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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Brian Mazone > John Maine

If they are taking Flyers, they should try out Claude Giroux. I always thought that it was taking a flier (like a sheet from a panhandler), but maybe it's taking a flyer (like a plane). I think somebody like the Padres could give him a roster spot.

Maine had a couple of decent years which were helped by the friendly environs of Shea.

But...those were a long time and a couple of surgeries ago. Very similar situation to RoLo a couple seasons back.

If he gets a major league deal from some team then kudos to his agent. I wouldn't do it if I were a GM.

Maine wasa damn good pitcher at his best at 29 he is still a youngetr as measured agaisnt the Phils. Considering that it ws our physician who took care of him , if he says he'll be fine I would jump at the chance.

For honest commentary I wouldn't mind stashing someone who's pitched in the majors in the past year. As much as I fear one of the big four going down for a strech, not only can it happen, it's bloody likely. Maine is not the worst move. That's kind of why I've been among those not really for trading Blanton even with Kendrick and Worley. If Blanton gets shipped out, it almost makes a move like this essential.

RK, IIRC, shoulder surgery is the toughest from which to recover.

Sure, I'd take a flyer in a MiL deal, but he's probably looking for a MLB deal.

Speking of RoLo, he's still out there as an FA. If they nead to fill the rotation at LV, why not bring him in.

Good Karma.

I say let him give AAA a shot and then when we need to give a warm body to Baltimore for an ancient, light hitting utility dude in June we already have him available.

I also hope to take the kid to LV for a game this year and would love to be able to make a "Remember the Maine" sign to hold up.

So with the Yankees desperate for a starting pitcher, Blanton will be traded to Boston (again)?

Nobody picked up Rodrigo Lopez? His numbers weren't that offensive last year. Screw Maine, sign him up again!

Completely irrevelant trivia:

The bow anchor from the Maine is actually in Reading City Park although I don't think Maine ever pitched in Reading.

Scotch Man, RoLo pitched 200 innings last season, for a horrible team that was mediocre defensively. Yeah, that 5.00 ERA doesn't look good, but his 1.415 WHIP wasn't that far off the league average of 1.348, his K/BB was 2.07, slightly below the 2.23 league average, so he'd be worth stashing in LV again.

He was holding his own through July, but the wheels seemed to come off mid-August, so maybe it was a fatigue problem because he hadn't pitched a lot because of the TJ surgery?

They could do worse, but I'm sure all these guys are holding out for MLB deals.

Seems a no-brainer that, if Maine would take a minor league deal, you get it done. Depth is a necessity and, with Blanton on the block, the deal makes it slightly less risky for them to move him.

MG - Is Reading City Park the one near old St. Joe's Hospital, that used to have the kiddie castle that got removed because it's primary use was a urinal? I'm trying to remember the anchor, er, Maine, but don't.

Hugh - Yup. Its on N. 11th St.

I'm with Hugh. I don't know how anyone could be against this. Despite all the injuries, Maine has considerably more upside than guys like Benson & RoLo since he is younger &, before his injuries, was a much better pitcher than those guys. I also wonder if the Phillies might be viewing him as a possible bullpen piece.

On a minor league deal, there's really no downside.

Hugh: Correct. I defiled that castle many times in my youth.

bap, Maine has had three pretty good years, surrounded by semi-mediocrity. He has been an injury risk of late.

Lopez had a couple of pretty good years as well, pitching in Camden yards as opposed to Shea.

If you look at their ERA+ numbers, Maine has been slightly better, but I'm not sure I agree that, given the recent surgeries, he has "considerably more upside" than Lopez.

Maine is younger, shich 'should' help, but if I wanted to sign someone who I felt could be called up and pitch competently at the MLB level, then I would sign RoLo - only because he represents less risk.

It will be interesting to see where they both end up.

Oh, and for the record, I would sign BOTH of them to MiL deals if it's possible.

Is Figgy still under contract with Houston? I would probably sign him before Maine, although RoLo would be my first choice. Of course, this is assuming they'd take minor league deals...

A minor league deal for a guy like John Maine is a very low risk, high reward signing. If he doesn't work out, fine, it happens in the minors. But if he's healthy, you've got pitcher you can plug into the bottom of your rotation in a pinch.

