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Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I'm watching the games this weekend, I have some reservations about the offense. I know it's way too early. The pitchers are ahead of the hitters at this point, but our guys don't seem top be hitting the ball hard at all or even making contact for that matter.

Blanton opitched well, probably being showcased pitching 3 innings, thought not necessarily for the Yanks.

And yes RAJ should be concerned about Utley.

howard pulls a bill buckner, schwimmer getting hit a bit two doubles already

Notwithstanding Baez's shellacking yesterday, we are witnessing the very reason why his chances of making the team are better than most seem to think.

DPatrone: I'm shocked... SHOCKED... to read that you're worried about our offense after 1 1/2 preseason games... which actually translates to 4 ABs max for our top players. I mean, if we can't give up after 4 ABs, we're not Beerleaguer!

And Blanton stayed in for 3 innings because of the low pitch count... not for extra showcasing.

Patellar tendinitis- the result of a MRI on Utley's right knee yesterday. Amaro is concerned. Meaning we should all be Chicken Little's and watch out for the falling sky.

Chase Utley sat on a wall,
Chase Utley had a great fall,
All the Phillies trainers,
and all the Phillies men,
Couldn't put Utley together again.


CJ~ I'm concerned about the lack of contact. Raul appears to not be able to get around on anyone's fastball.

As far as Blanton, you're pitch count theory may be accurate but they are shopping him. They are concerned about Raul. They are looking to bring a RH bat to spell Raul against LH pitching. I've been told some things and while they may make some sense, I'm not happy at who they're looking at. I will tell you that Rowand is there for the taking, but RAJ wants someone younger than he.

That's all I'm saying for now. I'll talk about things more when and if they happen.

D.Brown 0-3 k,k,k

DPatrone: Bats are usually slow the first week or so of spring training. It's silly to get overly worried about it right now.

I agree that reacting to stats at this stage is fruitless/pointless, but Dom Brown needs to impress and he's doing anything but that. In fact he's disappointing.

TTI~ I'm aware of that as I mentioned. Guys will come around. Ben Fran had a nice gapper. But they have K'd quite a bit already. What matters to me is that the K's have come against guys who'll probably not be pitching at the big-league level.

DPatrone: Well, there's no way for me to argue against, "I've been told some things." We're all well aware of your secret sources inside the Phillies organization.

The Phils radio announcers said in the 3rd inning that Blanton had a very specific pitch count and that's why he was back out for the 3rd inning. It's possible they were lying, I suppose.

And, again... 4-5 ABs tells us NOTHING about the Phillies offense. But those who are generally pessimistic will make grand predictions based on the tiny sample size nonetheless.

Not sure if this has been posted here yet-
Once Werth got back behind the cage, Rizzo said, "I hate the [expletive] Phillies." The GM then ran off a list of borderline dirty plays and purpose pitches in recent years by the Nats' nemesis. "I hate the Phillies, too," said Werth.

*Werth is a moron!

Werth badmouths the organization that gave his gimpy ass a chance to earn his way back to the major leagues when no one gave a damn about him.

Yeah...classy guy. He won't be missed. I look forward to his failing to adequately replace Adam Dunn in the lineup.

CJ~ I'm not making any predictions at all. You seem to misundertand what I'm saying. Unfortunately, I'm not able to listen to the radio broadcast down here in the Richmond area.

As far as what I've been told,Just Because I said it, doesn't mean it's not true. You seem to think neither me nor anyone I know is very credible and that's your opinion. Your entitled to it.

Based in what what was told to me, I was not happy with that. They're still looking at Morse as we all know, but I don't think he's the answer. If he comes here, and they give up what I was told that the COULD, I believe it's too much. They're also talking to the O's. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

GM-Carson: Yeah, it was linked in the comments in the last thread. I don't blame the guy, he's the new face of the Nats so he should be talking the talk. If I were a Nats fan, I'd want him to say that. I wasn't going to be rooting for him before he said this, so nothing really changes for me there.

