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Friday, February 11, 2011


****Should the Phillies receive Coutlangus, he’s likely to stay south for extended work until the Phillies are satisfied.****

I know its from the last thread but this line made me bust out laughing hysterically for a good 5 minutes.

Well done Sir...WELL DONE!!!!

I'm glad to not have lil Sarge, but did we really need another left handed quad-A OF?

Will, you can never have enough LH AAAA OFs.

I'm assuming DeWayne Wise is already off the market of course.

The Phillies have a real logjam in AAA outfield. A guy like Sullivan could easily be AAA bench or even be forced to take a AA job.

If he sticks, he sticks...if not, he'll just be released.

I've always been of the opinion that there's no such thing as a bad signing when it comes to this type of AAAA player.

Valdez was a AAAA for example...nobody expected him to see the Majors last year.

The Phillies must be auditioning for a full time personal outfield coach for Domonic Brown.

Cory Sullivan = Chris Duffy. Same guy.

I was kind of thinking Corey Sullivan = Jason Ellison, who played CF for the IronPigs in 2009. But Chris Duffy works too.

Timing is everything when it comes to AAA depth moves. If the Phillies had signed Corey Sullivan 2 weeks into free agency, Beerleeguers would have been apoplectic that, with all the big name FAs out there, Amaro was signing bargain basement garbage. But when the Phillies sign Corey Sullivan a week before pitchers and catchers report, it's a prudent move to shore up our organizational depth.

Like when Rube jumped on Juan Castro following the 09 season? Totally ridiculous move at the time and looking back, it looked even stranger.

'There will be a cake in the shape of Ryan Langerhans'.

I noticed the word 'toolsy' was not used in connection with this guy.

Yikes. Lefty. Outfielder. Can't hit. Yikes.

Any chance the Phils don't take 12 pitchers up North? I mean, do we really need 12 pitchers? You figure we'll get 7-9 innings consistently four days a week and big Joe is worth 6 or so.

What we should do with that extra roster spot is find a Jeff Stone type and just have him be the secret weapon to pinch run late in close games. I'm serious. I think it could be the difference between a few games this year. Imagine a tie game in the 9th, Ruiz leads off with a double, bring in Jeff Stone to put some added pressure on the opposing team. Bunt him over. Short sac fly or little grounder and we win. It can win us more games than some guy who will be sitting in the bullpen for weeks at a time. For the record, I would never suggest this with any other pitching staff.


Attempting to put a positive spin on this, I would like to point out that Sullivan has killed the horsehide in Citizens Bank Park (.372/1.030 in 50 plate appearances).

So, out of all the bargain signings and reclamation projects, who has the best chance at being the 2011 Valdez and contribute at the major league level for a significant portion of the season?

Delwyn Young, Jeff Larrish, Eddie Bonine, or Dan Meyer all have the ability to play on a MLB roster. Maybe not for a contending team like the Phils, but I could see them getting at bats or injuries when an injury arises.

"who has the best chance at being the 2011 Valdez and contribute at the major league level for a significant portion of the season?"

Ummmm.....Wilson Valdez?

Someone posted this link before:

I thought it was interesting that ourold friend lou Marson was #5.


Delwyn probably has the best chance.

Re: Sullivan. He's not very good, but he's not as bad as posters here think. He does have a career BA of .271 in 1,127 ABs. He has above average speed and can steal a base now and again. He's a good bunter. He can play all 3 OF spots and his range is league average. His arm is above average.

Those are all the nice things that can be said. Here are the bad things: He doesn't have a lick of power. He refuses to take a walk, so his OB stinks. He strikes out an enormous amount for a Punch-and-Judy hitter. (In the old guys they called guys like this "Judys.") He's been awful as a pinch-hitter.

In sum, he could make some teams as a 5th outfielder. But he's not good enough to unseat Gload. And BenFran and Mayberry can both play CF, so he's not needed for that either. So he stays at LV as insurance.

Finally the curtain will fall on the 2010 baseball season in Perth Australia starting around 11:30 tonight Clearwater time. Phillies likely AA super sub Tim Kennelly will be leading off in right field for the Perth Heat against Adelaide in the third game of the best of three Championship Finals in the Australian Baseball League.

Gotta acknowledge hard working guys like Phils top prospect catcher/left fielder Sebastian Valle who played in the SAL regular and post season; the Florida Instructional League; then in the Mexican Pacific regular and post seasons. And Kennelly who played in the Florda State League, the Arizona Fall League and the Australian Baseball League regular and post seasons during the 2010 and beyond baseball season.

Matt Miller is my sleeper pick to be this year's most valuable bargain basement signing. But Delwyn Young is certainly the betting favorite.

D. Young actually has a decent shot to make the Opening Day roster even if there isn't an injury.

Sullivan is just filler. If he looks truly awful in spring training early, the Phils probably will just release him outright. If not, he's down at Lehigh all summer and awaiting his chance for a callup when the inevitable Vic (insert calf/ham/quad pull) comes up & he goes on the 15-day DL.

Just can't imagine a guy like M. Martinez gets called up because I wouldn't put it past Cholly to use Oswalt in LF again before he had to play Martinez given his pretty clear disdain for playing rookie callups.

***"who has the best chance at being the 2011 Valdez and contribute at the major league level for a significant portion of the season?"

Ummmm.....Wilson Valdez?

That's why they named it the Wilson Valdez Award.

