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Friday, January 14, 2011



Detroit Deadarms?

In the last thread I said that I wouldn't complain about getting potentially viable restoration project.

This was not at all what I had in mind. Even a MiL contract seems a bit iffy here.

I take the Phillies were unable to talk Kris Benson out of retirement.

Theory, don't bail on our boy Matt just yet.

What's his fastball like today?

Can Dubee work some dave duncan like magic with him?

A Rice pitcher with arm issues...shocking

Dr. Ciccotti must have discovered another miracle procedure.

Heyman ranks the most overpaid and underpaid FAs this offseason:

My personal favorites:


1. Jayson Werth: $126 million, 7 years, Nationals. Washington GM Mike Rizzo has acknowledged this deal is an overpay but felt he was worth it (no pun intended) to start the Nats on road to establishing credibility. Werth is a five-tool player with an off-the-charts pedigree, but is still unproven as a No. 3 or 4 hitter.

9. John Buck: $18 million, 3 years, Marlins. He certainly solves Florida's catching issue. But this looks like the classic case of a player turning one big year (20 home runs, 66 RBIs) into a long deal. In this case, it was one of many players who had big power seasons with the Blue Jays. Should the money have gone instead to Jays hitting coach Dwayne Murphy?


4. Vicente Padilla: $2 million, 1 year, Dodgers. Not only did he sign for a reasonable amount, he did it to be the Dodgers' sixth starter. He's turned himself around as a Dodger, and probably made the right call not to go elsewhere but he's better than a $2 million pitcher.

5. Rich Harden: $1.5 million, 1 year, A's. If he ever stays healthy, someone's going to get themselves a bargain. A great guy with a world of talent but a well-known propensity to get hurt.

6. Cliff Lee: $120 million, 5 years, Phillies. Sure, this great clutch pitcher got the highest yearly salary ever for a pitcher, and he got double the money Phillies' ace Roy Halladay got just one year prior. Great job by agent Darek Braunecker to get this much from the only team Lee wanted to play for, even if he left around $30 million on the table (the Yankees offered $148 million). That's admirable, but gets Lee on the underpaid list because we know he could have had more.

13. Pat Burrell: $1 million, 1 year, Giants. You know who two of the last three World Series champions had who as their starting leftfielder? That's right, this guy. He's no charmer, but he fits into their clubhouse and can hit pitching that is either mediocre or a Met.

17. Jim Thome: $3 million, 1 year, Twins. Th future Hall of Famer proved last year he's still got it, hitting 25 home runs in 276 at-bats. In a tight market for DHs he's a real bragain.

Now that the Phillies have Matt Anderson, my source tells me they're shopping Halladay for bullpen help.

Also, that Buck contract makes me wonder what Chooch could have gotten if he was an FA after 2010.

I don't know much about Buck. Is he a defensive whiz? His career line of .243/.301/.421 and OPS+ of 89 for his career isn't all that impressive.

"He's no charmer, but he fits into their clubhouse and can hit pitching that is either mediocre or a Met."

It makes me smile that just about anyone at any time can take shots at the mets.

BAP: Is your source Ed from Collegville?

I like signing guys with MLB experience to minor league deals (Delwyn Young, Eddie Bonine, Dan Meyer, Pete Orr), but this is just silly.

Not Ralph, mee too. :)

So I guess Anderson's function is to mow the lawn?

Carson, I said in my post evaluating the signing on the last thread, and I stand by this evaluation:


There's filler and there's Matt Anderson filler.

re: awh

Randy Miller tweeted that Del Unser said Anderson hit 93 on the gun.

Scotch Man, good for him. Maybe he'll stick at LV. Until he proves otherwise: FILLER.

93 on the gun? Well then, the last 13 years of underachieving are clearly an anomaly and he just needs to learn that Dubee cutter.

I guess we can bag the whole KK/Blanton discussion until both are traded to clear room in the rotation.

93 KPH is more like it. Damn metric guns.

JW - Was your bad a competitive lawn mover racer?

I knew Thome had a good year, but 25 home runs in 276 at-bats is really nice. Good for him.

I had a 1958 Topps Jim Bunning that looked just like that.

Rice University: Where promising young arms are ruined annually.

Wow...Just read that the Soriano contract will actually cost the Yanks 49 Mil in salary, due to 14 mil in "competitive balance tax." Didn't even think about that.

