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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was kind of hoping that the Phillies would decide to bring Sweeney back; He's a solid, veteran right-hnaded power bat off of the bench

Well, at least that'll silence all the clamoring by some Beerleaguer posters for bringing up Andy Tracy and Cody Ransom because they are so much better than (fill in the blank with the latest guy in a mini-slump).

Of course, now we can look forward to the clamoring for Nate Bump, Michael Martinez and Mike Rizzotti

I doubt we'll see Sweeney, much to my dismay.

clout, if anyone ever clamors for Michael Martinez on the board, he/she should suffer the same penalty as tommy boy: LIFETIME BAN!

Any such advocacy would be a clear indication that said poster knows absolutely nothing about baseball, and should be disqualified from any further participation.

Mike Sweeney was always one of my favorite non-Phillies -- mainly because he was widely unnoticed, despite being one of the best hitters in baseball. But now that he's a Phillie, even I do not understand the Beerleaguer love-fest for him. Yeah, he's a likeable guy who went to great lengths to express how appreciative he was to be here. But then he proceeded to hit .231 with a .695 OPS for us. Even if you figure that, with more ABs, he'd hit closer to the .730-ish OPS range, that's simply not good enough to justify a roster spot for a National League player whose only position is 1st base.

JW~ There a a few guys, RH bats, who were available this off-season that could have helped the Phils. It appears however with the well running dry, that unless Blanton and his salary is moved, the Phils will spend no more money this off-season, especially for position players. What we see is what we got.

BAP - Me neither. At this point, Sweeney would be a great addition to your softball team but he simply isn't a MLB-caliber player anymore. Ditto with a guy like Quinlan they signed earlier this offfseason.

Is Mike Rizzotti related to Matt Rizzotti?

If Sweeney wants to play for Lehigh, I'm all for it. Dont see him on our MLB roster though.

DPatrone - You make an interesting point. The case has been KK vs. Durbin or KK vs. Blanton but the real issue was Blanton vs. say Durbin & signing somebody like A. Jones.

Frankly, I would rather have Durbin, A. Jones, and the extra $4M-$5M to make in-season moves as necessary than Blanton. I bet Amaro and Cholly would too.

Blanton has had 2 below average years in the past 3 seasons, is now 30, isn't a guy exactly known for his work ethic or his willingness to listen to his coaching staff, and is signed for 2 more years at relatively decent money.

Kind of get the sense too from comments from Dubee and Cholly last year that they were both clearly frustrated with Blanton at times. Dubee was flustered that Blanton couldn't seemingly concentrate more in the 1st inning and Cholly got tossed from a couple of Blanton starts last year.

Blanton's situation at this point kind of reminds me of Lieber a little bit back in the '07 offseason. Veteran guy who the Phils signed via FA that the Phils would loved to move in the offseason and clear out his salary to due other things.

BAP and others,
I agree. I think Mike Sweeney is just swell. I got nothing but love for Matt Stairs and any of the other ancient mariners or Mariners who have joined the tail end of our seasons for the past few years and as much as I would love for them and Jim Eisenreich et al get a ring or two with the team, they can't do anything much for the team any more. We need a RH bat who can play the outfield well enough to cover for anybody's stints on the DL. We don't need statues with bats otherwise I would have demand Vlad or Jim Thome. I appreciate the love for Mike sweeney, who we all got to love for 5 minutes last year but we don't have room for him.

Mike Sweeney to me was what Geoff Jenkins was in '08. Was not contributing numbers wise. Yet, he was a total team player seemed all to happy to be in the dugout cheering his team on. Sometimes I think guys like that are worth a roster spot. Their numbers don't say much but their character does. And once in a while, they even come up with a big moment. I'm ok with Sweeney on the bench. But if the Padres have interest, I would see him going there just because that's where he lives.

As for Dobbs, if there is any doubt that he isn't totally through as far as a major league career is concerned, I would be amazed.

No comments about Manny and Damon signing with the Rays?

I have a comment about Manny. He cost less than Kyle Kendrick.

There was some comments a few days ago.

Good value signings for the Rays. Hopefully they look at Manny as a pure DH and Damon as a LF only. If that's the case, great job of bargain bin shopping by their GM.