What did strike me from the Wash. Post article was the fact the Nats GM thinks the Phils are dirty. I hope we show him just what we think of that when the Nats and Phils face off.

GM~ I heard that too. You're right, Werth is a moron. He coulda stayed if he wanted. The Phils made him a good offer. He'll laugh all the way to the bank, but he'll be watching the playoffs and WS on his TV.

Duke Snider passed away today. Just heard it on YES network.

DPatrone: Well, we all appreciate you being cryptic with your secret information.

It's no secret that the Phils seek a RH OF bat either to fill the RF role or to be part of a rotation with Dom and/or Raul.

The Morse story is all over the place, so that's nothing we haven't heard, but I've already read that the Nats don't have much interest in moving him, particularly to the Phils.

I also find it hard to believe the Phils are talking to the O's about a RH OF bat considering they don't really have any to deal. But I've been surprised before.

CJ~ Look at the O's RH outfielders. The guy is not a household name. You come back to me with it and I'll tell you. Like I said, I'm not happy.

Well while you guys are arguing our starting RF just went deep.... big bad ben francisco

There's only two on their active roster:

Adam Jones, whom they're not trading.

Nolan Reimold, who has just 143 career games. He's a poor man's Ben Francisco. Why would we deal for him when we've got Ben?

Sorry, don't see it.

pb: I've said from the start that Francisco would either be our starter or platoon with Brown. The Phils made the choice to bring in Lee instead of going after Werth or his replacement.

What the Phils seek now is that RH OF bench bat. I just don't see that it's going to be Mayberry Jr.

by the way Nolan Reimold is my guess

pb: Like I said, why deal for Reimold when you have Francisco. I suppose you could deal a B-prospect if you want the guy for your bench bat, but it doesn't make much sense that the O's would deal him either. They don't have an obvious replacement and he wouldn't bring much in return.

And, lest anyone get the wrong impression, I'm in no way suggesting Benny Frank should get the job because of the last 2 preseason games. It's based on 1000 ABs with an OPS+ or 105, the ability to play all three OF positions and above average speed.

I think Brown is going to be in Lehigh Valley to start the season. That swing just has too many holes in it right now. Any kind of good fastball is going to eat him up. He needs more reps in AAA.

Ibanez, Victorino, Francisco, Del Young and Mayberry will likely be the 5 outfielders to start the season.

2 things:

1.) Please note that DPatroen wrote in his 2:55 pm post, "I'll talk about things more when and if they happen."

- Translated that means, "I have no inside sources. If a deal happens I'll talk about it well after it's been reported and say, "I knew about this a while ago."

2.) What do people expect Werth to say. He was paid a considerable amount of money to go to Washington and be "the guy." He can't go there and say, "Well golly I love the Phillies organization and I wish I was still playing with them and not here." He needs to set the tone for the team and the season. I don't think they compete this year but they will be pesky and probably compete for the division title next season.

denny b: I'm going to wait until clout day to make any predictions about where Dom Brown will start the season and about any "holes" in his swing. It's awfully early.

The other thing working against Brown is that he basically can only play one spot...RF.

With Young, you get a guy who can play anywhere. And a 2nd LH stick on the bench. Mayberry can play all 3 OF spots and could even dabble at 1B in a pinch. And he is a good baserunner.

If Brown isn't starting, he needs to go. Because he really adds very little off the pine.

CJ~ Reimold is the guy. Like I said, I'm not happy. The concern is Raul. They want someone to spell him in LF against LH pitching. He was hurt last year and if you lokk at his '09 HR and RBI, they were very similar to what Morse put up in '10.

I agree with you, they should be able to do better, but if they give up Blanton and don't have to pay his salary, this is the kind of gut we're gonna get.

Not saying it's gonna happen. I'm saying I've been told that these are the types of guys they're looking at and they still dangeling Blanton, no matter what RAJ is saying. They want a RH bat for him, and if they can get one, he'll go. Do I like it? No.