That makes the actual cost to the team 3/49, or 16.33 mil per season for an 8th-inning pitcher. Just stupid money.

To put that into perspective, on the Phils that number would rank behind only Howard and Halladay on the 2011 payroll...

Competitive Balance Tax = Luxury Tax for being over the threshold?

If so, presumably they can relieve payroll to diminish the tax? Not that they'll ever get below threshold for the tax, but any salary relief they can find will diminish that $14MM, right? In which case, you can't attribute/allocate that money directly to Soriano, as it's a result of all of their overpaid players.

Also, it would only lead me to believe that there sure as hell is no way we're freeing up much $ by sending KYJoe that way.

Preacher, yes.

Chris in VT, yes, it's "stupid" money in the sense that it's just way off the charts to spend that on an 8th inning guy.

But, a devil's advocate in favor of it would say:

The Yankees have a thin rotation that will have trouble competing with the Red Sox, and frankly, a couple of other teams in the AL. Signing Soriano shortens the game for them, because the guys they were going to use in the 8th are now going to be used in the 6th and 7th.

They probably have a decent read on the Pettitte situation - and they believe he's not going to be back - so shortening the game is the next best option they have, because none of the other pitchers available at the money they want (Pavano isn't an option for them) are enough of an upgrade to justify the price.

Sure, they could trade for Blanton, but who knows what RAJ has asked for in return? Also, they may not want to part with any prospects at this point.

They also may feel Soriano in the 8th will have a greater impact than Blanton every 5 days. That's not something I agree with, but they may think that's the case.

So, if signing Soriano is a $49MM hit to the budget, they may feel he gets them to the playoffs and they can make it back there.

Really. How is it possible that we signed Cliff Lee AND Matt Anderson in the same off-season?? Ruben is simply a magician.

awh - I understand the logic behind signing Soriano, I just think it's insane to spend that kind of money on a set-up guy.

But more power to the Yanks...if they can afford to spend 16 mil a season on an 8th inning pitcher, they should go ahead and do it.

Willard - I don't see the Yanks "shedding payroll" in any significant sense. Considering the state of their rotation, I think it's far more likely they add payroll.

Just pointing out that every dollar they spend at this point actually costs them $1.40, so keep that in mind when evaluating any contracts they sign.

The Lee contract, for instance, could have actually cost them around 220 million!

So, if the Phils were to trade away KYJoe to NYY and had to eat some of his salary, does that portion that they're paying count toward the Phil's own luxury tax ramifications/budget? If so, it's unlikely that we'd see him moved, as it wouldn't accomplish the core task of freeing up funds for mid-season acquisitions.

Just really curious on the dynamics of the finances involved. If NYY basically would have to pay 1.4X Blanton's salary, they'd be looking for relief or to dump their own salary on us to do it. Just not sure if/how much that impacts the Phils' financial position.

As of right now, the Phils don't qualify for the luxury tax. I don't think the Phils' ownership would ever get into that territory.

Before we go ridiculing this signing, let's remember a few things:

(1) Starting pitchers get injured a lot, so it's important to have a competent 6th starter at AAA;

(2) On occasion, a starting rotation can even suffer 2 or 3 injuries at a time, so it's nice to have a 7th and 8th starter you can turn to in those situations;

(3) Even 6th, 7th, and 8th starters can get injured, so it's not a bad idea to have a 9th, 10th, and 11th starter just in case; and

(4) If catastrophic injuries hit, and your 9th, 10th, and 11th starters all get called up to the majors, you need a 12th, 13th, and 14th starter to replace them on the AAA roster.

Matt Anderson' star may have dimmed, but he's still a perfectly serviceable No. 14 starter. On lesser teams, he'd even be a No. 13.

38 year old hit machine?

Methinks "special vitamins" propped Manny up from ~ age 34 until his suspension. I'm really anxious to see if he can still hit after a repaired hernia and a clean pharma scan for a year or so.

Methinks Manny's "special vitamins" are responsible for the sum total of his career up until his suspension. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Will - Don't want to cause any trouble here, but I don't think you would have made that blanket condemnation of ManRam had he not been of a certain ethnicity.

You have no way of knowing he took any performance enhancing drugs before the day he actually tested positive. And remember, he never tested positive for any performance enhancers. He tested positive for HCG, which does nothing for performance, unless you're ovulating.

So, I think you should hold the racism in check. Okay? And btw, hold old do you think Manny is?

