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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Is this game televised? perhaps?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, game chat.

Gotta become a member and pay for it, though :(

Can't seem to get the audio feed from the mlb @ bat app either...

Is there a place to listen free? If so, please link :)

I'm just really excited that there's a header that starts with "Game Chat:".

This season can't start soon enough.


I still don't comb my hair.

Two run double by Ryan Howard.

That could me:

1) He's back! The ankle is better than ever!
2) He doesn't have the power to hit home runs anymore.

Most of us will fall in between... we know where Jack falls...

Bloop base hit in the first by Fla. St. was due to a late jump by Dom Brown. As many have said... any delay to becoming a regular may have more to do with his glove than his bat.

How do you know, CJ? Got a video or audio feed?

If the Phillies can keep up this pace during the regular season, they have a chance to pile up some wins averaging 36 runs and 45 hits a game.

9 strikes. 0 balls. 5 Outs. FSU is very impatient.

you can't go by that. it's spring training on gameday. they just post the results, not the actual counts/pitches

CJ you have it backwards Brown hit in first according to Murphy would have been caught by big league right fielder

Wow Polly went down swinging. That's rare in the Majors.

jody reed: Actually, both those happened. From the top of the 1st:

Dom Brown just got a late jump on a shallow fly ball. Almost made a sliding catch but couldn't hang on to it. Ruling: base hit.

Greg: I'm following along on Twitter with @highcheesegamer

CJ: didn't scroll all the way down apologies

jody reed: No problem!

CJ: Speaking of Brown's defense, Keith Law made an interesting point in his chat today about Dom:

"In many organizations (not sure about the Phillies), the best defensive coach is on the major league staff. So while he needs to work on his D, he might actually be better served doing that in Philly than in AAA."

Does FSU get to use metal bats, just to even things up?

At the risk of reading too much into one meaningless pre-clout day spring training game . . . the Phillies' vaunted offense has been held to one hit over the last 4 innings by 4 different college pitchers. Get used to such dynamic offensive displays, as I suspect they will be the norm this year.

bap: Well done.

That was a parody of yourself, correct?

i have no comment for that

BAP: Is this the vaunted offense you are referring to? Matrinez, Larish, Gload, Mayberry, Schneider, Barfield, and Galvis.



Freddy Galvis is outperforming Jimmy Rollins so far.

He should clearly be favored to start the season at Short otherwise the Phillies are stunting their prospects' growth and not giving them a real chance.

Am I doing it right?

Tough day for Jeff Larish.

As Larish goes, so go the Phillies.

Jack: Well, yeah. I was having withdrawal since I hadn't complained about the offense for so long. I do think our offense is going to stink, though.

Yeah, I don't think it was a joke.

pretty sad

Delwyn Young showing some hustle scoring on that wild pitch. He's on the team for sure.

Why is Bocock not playing?

Wayne: Coutilangus tired him out in warmups before the game.

BB: It was a joke.

But, now that our offense has had one game to round back into shape, all future complaining may be taken literally.

You did follow it up with "I do think our offense is going to stink, though", so it's hard to tell.

Bocock sounds like a brand name for a product utilizing the amazing features of Botox to "allow a man to enhance her experience".

Apologies if that has been thought of before.

** But, now that our offense has had one game to round back into shape, all future complaining may be taken literally. **

So, Feb 25 is BAP day?

What would BAP's picture be?

If BAP Day signals the point of time at which it's ok to bitch about something Phillies-related, then BAP Day would be superfluous. It's ALWAYS ok to bitch about something Phillies-related. Why have a Game Chat if not to complain?

Go Team!

Surprised nobody mentioned Victorino batting leadoff seeing 3 pitches and grounding weekly twice, :)

Just got back to the hotel from the game. Good atmosphere. FSU was weak with mid 80s pitching so credit to Phillies for being patient. Looks like some battles will shape up for the bench. Naylor showed a pretty decent curve ball. Can see a future Defratus/Mathieson combo down the road. Mathieson was 98 and its early but more impressed with the splitter. Looks like Sutter did his job as it was plain nasty.
Watched Brown in warmup and he has a huge arm. Will be here all week. 75 and sunny. Snowing back home!!

grounding OUT wEAkly that is, sorry was at the game two much sun and beer!

vandelay/mojo: so jealous.

