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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Let the record show I wrote a longer eulogy for Hoover than I did for Dobbs.

How could Rube let this happen!?!

I'm sure Buy Kamanga will save this artical as well - very well written.

I liked Hoover. Obviously I saw him in Lehigh Valley a bunch. He had this Crash Davis way about him.

Teach your kids to be catchers. Good defensive catchers are the surest guys to get to the bigs. And the surest bets to stick around. Think of how many guys there have been that can't hit a lick but play 10 years in the majors because they're good defensive catchers. Brian Schneider is still collecting a nice pay check. Every team needs one of these guys. If he bats left handed so much the better.

Doesn't hurt to change your kid's name to Molina either.

"Teach your kids to be catchers."

I was thinking that exact thought. If you're a good defensive catcher, you will have a career in major league baseball.

Or a left handed pitcher.

Season = over

Who gives a dam about Hoover, he sucked anyway.

Oh, I'm so punny.

Good defensive catchers always have a spot in the big? This conclusion is based on Paul Hoover playing 40 MLB games in 7 years signing a minor league contract?

Or is Brian Schneider secretly known for his great defense?

I'll agree that good catchers are worth their weight in gold but if you looking for an "easy" job for your kid, left handed pitcher is the way to go...

It's not so much defense that extends the life of a catcher. It's game calling, knowing a staff, creating a comfort level for the pitchers and coaches, etc.

Heather - or a left-handed hitting catcher.

That cinches it. I'm heading to Dick's today to by my toddler her first set of the tools of ignorance.

Andy - or a left handed hitting 6'9" catcher, so he can easily transition to 3B when his knees give him problems.

Left handed pitcher is good also, but the incidence of arm injuries to pitchers is so high I'd rather my kid be a catcher. And earlier in his career Schneider was known as a good defensive catcher. He only really hit against the Phillies. And Hoover only ever lasted long enough to sniff the bigs because he could catch a bit. His offense would have had him working the fryer at Wendys by the time he was 22. JW is right. Defense for a catcher only begins with receiving. There is so much more.

It's a sad day but we all knew it would eventually come to fruition.

PH24 was there ready for battle when Brian Schreider went down lame and he served uneventfully, he was there when Ruiz went down last year...there to back up Dane Sardinha. In his limited duty he really showed glimpses of being a poor man's Paul Bako, a forlorn Gary Bennett if you will. Regardless of how Hoover found ways to not affect games in so many ways he lives on in our hearts as the last player on the bench who epitomized stretches of backstop futility in Lehigh Valley.

Nobody asks to carry the cross left by Lou Marson, Ronny Paulino et al. but along came Paulie and he did so en vogue.

Does he hold a candle to the Hezekiah Allen's, the Smoky Burgess', the Choo Choo Coleman's of the organization? No, but he bobbled wild pitches gracefully from the cannon of Capt. Jack Taschner in meaningless innings like it was his job. And it was his job.

Good night, sweet prince.

I hate to break up the Paul Hoover love-fest, or to further my reputation as Mr. Negative but, when I look back on the Paul Hoover Era 10 years from now, the only thing I'll remember are those 2 ghastly defensive blunders in the game where Hoover & Nate Robertson combined to turn a 10-0 Phillies blow-out into a tense finish in which Cholly was forced to bring in Ryan Madson.

Emmett: Awesome.

While I can't prove it, I blame Andy Tracy for this.

What does the catching depth look like now? Chooch and Schneider, ML; Sardinha and Kratz at AAA; Tuffy and Naughton at AA with Kennelly as the super sub when one of the above breaks down; Valle everyday at A+; Rupp and Klocke at A-.

BAP - Yup. Hoover is another 'defensive catcher' who frankly wasn't even an average defensive catcher anymore. Just like Bako.

Sardinha got a lot of love on Beerleaguer last year -- and deservedly so, since absolutely nothing was expected of him, yet he ended up hitting a few big homeruns for us. Still, I can't help but notice that he has a career major league stat line of .151/.183/.451. Or that his 2010 AAA stat line was .207/.261/.572. Or that his 2009 AAA stat line was .178/.250/.564.

Kratz is no great shakes either, but his numbers are a lot better than Sardinha's. I don't know about his defense but, if it's even semi-competent, I'd have to think that he would be the primary AAA catcher & the first guy called up if Schneider or Chooch were to go down.

"showed glimpses of being a poor man's Paul Bako, a forlorn Gary Bennett"

Classic writing. Who doesn't aspire to being a poor man's Bako?


