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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Uh oh, are we going to have to start paying for Beerleaguer?

No, but check out the free trial. I led the creative efforts and got the product off the ground.

hah, from that link in the last thread:

"Disqus, a comments platform for bloggers, has experimented with allowing users to rate one another’s comments and feed those ratings into a global reputation system called Clout. Moderators can use a commenter’s Clout score to “help separate top commenters from trolls.” "

re: Domingo Santana

A .000 OPS next seasons will still earn him an invite back. Just loaded with tools that will keep him around until at least his early 20s regardless of his performance.

Other than Werth signing back with the Phillies, the best place for Werth to go would be the Detroit Tigers picking at #19, according to MLBTR Draft Order.

The 15 top picks in 2010 are all protected from Type A free agent compensation. This year there are three extra picks that are protected because of unsigned 2010 draft picks.

What's the cost after the free trial?

$3.99 a month.

That includes the CSNPhilly Edition then the 65 pages from sporting news.

$3.99/mo isn't bad at all.

It's the cost of acquiring the IPooed or similar mobile device that makes this a deal breaker for me.

Now it's back to lurking and waiting for my SS payment to be posted in my acount for me.

Clout: From the last thread, I'm giving up on Collier and Garcia, but not Rosenberg or Cisco. Collier was always a project, and a lost season due to injury reduces already slim odds to the point where I'm expecting nothing, and would be pleasantly surprised if he ever made it past AA. It seems like Garcia has been around forever and has always been young, but he's 23 now and will just be getting to AA (he got there for a bit at age 20 but struggled and hasn't been back in 2 years). His numbers aren't good enough to justify any sort of hope.

Rosenberg has the most likelihood to contribute, as a reliever with power stuff. The issue he'll have is finding space, as he's now probably fallen behind DeFratus and Schwimmer (as well as Mathieson) on the power righty depth chart. Still, he's likely to contribute to a major-league bullpen somewhere at some point, if not for the Phils.

Cisco is a control righty. Could make it as a KK replacement-level 5th starter, or become a Clay Condrey type last middle reliever. Either way, he's a guy who will appear in the bigs but never make more than the league minimum. The definition of replacement-level pitcher.

Clout: I'd like to hear your thoughts on Julio Rodriguez. The guy tore up the SAL this year, at an appropriate age as well, racking up fantastic K/BB numbers.

But the scouts note that he has only an average fastball (90 or so), and there's a question as to whether he'll find success against hitters who can actually hit offspeed pitchers (which you don't find at low-A).

Jack: Harold or Edgar?

jason: Edgar.

Harold is obviously not someone to give up on. He's our best middle infield prospect, unless you think Freddy Galvis can suddenly start hitting .270.

Jack: Until last year, Garcia (Edgar) had been pitching exclusively as a starter. The Phillies finally moved him to the bullpen in the middle of last season and, while I can't find his splits anywhere, it seemed like he pitched considerably better in that role. He's still only 23 and still has good stuff. I'd give him one full year pitching out of the pen before I'd give up on him.

Collier, you can give up on and Cisco never excited me much in the first place. Rosenberg gets one more year.

I used to be a big fan of Edgar. But I'm ready to cut bait. Losing half a year to immigration stuff let him get passed by too many people and he looks like he never recovered.

Collier was always dicey - just another tools guy. I'm not sure if it's too soon, but I don't expect anything out of him.

Cisco is probably a no. Maybe I'm prejudiced against short guys pitching (unjustified in the case of, say, Lincecum - but Cisco is no Lincecum). But I sorta think his ceiling does not extend into the big leagues.

Not ready to dump Rosenburg, though. At some point they're gonna have to stock the bullpen with young (read inexpensive) guys. He's got as good a shot as most guys not named Schwimer and DeFratus.

I'd be interested in hearing people weigh in on Cody Overbeck, too. I thought he was a goner before last year. Now? Not so sure. (Really, they shoulda put enough money on the table to sign Tomscha.)

Even if Gavlis hit .270, i doubt his OPS would go above .600

Congrats on the hard work JW. Curious to see how this new twist and some of the other stuff that Comcast is doing on the content creation side goes.

I just found Edgar Garcia's splits: a 5.66 ERA and .269 BAA as a reliever; a 2.96 ERA with a .246 BAA as a starter. So much for my theory that he was better out of the bullpen. The one area where he did improve out of the pen, though, was in his strikeout rate. On the other hand, his homerun rate also soared in his bullpen duty. I'd still give him one more year before I'd cut bait.

