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Thursday, December 09, 2010


So, trade Utley, Move Polly to 2B, sign Beltre and use Martinez as a super-sub.

Done, Finite!

25% of the 40-man is a middle infielder? I'm not sure that is a winning combination. Talk about throwing a bunch up on the wall to see what sticks.

will: i understand you're just thinknig aloud about the whole Grienke trade, but:

why do you think Royals would trade for Rollins - a vet entering the end of his contract?

jason/phaithful: And here's one for you. You've said that Bastardo will be the ropime LOOGY with Reyes as backup this season. What kind of season do you project for Bastardo?

I think the question is...who WOULDN'T want to trade for Rollins.

If healthy, I really think Bastardo could be a very solid LOOGY. he was already better than Romero last year. (note that that bar is really low). The ability is there...its just a health and execution issue at this point.

clout: he might do bad but i will root for him to do good.

"What kind of season do you project for Bastardo? "
Game Inn R ER H BB K
162 54 0 0 0 0 162

clout: if he stays healthy, and has good control, and strikes a lot of batters out, and dosent give up any runs - i think he will have a good year.

clout: i need to see more of Bastardo before I am ready to project his season.

clout: oh sorry, i misread. I thought you asked whether I wanted to know what YOU project for Bastardo this season.

I'm not prepared to predict Bastardo's overall numbers, but I'm prepared to make this prediction: he'll have better numbers, and pitch more innings, than Reyes.

Can't we just project, based on Santana's early career numbers and adjust for the bullpen?

"he'll have better numbers, and pitch more innings, than Reyes"

So will Sherrill.

nepp: I agree but only if Utley is traded for Greinke.

Most teams carry 2 backup infielders. Why does it have to be one guy or the other?
Of course, if you still want to add another RH bat, then it becomes crowded.
I wouldn't mind a 6 man bench, and drop the last guy in the pen that Cholly rarely uses.

Jason: I really can't think of a reason why KC would want Rollins unless they had thoughts of signing him to an extension and building around him, which is doubtful.

That being said, Amaro managed to pull off a psudo three-way to get Halladay. Would Wade send prospects to KC for Rollins? Who's playing SS for Seattle these days?

Just trying to think outside the box, not making predictions. :)

Carryover from previous thread:

This off season has been consistent with the past five years: young low risk/high reward pickups and experienced vets. Sometimes this works out (Werth, Victorino, Ibanez, Park, Contreras, Schneider) and sometimes it doesn't (Feliz, Nunez, Jenkins, Eaton, Taguchi, Baez, Mesa). In any case, the biggest blockbuster deal a Phillies GM has made in the free agent market over the past five years or so were Polanco and Raul.

Werth wasn't retained for the same reason Burrell wasn't - he wasn't worth the money he commanded in the market.

As for Martinez, he's a switch hitter and can play center field, 2B and SS. Pretty decent and versatile combo to have on the bench. I wouldn't be shocked to see he and Valdez start the season in Philadelphia.

Nats just announced 2 sections sold out in RF for Werth fan clubs.
To join "Pelosi's Cougars", send your AARP# and proof of plastic surgery to www.BugEyedBi!ch.biggov
or you can join "Hillary's Hipsters" simply be spending #100. or more at any WideLoad Pantsuit Store.
Members of both clubs will be encouraged to wear sleeveless garments to the games. Every time Jayson runs out to RF,members should hold their official club signs high over their heads,saying "Look Jayson,we don't shave either!"

goody: you need to post on There are plenty of unfunny posters such as yourself. Idiocy loves company.

goody, right between those two sections are "Sarah's Simpletons" -- details on the web at www.JustBecauseICan'tAnswerAnyQuestionsCorrectlyDoesn'tMeanI'mNotSmart.ditz

Congratulations on the stupidest post in the history of Beerleaguer. I'm sure you spend a lot of nights at home alone with that intellect.

You know what will be year's offseason.

The Phils will have a ton of money to throw around with Rollins, Lidge, Maddog, Raul, and Howard (just kiddding) salaries all coming off the books. The Phils, along with the Red Sox/Mets/Yanks will be in the market for everyone! Don't worry guys, this whole go and actually play 162 game thing will come and go pretty fast so that we can get to the more exciting time of the year. And you better believe RAJ will be up on his game, no more taking his time, he'll be jumping in there giving out over-extened over priced deals tons of guys. that's what I was thinking. . . what would the Royals want Rollins for? For that matter, I'm still not sure what the Phillies would do with Greinke unless they wanna flip a pitcher for a RH power bat.

