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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I'd rather look at pitchers who, you know, throw strikes....Sherrill is a bum.

****On another note, why the hell would Diaz sign with the Bucs? ****

Playing time. He'll get more playing time there than on a good team. And there's a good chance they'll end up trading him to a contender anyway.

Sherill is worse than thanks!

I hope he can get more than a strikeout per season.


Wow. A whole strikeout? Every season??

The negativity is strange. I'd go for Sherrill. Apart from last year he's done very well. And LAD was a hotbed of dysfunction last year.

Really, NEPP. You'd rather have Reyes?

****Really, NEPP. You'd rather have Reyes?***

I'd rather have neither. I never said anything positive about Reyes.

Sure, take a flyer on Sherill but dont give him real money. He was terrible last year.

ERA can be deceiving with relievers because a few really bad games can send their ERA soaring. But if you look at Sherrill's month-by-month splits, his ERA was terrible in literally every month of the season. Plus his strikeouts were way down.

He did still have good numbers against left-handers but guess what? Sometimes your LOOGY has to face right-handers too. If he can't get them out at all, that's unacceptable.

All that said, Sherrill is at least interesting because he was great in 2009. But I wouldn't sign him without doing a whole lot of homework.

probably should get its own thread, but:

There will be a Polanco bobblehead giveaway in 2011. Rumors of the head being the biggest in the history of bobbleheads are unconfirmed.

Viceroy gets one too.

Reality check.

Career BB/9, WHIP, ERA

Reyes 4.9, 1.545, 4.18
Romero 5.1, 1.492, 4.08
Sherrill 4.9, 1.331, 3.76

How is he the worst option?

Warning signs on Sherrill:

1. His K/9 ratio has declined for 4 straight seasons now.

2. He almost 2 mph off his fastball from 09 to 10. His fastball has always been his best pitch per was brutal last year.

***How is he the worst option?***

How about "All of the above suck"?

Wow. One lousy season and he's a bum.

Amaro can do and has done much worse than Sherrill and Reyes. I'm all for adding as many established veterans to the pen as possible for the right price. I'd be in favor of a minor league contract with an ST invite for CHoP while they're at it.

At least he isn't kicking the tires on Taschner.

Get ready, here comes Cliff!

That he was lousy last year is a selling point for me. We buy cheap. (The opposite of what we usually do, incidently.) His abysmal 2010 is included in those numbers in which he eclipses the other two LOOGY's mentioned, too. (Even with his bad 2010 his Career ERA is .25+ better than both.)

Yeah. My preference is Fuentes. But do you realistically see the Phils spending money on him?

Don't forget Sherrill also made a name for himself as the closer for the Orioles. So those numbers in 2008 and 2009 are against the Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox. His numbers in 2008 are inflated because he visibly wore down over the stretch in August and September.

His lefty/righty splits are cavernous but you're not asking this guy to set up. He's the late inning LOOGY. And for that role his numbers are great. It's even better that they can get him cheaply after a disastrous 2010 season.

Like Jay says, this is a classic case of buy low on a high risk/high reward pitcher. That's a gamble good teams take.

As long as he's cheap, I have no issues with it. Just dont give him $3-4 million or a multi-year deal.

And dont sign Reyes.

jason - I hear that the production of the Polanco bobblehead has driven the cost for cheap plastic to unprecedented heights.

Before we just leap to the conclusion that 2010 was just a blip, shouldn't we, like, explore WHY he was horrendous last year, & WHY his strikeouts dropped while his walks soared? Was he injured? Was he misused? Was his stuff worse than before (NEPP says yes)? Was it a mechancial issue? Is he willing to throw for our scouts? Sorry, I think it's pretty stupid to blindly throw money at a pitcher who had a 6.69 ERA and a 1.93 WHIP last year, on the theory that he's sure to bounce back.

So, bap, you're saying that we should only be interested in guys who had career years in 2010?

Of course you're not. But think about the implications of what you ARE saying. I think it's more worthwhile to look for better guys who had a bad year than to look for mediocre guys who had great years.

Sure the Phils should do due diligence. But if we're looking for a cheap LOOGY, instead of a dependable but expensive LH RP, then Sherrill has a lot more upside than a lot of other available options.

Andy - good one.

I think Sherril could be decent if Dubee works with him and he gets his Sid Fernandez ass down a couple sizes.

I dont think he liked pitching in LA.

brother - Well, w/regard to Sherril's size: you know it's not over til the fat LOOGY signs.