I've asked my friend if he thought Blanton would remain with the team until the deadline and he said no. He said the Morse talks are very real. I asked him hat he thoght about a RH upgrade. He said we're going with what we've got there. Then he brought up the LH situation, and told me also about Rowand. That's not totaly dead but RAJ doesn't want to pay him.

This must make sense to RAJ, I guess. But like I said they're concerned about Raul. That's why I mentioned about Joe going 3 innings. RAJ is looking at every team that needs pitching and we need a RH bat, one that's inexpensive.

CJ, Yes its awfully early. We need to give it 2 weeks and see where we are at.

But we also have to realistic... Brown has shown very little ability to hit major league pitching. He didn't hit in winter ball. And he looked horrible today in his AB's. He wasn't even close. As Mike Kay said on the Yankee telecast, "Brown looks like he has a big hole in his swing upstairs". He ain't kidding.

I don't think he's ready. Maybe in 2 weeks he looks completely different. He better. Or he'll be in Allentown....which might be best for him anyway.

DPatrone: I seriously hope you're not suggesting the Phils will deal Joe Blanton for Nolan Reimold. That's hilarious.

TTI~ I don't say things like that. After all the heat I've taken here. You know me better than that.

holy crap. blanton was on a 35 pitch count, just like hamels. how many did he throw? good grief. i mean seriously, making something out of that is pretty ridiculous

TTI~ In my 2:55 post, I didn't mention Reimold because I would've not been believed anyway. You are one of the people who think I'm not credible. Recall if you please, what was said after I called Reyes "garbage". We wound up with Romero unstead of him, thank God.

DPatrone: Wait... anyone who called Reyes "garbage" when we almost signed him had inside knowledge?!?!? There are a lot of Phillies insiders are Beerleaguer.

"It's silly to get overly worried about it right now."

That's very true. The time to get worried was the day the 2010 season ended.

CJ~ That's what was mentioned. I'm not suggesting it. I wouldn't even deal Blanton for Morse. I wouldn't deal KK for either of those two either. Like I said, I'm not happy.

DPatrone: Well, cheer up. There's no way in hell it's happening no matter what you're super secret inside sources are telling you. You should probably find better sources!

Denny B~ Brown did look late and over-matched didn't he?

CJ~ I didn't say I had inside knowledge of the potential Reyes signing. I call ed hom "garbage" when I read that the were interested in signing him. I got killed for that comment.

This, of course, means nothing. I'm just posting it from yesterday's Baltimore Sun:

And finally, outfielder Nolan Reimold had a pretty impressive batting practice session today, prompting Showalter to say, "We may have to take a loan out to pay for all the balls," that the right-handed hitter deposited over the fence. Showalter said that Reimold has a different look to him this spring.

TTI -".) What do people expect Werth to say. He was paid a considerable amount of money to go to Washington and be "the guy." He can't go there and say, "Well golly I love the Phillies organization and I wish I was still playing with them and not here."

I don't expect him to say he hates the Phillies! Being on a new team doesn't mean you have to hate your old team. Afterall, he wasn't traded - he made a free agent decision. He coulda riffed on something like - I had a good time playing in Philadelphia but I'm really looking forward now to playing for the Nationals and being part of building a contending club here etc.etc. or better yet - don't say anything about the Phillies.
His comments on the Phils have the opposite effect of what he seems to want to communicate. They are actually showing he still very much has the Phillies on his mind!

If the Orioles would trade Reimold for Kendrick I would do that trade. Reimold came into last year with some pretty high expectations but was injured at the start of the year and never really got healthy. He got sent down and once he was healthy he started tearing up Triple A again.

PhilliesDude: It's not like there was a press conference and he announced he "hated the Phillies." It was batting practice banter with the GM. He wasn't even the one to bring it up.

Let's not blow this out of proportion.

Take me back to the good old days when ballplayers had to work in the offseason, like selling cars or insurance. They didn't have the time to workout to the point of getting patella tendinitis. Utley's starting to resemble Samuel L. Jackson in "Unbreakable".

TTI~ I knew he was hurt last year. Can we agree that the Phils need a bat? If so, I posted yesterday "whom do we get and at waht price"?