This is a no brainer.

Forget Rolo, bring in Maine. Even if it's just to thumb a nose at the Metropolitans.

"I'm not sure I agree that, given the recent surgeries, he has 'considerably more upside' than Lopez."

An upside, by definition, means the best case scenario. It's not like his right arm was amputated. He's had some serious injuries, but pitchers do sometimes make complete recoveries from serious injuries -- especially when they're only 29. I'm not saying I expect it to happen. But it's within the realm of possibility & well worth the minimal risk of a minor league deal.

Also, his good years were not exactly "surrounded by mediocrity" (as was the case with Rolo). Maine was a very solid pitcher for 3 straight years before injuries set in. That said, I still think that his injury history, and the Phillies' specific needs, make him more intriguing as a bullpen candidate than as a starter.

My buddy Ed if Collegeville e-mailed me and said he's hearing they are interested in Lastings Milledge. Anybody else here that?

Definitely worth a minor league flyer...though I think he'd get more than that elsewhere (or at least a better chance of making the MLB club in some fashion).

Shoulder injuries suck.

Bring back Figgy!!!

Figgy and Milledge and Maine.

If Lastings Milledge can be had, we would be fools not to get him. According to some scouting website I read just 6 or 7 years ago, he has a better major league future than Chase Utley.

THE Lastings Milledge is available?

What's our offer? 7 years, $121 Million? I mean, I want him to know we're serious.

They would have to include a provision in the contract that allows him to produce a rap album.

Just one or one per year?

I assume he'd need to bring his recording team on the road with the club.

Whatever he wants, give it to him.

I say just go for the Hamels/Upton deal. (That's a joke friends).

Mr. Weitzel, I'm glad I never took my kids to play in the castle at Reading City Park after what you claimed to do to it. And by the way, you're still a young buck, which means you're still in your youth!! We miss you at the Eagle.

I can't get too excited about signing Lastings Milledge, but it sure would be fun if we did sign him & he proceeded to turn into the player that the Mets' scouts predicted he would become.

I like minor league fliers (flyers?) because they're low-risk and have potential for high reward. Nab 'em up, I say.

And Lastings Millidge at $121M seems a bit low... how about we tack on a few more years and really give him some money? He'll be the Millidge that keeps on lasting.

I see it now, day-night doubleheader in July with the Mets to take care of a rained out game. We call up Maine to pitch the 2nd game. He throws a shut-out against them and Lastings hits two HR off the bench.

Of course I know that the Milledge comments are completely in jest. But, I wouldn't touch him even on a minor league deal. There is something about him that drives me nuts. Is it that he underachieved? Perhaps. Although, a lot of the lofty expectations can be attributed to the overvaluation of certain NY teams' scouts/minor league systems. Could it be his seemingly arrogant, me-first attitude? Perhaps. Could it be he is a -- pardon the phrase -- "clubhouse cancer"? Perhaps. Could it be that I just don't think he is that good of a ballplayer? Perhaps.

All of the above? More likely.

I have a better chance of becoming a Phillie than Lastings Milledge.

JW - I am pure sure the Castle in City Park was torn down for at least several years after being closed for a while. Should know considering I drove past it just last weekend.

donc: Ummm... probably not.

donc: Can you play multiple positions?

Lastings Milledge is worse than the cancer growing on Allen Iverson's leg. Keep that guy away from our team. He's a loser.

BAP: I can easily handle right field and I can play a little 3b. Or at least I could 30 years ago. It's like riding a bike, isn't it? Oh crap. I'm a lefty at the plate. I am extremely unlikely to get arrested though, so there's that.


In his defense, he supposedly actually did finally turn a corner in regards to his attitude, work ethic, and demeanor in Pittsburgh. It is just that he is not a very good player.

Definitely wouldn't mind seeing him at Lehigh or competing for the final roster spot. Mayberry and D. Young aren't exactly world-beaters.

(Lastings sounds like something you put in shoes. If he added "Rodriguez" as a middle name, could we call him L-Rod?)

