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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I kind of wish there was a spot on the roster for Jorge Cantu. He'd be a pretty nice right-handed bat to have coming off the bench.

I have a feeling we are going to end up signing a guy like Jerry Hairston Jr. to be on the team.

All I want is one true Phillies rumor to sneak out before 1PM.

The Royals have been awful forever in the middle INF so Escobar is a nice addition, Cain is a great glove in CF, which is big in Royals Stadium, and Odorizzi is on track to be a good middle-of-rotation guy by 2013.

That said, I love this trade for the Brewers.

There's a musical chairs feel to all those LH relievers out there. I suspect the Phils will have no problem getting one in the $1-1.5M range.

TTI: I'd be very surprised if Cantu would settle for a bench role. He'll wind up an everyday player somewhere, maybe SD.

clout: To be honest I would expect Cantu to land a starting gig somewhere. If I were the GM (and there was a natural spot open for him) I'd give his agent a ring and at least see if he would accept a reserve role.

He'd be some right-handed power off the bench which we still kind of need.

Manny and Raul in left field couldn't be as bad as just Raul against lhp. The senior corner.

The LOOGY situation over the last 4-5 years has really become pretty comical. Its always been around, but over the past few years it just seems like every offseason there is a mandated 30 LH reliever free agents and every team must sign 1 for a million bucks, and then do it all over again year after year.

Can Sweeney learn how to be a LOOGY?

Greinke turned down the Nats. Ha. Poor Werth, though "poor" and "Werth" don't really go together anymore.

Red Sox are still looking for a veteran LOOGY too so you know the Phils will get their leftovers.

The Cubs have no unsigned free agents?

Can Brown make the team as a platoon RF/Loogy?

MLB reporters scooped by a Blog? No way.

Kinda shocked to hear Grienke to the Brew Crew. They'll have a *very* interesting rotation with Grienke, Gallardo, Marcum and Wolf. And their offense may not be perfect, but Fielder, Braun, Hart and even guys like Weeks and McGehee gives them plenty of pop.

Milwaukee has to be the pre-season favorite in the Central. Pitching is king... Philly, Milwaukee and San Fran are set up for a big year.

Also... what happened to the Yankees!?!?!?

No Lee? No Grienke? What the hell are they going to do now?

Of course it's Greinke, not Grienke. "I before E except after C... and in Greinke."

Greinke = Lee. Now we can finally put to rest Lee's trade value.

I still think the Phillies have one more move up their sleeve for a right-handed OF or an OF/3rd base type. I agree that Cantu would be a perfect fit, but I also agree that someone will pay him to be a starter. The name on the list who just screams "Phillies!" to me is the horrible Willie Bloomquist.

I'm hoping Ed Wade DOESN'T call the Phils about sending Jeff Keppinger to Philly.

At this stage of his career would Mike Hampton accept a bullpen role as a LOOGY?

Would he be any good at it?

Will Brad Penny get a job as a SP?

Would Penny be willing to accept a BP role?

Oh yeah, Mike Sweeney...

The Brewers being suddenly pitching-strong is even more shocking than it happening to the Phillies. Good for Milwaukee, while the Cards and Cubs sit on their hands. It's nice to see that they and the Reds will be considered among the strongest teams in the league after so many years of irrelevance.

RSB: It'd be kinda crazy to see Cincy and Milwaukee battling it out down the stretch... but hard to count out the Cardinals. Cubs, Stros and Pittsburgh all suck.

In the West, will anyone really challenge San Fran next year?

And in the East, it'll be the Phils and the Braves. Good think Atlanta didn't trade for Greinke!

The Cardinals are sitting on their treasure chest wondering what to do. I am heading out that way soon. Can't wait to talk baseball to the locals.

Cardinals don't want to spend a dime knowing it will take a king's ransom to keep Albert.

awh: Aside from the fact that he has no chance whatsoever of staying healthy, Hampton also has reverse career splits. A .278 BAA for lefties does not suggest that he would be serviceable as a LOOGY.

I like your Brad Penny idea a lot more. I definitely think he could be a good reliever but I also think someone will sign him to be a starter & pay him more money than he could ever make as a reliever.

Checked out Metsblog reaction to the Greinke trade.

1) They're glad they didn't deal for him because he never could have handled NY.
2) They're glad to see that the Brewers have mortgaged their future (at least they're consistent!).

Mets = Foreclosed

Meyer: Ha! That's awesome.

I before E, just ask Eagle coach Andy Ried.

Wondering if Blanton is dealt to KC now. They can afford him since they don't have to pay Greinke.

I remember reading an article a couple years ago which laid out all of the trades in the last 15 or 20 years in which a marquee player was traded for supposedly top prospects. Far more often than not, the trade's unambiguous winner was the team which got the marquee player.

bap: Bartolo Colon being the exception to that rule? :-)

I agree. Prospects are crap shoots. Get the marquee player.