The problem with Sweeney is that he can only play 1B. Howard rarely misses time (last year not withstanding) so if Howard does his typical 158 GS, Sweeney will rot on the bench. Add in already having Gload to back Howard up and there really isn't a spot for him.

That said, I'm not looking forward to our bench this year.

****I have a comment about Manny. He cost less than Kyle Kendrick. ****

One for one trade? Though I dont think KK is as good a DH as Manny.

With Keith Olberman being dismissed by MSNBC, I am willing to allow him to replace T-bag or Wheels on the b-cast team as long as he doesn't spout off about political crap.

I dont think Olberman is capable of doing that anymore.

Never should have left sportscenter

It is hard to believe ManRam signed for $2M. Inconceivable, to quote Visini.

Well, he had made $204.8 million in his career now. Maybe he simply wanted to play in Tampa or with Damon. Long shot but who knows.

MG~ Blanton is the reason Durbin hasn't been re-signed. But Amaro is smart not to trade Banton just to trade him. He wants value in return. After all, Blanton is a #3 not a #5. And yes. his lack of work ethic is probably well know throught baseball.

Amaro has made a few mistakes, by giving out contracts that are too long, but on the whole he's done a really good job.

The one big mistake I see this off-season was not obtaining a RH bat before obtaining Lee. Maybe Ben Fran and Brown deserve a chance. At least Francisco has played at the ML level. We don't know if Brown is ready, and if he isn't, the bench still needs to be augmented, whether Blanton stays or not. It reamins to been seen how that will happen. And Martinez is not the answer. One of the Hairston boys or A. Jones would have been nice. Amaro has been short-sighted here in not addressing this.

I remember the fateful game last year where the Phillies jumped to a 10-0 lead and then pulled regulars to let the back-ups get some work.

Robertson sucked something fierce and the score became 10-6. Then David Herndon came in and recorded two outs and had two guys on base which led to Madson coming in.

This led to guys slamming Herndon for being a bum. Only on Beerleaguer.

"The one big mistake I see this off-season was not obtaining a RH bat before obtaining Lee. "

Please pull your head out of your ass.

For 2 mil, I would have liked to have seen Manny here.

RG~ You don't think that's important? They could have done it cheaply. Are you happy with the current state of the bench? My point is they probably would have gotten Lee anyway, by the way it all worked out.

A reasonably priced RH bat would not have affected their ability to get Lee. They have to do it anyway. Their payroll is ~162 million, so let's say 3 million for Francouer (which what he signed for) or someone of that ilk. Or someone for even less, Then you get Lee. The payroll would be ~165 million.

At that point, with Lee and the RH bat secured, you could then trade Blanton for salary-relief, getting very little in return. Pay attention. RAJ is not trading Blanton until some team comes to him offering exactly what he wants. And the problem with the lack of a RH bat still exists.

While I do believe Blanton will be gone at some point, what do they do for a RH bat in the meantime? So maybe, before you jump all over my comments, you should think about what I'm saying. I'm not under-lying the Lee signing or saying it was not very important. It was. But the team still has holes that have to be filled. I would think a person with your understanding of the game and how things are run would understand that.

Francisco > Francoeur. And a lot cheaper.

A-Train~ My point exactly. 2 million was not an unreasonable price to pay for Jones or Manny. And Lee still would be here.

And please be realistic...Manny himself has said he was only going to be a DH. In what world would that make him a viable RF candidate?

I am not the type to call you an idiot or dope but do you really thing mega-star Lee would have just held out for the Phillies until now to sign? Because that is when Manny and others did. You are living in a dream world. Lee wanted the attention when he wanted it and he wanted to make a deal when he wanted to. He was not going to wait out the market for the sake of any team. Obviously Rube thinks more highly of Lee than of waiting out the market another month and signing an ancient injury plagued juicer first. Get real.
Would I like a better OF option? Yes, everybody except Francisco and Dom and whoever else is vying for this spot is. Don't be ridiculous.

****In what world would that make him a viable RF candidate?****

Beerleaguer of course. Even though he's basically NEVER played RF in his career.