Jbird: A four man rotation in the post season of Halladay/Hamels/Oswalt/Grenkie would be pretty tough to beat.

I don't think Amaro is motivated to add a right handed bat to the lineup. I wish he were, but he seems to be content with Francisco/Gload. Has he even met with Magglio's agent?

I'd like to see Ordonez, but I'm thinking we'll either end up with someone like Dye or no one at all.

PS: I'd just as soon they went with Francisco/Gload rather than to overpay. It's a pretty thin market this winter.

I went from thinking that Ordonez would be coming to Philly to being doubtful and hopeful. Now, the more I think about it, unless he came for a very reasonable amount of money, I'd just as soon see Amaro take a few low risk/high reward bullpen contracts and sit on his cash for a mid-season acquisition.

For the record, I think Martinez is a longshot, but given his speed and versatile skill set, I could definitely see a superutility guy with great speed and ability to play CF, SS, etc. slipping into the opening day roster.

Will: I've mentioned it before, but your ROI on using a #1 starter as your #4 is pretty low. We didn't fail to add a 2nd WFC the last two years because of the 4th starter. We've lost because we haven't hit enough (and to a lesser extent because the bullpen didn't hold)

Weitzel, do you have the Quintin Berry transaction backwards, or did I miss a move by him? He was picked up by SD last July. I thought the Mets plucked him from SD in today's draft.

JW: it all depends on Martinez's infield defense. Valdez will be hard to compete in that category.

But in reality, I look at this way:

If Martinez makes the roster, what will the Phillies lose by throwing Valdez in AAA? If Jroll or Polly get hurt, then just call up Valdez if you really need his defense. Martinez speed and CF experience are probably worth a flyer and you prolly lose nothing in regards to offensive production (and maybe have a chance to gain some).

If you keep Valdez, you lose Martinez to Rule V and miss out on any upside he might have(likely none anyway).

jason/phaithful: I asked because you were so certain that Bastardo would be the top lefty in the pen and Reyes a backup.

Turns out you were just talkin' out your ass, as usual.

"He [Berry] was picked up by SD last July. I thought the Mets plucked him from SD in today's draft."

See, I told you we wouldn't miss him. :)

Dpatrone is still a young woman. Nothing else to report at this time.

At this point looking at the teams roster and likley offseason moves - Yes I am pretty certain Bastardo will be the top lefty in the pen.

Explain your take if different.

Reyes will get the first shot. What has Charlie seen out of Bastardo to make him the top lefty?

Well, considering Bastardo had better numbers in almost every single category last year (BA/OBP/SLG against leties, K/9, BB/9, K/BB) than Reyes, it's not a ridiculous claim to say that Bastardo would be the top lefty.

That said, given Reyes' career numbers and Charlie's preference for vets, my guess is that Reyes starts the year as the higher-leverage lefty. I have no clue how it will end, however. Bastardo certainly has better stuff and potential.

re:Martinez, without Werth around, the Phils need someone who can play center, unles we want Benny Fran or Mayberry running around out there.

I know the Phillies value versatility, but Martinez looks like nothing more than a backup -- a AAA backup, that is. He has absolutely zero chance of making the 25-man roster.

BAP, not sure I agree with you. I'd give him a 5% chance of making the roster, pending what he shows in ST. We've shown over the last few years that Valdez isn't enough as the lone utility guy (Castro, Dobbs, Ransom etc. all had roster spots as well).

If nothing else, I view him as a different kind of take on Dobbs - someone who can play IF/OF and offer true versatility. The obvious hang up is his level of output to accompany the versatility.

While I agree that he'll more than likely not be on the 25 man to start the season, I wouldn't totally rule it out.

bap: zero chance is pretty steep when his compeition is 4 years older and has very similiar offensive numbers in the minors.

clout you're almost as against Bastardo's ability to succeed as you are in favor of Kendrick's. Almost.

Bastardo DID hold LHBs to a .200 AVG last year. And his MiLB numbers against LHBs are very impressive.

Anybody hear what Pete Rose had to say about Joe Dimaggio?

jason/WP: Ok. 5 percent. He does have speed, whereas Valdez doesn't. But I'd be pretty surprised if he hits or fields as well as Valdez. And, no, there's no way we can afford to have both these guys on our bench. That would leave a bench of 2 utility players who can't hit, one backup catcher who can't hit, one platoon player who subs into every game as soon as the other team makes a pitching change, and exactly one semi-competent pinch hitter.

bap: Given the skill level of the IronPigs, Martinez would be a starter, if not a star, on that AAA team. Please note, as well, he is a switch-hitter. All he has to do is put the ball in play (which he has been able to do at AAA) and field cleanly and he might stick around.