Pena & Konerko off the board

Here's WSBGMs bobblehead of Polanco for the 2010 season.

It's truly amaizing to me that we're not going for any of the big names, kicking tires on just about everyone else, but can't pull the trigger on a deal. It's not like anybody's kicking down the door to get these guys signed.

Andy: I don't mind going after a guy who had a down year. But this was a HORRIBLE year and that's of considerably more concern to me.

Nonetheless, I'm going to borrow a technique from clout & make a carefully hedged assertion that can't possibly turn out to be wrong: I think Sherrill is a decent gamble if the price is low, if the the Phillies' scouts conclude that his stuff is still there, & if there is some explanation for his 2010 season that is unlikely to repeat itself (i.e., an injury) or capable of being easily fixed (i.e., some sort of mechanical breakdown).

add me to the list of people who are less than thrilled about the FAs/trade targets to whom we have been associated. sherrill stunk last year but at least has some sort of pedigree. also his BABIP last year was unusually high (.347 vs career of .283) that discrepancy does not mitigate last season's high BB rate and declining K rate. those things aside, if we do have to sign a lefty of the scrapheap, i'd rather it sherrill purely for his effectiveness against lefties

from prior thread -- Carson thanks for clearing that up, I though Valdez was a free agent and didn't realize he was on the 40 man roster, seems like the kind of guy that has been playing forever.

BAP: So he could be a good acquisition unless he isn't? Sounds about right.

Frenchy close to deal with Royals.


Francoeur close to signing with Royals, says @Ken_Rosenthal. Phillies never seriously pursued him. "

Best news I've heard so far today.

JBird: Exactly.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's the kind of acquisition that I will neither criticize nor praise until I see how it plays out. Unless, of course, they sign him to some sort of expensive or multi-year contract, in which case I will certainly be among the instant critics.

****Francoeur close to signing with Royals, says @Ken_Rosenthal. Phillies never seriously pursued him. "

Dont worry, there's still a chance for Rube to swoop in with a 3 year deal at the last minute.

If they give Sherrill or Reyes a 1 year deal (with maybe a team option) at a low $$ amount (1-2 million), power to them. I'm just terrified of yet another multi-year deal.

Royals and Francoeur . . . Now that is a match that makes sense although the Royals actually do have a pretty amount of talent upcoming in their farm system.

Reyes or Sherrill? Definitely getting into the end of the 2nd-tier/3rd tier lefty relievers which is what I figured they would do all along. These guys will come cheap. (1 yr/$1M range).

Finally, Ruben is making his mark:

Chad Durbin: Phils meet wtih Durbin's agent
Chad Durbin - R - PHI - Dec. 8 - 11:13 am et
According to Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Phillies met with Chad Durbin's agent Danny Horwits on Tuesday.
A source tells Gelb that the Phillies maintain interest, but no terms had been discussed before Tuesday. Durbin, 33, posted a 3.86 ERA and 50/22 K/BB ratio over 58 1/3 innings this past season. It's possible that the market for the right-hander may have been affected by the two-year, $2.5 million contract D.J. Carrasco signed with the Mets. Dec. 8 - 11:13 am et
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

And we thought he wouldn't make any significant moves...

This may be the biggest offseason for cellar dwellers landing decent players. Diaz, Werth, Frenchy, Pena are all heading to less greener pastures for sure. Once again proves it's not about winning, it's all about the Benjamins, baby.

Its shocking that the Royals would acquire yet another mediocre ex-Braves player.

Joe: Decent players? Other that Werth, those 3 guys you mentioned are exactly the type of players that you would expect to end up with perennial cellar dwellers.

Who's Charlie going to fix? Brown?

Joe: Um, Diaz and Franceour are different than Werth and probably Pena. It's one thing to construct a false choice between money/winning for a guy like Werth.

It's quite another to blame a guy for just wanting a chance to play every day. It's one thing to say a guy should sacrifice money to try and win. It's another to say they should sacrifice the opportunity to actually, you know, do their job.

Pena is not a decent player? His last 4 seasons offensively were so much better then Werth's it's not even close. And he even reached 30 homers and 100RBI, more then once!

One thing is clear now. The Werth contract offer 4 yr/$66M was a complete red herring PR move by the Phils because they knew he would get at least one better offer and accept it instead. Always interesting how 'spin' works.

Once Werth looks up in the stands in RF and doesn't see a section filled with cheering cougars from South Jersey he'll start to miss CBP. Instead he'll see Arlen Specter.