RH bat off the bench? Sure, but I'm guessing he wants everyday ABs which is why he signed as a full-time DH.

No I'm not saying Lee would have held out until now, not at all. I'm saying they were working on Lee the whole time anyway and as it tuns out he was coming here. If they would have signed Frenchy (which I was advocating) by offering him their starting RF job first. He signed with KC before we signed Lee. They still would have gotten Lee.

You then could trade Blanton for nothing. At this moment, today, I don't know who get they could get for the bench who hits RH without trading Blanton, and RAJ's telling us, he's not trading Blanton at this time. OK.

So, if Ben Fran is playing, the bench as it's currently constructed, is Gload and Schneider. There are no RH bats unless I'm missing someone. If Brown makes the team out of ST, and he's playing, then the bench includes Francisco, who is their only RH bat. I believe Valdez will be re-signed, so that makes 4 players. Assuming Blanton is not trading by opening day, and they carry an 11-man pitching staff as speculated, they still need 2 bench players. Whom do you think they could be? Martinez? No. And there no one on the AAA roster that I believe would help.

2008-2010 OPS+
Ben Francisco: 106
Jeff Francouer: 83

On what planet if Jeff Francouer a good option for RF?

DPatrone is living in a different world if he thinks that the biggest mistake of the Phillies' offseason was not signing Jeff Franceour.

I'd actually say that's the second-best move they made, behind signing Lee. Frenchy was the worst regular OF in the league last year. Francisco is better and knows his role.

He's smarter than us, he's smarter than Rube and he has connections on the inside who email him insider info. DPatrone is like the Wikileaks of Phillies.

Jack~ You misunderstand me. If you remember, I was advoating Frenchy simply on 3 things He has a great arm, 13 HR's 65 RBI, and 27 years old. I'm not saying is was a mistake not to sign him. I'm saying based in the way things have turned out with the needs that we have, while working on the Lee signing we also should been working on a RH bat. We still have that need, and it probabably won't be filled until Blanton is traded, and maybe not even then.

You know what- here's a crazy idea. Keep Blanton. He'd be your 5th starter. I know the guy is reviled by some people on here but as a 5th starter he'd have very little pressure on him and he'd be a better 5th option than almost any other team has.

If it gets to mid-season and you need something you have a little more leverage with a team that may need a starter.

KK can slide into the longman role in the pen for now and be there in case Blanton does get shipped mid-season. Plus it means we don't necessarily need Durbin back.

Well, if one of the worst position players in baseball is merely 27, then...

Actually, I don't know how to complete that sentence.

Anyone who starts an argument with, "we should have signed Jeff Francoeur" really loses all credibility. The guy is terrible. His defense is significantly overrated, his offense can't be underrated and he costs way too much money for being such a terrible player.

Just sayin'.

DPatrone: You don't seem to understand this. We are better off without Franceour. The current right-handed RF option (Francisco) is a far better baseball player, even with all of his well-documented flaws.

DPatrone - 'Failcoeur' is absolutely one guy I didn't want to see signed here. I did like Diaz as a cheap solution but I remember denny b. posting some stuff from a few Braves' blogs & one scout who thought Diaz really had a notable drop-off last year offensively & might have been the beginning of the end.

A. Jones is the one guy I did want to see signed here because he was still adequate in RF, is supposedly that Cholly would actually use, and would have given them that RH power bat off the bench.

Francoeur is a guy who is essentially a worse option than Francisco. Why would you spend ~2 million for him when we have Francisco for less?

GIDPatrone has been harping about the RH bench bat for months now. Spazzing, in fact, that Rube hadn't signed one just a week after the WS ended. It may be best to ignore him.

Phans~ I didn't say we're were better off signing Francouer. I was using him as an example. He didn't sign for much money. I didn't say Francisco is not a better player. We don't know what Francisco will produce over a full season because he's never been given the chance. I'm saying we need a RH bat. Signing one before we signed Lee to fill a need probably would have had an impact on signing Lee. We still have a need. That's all I'm saying . They should have at least gone after A. Jones.