Good deal for Milwaukee.

So basically, the Brewers have had a more productive off-season than either NY team.

And Boston is going nuts...they'll be tough next year.

awh: The answers to your questions are:

1. Yes.
2. Probably not.
3. Yes.
4. Probably not.

NEPP: Boston is insane. Their starting pitching underperformed last year, and much like the Phillies offense, they'll bounce back this year. Add to that an improvement over the #1 offense in baseball in 2010, as well as a bullpen with four potential closers, and you're looking at a 100-win team, even in the AL East.

yankees are rumored to be after the Japenese pitcher who was going to post after this season. 2 days after Lee signing he was quoted as saying things have changed, we'll see what happens

My guess fielder signs with DC as a FA next offseason

CJ: "In the West, will anyone really challenge San Fran next year?"

Padres. Again. That good pitching is back and the keystone combo of O-Dog and Bartlett are a HUGE improvement over Tejeda-Eckstein, both offensively and defensively.

I think we should sign scott posednik so we have his playboy playmate wife around town

clout: But subtract Gonzalez. I don't think they've come close to making up for that.

CJ: I think they'll sign Derrek Lee. Would the dropoff from AGon to Lee be enough to more than offset the big improvement at SS and 2B?

They could also get a boost from Maybin and Ludwick. Their OF offense last year was awful.

AGon was a huge part of that lineup...the dropoff to Lee is pretty substantial (especially when you consider Petco's effect on Lee's offense).

Did the Padres pitching overperform last year or are they really that good?

Which is the real Derrek Lee...the crappy Chicago version or the guy that got uber-hot in Atlanta?

Mind you, he also had a fantastic 2009 so who knows. Granted, he'll be 35 in 2011.

Adrian Gonzalez is an enormous loss to an already terrible offense. I don't see the Padres challenging for anything except the cellar. The Rockies, however, still look to me like the best team in the Division on paper. And I wouldn't rule out a bounce-back by the Dodgers if a few things break their way.

My guess is that Lee would be a 15-20 HR guy in Petco...and likely closer to 15.

I think the Padres played WAAAY over their head last year and they got significantly worse this offseason by trading away their best player (best by a good margin). I don't see them competing next year.

Do they still have Bell or have they traded him too...I can't remember.

I dont think Bartlett is a "huge upgrade" offensively to be honest. Other than 2009, he's a thoroughly average/mediocre hitter. 09 was the only year out of the last 4 where he posted an OPS+ over 90.

Bell has not been dealt. Padres say there is no "fire sale" and that they're keeping Bell.

Hello all, and Gutten Tag.

OT, but... When I first landed on Beerleaguer minues ago, there was an NBA ad on the homepage, "where amazing happens." First, I was dumbfounded that the NBA--I mean the league, not a specific team--was advertising on a baseball blog. And not just any blog, but a blog in Philly, where the Sixers couldn't sell out the Spectrum, even when Dr. J and Moses Malone we working their magic.

I know we all have a special place in our hearts for beerleaguer, but we talk about baeball here. And as special as beerleaguer is, it's a BLOG, for crying out loud. My rxn was along the lines of, "oh, how far the once moutain have fallen." I know that's bad English, but that's the best Russian to English translation for Tolstoy.

Does that mean the NBA now accepts that baseball is a better, more entertaining sport? Quoting another notable news rag, the one you find at your ACME checkout aisle, "Aliens mate with humans." Really, I thought that ad was that weird.

BTW, in case GrandPa is here about doubts that I am who I say I am:


Bad week for NY.

Magic in the air in Philly this week...fucking incredible ending to the game

~not an Eagles fan but I freaking HATE the Giants~

I'm not an Eagles fan either but that was quite an ending.

Dodge is likely looking for a job...rookie punters are pretty replaceable.

The Giants GAVE that game away but Vick basically ripped them a new one in the 2nd half.

As I said, not an Eagles fans but WOW...what a game.

That's twice this week that Philly has stolen something that NY thought they had won.

Read that Times article again. Hope they don't drop a wrecking ball on New Year's. This is too much fun.

Clout: Padres will not challenge the Giants next year. I bet they come in 3rd or below. Care to wager?

NEPP, Meyer,et al. I can relate.

We all should hate anything NYC.

My 8th grade Middle-school English teacher, mistakenly posed the question, "what would you do if NYC got nuked?" We all looked at each other, then looked at her, and responded, in unison, "thank you." That is the rxn any of us should have if we have a hearbeat and grew up in Philly when I grew up.

Seriously. I grew up hating NYC more than my mom grew up hating the Japs during WW II.