What will Francouer extract from KC?

No doubt Werth will miss the freindly confines of CBP. Yet he has $126 million friends in his bank account. Easily enough to fill the void left in his heart. Maybe in seven seasons, JWerth will return to where it all started for him. Here's hopin, he was my favorite phillie.

Joe: Pena is better than Werth? The guy didn't even reach the Mendoza line last year and has a .215 batting average over the last 2 seasons. At a position where good hitters are plentiful, he is one of the last guys I would ever want as my starting first baseman.

I think we should already consider retiring Werth's number. Maybe he can come back in 20 years and play in an old timers game and get picked off of second after Brett Myers shows him his dentures...

BAP: His average did stink but those 30 HR 100 RBI totals get my attention.

"What will Francouer extract from KC?"

If a player strikes out every other at bat in KC, does anybody hear it?

MG~ That's right. The spin worked out great in that respect. What is not working out is that RAJ has yet to augment this team. He has budget retraints. Understood. But yet, a "significant" offer was made to Werth? Where did this "money" come from? And because Werth did not accept, the "money" all of a sudden disappeared?

Someone posted earlier that the Phils are acting like bottom feeders. True. Why?

If they wanted Francouer, they could have offered him the staring job in RF. Instead, he'll go to KC. We have been one of the top 4 or 5 organizations over the last 4 years and yet this year we're not getting anything done? This clearly fall on Amaro as players don't want to come for what he's apparantly offering.

About the only shot we've got at getting RH bat now would be Rowand in a trade with SF, providing SF eats some of his contract. I;ve also heard that they could be trying to move KK because they can't move Blanton and his salary. Now I ask you, what trade value does KK have and whjo would take his spot in the rotation? Where is that guy?

I understand that RAJ is trying to get guys on the cheap and I understand why. When is going to realize that as long as salaries keep going up, he can't things done that way.

"According to Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Phillies met with Chad Durbin's agent Danny Horwits on Tuesday."
This is a strange reason for this. It was not to sign Chad. Rube was wondering if Horwits would change his name to Dannys for a 3 year 20 mil contract.

DP: We are seeing Junior's true colors this off season. Remember the pre-Jim Thome days when every other team made the big moves and our brass kept giving interviews carping about not going overboard with signings, not being dictated by the market, and being satisfied with the pieces we have? Everything old is new again.

Why won't Amaro do something?

Won't someone please think of the children?

Fuentes is also a type A free agent. I don't see that happening and think there are better options out there at a lower cost.

They obviously freed up roster spots yesterday for Chad Durbin.

Why would anybody consider the Phillies being cheap or bottomfeeders? They have a very high payroll, they have been to the WFS twice in the last three years and they signed a bunch of their guys to longish deals. They really in essence need a piece or two for the pen and a RH bat, why should they go crazy and spend high for a name? They are not the Yanks or Boston, they are not in an arms race with Mets or Braves.
You're nuts already with this crap everyday.
I am not a Rube apologist by any stretch but chill the f-ck out.

Joe: If he can hit .245, he's a very productive player because he hits tons of homers, draws tons of walks, and plays great defense. But I don't see much reason to believe he can still hit .245 or anything close to it.

Anyway, I wouldn't call the Cubs a "perennial cellbar dwellar." They were bad last year, but they aren't systematically awful the way the Royals, Pirates, & Orioles are. To the contrary, they are one of the bigger spenders out there &, more often than not, they have fielded a competitive team over the last decade.

Joe C - "Instead he'll see Arlen Specter."

Hold on there, fella. You're expecting that the Nats are going to start to put butts in seats????

I agree that calling the Phils bottomfeeders is going way too far. They actually started spending money well before the Thome signing that set off the modern era, problem is it was spent on Gregg Jefferies, Ron Gant, Fernando Valenzuela and Mark Portugal. I think DP is probably over 35 years old and has seen this type of off season before.

BAP: I agree the Cubs out of all the teams mentioned are probably the most determined in actually improving every year, still a surprise to see him go there. Also surprised at Konerko going back to the White Sox, their GM was on MLB last night and seemed pretty resigned that he was not coming back.

Williard and Joe C,
I don't think you know Specter well enough. I worked with a non-profit donating money to the arts and Specter and his wife and Thatch Longstretch (two very loaded guys) and his wife used to show up and expect to get in free with fundraisers all the time. I used to laugh my azz off at it. Atleast Wilson Goode and Rendell used to hand over a check once in a while. I bet Specter and Co show up for free still.