TTI~ I said the same things about Blanton last week and kept being told that Amaro needs to trade him for financial flexability. I'believe my words were something like "with Blanton as our #5 we have the best rotation on the planet." And I got blasted for that. But I agree with you, Blanton should be kept and not traded for reasons I mentioned earlier.

RG~ I'll ask you again, wohm do you think our RH options would be at this point? Instead of being smart and coming at me, why can't you just answer the question?

And I'm not posting any info I would get here because no one would believe it or me anyway. But nontheless I haven't gotten anything this year on anyone. The guy even stopping writing his column. For someone who's supposed to know someone in the MLB office conneted to the Phils, he hasn't told me anything that we as plans didn't already know. Even he didn't know of Lee.


Well done.

"Signing one before we signed Lee to fill a need probably would have had an impact on signing Lee."

I meant to say s"igning one before we signed Lee to fill a need probably would not have had an impact on signing Lee." Sorry.

Uni~ You can ignore me all you want. The fact hasn't changed, has it?

Klaus: "Well, if one of the worst position players in baseball is merely 27, then...

Actually, I don't know how to complete that sentence."

I'm no Francouer fan, but obviously that was an idiotic statement even by Jack's standards.

Anybody who believes that Ben Francisco in RF will cause this team to miss the playoffs is a hopeless pessimist.

When 4/5 of your rotation are bona fide aces, you can afford to get by without an all-star caliber player at every position.

To anyone who thinks that KK can be a "long man out of the pen": exactly what evidence is there that an erratic sinkerballer with a crappy SO/9 could ever be a "reliever"?

For goodness sake, KK is 35-24 in his first 3 seasons. And, regardless of the outcome of any given start, he's never hurt.

We're all in to this chump for $2.45mm. I'm counting on RAJ flipping Kentucky Joe for a RH bat, or at least salary relief. Keep Kendrick as a 5th starter.

cut fastball: you're not allowed to mention Kyle's K/9 on BL.

Dpatrone and Will Schweitzer are the same middle school girl....discuss...

Not saying Manny would play RF. I'm fine with Ben F. I think he'll bat .270 and hit 20-25 HR if he plays every day. That's plenty good enough to win if the team stays relatively healthy; especially for the price. Manny in RF would be a disaster. I would like Manny on the team, though, to platoon with Raul in left and be a RH bat off the bench when not starting. I think both players would benefit from regular (but not every day) playing time. Vs. lefties, Manny batting 5th would make for a nice replacement for Jayson.

Come on, it's necessary for us to see which Beerleaguers are really fat high school girls who wear "Mrs. Utley" jerseys to the park and email the team for pictures.

Posted by: Ed Snider | Friday, January 21, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Dpatrone and Will Schweitzer are the same middle school girl....discuss...

Posted by: Ed Snider | Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 10:58 PM


Ed Snider is a pedophile whose ever BL post makes some reference to underage girls... discuss...

***To anyone who thinks that KK can be a "long man out of the pen": exactly what evidence is there that an erratic sinkerballer with a crappy SO/9 could ever be a "reliever"?****

Durbin had crappy K/9 rates as a starter too.

Some Failcoeur-related humor:

From Royals' Review. This picture is pretty hilarious:

168 BBs in 3443 PA is all you need to know about Failcoeur.

NEPP, small sample size alert, but KK has a lower K/BB as a reliever than as a starter.

Now, I realize 19 IP doesn't indicate much, but hopefully you realize why such data can cause some to doubt whether he's capable of it.

Also, his BAbip as a starter is .296, and as a reliever it's .279. Which do you think is likely to go up?

Additionally, since we're talking sample sizes, is a sample of only one other reliever who's SO/9 improved enough of a sample size to insure that KK will be successful out of the 'pen? Is that what you're saying - he's a lock because Durbin was able to do it?

As I'm sure you would agree, it doesn't logically follow that he will or he won't.

19 IP isn't enough of a sample size on which to make any determination as to whether KK can be a successful reliever.

The jury is still out.

Do any of you happen to know where RAJ lives? Saw him this weekend at a grocery store -- and yes he had a very smug expression on his face as he pushed his cart up and down the cereal isle.

Thanks in advance.

