demands (til age 42) and a contract extension was negotiated, I'd make that trade in a hesitation whatsoever. Absolutely will never happen though.

Early predictions:

AL: Red Sox, White Sox, Rangers, Yanks (WC)

NL: Phillies, Reds, Rockies, Braves (WC)

BAP - Somebody needs to be Eddie Bonine's champion besides his direct family/friends.

Zagurski stinks. Flat out. He only reaches 93-94 on his fastball but loses ability to command it at that speed. Otherwise, it is 91 or so. Hittable. His offspeed stuff is flat and fat too often. Just doesn't have a good enough slider to make it as a lefty specialist at the MLB. Stand by assertion he has zero chance of making this roster out of spring trainign. Hell, I would even go so far as to say that reclamation projects like Matt Anderson or Jason Grilli have a slightly better chance with strong spring showings.

No I don't have much love for Mathieson either. Just curious to see what he looks like this spring including whether he actually tries using the splitter as his main offspeed pitch. He has a remote shot to make this club if it looks decnet.

If I were to take a longshot bet, I'd put money on Toronto.

Totally off-topic, but possibly of interest to Pat Burrell fans. There was an article in my local paper yesterday about how Burrell had opted to resign with the Giants for far less than market value and without a guaranteed starting spot. Everyone has assumed it was because he's from the Bay Area. But Burrell says that one of the main reasons was because he wanted to participate in a ring ceremony where he was actually in uniform. He apparently hated the fact that, at his last ceremony, he was the only one dressed in a coat & tie. Good for him.

Poor guy had to wear a coat and tie!

new thread, yo

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