I thought it was interesting that ourold friend lou Marson was #5.***

I remember hearing from several places that the Indians absolutely LOVE Marson's was a big part of why he got so many ABs despite being below the Mendoza line all year.

Funny, that was his "weakness" when he was in our system.

Also of interest, Chooch was #3 and Schneider was #27.

Chooch probably had the best all around year of any catcher in 2010. Good for him.

Sullivan's got enough of a track record that I don't think his ST performance is going to matter one way or another. Whether he bats .800, or goes 0 for 20, Sullivan is headed for LV because we have a lack of CF depth and his track record says that he's not absolutely & completely terrible. I would actually lay around 50-50 odds that we'll see him at the major league level sometime during the 2011 season.

BAP - That's probably true because their really isn't a natural CF right now besides Vic coming into camp.

Mayberry is the closest thing to a backup CF on the club. Francisco, despite the theory, is not a legitimate backup CF...he can barely handle LF competently and is an adventure in RF.

MG: What dopey person actually thinks Martinez will make the Opening Day roster?

Well, he is a Rule 5 guy so if they like anything they see out of him in ST, he's probably got a leg up on guys like Delwyn Young and Co.

~still doesnt think he makes the 25 man~

I think Martinez is going to surprise people. He'll be okay in the Spring and he'll either go North or they'll make a deal with the Nats to keep him in AAA.

No, I don't really know that he'll do any such thing. But if he doesn't look awful, they will try to keep him one way or another.

Return of the Twitter feeds! Good stuff.

TTI - Martinez has gotten mentioned on here a bunch about the possibility of him coming north with the team as the 25th man.

Even if the Phils have an OF injury during training camp, he won't.


I remember Martinez from when he played on the Vermont LakeMonsters (SS A ball). He was probably the best hitter on the team back a 23 year old in short season ball of course.

To put Martinez into perspective, here's Wilson Valdez's AAA line from 2009 (the one that "impressed" Rube enough to sign him:

263 PA, .247 AVG, .301 OBP, .569 OPS

He also has 95 PA with the Mets and posted a .664 OPS

Here's Martinez line from last year in AA/AAA combined:

522 PA, .272 AVG, .312 OBP, .720 OPS (he was better in AAA than AA actually)

So yeah, Martinez might be just mediocre offensively and average defensively but he's probably a better bat than Valdez and he can play 2B, SS, 3B, RF, he'll get a nice long look during spring training...especially as he's a Rule 5 guy.

Those defensive catcher rankings are interesting.

Not to detract from Chooch's defense, but his strongest category is the PB/WP category. I wonder how much of that is a function of the pitching staff being full of control pitchers.

Of 92 qualified pitchers, the Phillies had the #2, #16, #20, #25, and #33 ranked starters in the league in BB/9 (Halladay, Blanton, Oswalt, Kendrick, and Hamels, respectively). Moyer, if he had enough innings to qualify, would've ranked #4. The #1 reliever by IP (Durbin) was moderately wild, but the next 3 (Contreras, Madson, Herndon) all had walk rates below 3.

As a whole, the Phillies' staff was 2nd-best in MLB in walks, and the best in the NL by a 61 walk margin.

I'd be curious to see how Chooch fares using a catcher defense model that corrects for how susceptible a pitching staff is to giving up wild pitches.

Side note: I love having a control-oriented pitching staff (and adding Lee obviously only helps this). I hate watching guys like Jonathan Sanchez who give you 5 IP with 8 K and 4 BB every start.

Also: as a staff, the Phillies were T-19th in curveball percentage, T-22nd in splitter percentage, and last in slider percentage.

Unsurprisingly, they were 4th in changeup percentage, and led the league in cutter percentage by an absurd margin (15.8% of Phillies pitches were cutters, no other team threw more than 9.0% cutters.)

Love the new background... I'm all fired up for baseball now.

The four greatest words in the English language: "Pitchers and catchers report."

DH Phils -- C'mon, man! Chooch and Lidge's explosive slider? Geesh, no one knew whereTF it was going in 2009.

Based on Ruiz's handling of Lidge alone – and all of the anecdotal kudos about Senor Ruiz’s ability to “…handle pitchers…” – we can't do anything but conclude that Carlos is a benchmark-quality defensive catcher. Let me know if I’m wrong.

NEPP: How is Martinez a better bat in the big leagues than Valdez? Those AA/AAA numbers that seem to impress you came at AGE 27!!!

Martinez is a career minor leaguer, not a prospect. The difference between him and Valdez is that Valdez is a very good fielder and Martinez is a mediocre fielder. That's why Valdez has gotten a few seasons in the bigs while Martinez never will.

Also, it's bizarre that you think RAJ signed Valdez on the basis on what he did in Trip A as opposed to what he did in the big leagues.

NEPP - I'm siding with clout here, mostly because you cherry-picked your stats. Martinez' numbers from last year were colored by an outlier stint at AAA, where in 30ish games he uncharacteristically knocked the cover off the ball. Likewise, the 2009 number you quote for Valdez hold a 40ish game stint where he went uncharacteristically cold. If you look at their overall numbers, Valdez did better at the upper levels of the minors longer than Martinez (who only has that 30ish game total at AAA even). More importantly, as our local curmudgeon points out, Valdez actually played some ball in the majors before Rube signed him. Please note, as well, that Exxon played him some OF in the minors.

If MiniMart can hit .300 a whole year at LV then maybe he can be a UT. But my guess is that WSN will want him back for $25K after ST to play for their AAA team.

Yo, new thread!

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