Actually, since LV has been so bad, it might be immune to clubhouse cancer. I'd be willing to stick him there if he'd do it. But it is totally, completely inconceivable to me that Milledge would or even will have to sign a minor league deal. He is, however, young enough that he could still develop into a valuable outfielder. (He prolly was done in by Mets' hype, both in terms of expectations and what he thought of himself.)

It's hard to believe Maine would sign a MiLB contract, too; but given the injuries, I suppose he'll have to get him one of them MiLB deals where he gets to bolt if he's not called up by, like, June 1.

Crasnick on Boras:
"That doesn't stop Boras from talking about Ramirez, Damon and Jones as if we've time-traveled back to 2005. He describes them as upper-echelon players who have the ability to win games, sell tickets and positively affect global warming and world peace."

If we had a need for another rapidly aging LH fielder, I would sign Damon in a second.

bap, what I mean is that Maine's upside is more "questionable" than RoLo's.

RoLo logged 200 IP last season and is a better bet to add value.

Coming off the surgery, Maine may be another Kris Benson. He may never get it back.

BTW, I didn't say "don't sign him". I am merely of the opinion that RoLo is more of a known quantity at this point.

I suspect RoLo will not sign here unless he gets a MLB deal. IMO he'll get one somewhere. 200 IP is nothing to sneeze at.

Andy, Boras hass a magical way of convincing some GMs that his players are miracle workers.

BTW, how many of Boras' clients got caught juicing, or are suspected of it?

Actually, I really like the photo of Boras on that Crasnick link. So retro. He looks like he should be on Mad Men. Except for the cell phone.

I hear the B in Balco stands for Boras.

Actually, if there's a guy on Boras' list that the Phils should look at it's probably Jones. He bats righty, can sub at CF and would probably sign fairly cheaply (say, less than a mill). I'm guessing the last batch of MiLB contracts, though, is it as far as position players.

How many more days, hours, minutes, seconds till pitchers and catchers report??
It sure will be awesome when that happens and not reading about the Phillies potentially signing players like Lastings Milledge and Andruw Jones.

I blame Ed from Collegeville if the Phillies sign Milledge.

I heard pitchers and catchers report on Valentines Day. Is that true?

donc, yes. It's true.

I just got my Phillies' calendar (season ticket holder) and it's in black and white.

"Hugh: Correct. I defiled that castle many times in my youth.

Posted by: J. Weitzel | Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 10:56 AM"

Its posts like this that makes me wish this site had a "like" button much like Facebook.

"I heard pitchers and catchers report on Valentines Day. Is that true?"

"I just got my Phillies' calendar (season ticket holder) and it's in black and white"

It should be written in RED!!!

Thanks AWH. You just made my winter a little bit shorter.

"Hugh: Correct. I defiled that castle many times in my youth."

Guess there was a reason why that Castle in City Park (like the City Hall stop on the Broad Street line) often spelled like stale urine inside . . .

Ummm, an apology is offered:

It IS written in RED on the Phillies Calendar.

I just though the B&W expression was more colloquial. Sorry.

Lastings Milledge vs. LHP past two seasons:

2009 .327/.383/.436
2010 .320/.414/.512

No, the Phillies couldn't possibly use anyone like that. Ben Fran will easily top those numbers, right Jack?

"They would have to include a provision in the contract that allows him to produce a rap album."

Doesn't Jroll own a record label? The stars are aligned.

Oh, BTW, this is completely off-topic, but when I was comapring LH OF yesterday and comapring Ibanez to Heyward, a thought entered my mind that IMHO it's almost a lock that the Phillies break camp with 2 LHRP.

With the addition of Heyward to the Braves lineup, and McLouth and Mccann there also, it seems to me that it's going to be necessary to have more than one LHRP stashed in the 'pen to deal with them in later innings. Also, while his splits aren't very pronounced, Chipper Jones is a better hitter from th eleft side than the right (slightly better OBP, much better SLG), so it makes some sense to turn him around.

holy crap, Milledge has a .894 OPS vs LHP in his last two seasons(206PA) ?!

Jason~ Ed finally got back to me. He picked this up off of Phillies nation. I read the article. It's just the author's speculation. I wouldn't be to worried about it. Based on the kind of character guys we have. I wouldn't think they'd sign him.