In this day and age, if the Phils really do want to trade Blanton and his salary, would you take this kind of player for him?

I'm torn by a couple of things: 1. Baez in lieu of Durbin. We're gonna eat Baez' contract anyway. Now I know we've got to give the young guys a chance. Maybe if Baez goes, Herndon sticks. and 2. The lack of a RH bat. Deep down inside, they had to know it was a need right? Don't get me wrong, I would part with the pitching. I would've signed a FA.

But since that didn't happen what do you think will happen? I'm told they'll get someone. Morse and Reimhold were mentioned as to keep an eye on as potential targets. We all knew about Morse.

Dpatrone: I think I clearly said I would trade for him if the price was Kendrick. If it's Blanton I'm not as open to it.

Does anyone recall the last reported amount of money that Texas was willing to eat of Michael Young contract? (not that it's 100% accurate) Not that it's gonna happen at all but it does seem like a perfect fit. An extremely versatile inf. to help your banged up inf. howard ankle, utley knee, rollins legs, polanco elbow

ps it would be even more perfect if beltre wasn't banged up himself

Truth Injection- nobody is saying Werth shoulda been spreading love to the Phils, but he certainly didn't have to say he hated them either. He could have kept his effin' mouth shut.

pb: That was my line of thinking as well, but I was assured that this was ridiculous and that Amaro would never even consider it.

Dom Patrone, Sir, while you present an argument or two that some here disagree with, there is usually SOME rational basis for your point of view.

I have to tell you that your concern for the offense right now, after 4-5 PA for each regular, has "0", as in "ZERO" basis for concern - no foundation whatsoever.

Frankly, I would expect hitters' timing to be off at this point during the year - it usually occurs.

As for Raul, well, if Ruben is concerned about him I don't share the concern. While I don't think he's capable of duplicating it for an entire season, I don't believe his .303/.368/.485 slash line the second half of the 2010 season was a fluke.

I think Werth's response was pretty odd, but I can't get to worked up about it.

Jayson who?

Who gives a damn about the Nats???

AWH~ I hope yo're right about the offense. You're right, the bats are slower than the arms this time of year.

As for Raul, he is a professional hitter. A good one at that. He's smart. No doubt he's worked hard this off-eseason, as we've all have seen.

He can still play the OF, at 39 though it's his bat speed I worry about. But as I've said, he's smart and should be able to make adjustments. His 2nd half stats were no fluke at all.

I am wondering though, if they's want to get him off the field a litle more against LH pitching.

I try to think as a phan who wants his favorite team to win as do we all. I jnow someday, that the window for this special group of players will be closed. I'm just not ready for that to happen any time soon.

I've both bashed and lauded RAJ for his moves, and much more often than not he knows what he's doing. I hope things continue as they are.

I do not want to see Blanton go. I'm not a big fan of KK, but wwe need him an insurance, even if Joe stays. In the right deal though I wouldn't mind him going, but he alone won't bring much.

Is my friend always accurate? Heck no. But I do believe him when he says they're still trying to trade Joe. Can't see that he would not tell the truth about anything. I just pass info along. It's good fodder at least. Have a good night. I'm out for now.

I was hoping for some gems in this thread and it did not disappoint. DPatrone- you seem like a nice guy, but I'm not sure which one of these three statements, all written by you in the last 24~ hours, is the most comical:

1) Because there is a rumor about the Phils inquiring about Morse, Rube is 'scrambling' for a bat.

2) You're worried about how the offense looks on February 27th, two games into the spring training schedule.

3) The continuing talk about your super-secret source. Come on man. Not only has this guy never come through on anything, but you go from not wanting to divulge what you 'know' at 2:55PM to giving away everything just an hour later. Either spit it out or don't say anything, because based on 'Deep Throat's' track record not many on here are gonna believe it anyway.

Carson: Werth was brought in to be the leader of the Nats on and off the field. Saying what he did sends a message to the fans that the Nationals are not afraid of the big bad Phillies. It's PR stuff but it's necessary in the game.