Still, he's never seen a MLB pitch.

"i'd be pretty suprised if he hits as well as Valdez"

I wouldn't.

Andy: But he's only 5'9".

bap: so we don't play him at 3b

So a possible Opening Day bench of Martinez, Valdez, Francisco, Gload, and Schneider?

Not the worst bench in the NL but certainly one that has its share of limitations again including the lack of legit CF if Vic goes down (which is usually an annual event with a trip to the 15-day DL with a leg injury) and no answer if anybody on the infield misses real time.

I bet Martinez is sadly going to be a better bet than a 'longshot' to break camp with this team simply because of the positions he plays even though there is almost nothing to like much about him off the bench except some speed.

"@howardeskin I'm told Phillies radio pl by pl guy Scott Franske Interviewing in texas. If they lose him its a disgrace for Phils. Again its Phils cheap"

If we lose Franzke its a worse loss than Werth. Considering his age and talent... he could be the voice of the Phillies for the next 40 years...

The Phillies are no longer "cheap" in regards to the baseball team despite some bl'ers rantings but the front office and broadcasting team they are very frugal from what I hear. The Kalas negotiations were a good indicator.

given the proximity to where Franzke grew up and the fact that he's even interested in interviewing, all but seals the deal that he's all but gone. unless the Phils give him a sweetheart deal.


Just saw this on Sports Illustrated and it got me thinking:

Nats are apparently trade players for Zach Greinke.

Not saying it's going to happen, but how much of a better team do they become with Greinke in the rotation? I know their rotation is pretty poor right now, headed by John Lannan, Livan Hernandez, and Jordan Zimmermann (Lannan is a legit #3-4 starter, but the others are bottom of the rotation).

Just thought it's worth discussing. This is a team seriously trying to improve itself.

If they let Franzke go they are making a grave mistake. How idiotic is ti to let your best broadcaster leave to go to a smaller market. They certainly should be able to pay him more than the Rangers.

But would they? Does anyone know what the FO thinks of Franzke?

I agree with Hamm. The dropoff to another broadcaster will be worse than the dropoff in RF next year.

This is one case where Bill Giles should intervene.

Godfather, the Nats have had decent lineups (not great, but decent) the last several years. Their problem has always been pitching. Greinke, IMHO, improves them quite a bit.

I'd hate to lose Franzke. I really like him, and especially him with LA. If they replaced him with Jim Jackson, I might have to give up listening to the radio broadcast altogether and just watch the games with the TV broadcast muted and no audio at all.

cjp, Jackson is as insufferable on the radio as TBag is on television.

Given the choice of those two, I's opt to bring back Scott Graham.

quincy: Not at all. Bastardo has been one of the most highly praised prospects on this blog for the past 3 years and I think it's overdone. You've got posters on here praising his great nmumbers last year -- against lefties only -- in 18 IP!!!!

These are the same hypocrites who would jump all over anyone else using a similar small sample.

I find it amusing.

I would be pretty disappointed if they let Franske walk but not surprised in the least. He had a ton of time off last year even with his child being born. Can't imagine that went over terribly well with the sr. management.

I like Jim Jackson but he really struggled last year & didn't really improve that much on his timing or delivery as the year went on.

TMac is clearly the guy long-term here which is a damn shame. He isn't the worst broadcaster in MLB but he isn't a quality one either. Really grew to despise the 4th-6th innings with TMac and Sarge on the TV last year. Usually just turned them off for the radio when I was watching a game.

People say the Phils are a well-run organization but from what I have learned about how the medical dept is run from a company CMO where I work it seems to leave alot to be desired with underinvestment compared to some more savvy sport franchises in terms of health IT and programs they have in place. Dr. Ciccotti doesn't exactly enjoy a strong rep among orthopedic surgeons in the East Coast or even in Philly.

I would also love to see their backend IT structure and systems especially their CRM application. Almost guarantee they aren't using Salesforce or something more recent from SAP/Oracle. My experience now with the season ticket sales (even on on a limited basis) have been lacking to say the least. Not sure if it is just because of the crazy reps I have to deal with, the overall level of season ticket sales, or the IT systems they employ. My bet is a little of all of the above.

I will say though the stuff on Dr. Ciccotti is strongly and the Phils' medical staff did win the Dick Martin Award in 2009 for being the best medical staff in baseball.

From Biz of Baseball:

- The Crawford deal is the 10th highest in overall dollar terms in MLB history. Nice player but still a ridiculous deal.