No, Will. I did not mean one word of that post. But when we're down to discussing dead armed never were's like Matt Anderson, it's time to change the subject.

aksmith: Once a player tests positive for a banned substance, the burden of proof is on them. Do yourself a favor and can the asinine racism humor.

ps: you don't get to run in with a jackass post only to backpedal a minute later with a post that says "lets change the subject." If you didn't want to discuss it, keep your yap shut in the first place. I'll change the subject when I feel like it.

To address the racism nonsense (just in case you actually were serious) I don't consider any of McGwire's home runs valid either -- not one of the 49 in his rookie season and not one in his forged record breaking season.

If a player used, they compromised their integrity, so I have no reason to believe any dates they claimed to have started or stopped using. Their word, and their stats, are meaningless.

The "blanket condemnation" has to do with P.E.D. use, not race. If you tested positive (including positive tests from the Mitchell report, such as Manny), you're guilty. The career statistics of McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, A-Rod, Clemens, J.C. Romero, Dykstra, et al don't mean a damned thing in the history book...and they never will.

Each of them will get into the Hall of Fame like the rest of us who haven't earned the statistics...they'll buy a ticket.

I wasn't tell you to change the subject, Will. I was saying it would be preferable to discuss paint drying than discuss Matt Anderson. Which is the only reason I added the racist statement.

In fact, Manny Ramirez has the perfect swing. It's level. It stays in the hitting zone longer than any other swing in baseball. And it's never out of control. Never. Might he have been using substances all those years? Sure. But I suspect he'd have been a great hitter with or without them.

Shed payroll and get a great buy low. Trade Blanton for Chamberlain. Only in my wildest dreams

So...Matt Anderson, Matt Rizzotti and Scott Mathieson for Justin Upton?

Why throw Anderson into that deal? Seems like Rizz and Mathieson should be enough.

I wonder how light the feather would be that knocks us all out of our chairs if Mathieson actually develops a killer splitter and becomes a real big league pitcher. However, the splitter is probably just a fiendish Phillies plot to end Scottie's career, since it's very though on the arm. So much so that they forbade Brett Myers from throwing it during his Phillies career.

I'd love it if Mathieson does that. That'd be awesome.

On the arm concern...yeah, that is pretty funny. "Hey Scott, we know you've had 2 TJ surgeries and 3 surgeries on your arm overall, how about learning a splitter?"

@aksmith: Well, I suspect that Bo Jackson would have been a first ballot hall of famer if he didn't have a hip injury that ended his career. Didn't happen - no HOF. We can debate what Manny might have done without steroids, but it didn't happen. He used, and that's that. His individual stats are invalid.

As for Manny's "perfect swing" I couldn't care less. That's like dating a girl who has the perfect ass, but you caught her cheating on you. Do you stick around because she says "no, honey...that time you caught me was the ONLY time it ever happened. I never did it before, I promise." Please!

Manny's stats (and his "perfect swing" = meaningless junk.

I thought Tommy John was a lefty. Are you sure they operated on the right arm?

BAP- your comment about a 13th or 14th starter was so ridiculous that I had to "borrow" it and use it on my blog today. Thanks for the laugh.

29 Days 15 Hours 16 minutes 5 seconds

Carson, that was a funny comment by bap.

I am sure KK is working on a double secret new pitch in a triple secret location with Oswalt but word hasn't leaked out as of this mid-month date.

On the trade market for Blanton:

Carl Pavano isn't the only shoe that has to drop before the market clarifies.

Freddy GArcia actually had a fairly decent year for the Chisox last season, and he's still out there.

Here's mlbtr's list of all the unsigned SP still available:

Brian Bannister SP
Jeremy Bonderman SP
Bruce Chen SP
Doug Davis SP
Justin Duchscherer SP
Freddy Garcia SP
Braden Looper SP
Rodrigo Lopez SP
John Maine SP
Pedro Martinez SP
Kevin Millwood SP
Brian Moehler RF / SP
Jamie Moyer SP
Carl Pavano SP
Andy Pettitte SP
Nate Robertson SP
Jeff Suppan SP
Jarrod Washburn SP
Todd Wellemeyer SP
Chris Young SP

I'm sure some GMs think some of the names on this list represent better value than trading for JB.

If I had to make a guess, Blanton will go to ST with the Phillies.