What did I say about going on the internet and chatting with your little friends before getting your school work and laundry done? Now go out and get me my carton of Marlboro Reds.

Also, Will Schweitzer is correct. Benny in RF, of a Benny/Brown platoon will not be the difference in this team making the playoffs.

They won the most games in baseball in 2010 with:

Only 47% of the rotation with which they are starting 2011 (they had H & H, and only Oswalt for 2 months; ass-u-ming health, they'll have R2C2 for six months each)

6 of their 8 starting position players spending significant time on the DL

Injuries affecting some of those players even after they returned - they weren't able to play up to their full capabilities (see: Howard, Ryan; Rollins, Jimmy; Utley, Chase, Polanco, Placido)

Their LF playing at close to replacement level for the first half

3/5 of their starting pitchers spending significant time on the DL

Injuries and surgery that affected the bullpen - particularly the closer, and the idiotic setup man who's was self-inflicted, a DL stint for their primary middle relief guy, inconsistency and ineffectiveness of LHRP, as well as having a guy on the roster all season who should have been in AAA

After all that happenig last season, if the team stays relatively healthy in 2011, IMO they can weather Benny and/or Dom in RF in 2011.


We're still discussing Francoeur? The only time he should be mentione on here again is during a reminiscence of the triple play he started that put Bruntlett into the record books. And that's the only time Bruntlett should be mentioned, too.

All of the people here who think the Phils should sign an OF ought to say who (not guys like Frenchy and Manny who have already signed) they think ought to be brought in, and be able to defend the signing - from a baseball standpoint.

Here's the list of guys left:

Garrett Anderson
Jose Guillen
Cory Sullivan

@awh -- that list made me think of of those guys is dead.

Manny Ramirez is done. And a loser of a human being.

"Well, if one of the worst position players in baseball is merely 27, then...

Actually, I don't know how to complete that sentence."

... he might improve to be the 2nd worst position player.

MVPTommy may be gone from Beerleaguer, but his influence is still being felt around the baseball world. For instance, there's an article on this morning which breaks down various trades based on the height of the players involved. I'm serious.

I wonder how many usernames Ed Snider is going to use in 2011.

So far, we have:

[*] Ed Snider
[*] Super Smart Baseball Guy Who Knows What LOOGY Means
[*] Mrs. Schweitzer

I'd say that MVPTommy may not be gone, BAP, but he at least discussed his baseball views, strange as they may have been sometimes. I can't say I recall his having an obsessive mancrush or a fixation on underage girls in his rants.

Oh's flattering to know that I give someone's life a sense of purpose.

Howard Eskin is the biggest douche there is. I would use stronger language, but I know it's looked down upon on this blog.

C'mon Howard, you're going to come at Halladay? I don't know how he still has a job.

ZT, Howard who? Does the little troll want some attention again?

WTF cares about him or what he thinks? I don't listen to him or, for that matter, WIP anymore because they're nothing but a bunch of baseball bloviators.

When pressed, they really know very little about the game. Trya sking them questions about the Phils farm system and wait for the hems and haws.

The only guy who was ever on that station who I will concede knows more about baseball than I do is Jody MacDonald. And I'm no expert.

The rest of them are a bunch of airtime poseurs where baseball is concerned.

Pay no attention. You'll learn far more reading this and the other blogs JW has linked on the left.

@ZT -- Eskin has a job cause he says outlandish things, and knuckleheads get all worked up over them and post links to his crazy ideas on blogs like this yah, you are the reason Eskin still has a job. Nice going.

Hey Will Schweitzer,
I got news for you, I write for myself, if you got so many people who make fun of you that nobody sticks up for you and they want to pile on to continue a joke about you, then I guess I can't take any credit for it. You and the other mess come on here and act like little bitches, so be it. Believe me, I am too busy to be on her 24-7 to get in pissing contests with you or anybody else. Making fun of people touching kids is some low down stuff, I would never go so low; you got the personal issue there,bud, if that's where your head goes. Quit acting like a little fan girl and nobody will call you on your bitching like one.

Ed and Will, meeeeeeeowwww.