Also, it wasn't really a press conference or anything. It was chatter behind the batting cage. Werth is just trying to rally the clubhouse. Commend the guy for that. One stupid comment doesn't mean I'm going to castigate the guy for leaving like so many are ready to do.

I'm not mad at Werth for leaving and taking the huge/ridiculous paycheck. Good for him.

Saying "I hate the Phillies too" was not necessary. Why would that be necessary? I understand he was signed to be the man and a clubhouse leaders, but do you think clubhouse leaders talk hate to the media. Does Jason Varitek? Does Derek Jeter? Does Jimmy Rollins? No.

Sad to see Duke Snider passed. The first game I ever saw in person was at Connie Mack in 1964. Duke was in right field, playing for the San Fran Giants. His last season. And of all the great players on the field that day, he made the biggest impression on me. Maybe because we sat down the right field line. But with Mays and McCovey and Bunning and Dick Allen out there, all I can remember about the game is how much spitting Duke Snider was doing. I had never seen a human expectorate that much. In his glove. On the field. He practically saturated the area he was standing in in right field. Weird what you remember.

Dom, I too believe they're still trying to trade Blanton. I believe they want the salary relief. Period.

I also agree that they shouldn't trade him, as I believe they need pitching depth more than a RH OF bat.

I'm not sure any RH bat out there - that they could get in a trade - is worth giving up Blanton.

However, if things shake out this season and certain RH bat become available, then I might be in favor of moving Joe - but only if those bats do shake loose.

What's the over/under on how many games until Werth assaults a Nats fan in front of their underage children?

I suppose that this presupposes that the Nats sell enough tickets to fans not wearing Phillies shirts.

There has to be fans in the OF seats for that to happen.

Guessing it wont happen often.

I will preface the following comment by stating it has absolutely NOTHING to do with his hitting early on in ST as that is meaningless...

That said, I think BenFran will get a minimum of 400 PAs as an OF for the Phillies this year. He's gonna be a true 4th OF this year.

People, Werth was quoted saying something during freaking BP. Get over it.

You would probably find a reason to hate every player if everything they said in the locker room and/or on the field was actually put into the newspaper.

Nepp: and hell have an ops+ of 105 - hooray

****he'll have an ops+ of 105 - hooray****

And mediocre defense too!

But he'll sadly be a solid utility OF guy despite all that. He's not a starter but he's a good enough backup.

Odds are if he gets 400 PA, he'll post the following line give or take:

400 PA, .263 AVG, .331 OBP, .442 SLG, 13 HR, 26 2B, 45 RBI, 45 R

Jack: I doubt that anyone is really that upset about what Werth said. It's just fun to have a reason to boo him.

Werth, Myers, Rolen, Drew, Wagner - There could be a fantasy team of players disliked in Phillies.

There's got to be some sort of balance. For every Happ, we boo a Myers. For every Burrell, we boo a a Werth.

Werth is dead to me.

A month or two ago, I actually predicted -- right here on this blog -- that Francisco would be the starting rightfielder & that he'd have a career year. I based this prediction on nothing in particular -- just a gut feeling that, if a 60th percentile hitter plays long enough, he's bound to have 1 or 2 years in which he performs like an 80th percentile hitter. Hence, I'm calling a .282 average with 25 homeruns this year. I wish I could be so optimistic for the rest of the offense, but I can't.

BAP, I really really hope that happens. That'd be absolutely awesome.

Why in the world would the Orioles trade Reimold for Blanton?

Some very strange thinking on here, although typical for Beerleaguer.

BAP: Wanna bet? I'll take the under.

If you were the Nats wouldn't you want to generate a feud with the Phillies? To sell some seats? Werth is the perfect vehicle.

NEPP: I think you're wrong on the PA for Ben Fran, but right on the percentage stats. Knock off 20% on the counting stats and you're there.

I suspect that Dom Brown won't be quite ready to start the year and that Ibanez and Vic will both miss time due to injuries.