He must be a much bigger jerkoff than we realize if hes a former 1st round 26yr old with close to league average career numbers coming off a season .926 OPS vs LHP, sitting on the free agent market with pretty much 0 hype and even under team control for 3 seasons if you give him a cheap 2011 contract.

I remember Maine dismantling the Phillies a few times in the past. I was always puzzled why he didn't blossom into a mainstay on the Muts staff. I'd sign him up and if he can get healthy in LV, call him up and let KK or Bulldog ride the pines.

He didn't blossom b/c he wore down every year.

Actually, I hadn't looked to see that Milledge mashes lefties, though I kinda remember seeing that about two months ago when he came up in diuscussion. Looking at those numbers, knowing he's 26 and hoping that he might have calmed himself down a bit makes me think his acquisition my not be a crazy move. Francisco will not top those lefty splits.

Incidently, I hear that Tastycake might be going out of business. It might be time to stockpile some Tandytakes and Krimpets.

Andy: what?!?!?

"I hear that Tastycake might be going out of business"

Well at least we won't hear this for the million and first time "Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastycake"

However, I have had anything that resembles either a Peanut Butter Tandytake or a Butterscotch Krimpet. I stay away from them in my losing battle with my waistline, but to never have that choice again must be a sign of the apocalypse.

Uh, make that "However, I have never had anything ..."

They invested way too much moving to the Naval Yard and the cooking ingredients supposedly went up and now they are major figures in the red. Supposedly Bimbo (latin American baker who owns Sara Lee) and J and J (pretzels and snacks) are looking at eating them up. They will survive.

I cannot believe this didn't occur to me until now but how many of us would watch if the homeless announcer guy, Ted Williams wrestled Wheels or Tbag for the radio gig? I am going to pitch it to the Phillies.

Um, I haven't ever commented on Milledge, so not sure why I was dragged into this.

I actually have always liked the guy as a player, despite his underachievement. He's better than he's ever been given credit for on here because a) he was a Met, b) he's got "character" problems and c) he was probably overhyped as a prospect and never deserved the high expectations which he thus hasn't lived up to.

But, as other people have mentioned, Milledge is the kind of guy the Phillies avoid. So I doubt he's really an option.

jason/phaithful: There's been no negative character reports on Milledge for two years. The Pirates non-tendered him because they couldn't afford a big financial hit for someone who is a platoon outfielder.

I always thought the character stuff was mostly overblown. He probably believed in the hype too much, then got dealt to a bottom dweller nobody cared about, only to be dealt again, to an even worse team.

Is he Benny Frank, but with some upside?

clout: Then why is he a free agent with pretty much 0 interest(at least rumor wise)?

It was estimated that Milledge would be awarded a figure of between 1 million and 1.5 million dollars for 2011 but the Pirates decided they didn't even want to spend that for him and so they non-tendered him. So far there has not been much interest in him but for his sake hopefully he will be picked up by a warm weather club as he stated last year in a TV interview while a Pirate that he doesn't like to play baseball in the cooler months of April/beginning of May as he grew up in Florida. He said he only starts hitting when the weather gets warmer. I don't know how he'd feel about hitting in October and November.
Only recent news since his non-tender was the big brawl he was in a month ago in the Venezuelan League.

link to Venezuelan League brawl involving Milledge last month:

In Milledge's defense, it was a weak grenade toss as if one part of Lastings knew it was a bad idea but another Lastings from the past took over and launched it. I believe he is on the path.

Meyer, the path to what?

Probably a path to a warmer climate as he stated. Of the many tools he was gifted one happens to be pot-stirrer.

Really sucks about Tasty Kake...I really hope some local buys it and keeps the bran alive.

Yanks sign Rafael Soriano to 3 year, $35 million to set up Mo Rivera.

Madson's value just shot up. I'd guess he'd want a minimum of 3 years, $25 million at this point...if not something that matched this deal

jason/phaithful: Dunno. Why are Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, Jorge Cantu, Jeremy Bonderman, Rich Harden etc. etc. still free agents?

Character problems?

Wow, it looked like the Phillies were setting the market there for a while. Then Boston went nuts for Crawford and Gonzales and the Nats heaped buttloads of money on Werth. And now Soriano will be the best paid setup guy in history.