The Phillies have the highest payroll in the National League. They have the second highest payroll in baseball, behind the Yankees and they have the most players under contract, not including arb-eligible and pre-arb players.

The marquee trades and free agent signings meant the Phillies were going to eventually have a slow offseason.

They have incumbents at every starting pitcher slot, every position except right field which they could fill internally with either their top prospect or their top right handed bench bat and they could probably fill their bullpen tomorrow without signing another player.

Hopefully they're going to carefully consider the right-handed outfield market and the left-handed relief pitcher market and add quality players which would be better than, say, adding a left-handed hitting, old, left fielder on a three year deal before you know how the market's going to shake out.

The numbers from my first paragraph can all be found on baseball-reference's homepage in a sortable chart.

RG: Here is a little trick I use. When I see the ~ I skip to the next post.

I'm as critical of Amaro as anyone, but I think it's a little premature to judge a guy who acquired Halladay and Oswalt in the past 12 months as a return to the pre-Thome days.

Could it possibly be that, aside from the Werth/Crawford/Lee trifecta who are out of our price range, there isn't much else on the free agent market is really worth investing in at this time?

I'd sooner see Amaro sit on whatever cash reserves are available to him, take on a few low risk/high reward relievers, platoon BenFran and Gload and use that money for a top-tier mid-season acquisition to address whatever needs we may have in 2011 (RF from a non-contender, closer under team control for 2012, injury replacement, etc).

Unless Magglio could be had at a bargain or a major trade can be arranged that will adequately replace Werth's production, is there a reason Amaro should go balls to the wall and spend his money like a kid who hit the lottery?

Specter will likely move back to PA permanently now that his political career is he wont be tehre either.

Will Schwitzer:

No. You don't understand. The World Series is always won by the team that makes the first move or makes the most moves. We missed out on the former and the latter is slipping away from us. We need Amaro to just start signing guys right now.

Guys like DPatrone can't stand a front office that doesn't do anything and really that's who you need to please./

RG~ I don't need to chill out. Who died and left you boss? I am just asking questions that's all. Someone posted earlier that the Phils are acting like bottom-feeders. I did not say that.

You say you 2 years at the winter meetings? then you expalin to me what Rube trying to do. I made statements. I am not blaming RAJ for anything today. I'm just saying, they are talking to everyone but making offers to no one, Why? Just answer the question please.

TTI~ You need to grow up. I've forgotten more about this game then you'll ever know.

RG: I used to valet at a restaurant in Philly way back when and Specter used to come in and tip one dollar. He would then proceed to get hammered and his wife would drive home. After a while he even stopped valeting and began to park on the street, usually slamming his huge Lincoln (state car) into the cars in front and back of him to save a buck, so I believe your story big time.

"You need to grow up. I've forgotten more about this game then you'll ever know."

Just out of curiosity, when you make a statement like that, do you expect the other person to say "oh yeah, my bad" and move on, or do you realize that you're making a jackass out of yourself when you say it.

Don't get me wrong, I've said plenty on BL that has been mocked, I take myself way too seriously sometimes and I've gotten in pissing contests with people, but I can't see what you could ever hope to gain with douchebag narcissism.

Joe C.~ Yes, I'm way over 35 and I have seen this type of off-season before. I just didn't think it would come while the core of the current team was in place.

TTI~ I'll ask you the same question. What is Rube trying to do? Just answer the question. Truthfully, if you are the "truth".

"I'm as critical of Amaro as anyone, but I think it's a little premature to judge a guy who acquired Halladay and Oswalt in the past 12 months as a return to the pre-Thome days." There are 2 things that work against this theory, one is that Gillick basically orchestrated both deals while Amaro took the credit. The other is that the ownership of this team is still the same, and I can easily see them pulling back the reins and expecting sellouts every season now, therefore not neccessitating going all-out in the offseason. It's that mentality that still separates us from the Red Sox and the Yankees, and why we can still never be considered a top tier team.

DP: I didn't think it would come but I always feared it would rear it's ugly head, and unless some surprise is in the works this offseason I think we will need to get used to it. Our window is rapidly closing, even with this rotation.

What is the typical valet tip these days, anyway? I mean, I figure a $5 is fairly generous...Am I a cheapskate?

DPatrone: Seriously you need to grow up and get over yourself. Last year at this time you were complaining that we weren't doing anything.

Then at the trade deadline you did the same thing.