Both assumptions seem like good bets.

Patellar tendinitis is more common in basketball players and runners. It can certainly be caused by workouts if less than adequate stretching is done. It is not a serious injury if properly addressed.

I ran for 30 years, everything from marathons to 5Ks, and had patellar tendinitis a couple times. The first time, I went over to Penn sports medicine and Dr. Joe Torg stuck a needle full of lidocaine in it and told me to do a better job of strengthening and stretching my quads and my hamstrings before exercise.

I did this and it didn't flare up again for 15 years. The second time required a bit more recovery since the cartilege in my knee was just about gone, but a longer period of stretching did the trick.

It's caused by excess stress on the tendon due to tightness and/or weakness in the quad and hamstring or overworking it, which is what Charlie seemed to suggest Uts problem was.

Given his self-discipline, I'd be shocked if this bothers Utley at all this season.

I ran on patella tendinitis for 6 months in the Army because I simply didn't have time to go to sick call.

Its not a major issue and even with OTC painkillers, its managed pretty easily.

Completely agree with clout on this being a non-issue.

NEPP: If Dom isn't ready out of the chute, you have a fair chance of being right. But if he is, you have no chance. Even if Vic and Ibanez miss 20 games apiece and BenFran starts in RF against all LHP he won't get 400 PA.

***But if he is, you have no chance.***

I don't think he will be. The Phillies won't toss him out there in April if he doesn't crush it in Spring Training. Given the new stance and his defensive issues, I suspect he might go to Lehigh for a month or so.

"Werth is dead to me.

Posted by: NEPP | Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 08:35 PM"

NEPP, you're a thief.

I don't know how anyone can disagree with Jack that age makes athletes more susceptible to injury and requires a longer recovery time. That's just medical fact.

Of course Jack mentions this fact all the time in reference to Howard, Polanco and Utley, yet never mentioned it even once in reference to Pedro Feliz.


NEPP: "The Phillies won't toss him out there in April if he doesn't crush it in Spring Training."

I totally agree. And by "crush" I mean how he looks more than the stats he puts up. If he looks comfortable with his swing, if he's turning on fastballs on his hands and protecting against breaking stuff on the outside corner, he'll go north regardless of the stats.

I really see no reason for bashing DPatrone. It makes for useful discussion and until something actually happens every rumor is still just that from Ruben or deep throat.

I like both Morse and Reimold as 'kick the tires guys'. Both are older with a breakout year but little projection. Both are RH bats that could be starters. I like Francisco though and Mayberry should be okay (and cheap) against lefties.

Stashing Brown in the minors to avoid Super2 status makes sense to me. I want to see what Francisco can do with Mayberry getting some time against lefties. If it is an obvious failure by mid-season and Brown is still not ready, then Phils will have to trade more than they would like to get a better bat for remainder of RF this year and LF for next year. Pitching is just so much harder to acquire.

The brittle infield is a definite issue though. Young wants starters playing time which will not happen in Philly. Not sure who might be available and only internal option seems like Harold Garcia.

awh, NEPP: Shouldn't we be watching the Oscars?

I agree, its not about stats. He needs to look comfortable at the plate. He could hit .200 and be brought north as long as he's hitting the ball hard. The flip side of that...he could hit .300 and go to Lehigh if lots of balls are falling in and his defense is still really shaky.

So far, he looks tentative with the new stance. Its very very early though and most hitters are cold to start ST.

And some beat up on minor-leaguers that will be bagging groceries in a couple months (BenFran)

Ironically, the Oscars ARE on in my house right now.

Is there any poster on here who seriously thinks that Francisco or Mayberry will have a better MLB career than Reimold?

If so, let's meet again on here in 10 years and see where it stands.

This reminds me of a buddy Phils fan who once bet me that Charlie Hayes would hit more HRs in his career than Matt Williams.

clout: I said a few times that my problem is with every injury being attributed to their older age. I also said that age affected recovery time more than anything else.

Very few, if any, of their injuries the past few seasons have been age related.

