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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'll miss Chad Durbin chewing up quality frames.

That B Game sounds incredible. Who starts? Brian Bass? I wish I was in Clearwater right now because I'd totally go to that one.

Because Morse can play 5 positions and because the Nats offense isn't very good, he'll get at least 300 ABs with them.

He's cheap ($1M) and under team control for 3 more years.

The notion that he's a "buy low" candidate, particularly for a division rival, is laughable.

Halladay for Morse. Get on the phone Amaro!

Cholly is still demanding as a condition of re-employment that Rube find him a right-handed outfielder not named Ben Fran (or John Mayberry).

Morse will destroy benfrans 2011 especially vs lhp

will the game be on the MLB Network today? Because I read the game is subject to local blackouts for what reason. I thought they only did that if the game was also being broadcast on MyPHL or CSN but this one is not on either.

"If there's cause for concern you'll be the first to know," Utley said.

Um, right.

Ever since Durbin ceased to dominate...and that would be mid to late August, 2008, I have been a non-supporter. Why on earth has so much air time been wasted on a middling middle reliever? Good riddance, I always say. Or as some other would write, good ridings.

So, I end this commentary on the estimable, erstwhile brother of JD and wish him well in the home of Rock 'n Roll. Still don't understand why Cleveland beat out Philadelphia for this distinction.

If anybody thought we would get anything from Baez this year I have bad news, I'm watching him get absolutely rocked by the Jays B team. Already given up 6 runs this inning, no outs yet. Looks like batting practice.

What are the increase in odds which each crappy performance this spring that Baez gets released?

Sounds like it increased at least a few % pts today already to maybe around ~15% already?

Sounds like Danys is already in midseason form …

Yo, new thread

"Already given up 6 runs this inning, no outs yet. Looks like batting practice."

Now, now. We're not allowed to say anything bad about any player until clout day. I'm sure Baez will be perfectly fine. I expect him to be a strong contender for the 2011 Cy Young Award.

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