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Thursday, February 24, 2011


15 pitchers,15 hits,6 walks,2 errors,a hit batter,all in 2:16. It's amazing how fast they can play when they want to get to the beach,the pool,or the golf course.

Durbin is a three inning starter.

Bye, Durbin. Cleveland rocks!

Chad Durbin, "The Decision..."

Ryan Howard was safe at second. Safe and Secure...with New York Life.

it behooves sutter to invent the slutter.

and how lomg does son of kalas' voice have to marinate in the "minors" before he is ready? he needs to smoke more.

I wish Durbin nothing but the best of luck, unless of course he faces the Phils then which I hope he gets bombed.

bullit. LOL.

What's this about Kalas' son's voice in the minors?

Yea, me thought Todd Kalas worked for the team formerly know as the Devil Rays...


New thread yall

Doesn't Durbin remember what happened to Chan Hoe Park? Better a future shot with a world series contender than a guarantee to be in the cesspool of baseball with the american league version of the Washington Nationals. Maybe he has been talking with Jayson Worthless?

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