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Thursday, January 06, 2011


Ho hum.

Delwyn Young is a rich man's Michael Martinez.

JC will be fine as long as he stays away from those OTC vitamins.

Lotsa new names this offseason. Kendrick should be offered at least twice as much as Romeo.

Seriously, though, as MG noted on the last thread, Delwyn Young is a bad fielder. But being a bad fielder at 5 or 6 positions has value.

He's also a case of a guy who would be more valuable if he had a big offensive split. But his splits are just about dead-even, .708 OPS vs. LHP and .710 vs. RHP.

A little Chooch-love from Kurkjian:

Do we have a resource that compiles personal catcher ERA? Sort of like individual batter vs. pitcher stats, not the team-wide number.

Uni - Chooch will lead the league in catcher's era this year. Book it.

Nice, we now have a situational lefty whose situation is coming in and walking the first batter he faces.

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