Here's mlbtr's list of unsigned outfielders:

Garret Anderson LF
Ryan Church LF / RF
Johnny Damon LF / DH
Jermaine Dye RF
Jim Edmonds CF
Jody Gerut CF
Gabe Gross LF / RF
Jose Guillen RF / DH
Scott Hairston LF
Joe Inglett 2B / LF / RF
Andruw Jones RF
Gabe Kapler RF
Lastings Milledge LF / RF
Brian Moehler RF / SP
Laynce Nix LF
Scott Podsednik LF
Manny Ramirez LF / DH
Rusty Ryal 1B / LF
Cory Sullivan LF
Marcus Thames LF
Randy Winn LF / RF

awh: I never thought I'd see the name "Nate Robertson" on BL ever again.

Wow, quoted on "We Should be GMs." My weekend has already been a success.

I read today that Anderson threw out an octopus (Red wings style) in some sort of game promotion and then proceeded to tear up his arm that night warming up back in the day. How stupid were the Tigers to ask him to do something like that? How ridiculous a way to derail your career?

rg - Definitely the Octopus that tore his arm up and not having his mechanics instilled by the wonderful teachers at his college.

I came on to make more snide remarks about our most recent acquisition only to see b-a-p's excellent piece up above.

The only possible, reasonable response to the Anderson signing: No wonder we could afford to let Flande go.

That list of available starting pitchers is pretty awful.

Question to ponder: If we resigned Nate Robertson, would we slot him above or behind Matt Anderson on the depth chart?

The only pitcher comparable to Blanton on that list is Millwood, in my opinion. Everyone else is a big injury risk/is coming off a major injury and/or just plain isn't very good. Pettitte will either play for NYY or will retire, so he is not an option for anyone but the Yankees.

I think that if Millwood signs a 1 year deal or a 2 year deal for less than 17 mil, then it hurts Blanton's trade value. The other guys shouldn't really impact Blanton's value, because they aren't good comps.

Also wtf is with Moehler listed as RF/SP? Is that like listing Oswalt as LF/SP or did he actually switch to OF a la Ankiel??

I would add Pavano (I missed his name at first glance) to Millwood as a comp for Blanton. I thought I read that he's expected to sign with Minnesota for 3 years, although I may be mistaken. If he signs a 3 year deal, that would only help Blanton's trade value.

Phils' bullpen:

Figure 4 definite guys at the MLB level right now:


Baez is probably 90% of a lock to make the roster although I actually do agree with BAP that if Baez is terrible in spring training that there is a slight chance they might release him especially if they don't move Blanton.

Leaves 2 open spots. The other one is Bastardo's to lose. Again he is almost a look to make the Opening Day roster largely because he is LHP reliever. Leaves 1 open spot for a long-man/swingman/garbage time guy. KK fits that mold.

Here is how the bullpen at Lehigh probably look now:

B. Gordon

Those guys pretty much look like definite guys in the bullpen. My bet is that Herndon lands here too as long as they don't move Blanton either.

Bonine might end up here but given the lack of quality starting pitching the Phils have right now available for the 5 slots at Lehigh my bet is he ends up their rotation to start the year along with Carpenter and organizational filler guys like Bump and Naylor.

Pretty mediocre bunch but it is somewhat better than it has been generally in recent years where the Phils' AAA pitching staff has generally been the 'Mos Eisley' cantina of castoffs/retreads/journeyman of minor league relievers.

Still don't have a closer though. Figure that role likely goes to Schwimer to start the season at Lehigh with De Fratus the closer at Reading to start the year.

Phils' starting pitching depth:

1. Halladay
2. Lee
3. Oswalt
4. Hamels
5. Blanton
6. KK
7. Worley
8. Carpenter

After that it starts to blend together because I highly doubt the Phils would call up a guy like Bump or Naylor even though they likely round out the Top 10.

Strong chance they might dip into AA if they ever reached that level of desperation in what will probably be a lost season.

Other guys at Reading will be JC Ramirez and Cisco although there likely won't be a guy worth going out of your way to see in Reading's rotation either (that's right TTI I wouldn't pay to see JC Ramirez pitch. Phils likely need to sign another minor league journeyman to round out the staff to start the year.

Likely starting pitcher will be at Reading like it was last season - generally mediocre to terrible depending upon how is starting although I am interested to see how guys like De Fratus and Aumont will progress in the bullpen.