Now you're doing it again this year.

You are making yourself look like a complete clown. When you constantly make the same dumb complaints why do you expect people to not say anything? You may "know more than me at baseball," but you clearly have failed to grasp how Internet boards work. When you say something on a public forum it will get commented on- good or bad. If you don't want people to comment on your insipid posts than go e-mail your alter ego passed off as an "insider," to your heart's content.

You are the worst kind of fan. You get it in your head that a move needs to be made, any move. Then when stuff comes up you criticize it for being a terrible move. You act like this is fantasy league baseball. Amaro has made some mistakes, and he'll make more as a GM. However, right now he is doing a good job of playing the market and letting the market set itself rather than being in front of it. Maybe that means we don't get the exact lefty out of the pen or the right hand bat that YOU want but guess what- your opinion, and mine, and everyone else on here isn't necessarily a concern to the team. They want a piece to augment what they have, and are waiting to see what shakes loose.

Here's another thing you apparently have never heard in your quest to learn "more about baseball than me": Patience is a virtue. if you can drag yourself away from baseball for a few minutes maybe study up on what that means,

NEPP: $5 is about right these days. This time of year maybe a couple more. I remember one night old Arlen came in with a different car and I told him I didnt recognize him with what he was driving, and he said to me "don't you have a second car at home?"

And who says politicians don't have our best interests at heart...

Uncle Cholly on Werth:

Even Manuel was taken aback by how much Werth got from the Nationals.

"I knew Jayson was going to get some pretty good money, I mean, good money," Manuel said of the $126 million deal. "But I didn't know he would get that much money."

From The Detroit News

Joe C. That's been my whole point this entire off-season. I am not in a hurry to see the run end, though I know it eventually will.

Will~ I shouldn't been sarcastic with TTI, you're right about that. But I do knw what I'm talking about yet I get treated like I don't.

This entire off-season, the team's needs have been identified, correct? Yet, none of then have been addressed. And I'm not saying they should have been done yesterday. But when you listen to RAJ speak or read what's in print, you can see there's a smugness about him. What I've been saying is this:
Go fill your needs as best you can. I can understand that RAJ doesn't have the resources to sign the top-tier guys, but he's not signing the 2nd and 3rd-tier guys either. I can't understand how he expects to get what he needs.

As for not doing anything so far, great. My guess is it will be better to wait. Let the Bucs and Royals sign ex-braves, there is a reason they are ex-braves. To me, Gload and BenFran are fine to start the season with, let's keep the powder dry. My guess is that we may be able to get an outfielder in a trade. Nationals have a surplus (Morse), if the red sox, angels, yankees sign Crawford there may be something extra to be traded and then there is Rowand - if we can get him back it is a PR win and he had a heck of a season in 2007. As for lefties if you don't sign wagner - you sign the cheapest loogy - sherril probably with his back problems last year.

No rush, no urgent need - is Francouer or Diaz really that much better than gload/benfran?

Do you want me or someone else to highlight the elements of your post which agrees with the "bottomfeeders" statement or do you just want me to remind you you wrote "True", as in, you agreed with them in your post.
You, TTI, Joe C nor I have any idea what Rube offered anybody or if he offered nothing to anyone at all. So you can't guess he is lowballing everyone. We don't even really know, with 100 percent accuracy what he even offered Werth.
Some managers don't even show up at the meetings until day 2 or 3 and have their deputies gladhand everybody. So we have no idea what he did or did not do. So like I said chill out, none of us here are Rube. He is going to do what he wants to do and unless you are Lee's agent he is not going to listen to you.
He didn't need anybody I guess so far and there are many days until spring training. I am not a mind reader. I have no idea what his deal is.

DPatrone: You do realize there is an irony in saying you read Amaro's comments and detect smugness right? You don't know him, and you don't know the conversations that are being held behind closed doors. Here's another thing you may not understand: some businessmen do not give out all the details of what they are doing.

Yes, we know what the Phillies needs are. But there are still some very good left-handed bullpen options out there.

As some more free agents sign it may shake some other things loose with the right handed bats. There is more to the picture than what is out there right now.

That is why people tell you to be patient. Things change in baseball. Remember just last year everyone thought we were rolling into the season with Lee and Hamels as our top two.

The disconnect is you take no move as not being active. That is not the case,.

4 months till the season starts...there will be plenty of chances to buy low between now and then.

TTI. I never said I was patient. You still didn't anwswer my question. Let me re-phase it. If someone breaks your window with a baseball. you'get your window fixed, correct?