Reversion to the mean:

Is there a team that is more likely to revert to the mean this year? Sanchez and Zito in the rotation. Offense too is set for a bunch of guys to revert including Huff, Burrell, and Torres. When you are depending upon guys like DeRosa and Tejada to be key offensive players you are likely going to have trouble scoring runs again. Only Rowand and to a lesser degree Sandoval are likely 'bounce-back' guys this season

Big difference though the last 2 years really has been the strong showing by the Giants' bullpen. Everybody in their bullpen is likely coming off career years especially guys like J. Lopez & S. Castilla. With maybe the exception of S. Romo (best setup man in the NL right now), I don't like any of these guys chances of getting close to duplicating their '10 season.

Curious to see what their early over/under on Wins & Losses will be along with everyone else in the NL West where I am not crazy about any of those teams right now.

"Believe me, I am too busy to be on her 24-7 to get in pissing contests with you or anybody else."

Apparently not. I've never even heard of you before you felt the need to use my name (and your incessant use of other usernames). You seem to have plenty of free time, and I'm flattered that you spend it crushing on me.

As for the other douchebag, I don't know why anyone would waste their time with the missives of Howard Eskin. I'd say that there should be some kind of boycott of his sponsors to chase him off the air, but it's not worth the time or effort.

Fifty years ago, the Kansas City A's used to be called the Yankees Farm Team. Now they will be be calling the Rays, the Red Sox Old Folks Home.

LF, funny.

Not Ralph and your many other screen names: He looked smug because he knows more about cereal than you know about baseball.

Once again, there are only a few of you on here who sound like big dopes. I never thought I would call anybody out on being a punk bitch on here but since you made a name for yourself with that stupid looking for racists thing, I notice your dumb posts. Sure, I am new here, I didn't realize I had to formally introduce myself. You really hold yourself in great self esteem. For now on, you can say all the stupid stuff you want and I will just call you a bitch whenever I feel like now that we are introduced. My time is my concern, when you own your own business, you can devote time to Beerleaguer whenever you feel like it.
As for your other "secret admirers", I guess they just think you are an ass too or perhaps as you used, douchebag fits better.
Catch you later Will Douchebag.

"John Mayberry was a high draft pick and he has skills," the manager said. "He's like a deer when he's running. He's faster than you think he is. He needs to get a little more aggressive."

-- Charlie Manuel in today's Daily News.

Ed Snider: Stick to one screen name. If not, JW will take care of it.

"Believe me, I am too busy to be on her 24-7 to get in pissing contests with you or anybody else."

*glances upward*


Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to entertain us with your wit and wisdom.

that's funny clout talking down to others about having too many screen names.

Clout, whatever happened to Heather?

Dunno. Did you stop using that screen name too?

Clout, maybe you should finally come clean and admit that you enjoyed pretending to be a female on the internet.

No more talk about young females. You're going to get Ed Snider all excited again.

It's days like these where BL is the most witty inciteful and interesting place on the net.

Just another manic Monday on Beerleaguer...

Clout - why did you post that Charlie Manual quote about Mayberry? Do you think it means Mayberry will see more playing time or what?

"He's like a deer when he's running."

Perhaps that explains why his DITHL is so high.

JW, new thread, please..............PLEASE?

"inciteful" is right!

Come on phans. This is a baseball blog. Even though we may disagree wuth each other's opinions, let's get along.

We get to talk about one of the top teams in baseball. This is suppossed to be fun.

I get killed here at times, but even I take it with a grain of salt.

KF: I think this is make or break time for Mayberry and I think Charlie will give him a lot of PT in ST.

Gotta love this quote from mlbtr after the Wells trade:

"It was just 18 months ago that the Blue Jays owed over $160MM to Wells and Alex Rios, yet today they owe the pair nothing."

And we often read how Howard/contract are "unmovable".

Thanks, clout.

The way things have gone, it wouldn't surprise me if Toronto soon becomes the team to beat in the AL East.

BedBeard, IMHO, Howard and his contract are moveable.

IMO there are a lot of teams that would want the marquee value of him in the lineup: He puts fanny's in the seats.

He's a big reason the Phillies are the #1 road draw in the NL.

Chicks dig the longball.

Vlads still out there, Phils need to go get him.

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