Wont tell you we are hitting the beach and the Yankee game then!!

Your weather report and beach access are still awesome to hear but your Mathieson splitter talk is just downright cruel.

I'm one of the suckers that everyone makes fun of for holding out hope for Mathieson, so I would love to believe your eyes that the split is nasty.

I'm expecting heavy blowing snow with 8-12 inches tomorrow. As is the other BLer from Vermont...

Good Times!

Gamechats are back. We have Cliff Lee. Life is good.

Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley didn't play, what else is new?

If Beerleaguer had a day for unlikely "feel good" scenarios -mine would be that Scott Mathieson shows enough in spring training to land a spot on the 25 man roster and actually contributes in the bullpen during the season. Can't explain why I like the guy but I do.

Is it 8-12 now NEPP? Last I heard it was 6-10...the annual vacation in Key West to visit the in-laws can't come soon enough...

I was a little late on getting the Wainwright news. How devastating for the Cards. It's not like losing Jamie Moyer last year (I love him but he's no Adam Wainwright). Even this year, can you imagine how devastating it would be to lose one of our 4 aces? Even with 3 others still on the team, it would be a blow. My dad (in Cards country) says the fans are already shifting their hopes to the 2012 season.

And OT, but the last space shuttle just lifted off.

As for the Phils & their offense, BAP - While I appreciate your joke, may I respond in kind by saying that being held hitless by 4 mediocre pitchers & over the course of several innings is nothing new for our Phils, even in mid-summer. They didn't need to score anymore, so they didn't. But I actually do have hopes for this offense to rebound this year.

GBrettfan: OT... wasn't the last shuttle. It was the last launch for Discovery. There's an Endeavor and an Atlantis mission planned in April and June respectively.

If Mathieson can command the splitter, which isn't easy, he'd be a huge upgrade over Durbin because of his fastball.

"Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley didn't play, what else is new?"

Slugga, I sure hope Charlie isn't being clairvoyant and doing that just to prepeare the rest of the lineup for the inevitable this season.

CJ, thanks for correcting me. I had misunderstood. Clearly, I wasn't paying close enough attention to the news.

GBrettfan: No problem. I'm a space nerd... and a big fan of the shuttle program.

per mlbtr, Durbin and Indians close to agreement. Doesn't indicate details, but mentions the Indians have been shopping for a starter lately.

***Is it 8-12 now NEPP? Last I heard it was 6-10...the annual vacation in Key West to visit the in-laws can't come soon enough...

Posted by: Chris in VT | Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 04:57 PM

Its 6-10 on and 8-12 on NOAA.Gov

Take your pick basically.

I like the Mathieson vibe from clout earlier...what is the difference in grip between a Sutter/Mathieson type split and Contreras' forkball? Anyone know?

Fork you.

Mathieson would definitely be a solid reliever if he can throw a decent splitter. A flat 96 mph fastball if a lot more difficult to hit when you can't sit on it.

Madson doesnt have the greatest movement on his fastball either but guys have to think about that changeup so they cant cheat on him.

Wait till you see the Schlitter splitter sheet slitter.

Say that 5 times fast.

I am a sheet slitter. I slit sheets.

4Q, danger boy

Pretty pathetic turnout for a game chat. 1PM on Thursday should be packed.

I'm stuck in Harrisburg through clout day. Anybody got a good restaurant recommendation downtown? I can't eat any more Joey Eischen's at Zembie's and Nick's 1014 is evidently DOA.

First exhibition game in February and Utley is already "definitely not injured"?

I'll guess we're waiting for the Yankees.

I am waiting for a pitcher to come up with a hybrid pitch that's a cross between a slider and a cutter. He could call it a "slutter", or a more colloquial name (ala Tug) would perhaps be a "Paris Hilton" or a "Paris" for short.

HIgh mulc, go to jake's firehouse i believe

Hugh Mul: Try out garrisons on forster st. great food and tons of tv's.

Yo, newer thread

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