- Cubs have $91M committed to the following six players:

Alfonso Soriano: $19 million
Carlos Zambrano: $18.875 million
Aramis Ramirez: $14.6 million
Kosuke Fukudome: $14.5 million
Ryan Dempster: $14.5 million
Carlos Pena: $10 million

That is how you are guaranteed to have mediocrity.

- Since the Sox signed Crawford, I wonder if they would have interest in moving Drew or Cameron and picking up a part of their salary?

MG, if we can get a compelling discussion about the Philadelphia Front Office and their CRM application going, I'll nominate this blog as the most surreal of all time. Would be fantastic!

Also, the fact that we're even discussing whether or not Martinez can break camp, just shows 1, how low the bar has been set by the Phils for the utility role (thanks So Taguchi and Eric Bruntlett) and 2, how steadfast/stubborn the Phils have recently been in hanging onto their Rule 5 picks.

Scott Graham would never come back. He felt screwed when he left and NFL and Westwood,etc who he has deals with pay mightily.

I thought that Franske already shot down the TX rumor right after the season ended? Did something change?

MG, this is for you (

About IMS

IMS is the leading provider of Event Revenue Optimization and Value Added Ticketing systems for the Sports and Entertainment industry. Leveraging a unique methodology that integrates most of the preferred industry solutions (ticketing, POS, concessionaires, etc.), IMS helps its customers increase its profit and per cap revenue while capturing valuable information about fan purchases and behavior.

IMS provides a single interface that links multiple and different systems together into a cohesive platform. Clients include the Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Flyers, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and Air Force Academy.

WP - Thanks for the link. This actually seems really interestig and the application was basically beta tested with the Diamond Club. Maybe it is just a crummy rep I am dealing with.

"Value Added"
"Unique methodology"
"Multiple and different"
"Cohesive platform"

Consultant Bingo!

***You've got posters on here praising his great nmumbers last year -- against lefties only -- in 18 IP!!!!***

I'm looking more at his MiLB numbers than his limited MLB time. Still, he's shown he can get LHBs out. He will get his shot this year to show if he can stick on an MLB roster and be effective. Saying he could be a good LOOGY is not lavishing praise on the guy.

For every praise I've seen on BL of Bastardo's potential, I've seen at least posts mocking him as the next Santana.

"Consultant Bingo"

...and cjp wins he thread!

Losing Franzke & keeping T-Bag will be a move that will have me certainly keeping the mute in the 'on' position for the whole season, depending of course who they pair up with LA. It's a puzzling move to me really.

Most people that I talk with express their dislike in listening to McCarthy. I usually will ask them if it is because they just miss Harry and they inevitably reply "no". Everyone can agree that T-Bag just never shuts up and is about as sincere as a Tiger Woods apology when it comes to his calling a game. Let's face it...he's really, really, really hard to listen to, and if everyone is muting him, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having him announce for them?

Not sure if it was mentioned, but the oldest living Phillie (Art Mahan) died on Tuesday. He was 97.

You know who that leaves...Contreras.

Contreras, who was born in 1927, will be entering his Age 84 season in 2011.

MLB shows Contreras was born December 1986

Wow, you guys are cold. Hilarious, but cold.

Martinez couldn't make the Nationals but he has a shot at making the Phillies?

I suppose I opened myself up for that. :)

Ok. I overreacted with the Contreras tirades and am feeling like a jackass. My bad, folks.

Do you guys think Ian Desmond could take a mini jump this year offensively?

In defense of TMac...


That's all I got. Really.

Seriously, if the Phils let Scott Franzke go, they have no sense of marketing anything other than selling high-end snacks and tons of beer to kids? young adults? at the Money Pit (HOF Conlin's moniker, not mine).

Regardless of Harry's personal shortcomings (which are no one’s business), I still worship the guy and his unflagging support of the fan base, and his respect for the rhythm; and how important the periods of silence are to conveying the game to a still huge fan base that prefers radio. Harry knew just how to lock you in to all but the most dismal game -- especially with Whitey -- and Franzke feels as if he could come close to that vibe.

$hit, I really wish Randy Miller never wrote that book and I hope Franzke never leaves the Phil’s radio booth.

Before I start drinking during football or go to sleep (whichever comes first)...the only thing I have to say about the broadcast team...Chris Wheeler and Rock around the C-ck.

Is it me or am I the only person to think that Martinez looks like his head is too small for this picture?

It could be that Martinez has a small head but how do you know? All I know is that I was over-eating for the last two days.

cjp - Missed at least a few:

'True North'
core competencies

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