I note that he's not on the 40-man roster so, in theory, I guess we could lose him in the Rule 5 draft. But, given how little he has shown, I seriously doubt any team would want to keep him on its 25-man roster all season long.

**per Buster Olney**Heard this: In the PHI pursuit of a left-handed reliever, more likely they go after P NOT tied to compensation--Feliciano, for example.

Madubbs: Not sure why we would have qualms about signing a Type B FA, because it's not like we would lose any pick over it.

MaDubbs: I believe Olney's "hot tip" eliminates exactly one left-handed reliever on the entire FA market: Scott Downs.

Oh, I misread it. Feliciano is an example of who we WOULD go after, not who we would avoid.

So yeah, Downs is the only guy we're not going after. Good.

I'm down with skipping Scott.

Takahashi or bust.

How old is Takahashi?

"Takahashi or bust. "

FWIW, some Mets fans have cautioned against a Takahashi vs. a short LF porch matchup.

BAP, That is why Bust Olney is a moron, he just posted that on twitter, so i figured I would give you guys a heads up on his intellectual input haha!

There's absolutely NO reason to make a decision on Brown based on anything but how he performs this off season. NONE. Financial or otherwise.

Also if Will could possibly post a list of what perceived stereotypes it's OK to make light of that would be fantastic.

Can i make fun of French for being.. you know..french.

How bout the Irish for their love of drink?

Asians for being good at math?

Black guys for.. well.. you know girth?

All Somoans are Pro wrestlers?

Canadians for saying Aboot?

Mongolians for repeatedly invading china?

W.A.S.P.S for their general prudishness?

Australians for their love of Paul Hogan?

The Swiss for being pale and blonde?

Latinos for generally not knowing their age/keeping good records?

Oh wait that last one is racist/bigoted sorry we were over that. *cough*fake outrage*cough*

Didn't know Beerleaguer had morphed "Museum of Tolerance."

Oh and I'll take your bet Will Schweitzer I'll tell Ozzie about the age thing however you want. Sounds fair. All you have to do then is walk into a Klan meeting out in mid-western PA and spout off your little rant and we'll see which one of us has an easier time saying stuff on the internet we wouldn't say in person.

Please, PLEASE stop the endless racism argument. It won't lead to anything enlightening, productive, entertaining, or useful.

On a baseball note, I read that Carl Crawford wants an 8 year contract. Think he'll get it? Should he get it? I don't.

I also read that the Rangers offered CL 5 years at $23 million a year. Think that will keep him in Texas? If true, I think he'll stay.

The Swiss have historically chapped me raw with their neutrality and loot hoarding.

Jack: Pretty much agree with your assessment on the prospects I listed. I'll be very interested to see if Edgar gets drafted in Rule 5.

Cisco is one of those guys who's short on stuff but long on savvy. His grandpop is Galen Cisco so he's got bloodlines going for him too. Like to keep him.

Julio Rodriguez really won't be tested until he gets to Double A. He has a wicked deuce that hitters at lower levels can't touch. That allows him to get away with a mid-80s fastball. I'd put him in Clearwater and if he's still putting up great stats, bump him up to Reading at mid-season.

Jim Callis of BA, who's pretty good, is not a believer.

Another guy to keep an eye on who could be a late bloomer is Austin Hyatt.

He was old for the levels, but racked up a ton of Ks over the last couple years. He'll turn 25 this year, but if he can repeat his peripheral stats over a full season AA/AAA, he's a 5th starter candidate for 2012 (when KK will be too expensive).

Here's what Chuck Lamar recently had to say about Hyatt:

"He's got an outstanding changeup and his velocity and command of his fastball are good enough," he added. "He's got to improve his control of his offspeed pitchers, and that could be the difference. But we expect him to progress and start out at Double-A."

"Meanwhile in the Dominican Winter League, Werth's potential replacement, Domonic Brown, snapped his hitless streak with an RBI infield single last night..."

Strike anyone as ironic/funny?

***Strike anyone as ironic/funny?****

That Dom Brown actually gets hits with men in scoring position?

~low hanging fruit and whatnot~

"All you have to do then is walk into a Klan meeting out in mid-western PA and spout off your little rant and we'll see which one of us has an easier time saying stuff on the internet we wouldn't say in person."

You are absolutely correct, sir. I would not meet with you or your klansmen friends in midwestern Pennsylvania of which you speak and discuss ignorance and bigotry.

