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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It must be spring training, because Chase tried to make a couple jokes there. I'm sure in a month he'll be in mid-season form, stoically refusing to show any personality whatsoever.

Thank God Chase didn't continue to emulate Milton Bradley.

Off topic (as though anything is really ever on topic...), is anyone using the baseball app for their iPhone or Android? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the 3 bucks.

I guess he's not a serial killer trapped in a ballplayer after all...

I still remember Utley's hit streak. That was the second funniest thing he ever did, he went out of his way to avoid talking about it so much.

I was looking at it for my Android but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I basically just use Beerleaguer and PhuturePhillies to get my Phillies Baseball news.

Fortunately, both of those are free and come up good on my phone.

Looks like John Maine is gonna be a Rockie per MLBTradeRumors.

Oh well.

NEPP: Yeah, no loss. Probably going to a team where he had a better chance of actually making the big league club. It would have taken a miracle for him to spend meaningful time with the Phils this year.

Miguel Cabrera arrested for a DUI last night. He resisted arrest and took a swig from a bottle of scotch right in front of the officer. What a shame. Dude is a tremendous talent, just pissing it away.

CJ - The short answer is 'no.' They have a text messaging service for season ticket holders that is useful but there app is largely redundant.

You'd think for $15 million a year, he could afford a cab...or maybe a car service.

Chase says that after a loss, he wants to go straight to bed. The interviewer adds, "No, honey, not tonight." The Chase Utley that uttered WFC, most likely comes home and says to his wife, "We're going stright to bed." I would like to think that sleep comes a bit later.

Maine to the Rockies.

NEPP - thank you. I never understand these guys. If I was a millionaire (I'm not) and enjoyed drinking occasionally (I do) I'd certainly hire someone to drive me around.

Part of me thinks these guys just feel immune to the law.

Mr Z -
Immuturity that lasts forever + the feeling of immunity to the law + bucks to do whatever you want to = trouble for a lot of athletes.

NEPP - Hell of $15M he could employ a personal driver.

is chase on the list of players gaining/losing weight? he looks...bigger. right?

Yeah, Chase looks like he bulked up a bit from last year.

Chase always looks ripped in ST...he typically loses weight as the season goes on. Its probably a big reason he fades in the 2nd half.

Perhaps he could do some weight training DURING the season too.

NEPP - Yeah. Basically loses anywhere from 10-12 pds as the season progresses as he has previously stated.

Its amazing how almost like clockwork Utley's power numbers almost diminish in half on a HR/AB basis from April to Sept.

One of the few regulars on this team who isn't a notably better hitter in the 2nd half.

Sandberg/Utley comparison:

Pretty interesting given the relative lack of real stories yet. Kind of interesting how Sandberg had his last really good season at 32 and then largely fell off a cliff including retiring at 34 & returning for 2 largely mediocre years at 35-36.

I do think this really is Utley's last season to have a really great season though (~30 HRs, ~.900 OPS).

Real question though is does Utley's mid-30s resemble somebody like Sandberg's who shined brightly but largely burnt out or Sweet Lou Whitaker who wasn't quite as good as Sandberg at his peak but aged like a fine wine & still really productive at 35.

What did Cabrera do wrong?

Maine choosing the Rockies makes perfect sense and he has a much better shot there at making the rotation at some point this season especially given the health questions regarding Cook/Chacin.

Yeah, and pitching in Colorado is a great way to rebuild your value...

***What did Cabrera do wrong?

Posted by: Mel Gibson | Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 02:03 PM

He didn't mention that he owns Malibu, he didn't call the deputy "sugartits" and he didnt blame all the world's wars on Judiasm?

BB - For Maine it is largely about getting a shot at the MLB regardless of where he is at and showing he can still be effective. Hell, Maine is only 29. Rockies also figure to have a pretty good team too.

I assume most players fly to ST and get rental cars. Did he get a "Rent-A-Heap" that the engine overheated? That would be hilarious.

High Cheese does a short article on Ryan Sandburg And Chase Utley - link in right column.

wow did chase roid this offseason? he might have cracked 185

Does anyone here remember the days when if a police officer found you drinking he would help you home and tell you not to do it again?

A short time ago, Cabrera's drinking would have been a total non-issue. Now people are aghast.

It's amazing how through public and private initiatives society has totally changed its viewpoint on this issue.

Just found the televised spring training schedule on MLB network. Quite a few Phils games.

Heather: Why is that amazing? Society should always be striving to progress itself, and I happen to think it is a big deal that he was drinking and driving.

Remember when it was legal to smoke in a public place in New Jersey and New York (not sure about PA)? When I go to Atlantic City, I find the smoking disgusting, and it is crazy to think it was once legal to do it everywhere.

Yes, Heather I do remember those days. However, the smoke coming from the engine suggests that he may have struck something prior to being pulled over. That would make it difficult for any cop (especially today with cameras everywhere) to simply help him home.

The text messages for season ticket holders are superfluous. And a couple came at odd hours of the night. So I unsubscribed. My advice is to stay away. You'll get just as timely info here on BL, plus witty and informative commentary along with the occasional pissing match. What else could you ask for? does not tell witty Physics jokes.

Has anyone seen my cat?

Yo, new thread

"Heather: Why is that amazing? Society should always be striving to progress itself, and I happen to think it is a big deal that he was drinking and driving. "

Yes, society tries to reform itself often, but oftentimes it doesn't succeed. I remember in the 70s and 80s women struggled to be given equal pay for equal work in the job force. I think the latest figures I read claimed that women still earned $.60 on the dollar compared to men.

So...30-40 years later we haven't really achieved the goal.

It *is* amazing when society changes that quickly because IMHO it doesn't often happen.

I think you took my post for something it wasn't. I'm not saying the "good ol days" were good, bad or indifferent.

I'm just saying, (to paraphrase the old Virgina slims slogan) "Wow...we've come a long way, baby."

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