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Thursday, February 24, 2011


although they were usually a result of a double switch or a late game replacement, Schiender's lefty-ness did come in handy a few times last year.

Schiender matched Gload's OPS vs RHP with a .271/.381/.439 slasline in 127 PA. (really, .381 OBP vs RHP - would have never guessed).

So even though the backup catcher rarely pinch hits, he still gives our bench some flexibility vs opposing teams if they waste their LHP on Gload/meat of the order.

Gload can also spell Ryno like he did last year...if Ryno doesn't stay 100% healthy that is.

Otherwise, having him in RF was like having Stairs out there.

Good summary, with which I agree. Staying sharp day to day as a pinch hitter is a skill set in itself, and it is the skill Gload needs to stay most focused on. Not that he should leave his glove at home, of course.

From last thread: "My favorite mvptommyd angle: he played baseball in college, therefore, he knows more than you."

I actually thought of incorporating that angle into my medical post, but I concluded that it might just be too obtuse for anyone to get. Apparently not.

I could see Delwyn Young making the squad and he's a switch hitter.

I just have a strong feeling that if we keep Blanton we are going to be very glad we did. I wouldn't be a Phillies fan if I didn't think that way.

I think we'd be happier if we keep Blanton. One of the Big 4 will go down with an injury...there's a decent shot that 2 of them will too based on their ages and injury histories. Having a guy like Blanton around would go a long way towards stabilizintg the lineup.

Did Mayberry play winter ball and how well did he play if he did? Is he not being considered in the mix for RF at all?

Was valdez's contract renewed? What's his salary?

Valdez is making around league minimum I believe. I dont recall the exact amount. I'd guess $410-450K if he makes the club. If he doesnt make the club, he'll get a minor-leageu salary.

Did Sweeney not catch on anywhere?

Cipper: If you think Mayberry is better than Francisco then Mayberry should be in the mix. I don't get the feeling the Phillies think he is. This has got to be RFD's make or break year. I would expect him to be the insurance policy in AAA, just like last year. Personally, I expect very little of him. He just doesn't look like a major leaguer to me.

Agree on the Blanton comments - a good fifth starter. As far as right field is concerned, I can't remember starting a season with a position in such limbo. Spring training will be revealing.

- "Danys Baez will suffer a phantom injury because he stinks."

I'm just wondering because it's just spoken as if its a forgone conclusion that Mayberry wont be in the mix. I don't think he's better than Francisco, its just that when I think of Francisco playing the field, I always replay the line drive to right field in which he dove for it to catch it in the air. Problem was, he was easily 15 feet from the ball.

Valdez will make $560,000, according to the DN.

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