Freudian slips are fascinating, aren't they Rex. ;)

My Pennsylvania Dutch friend called me up. He's a big baseball fan. He said, "I keep hearing it on the news...what's up with Rickie Weeks?"

Jayson Stark of writes that Arthur Rhodes is at the top of the Phillies' list of left-handed relief targets.

RHODES Just what we need. Another O's reject,like Baez.

Charge Will Schweitzer $29.99 a month, we are trying to squeeze him out.

Steve Jobs

Hey J,
We'll take him. We need more as-holes like Will using the Zune. Send him our way and I will give him DPatrone's MLB email source.
Bill Gates

If we're going after Arthur Rhodes, we need to make sure that he doesn't go off and sign with a rival after just 1 or 2 seasons. We certainly wouldn't want to give him anything shorter than a 3-year deal.

Rhodes was hot until the Ibanez messed with his streak back at the end of June. I really thought that game was a turning point for the Phillies. Sign him. How old is he?

"How old is he?"

(cringing, knowing where this is headed...)

as a phillie in 2006 a 36 year old rhodes pitched 36 innings for a record of 0-5 and an era of 5.32, his worst since his last year as an oriole in 1999 (5.43). he turned 41 on october 24.

Rhodes? No thanks. A guy who has some serious lingering health issues with his foot, has notably worn down & struggled the past 2 years after the ASB, and probably won't come with a cheap price tag.

Rhodes has been a very good reliever the last few years and dominated left-hand batters. Just have a feeling he would be a flop in Philly although he would likely be used quite differently this time around (lefty specialist vs. set-up man).

Plantar fasciitis is a matter of pain management which will test the inner reaches of your being. It really stinks.

Rhodes is pretty f'ing old, even if I concede that he's not a Dominican. Seems like a gamble.

apropos of nothing, I wore an old overcoat today to ward off the snow and, fishing in the pockets for a 20 to pay my bar bill, I found a ticket stub for a game at Camden Yards in '06. Rhodes wasn't on the roster but, Rodrigo Lopez is on the ticket (Club Box - scalper score). Kris Benson was the WP. Sam Perlozzo skippered the team to one of its 70 wins that night. No truth to the rumor that my sketchy recollection is due to the fact that his wife was distracting me when he surrendered a couple solo bombs in the middle innings.

Thanks Hugh. Today I used my old golf umbrella purchased in 1984, the first year of the Phillies 10 year drought, to shield my children from the driving rain. I once found a tightly folded Grant in my London Fog raincoat.

I like the idea of throwing eighty years of experience into the seventh inning with Contreras and Rhodes.

Meyer, the only Grant I ever found was when I was 10, spotting it crumpled and soaked in a snowy foot print while delivering the Merchandiser in western Berks. These days, I'm happy when I find a Lincoln or Hamilton in a pants pocket or jacket.

I'm agnostic on who we enlist to neutralize lefties. I am looking forward to watching Tony Bastard get a long look in that role.

I wish I could rally one more time. I have a knuckleball in my arsenal.

Pat the Bat resigned with Giants. 1 year deal per

Rhodes and Contreras - Nearly 30 years of proven MLB experience you can count on . . .

JW: I'm an underpaid Dominican, can I get that for $1.99?

Rhodes didn't pitch well for us the first time he was here. He's just the kind of old, cheap arm you would expect RAJ to go after. What about the satement from him: "We're not going to go out and sign a guy just because he left-handed?"

If Rhodes does sign here, that's just what Rube will be doing. Forget the RH power bat, right? No thanks.

Amid indications that the Angels have little or no interest in Werth, a scenario where Lee signs with the Yankees and Crawford signs with the Red Sox would really limit Jayson's options. I can't think of another team that would offer him a contract similar to the Phils' supposed offer of 3/55 + option if those three are out of the running.

Chris: Agreed. If the price is reasonably similar, I highly doubt the Sox choose Werth over Crawford.

I suppose if the Yankees land Lee that Texas may show interest, but I doubt they'd top the Phillies offer.

I don't see the Rangers dropping big money on an OF...They're supposedly focused on their rotation, either Lee or Greinke.

The only team I see as competition for Werth in that scenario would be the Tigers, but I don't know if they'd want to throw that kind of money at him.

And there's no way the money will be similar on Werth and Crawford. Crawford's supposedly looking for a LONG-term deal (8-10 years) at approximately 20 mil per. But he's a better player than Werth and several years younger, so some team might bite.


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