Frankly I am more interested to see who starts at Clearwater because that is where it looks like the overwhelming majority of real pitching talent in the minor league system will be with Cosart, Colvin, May, and possibly J. Rodriquez & Pettibone will be in their starting rotation to start the year.

JC Rosenberg is the other guy I am curious to see how he looks in the bullpen too at Reading. Likely any real pitching talent the Phils have Reading to start the year will be in the bullpen instead.

Hyatt is the other guy at Reading who will start the year:


1. Worley (as long as Blanton is around)
2. Carpenter
3. Naylor
4. Bump
5. Bonine?


1. JC Ramirez
2. Hyatt
3. Cisco
4. ???
5. ???

MG: I think Julio will start in Lakewood, not Clearwater. Look for Colby Shreve to finish out the Clearwater roation at the start of the year.

jason - Yeah. Forget him and Zeid.

MG: I think Zeid and Matt Way will finish off the Reading rotation.

Both are due for a promotions based on performance/age and really need solid years if they want to make any move up the prospect list.

If Zeid really wants serious consideration, he needs to stretch his stuff out as a starter. I think BA called his slider one of the best pitches in our system.

We discussed Way previously a few days ago. He tops out in the high 80s and has gotten by the lower levels by just outsmarting his younger counterparts with the ability to locate all of his pitches with movement each way. 1 poor season for Way and he'll be likley given up on, so he has to continue to excel in each promotion if he has any shot.

BJ Rosenberg. We have enough "JC's already.

"'Mos Eisley' cantina of castoffs"

Bump - (sidling up) I have the Death sentence in five bullpens...

Worley - I'll be careful...

Bump - (pulling out a rosin bag) You'll be DEAD!!!

Carpenter pulls out a light sabre and cuts off Bumps pitching arm - which doesn't really affect his abilities...

The question with Way is who trades places with him when he gets sent down again.

Beard - But you can never have enough...

Nahhhh...not gonna make that off-color joke. Too easy.

Have we all forgotten about Herndon already?

jasontp - That make sense. One guy I have always wanted to see an interview done with is Jay McLaughlin (official title on the Phils' site is 'Baseball Information Analyst') who has been with the Phils for a very long time. At least since 1990 according to an old article I saw on InfoWorld where he was quoted.

Basically goes back with Dave Montgomery a long way. Curious to see what baseball statistical software package(s) they use along with some of the third-party information sources they subscribe too including STATS Inc.

Frankly I would be stunned if everyone MLB team doesn't subscribe to STATS Inc for raw data and their player tracking offering for baseball.

They do have an interesting job data collection job where you have to analyze college and pro baseball for pitch analysis at 30-35 hrs/week at $12+/hr.

TMac wouldn't be able to do this job though.

Reason I brought up McLaughlin is that I am reading a copy of Schwartz's "The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics" that I picked up for a $1 and have been reading on the train. Little dated at this point but some interesting stuff behind the scene about the stat guys, companies, and systems.

AWH, I read the article. God bless Jon Heyman. Craig Counsell at 1 year and 1.4 million is, in his mind, the off-season's second most significant overpay, 15 spots ahead of Kevin Gregg's egregious 10 million/2 years.

More appalling is the logic exercised in the Cliff Lee nugget you quoted (Lee is number six on the list of underpays):

"Sure, this great clutch pitcher got the highest yearly salary ever for a pitcher, and he got double the money Phillies' ace Roy Halladay got just one year prior. Great job by agent Darek Braunecker to get this much from the only team Lee wanted to play for, even if he left around $30 million on the table (the Yankees offered $148 million). That's admirable, but gets Lee on the underpaid list because we know he could have had more."

I have no strong feelings on the wisdom of Cliff Lee's contract; I don't know how it will effect future long-term spending; I'm simply glad he's here. But apparently if team X offers more than team Y, then team Y's offer cannot be said to be an overvaluation. Similarly, if AWH eats 2 pounds of Penne to my 1, then I can't be said to be overeating.

Heyman himself likely makes a fair chunk of change. Even if he doesn't, I'm nevertheless certain that he's overpaid.

Klaus: I think Heyman makes his money with his inside-info / connections to the baseball world. He might be the most connected person on the planet in terms of mlb rumors. His anaysis/opinion on in his inside information is simply just extra - so i dont let it affect my opinon of his job.

Rumors are Yanks are shopping Joba for a starter. Swap for Blanton? Altho Joba sucks, he still might be too much of a return for the Yanks to take on all of Blanton's salary.