MG: So true. Amazing how long those guys hang around. If you ever had a rep as a decent defensive catcher you can really have a long career. Especially if your rep is also that you can handle a pitching staff. It almost doesn't matter how long ago you got that rep. Just that you were once pretty good. Lots of money to be made.

donc - Exactly. Like some money manager who was huge in the tech boom in the late 90s but has been largely a dud since then. Hell, its even much worse since all you to do is make a true contradictory call that turns out to be true one time. You still see guys touting "he predicted Black Monday in October '87"

My favorite Wall Street quote of all time, "He predicted 5 of the last 3 recessions."

Awesome. Opens up a AAA catching spot. Next shoe to drop: Joe Blanton for Jesus Montero.

"all you to do is make a true contradictory call that turns out to be true one time"

My contrarian prediction: Ben Francisco will post a higher 2011 OPS than Albert Pujols. If I'm wrong, no one will remember I ever wrote that (or, if they do, they'll just assume I was joking). But, if I'm right, no one will ever again be able to question my baseball acumen -- not even clout.

Before Johnny Estrada took his talents to 5 different cities in 4 years he spoiled us into expecting greatness from game changers like Coste, Fasano, and Stinnett.

I sometimes wonder who'd be calling Millwood no-no's had Johnny not set the bar so high.

Donc - how much money do you think Hoover has made in his 13 years of MiLB / MLB (post college years)? $1MM total? Average American with a college degree would have made about $725K in that same time, so Hoover's not really raking in the dough.

". . . he spoiled us into expecting greatness from game changers like Coste, Fasano, and Stinnett."

Careful, now. If you lump Coste in with Fasano & Stinnett, you will likely have to deal with a very angry Davethom.

Spitz: Well, Hoover signed a $400K minor league contract with the Phillies last year. 2 years before that, he made 390K, and the year before that, he made $380K.

He's certainly not "raking in the dough" by major league baseball standards but, by most of our standards, he's not doing too shabbily.

Spitz:Hoover isn't a very good example. He's barely made it to the major leagues. But think of others such as Coste, Stinnett, even Bako. Barely major leaguers at all but 4 or 5 years as a marginal major leaguer can make you upwards of 2 million bucks. Not bad. Hoover for sure has never made any real money. I agree with you on that.

In Coste's defense he was at least adopted, like all prodigal sons eventually are, by his biological father, but not legal guardian, Ed Wade. Wade graciously turns our discarded bronze into tin year in and year out and for that I applaud his dumpster driving efforts to tread water in the bloodthirstiest cutthroat division in all of sport; the NL Central.

Wade's really weaved together a nice little tapestry of semi-pro's and never has beens; J. Michaels, P. Feliz, Coste, Geary, Myers, Figueroa etc. just to name a few.

****Or a left handed pitcher.

Posted by: Heather | Wednesday, February 02, 2011 at 10:15 AM

I think if you were to break your son's right arm and force him to throw LH, you could probably get off of the child abuse charge by showing the judge statistics/salary info on mediocre LHPs.

I thought Ed Wade's biological son was Jeff Geary. Ever see 'em side by side? Spooky.

Better team of Phillies castoffs: The Lehigh Valley IronPigs or Ed Wade's Houston Astros?


Gotta go with the least several of those guys have had successful MLB seasons.

BAP - I had no idea that Hoover was making $300-400K a year for the past 3 or 4 years. I was wrong - he has raked in a bunch of dough with a nothing career!

Aren't half of the current Iron Pigs casteoff's from Wade's 'stros teams? Meaning a quarter of the current Iron Pigs have a 25% chance of having already been once current Phillies and Astros.

That's the good life. To have sifted between Philly and Houston for the better part of your 20's and to finally settle down as a Pig at 34 after years of fellowship behind Michaels, Burrell, and Myers sounds like heaven. But even if that's your hell you can repent your sins to Lidge.

Yeah. I had no idea Hoover was making that much either. Tools of ignorance my a##. We should all be so ignorant.

With a name like Hoover he's gotta be doing something on the side. Pest control, plumbing etc. ITE the name means everything. This guy's getting rid of whatever you need out, and that's fact.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Mets and Wilpon hired him to get all the termites and rats off that rotten Apple in center field which has risen since Fernando Tatis started juicing for those meaningless 4 months.

Good day- anyone else see Jon Stewart's impersonation of a Mets fan at a Phillies game Monday night? It was funny.

I never had a problem with Hoover. "Poor Man's Bako" is just mean.

You can't really get more distitute than Bako so maybe a poor man's Bako, by the law of refraction, makes him a rich man's Tom Prince, which is undoubtedly high praise and not mean in the least.

Yo, new thread

How can the Phillies continue without him?? Oh my God!!!

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