Re: Werth for whatever it's worth. It's almost what he hasn't said, more than the little barbs dude directs the Phillies way.
The Phillies haven't lost a lot of guys to free agency but they lost Burrell a couple of years ago without any attempt to really extend him. Dude spends megabucks and takes out two full page ads in the local newspapers to thank the fans for his great time in Philly. Meyers leaves with no attempt to keep him. Expresses to the Phillies papers really having enjoyed his time in Philadelphia. Werth leaves with at least some attempt to negotiate with him. He's never said anything about the fans, his time in Philly, his career being resurrected here etc. Instead there have been a couple of ouches at press conferences (re: Lee - I guess they got their boy or if the Phillies had played their cards right they could have had both Lee and me)....and now this retort of "I hate the Phillies too" at a batting practice with a Wash Post reporter nearby.
A lot of us cheered loudly for dude when he was a Phillie. We bought his Phillies shirt.
Thanks Jayson!
Hey now I'm glad to move on -I get to see Halladay pitch tomorrow. Oswalt and Lee should make their spring debuts soon too.

clout: Reimold? Isn't this guy about to enter his age 28 season and barely has a season's worth of at bats? Why the belief he's suddenly going to have some kind of memorable career? He's got work to do just to catch up to Benny Frank.

Nolan Reimold's 2010:

MLB: .210 AVG/.610 OPS in 131 PA
AAA: .249 AVG/.738 OPS in 401 PA

Tell me again why we would want this guy? Why is he so coveted?

His 2009 stat line looks like an outlier to be honest.

IMHO, I believe Utley will scuffle for the remainder of his career – based on his 36-month injury history and his late-season disappearances, he’s never going to be a Joe Morgan ‘late-career production stud (anyone remember September 1983?)’, defying the norms for a classically defense-oriented position.

Regardless, here’s hoping that Ryan Howard reverts to his old ways; that is into something more that a strikeout-prone gap hitter. For years, all we use to say about Schmitty was: “He was done; all he had left was ‘warning track power’”. Until he hit the last of his 548 career HRs. Boy, were we dopes.

This is a duplicate posting. However, we need the Big Piece to put up Big Numbers. As Jack has so accurately stated over the last year or so, the $125mm don’t kick in ‘til next year.

what makes me angry about Rizzo saying he hates the phillies is......three games a year he comes close to selling out....because the phillies fans travel to his park.

Why would you or anyone be angry that a divisional rival would hate a team thats finished first place 4 years in a row and is the talk of the league all offseason about how they'll easily win a 5th?

NEPP: Reimold, like Rollins, Utley & Howard, played hurt last year. If that can be an excuse for the Phillies, it works for other teams too, no?

If the scouts are right, his injury-plagued 2010 was the outlier, not 2009.

clout, I don't watch the oscars.

***If the scouts are right, his injury-plagued 2010 was the outlier, not 2009.***

Taking into account his minor league numbers, 2009 is way out of whack compared to the rest. Sure, he might bounce back but I sure as hell wouldn't give up Blanton to find out.

TTI: You agree that age increases injury risk and recovery time. You also agree that the Phillies are getting older. Finally, you also agree that the Phillies were more injured last year than they had been previously (the latter two are facts, so it would be hard for you to disagree). Yet you reject the notion that these things are somehow connected?

Sure, this could very easily be correlation, as opposed to causation. And these things certainly aren't black and white. But given those parameters, isn't it odd that you're taking a black and white position AGAINST the simple and logical explanation that the Phils are simply getting injured more as they get older?

Jack: by an astonishing coincidence, the likes of which cannot be explained by medical science, all of the Phillies injuries have come from something other than age.

If that's the case, the Phillies are an older team that has increased injury risk, increased recovery time and, in addition to this, a history of recurring injuries across the diamond that are non-age related.

In other words, according to TI, we're f'ed.

Jack, prove unequivocaly the 2010 injuries were actually caused by age or shut up about it already. It's getting old.

Besides, you never answered my question about whether J.C. Ramirez's hip injury was age realted.

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