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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


never been a big fan of NBC's giant sports child reporter.

This reporter drives me nuts.
* * * *

Dave Letterman made a funny:

"There's only one thing for the Yankees to do. They're going to buy the Phillies."

Dude looks like he is in serious need of a nap.

Lee has an uncanny knack for getting filmed near public transportation. A number of people spotted him riding NY subway before the 09 World Series. If I see him riding Septa, I'll lose it.

Hilariously calm interview.

Rotation nickname submission #289: Four Smiles and a Kyle.

#341: Four Aces and a 'House Rules' card

letterman joke was great. the cliff lee saga will go down as a major blow in the phila-ny war.

Carlos Ruiz, you lucky devil.

how many different ways can you ask cliff lee to suck the city's dick?

i still like the 4 horseman sounds intimidating like back when we had the Legion of Doom. I think R2C2 isn't intimidating enough

or just "the 4" or The Phour

It's probably nothing, but has anyone asked Doc Halladay what he thinks about being the second highest paid pitcher on the staff? And only having, essentially, a three year contract?

I don't think Doc is the kind of guy to count other people's money. But I have been wondering if it could become an issue, even if only subliminally.

or Doc HOLee or DOCC



The word Halladay's agent used to describe Roy's reaction was "overjoyed". Can't remember what article I read that in

Mount Ace-more?
the Sick Quatro? (schick quatro get it har har..ugh)
Mach 4?

The four Noble truths?
1. Thus is the Noble Truth of Suffering
2. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Accumulation of Suffering
3. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Elimination of Suffering
4. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Path that Leads Away from Suffering

too deep?

The beryllium brothers? (4 is beryllium's atomic number)

The four Fundamental fources?

Shift+4 (because these guys are $ money).

Phab 4?

thats it four now.

i like phab four or philly phour.

Todd Zolecki
Phillies sold 35,000 tickets today. They sold 1,500 yesterday before news of Cliff Lee broke.

The only name that makes sense is the Four Horsemen.

Instantly evokes the right intimidating connotation AND has a built in baseball reference.

With this rotation do you even need a bullpen?

It was to be The Four Horsemen. Wooooooo!!!!

Also, it is now mandatory that anytime any member of any opposing team is spotted that a Phillies fan must hold up the four fingers ala Flair, Arn, Tully & Ole. This will serve to intimidate the opposition no matter where they are in the city.

I'm down with the "Phour Horsemen," or, with apologizes to the Matrix and Star Wars, simply "The Phour."

You get two connections with prior pop culture, Rice's 4 Horsemen of Notre Dame football fame, as well as Star Wars as in "May the Phour be with you."

Lets face it, our Jedi Knights aren't too bad.


From a Jerry Crasnick article: "Anyone who thinks the disparity in contracts might be the source of jealousy or friction in the Philadelphia clubhouse apparently doesn't know Roy Halladay very well.

Halladay, reached Tuesday through his agent, Greg Landry, told that he's looking forward to pitching with Lee and is "totally excited and pumped up" about the newest addition to the Philadelphia staff.

"Roy used the word 'overjoyed,' " said Landry, Halladay's representative at Creative Artists Agency.

Two league sources said the Phillies talked to Halladay before making their guaranteed five-year offer to Lee, and that Halladay gave the idea his blessing."

Got Aces?

clout, I wanted to get your take on this. Missanelli replayed an interview yesterday with Cliff Lee from the day after he was dealt to Seattle last year. In the interview, Lee repeatedly refers to a "substantial" contract offer from the Phils. He then goes on to say that his agent made a counter offer, but after expecting some negotiation, Lee was dealt the same day the counter offer was made. Throughout the interview, Lee maintains the Phils' offer was substantial, and the two sides were not far off.

I was just wondering why you still believe no contract was offered, when RAJ, and Cliff Lee himself have reiterated multiple times that said offer did exist?

I'll try to find a link to the audio for you.

I have to say, I don't see why it matters whether a formal offer was ever made or not. I'm about 99% sure that both sides got the hint, whether through direct negotiations or not, about what the other was looking for. The Phils figured Lee was serious about hitting free agency (which I think he clearly was--he had the chance to sign an extension with a team twice since the Phils and didn't do it), and Lee figured the Phils weren't going to go much above, if at all, their self-imposed 3 years (evidence of which also exists, in the Halladay deal).

Then, Halladay appeared, they traded Lee quickly in a mistake move, and a year later they realized that both sides had come closer to each other. Lee was willing to take a little less than full market, and Phils were willing to go a little more than they had before. And voila, here he is.

To me, this is the Occam's Razor solution.

I read somewhere that Lee gets 'only' 11 million in 2011, so Roy H. gets more for the three years of his contract.

Jack, you're right, it doesn't matter now. I'm just wondering where clout got the idea no contract was ever offered, when it's pretty well documented one was.

Here's the audio:

Paul Hagen breaks down Lee's deal:

The Associated Press reports that Lee has a $120 million, 5-year contract. His year-by-year numbers, according to the AP, are $11 million next season, $21.5 million in 2012 and $25 million in each of the following three seasons. He has an option for 2016 for $27.5 million, with a $12.5 million buyout. For the option to be guaranteed, the AP said, he must pitch 200 innings in 2015 or 400 innings combined in 2014 and 2015, and cannot finish the '15 season on the disabled list with a left shoulder or elbow injury.

Not a bad way to structure a deal.

yes, definitely need a four fingered gang sign of some sort to point in the face of any nonbeliever.

Nice Onion-like headline, JW.

yeah, cliff,you should have insisted on having the signing and press conference in Clearwater.

I have great names for the first four pitchers in the rotation:

Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Roy Oswalt
Cole Hamels

You're welcome, Philadelphia.

A Fox 29 reporter was ambushing Yankee fans at 30th Street Station yesterday, asking them what they thought about Lee coming to Philly. While their responses varied, all of them were obnoxious. One guy learned the news from the reporter and was visibly upset. He then dodged the cameras to hide his disappointment, but still had the strength to be a douche by pointing to his Yankee cap.

Another warm, Christmas memory for me.

That whole interview is like: "Cliff please tell us you love us like we love you, we love you so much, just say you love us too, please please please!"

according to ESPN, "Before the Phillies acquired Lee, GM Ruben Amaro Jr. inquired about the availability of Pedro Martinez, Christian Red of the New York Daily News reported Wednesday."


My family loves Philadelphia. I need to find Oswalt as soon as my family is settled so I can get some good rest, peace and quiet.

As a slogan.. How about Four pitchers.. Going down easy

Can we PLEASE still sign Pedro? He can just give speeches/talk to the media...he doesnt even have to pitch. Hell, sign him as a middle reliever/David Herndon type role.

should read.. Four Pitchers-- Going down easy.. J Bird.. That article states they'd STILL consider Martinez now. Guess he feels we're just out to collect Cy Youngs

It's a good think Lee gets paid for pitching and not for public speaking - not exactly a riveting interview.

I believe Amaro called Ruiz in November and asked him what he wants for Christmas.

Four Bullets

How about calling them 420?
4 pitchers. 20 wins.
Works for me.

I meant 4 pitchers 20 wins apiece.

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