I grew up in an era soon after cable TV was born. When we first got cable, we soon found out that NYC channels 9 and 11 have "bureau chiefs" in Philadelphia. That seemed a lot like WPVI or KYW having a bureau chief in Camdem or Cape May, just to report the homocide and arson rates. No real news, just make the neighbors look bad. Not that NYC had homocide or arson. It's just the Philly homocides and arsons that got reported on the NYC TV channels.

At that point, I immediately found out why we should hate NYC. All Philadelphia was to them was a city full of people who did nothing but kill one another, or set fires to each other's house.

Not that Philadelphia is anything like that. It is, instead, a community of neighborhoods. Yet the NYC press treated us as nothing more than a suburg, even though we were a great city, in our own right.

It's about time someone stuck up for us.

Milwaukee over Cincy and STL?

CJ, stop smoking that funny stuff.

Hate to break it to you Squonk, but of all the major American urban centers, NYC and Philadelphia are the most alike. (This excludes D.C.-Bal, Dal-Ft.W, S.F.-Oak, ie. pairs which more or less parts of the same bifurcated whole)

The differences are all based on the size inequality. All the mannerisms, habits, and eccentricities are eerily sibling-similar. The reason Philadelphians and New Yorkers are so loathe to see this fact is the same reason rival brothers think they are nothing alike.

I'm a born and bred Philadelphian who is LOVING living in New York right now. My sense of schadenfreude is second to none. But despite my hatred for the NY teams I'd never wish death on the people of this city. I also hate the Dallas sports teams as well as Dallas being my least favorite place in the whole country. It's literally the antithesis of everything I admire in a city.

But again, I STILL wouldn't wish harm to its citizens. That "cute anecdote" about other Americans dying was despicable. Exactly the kind of classless act you accuse them of stereotyping you of.

Squonk, do people walk away from you when you open your mouth? You are boring as sh-t.

This is hilarious. Even Mets fans are calling this the worst add promo they've ever seen...

Jack: I'll bet you the Giants don't win the division. I think the Dodgers may be the dark horse. The Padres will be a contender.

NEPP: Tejeda and Cabrera last year hit a combined .239 with a sub-.300 OB and a sub-.400 SLG. Bartlett will be a big upgrade over that on offense and will be better on defense as well.

Giants will have great pitching next season but their offense will regress to the mean something fierce. They are a defensive team that got lucky and had their offense get hot at just the right time.

Not saying they're gonna suck. They just won't catch lightning in a bottle twice.

Can anyone help me locate the press photos of the Phillies new foursome of starting pitchers?

I'm trying to create an image but I need the 4 images to be similar, and preferably facing the camera, and have not been having much luck.

Clout: I'm not convinced the Giants will win the division, either. I wouldn't bet on that straight up.

I will, wager, however that the Padres finish 3rd or lower, if you'd like to bet on them finishing 1st or 2nd. A true Beerleaguer gentleman's wager, of course.

(Reed Johnson is an OF.)

braves sign yohan flande

slocs - Another sign that division rivals are trying to buy up all LHP.

Wow that Mets promo was bad. I'm actually kinda sad about the whole thing. The Mets vs. Phillies rivalry really brought new life to baseball in this city. It's hard to believe it was only a couple of years ago that it was red hot. Now it's a big yawn.

Rockies should really win the West. Giants won't get lucky with those offensive performances again. Padres will hang in there. Dodgers could bounce back. There's still a lot of talent on that team.

Tough time to be a Mets fan. The promo linked above is heinous, and it's kind of sad seeing the rationales from some Mets fans as to why having Greinke go to another NL team is a good thing for the Mets.

"bap: Bartolo Colon being the exception to that rule? :-)

I agree. Prospects are crap shoots. Get the marquee player."

Let's not forget F______ G_____ for G__ G_______ and G____ F____

At the least, for nine games, the Phillies fans can inseminate some life to the barren wasteland of citi.

That was a really sad promo. Basically insinuates that Alderson doesn't have anything better to do than cold call Mets' season ticket holders in the hope that they will renew by Dec. 15th because of a 10% discount.

One thing I thought it was odd was that the only jerseys they showed were Wright, Reyes, and Pelfrey. Guess Santana, Bay, or Beltran are considered non-marketable commodities to the fans at this point. Pelfrey in particular is one guy I am mystified why the Mets' try to build up so much.

Nice middle-of-the-rotation guy who gives you about 12 wins a year. That's solid but not someone you anchor you staff around as they clearly are going to do next year. Doesn't even have the upside of Hamels even though college friends still insist that Pelfrey is just as good.

Doesn't have stuff though that really dominates hitters. Pitches to contact in the strike zone and needs to get ahead of pitchers. Almost no starter has a dramatic home/road split as Pelfrey does either. Tough in Flushing but a below average pitcher on the road with an ERA over 5.00 the last 2 years.

Are you a "Hardcore" Phills Fan?

Check this out--->

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