Yanks pen:


Yanks rotation:

Blanton is definitely better than Nov and Mitre, and might even be better than Burnett at times. Yanks could use him.

Joba coming into his first year of arb, i would estimate him around $1.5M. Phils could use him as competition with Worley/KK for the 5th spot, or fill in as the final bullpen peice.

Maybe not the best fit, but I think its pretty fair for both squads. I guess Blanton's salary relief would be the biggest question.

Heyman is only really connected to rumors out of both NY teams. Its no different than getting a Peter Gammons comment on the RedSox or even a Zolecki comment out of the Phillies FO.

All 3 are de facto mouthpieces for the clubs in question.

I don't think that a deal involving Blanton and Joba is out of the question. Pettitte is all but retired and I doubt that the Yankees are excited about a second coming of Carl Pavano, especially after the fiasco of the return of Javier Vasquez.

I suppose Millwood is an option for them, but I'd certainly take Blanton over Millwood.

I like the idea of Joba/KK/Worley competing for the fifth spot and a spot as the long man in the pen.

"Similarly, if AWH eats 2 pounds of Penne to my 1, then I can't be said to be overeating."

Klaus, 2 pounds is a little much, but I bet I could give you a run for your money in the Penne department. (A little bolognese sauce, reggiano and a good bottle of Chianti and we're all set!)

Call me crazy but I dont really want slingblade on the team. His excessive celebration and other issues just rub me the wrong way.

NEPP, I've never been that impressed with Chamberlain. His fastball is very straight, and if he can't get his secondary stuff over (which happens way too often for my tastes) then he becomes very hittable.

He strikes me as more than a little immature, and certainly hasn't lived up to all the hype.

Add that to what you posted, and you have an immature douchebag with a straight fastball and erratic secondary pitches who hasn't lived up to the hype.

Heyman's analytical incapacity--on probably any subject--strikes me as being, in baseball terms, comparable to the inability to literally lift a bat, but, whatever, not worth going on about...

Count me as (extremely) skeptical that the Yanks would entertain Blanton for Joba.

But anything is possible with the Prince of Darkness as the GM.

The hype, like that for many Yankees/Mets/BoSox prospects, was overblown. Its a result of the baseball media mainly being based in NYC and Bristol, CT.

Joba is a good reliever, not great but good but he's not the greatest reliever on earth like he was hyped to be. Add in attitude issues and its a meh.

Still, we'd be lucky if we got a comparable talent in return for Blanton + Blanton's salary.

Via Neyer (though the video's from elsewhere):

I wouldn't mind seeing more spoken, numbers-free explanations of some of the statistical thinking used around here. It might make things easier on the n00bz, and directing an established poster to the luck dragon would be a nice variation from the normal course of insults.

"Blanton is definitely better than Nov and Mitre, and might even be better than Burnett at times."

jason, interesting point about Blanton/Burnett.

Since joing the Yankees in 2009, Burnett has done this:

66 G, 66 GS, 23 - 24, 393.2 IP, 4.62 ERA, 1.453 WHIP, 4.0 BB/9, 7.8 K/9, 1.94 K/BB, 96 ERA+.

Since 2009 Blanton has done this:

60 G, 59 GS, 21 - 14, 371 IP, 4.42 ERA, 1.364 WHIP, 2.5 BB/9, 7.2 K/9, 2.91 K/BB, 93 ERA+.

Also, Blanton was injured at the beginning of 2010 and struggles out of the gate, but still managed to post a significantly better ERA than Burnett in 2010, much better than league differences or ballparks would explain.

However, in his last 15 starts of 2010, ostensibly when he was finally recovered from his obliques, Blanton did this:

15 G, 15 GS, 6 - 1 (team 11 - 5), 94.2 IP, 3.33 ERA, 1.299 WHIP, 2.3 BB/9, 7.9 K/9, 3.43 K/BB.

You could make the argument that the last 2 seasons, barring the injury, that Blanton was the better pitcher.

Phillies sign Francisco to 1 year/1.175 million dollar deal.

That's a fair deal. Lower than I thought he'd get.

Though KK will probably get more than I thought he'd get so it'll still balance out to about $4 million for the expected.

Top that, Heyman.

Klaus, you posted it at 3:30.

mlbtr had it at 1:53. :)

Yo, newer thread

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