Whenever I think the Phils have spent too much on a player, all I have to do is looks at the Yanks payroll, and I'm sure the Phillies will never impact salaries as much as the Yanks do.

Madson is either gone after this year, or he's a 10 mil per season closer with no track record of being able to close. Those minor league pitcher had better start maturing really fast.

Did the Yanks decide to load up the pen because Pettitte might not be coming back and Blanton doesn't look all that attractive?

I don't think adding Manny Ramirez on that list strengthens the argument.

I do wonder why the Pirates, who have nothing of note going on in their outfield, wouldn't want to take a chance on Milledge at 1.5 mil. If it's not due to cost or performance or the lack of a role for him to fill, what is left to consider? Perhaps all concerned just felt that he was an a**hole and they'd rather not have him. I'm not saying that this is absolutely what happened, but it's certainly on the list of reasonable possibilities to consider.

I did have an opportunity to listen to Milledge in a post game interview while travelling through the Pittsburgh area this summer. He came off as genuinely sincere in thanking the coaches for helping him with his defense, specifically getting a better angle to the ball. He sounded like a young guy still learning the game.

Don't know if it got much attention here on BL but Lastings Milledge was involved in one of the funniest things that happened last season in baseball. The vids of it riffed around the net for a few days after it.

In a game where the Bucs were trouncing the Cubbies, Milledge came up with the bases loaded and hit what he thought was a grand slam home run. He started to celebrate right out of the box and was pumping his fist and pointing to the fans he buys seats for in left field to hang his banner at the Pirate home games. The organist lost sight of the ball and saw Milledge in a homerun trot so he decided he better play the homerun music the Pirates use. When the fireworks guy heard the homerun music and not clear on what happened, he decided to press the button releasing the fireworks. Meanwhile Milledge was tagged out trotting around second as the ball had hit off the top of the wall and bounced back to the outfielder.
It was ROTF hysterical!
It didn't affect the outcome of the game at all and to Milledge's credit, he did admit after the game that he should have been following the ball.

Tastytake has some weak numbers just taking a quick look at their balance sheet but it is the debt they have to roll over that looks like the killer.

Their market cap is just $34M but this isn't the kind of company that private equity would look to buy and flip in 24-36 months. Going to take a much more detailed look this weekend because at $4 I wonder if their numbers are really that bad that will prevent an M&A and a quick bump on the stock price.

"Yanks sign Rafael Soriano to 3 year, $35 million to set up Mo Rivera."

Too about having money to throw around. $10M for a setup man is nuts even for the Yanks.

Yeah that's what I mean by still learning the game. Take a peak at the ball Lastings.

I always loved that one particular genre of Tasty Cake defined itself (if you read the fine print) as "enrobed cakes."

Hollo everybody it's Philadelphia Phillies baseball time. Tonight’s game is brought to you by Atlantic Richfield and by Tastykake. I’m By Saam with Bill Campbell and Ritchie Ashburn...

Damn. I'm officially very, very old.

"Yanks sign Rafael Soriano to 3 year, $35 million to set up Mo Rivera.

Madson's value just shot up."

Rafael Soriano 2007 - 2010

226 G, 141 GF, 84 SV, 7 - 12, 224 IP, 2.61 ERA, .929 WHIP, 3.77 K/BB, 160 ERA+

Ryan Madson 2006 - 2010

248 G, 78 GF, 17 SV, 17 - 11, 269 IP, 3.01 ERA, 1.201 WHIP, 3.11 K/BB, 143 ERA+

Madson has improved merkedly in the last 2 years, especially his K/9 and K/BB so as to be on the same level as Soriano.

NEPP, I would say that what you posted above is a slight understatement.

Jeff Stone at teh Seattle Times has an srticle about late signings, and the impact they can have:

It's kind of difficult to know what Madson will be worth when so much of a player's valuation is based on his most recent season, which we haven't seen yet. But he's certainly nowhere near as good as Soriano. It's also hard for me to imagine anyone paying him closer's money when he has never been a full-time closer & his track record when he HAS closed is dismal.

bap, all NEPP said was that Madson's value shot up, not that he would or should get closer money.

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