So our RH'der is gone and we have big hole in the line-up and we have 1 LH reliever in the 'pen, correct? Those are facts. Does Amaro really think he could go through the season without fixing those things? All I've you and others is to explain to me how he intends to do this if he doesn't sign anyone? That's all. And your right, he doesn't have to care about what phans think, but he should. after all that's how his salary is paid.

I HAVE been talking to my friend a lot this off-season. He's not heard anything that we haven't. He's a legit sports journalist and I wish I could divulge his name, But I promised not to. One thing I am not is a liar. Opinionated, yes. But not a liar. I'm sorry if I've offended you today. Not my intention.

DP: You said yesterday that you thought the best fit for this team was Jeff Francoeur. You boast constantly about your knowledge of the game. What is it about Jeff Francoeur's game that you think fits this team so nicely?

DPatrone: See your post goes from sensible to crazy. Why does Amaro not making a move yet mean he is going to go through the whole season without addressing those needs?

Ask your "friend" that.

Five dollars for a valet tip?? You can't be serious.

I posted Wagner, I meant fuentes earlier. I'm in the same camp as Dpatrone calm down it is the same thing over and over. As for RA - he should be smug, he has a great team. A top closer, good set-up guy, 4 solid starters, a tremendous infield (assuming J-roll and Chase bounce back a bit), to tier catcher and back-up as well as an OK bench. These guys are in the mix, maybe favored without doing a thing. The best thing the phillies can do is look for opportunities. You are panicking because he hasn't picked up a rh platoon bat or a loogy - c'mon, calm down.

No reason to overpay. Sure maybe he overpaid howard, victorino, lidge, but they were already on the team, he has kept a nucleus and built. He offered J-Werth a fair deal and he didn't want to go too many years because Werth at 32 has only had 500 at bats twice, he could breakdown tomorrow. But he did offer him the dollars/year most thought he would get.

TTI Didn't say he was in-active. And I din't say there aren't any options left. Based on who's available, I can understand his being hesistant, but that doesn't mean they'll be better options down the road.

You have to understand where I'm coming from that's all. I never said he was a bad GM. Or stupid for that matter. If Jayson Werth were the only RH bat available, and the Phils were in the market and he wanted more than what they wanted to pay, then I can understand "we cannot play in that league".

But in this market there are/were serveral options. To ask "is what's available beteer than what we have is a legit question. But an answer could be "how do we know if we don't try". I'm not saying he's not trying, and there could be something coming we know nothing about. But no results so far.

Has someone pointed out to the poster with the various letters yet that Brian Fuentes is a type B (and not a type A) free agent?


Hey Letter-guy, you're wrong. Fuentes is a type B (not a type A).

DPatrone: It's amusing that you see yourself as a rational person throughout this. And that is totally not the opinion you have stated over and over again on here.

Plus you say based off what is there I can understand him being hesitant. Then why do you continue to post about him being inactive. I mean you are doing a parody at this point right? That would be the only sane thing you could say

DP: Here is a post you made last week. Sounds similar to bottom feeding to me.

"It's shows exactly what I've been talking about the entire off-season. They'll bring in nothing but garbage."

@Enrique_Rojas1: Phillies and Dennys Reyes "very close" to agree 1 year contract with club option for 2012

In a large city, I think $5 isn't ridiculous. Of course, if you dont care what they do with your car...~shrugs~

Dennys Reyes is a bad idea for two reasons.
1) It will preclude us from getting someone better.
2) He stinks.

Quincy~ I was comparing Francoueur at 27 to Diaz at 33 etc. Of course he not the hitter Mags is but Mags is 35. Francouer still has time to turn it around. But it's moot because he's with KC.

TTI~ "Why does Amaro not making a move yet mean he is going to go through the whole season without addressing those needs?"

I didn't say he wouldn't. Do you really think a platoon of Gload/Franscisco would be fine. If you do, ok. But they've been bench players all along. And sooner or later bench players show why they're bench players.

@magelb: Source says Phillies are getting closer to an agreement with lefthander Dennys Reyes.

The best move the Phillies made this offseason (and it could only be trumped by signing Cliff Lee) is PASSING on Frenchy. Thank you Mr. Amaro!

The best thing in this thread is the name Thatch Longstretch. That's a damn fine porn name.

That's Longstreth, not Longstretch. Bow-tie wearin' patrician, that's whot 'e is, mate.

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