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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Thanks Mrs. Lee. This truly is the City of Brotherly Love and our fans are the best.

Oh my! It seems that a strange dream I had last night came true.

Unreal, just unreal. I can't stop laughing since I saw it.

If they trade one of the others today I'm gonna do something drastic...

I love how Rube always keeps us in it. He runs this team like a fan and I will forever be grateful for that. I will never doubt Rube again. Even if this ends up as a bad deal a couple of years for now, I will remember how amazing the past few years have felt being a Phillies fan. Everybody wants their team to be THE team who goes out every year and competes and tries to get the best players. Now we have the best rotation in baseball and possibly ever. Suck it, Yankees!

I think I died and woke up in a parallel universe.



I posted it in the last thread, but in case it got lost:

I apologize for thinking every and all players would take the most lucrative offer on the table, and bashing the posters who thought otherwise. Cliff Lee has proven me wrong. Even if the deals were fairly close, it's evident he took less to come here.

This is the best thing ever! Jayson who?

Once it was revealed that the Phils were the mystery team, I told my son they had a shot. Terrific news. It's historic. Hail Lee and RAJ and the organization for making this happen, and Werth too.

"I'm taking my talents to South Broad."
OK, he didn't really say that. Didn't even have a television special.
But who's booing Santa Claus now? Huh?

I cannot effin believe it. Forget effin rightfield. Phils could win 81 games with Cairo, Castro, Gnome and Nunez in the line-up.


Ben Francisco is fine.

I guess we really can't complain about the Sox and the Yanks spending too much money anymore, huh?

The best man from my wedding, a diehard Yankee fan, woke me up via text last night and told me to kill myself. What a fantastic day to be a Phillie fan.

Joe Blanton is, hands down, the best #5 in baseball. (You know, if they don't trade him and Kendrick for Delmon Young.)

And the players announce publicly that they want to play baseball in Philadelphia. Holy Spit. You realize that there are players this morning that want to be traded and play on this team, especially if they are defensive minded OF's that can get on base.

Forget the beer, G.R.A.B. Get him a scotch. I recommend 16 year old Lavagulin. A double, neat, with a glass of ice cold seltzer (from a spritzer, please) on the side.

And a very, very large and illegal cigar.

WOW. Not sure it's the best and highest use of resources, but I am happy to have Cliff Lee back in my life.

Two important questions:

1) What order do you pitch them?

2) Who the f*** cares?

Country fans should grab their deer rifles and fire a salute to the East.

You have GOT to be effin kidding me. This cannot be true.

I perused the paper this morning and saw an article about the Phils possibly making a lower offer to Lee than the Yanks, and figured I would check BL out and maybe post a comment about the futility of trying to get Lee back.

I'm sure this deal and its merits will be discussed here in much more detail later, but Jason has just made it a lot tougher for me to focus on work for the rest of this day.

Stay healthy, my friends.

I've not posted since the NLCS. I took it hard and decided I needed a break. Seems like a good time to end the vacation.

I hate being that guy, but I called this... in spring training. I've been called a Rube-apologist because I didn't think the original Cliff Lee deal was all that bad. And it wasn't... if you thought they were going to take a legit shot at signing him this offseason. What they got in return wasn't bad at all for a rent-a-season.

Granted, to believe Amaro was going to make a real shot at resigning him took some major reading between the lines. But in retrospect doesn't all of Rube's comments about "long term strategy" and his smugness about the trade kinda make sense now?

Four horsemen of the mets apocalypse?

Can we keep Roy Oswalt? What happens to Cole Hamels? I'm obviously in shock, but as a Phil's phan forever suspicious of the front office (Giles once called us a "small market) I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Heck, I’m selling RAJ short, no? Maybe Claire Betz has given power of attorney to a baseball-savvy attorney!

You are awful at posting things in a timely manner -- it's been dead on this site for over a year. Comcast killed a blogger.

I'm going against popular opinion and stating publically here that I like this signing.

I thought his name was C____ L__???

I never thought seeing the letters liff and ee would look so beautiful on Beerleaguer!

Philadelphia really has become baseball heaven and it feels amazing.

The Dennys Reyes signing must have been the final difference-maker to Lee.

Our 4th starter could very well have an ERA+ around 140 this year.

Our starting 4 might post an ERA+ in the 150-160 range. If they all stay healthy and IF they are effective, this is the greatest rotation in the history of baseball. Beats the 1990s Braves, beats the 1969-1971 Orioles, etc etc. I can't believe Amaro did this.

The only real question is who gets #34.

Nice to read the Yankees could take a look at guys like Freddy Garcia, Bruce Chen, Rodrigo Lopez and Kevin Millwood.

Please please please let the other show drop in the form of Joe Blanton, and not another member of the rotation.

I saw this scrolling on ESPN's bottom line at 2:00 am: "Lee. The deal is reportedly 5 years $100M with an option..." My natural reaction was "Surprise, surprise. The Yankees signed Cliff Lee." Then when it re-scrolled, I saw "Phillies agree with terms on P Cliff Lee. The deal..." I almost had a stroke. So much for being a "mystery team."

I'm still not sure how I feel about all this, though. I still want them to get a RH bat. But it's difficult to care about that today.

As others have pointed out, this is really amazing because THE TOP FA took less money and years (a lot less money!) to come the Philadelphia to play. I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime. What a time to be a Phillies fan!

Can you imagine what it must feel like to be an opposing player getting ready for a Phils' series? If you're real lucky, you'll happen to catch Blanton. Otherwise, three straight days of hell.

Truly. I wonder if they offered Blanton and Kendrick to, say, the Twins if they would part with Delmon. Or imagine some other small contract, young, RH OF. Why not?

I'm still worried that they'll deal Oswalt now, you know, to restock the farm.

But dear god, this is some incredible news!

Can we get an animated bouncing Cliff head w/holiday hat?

So, shot in the dark but I think we can afford to let Dom Brown learn on the job in RF now. Yeah, the offense might not be great but when you have the greatest pitching staff in history, you can afford to be patient.

Though on Lee, other than years, we basically matched the Yankees. We are now the NY Yankees of the NL. Our payroll will be in the $160s Million range for 2011. Hell, we might end up #2 ahead of Boston at this point. I mean, WOW...just amazing. Ownership finally understands that sometimes you have to spend money to make loads and loads more money.

He who should not be named is back?

Didn't I just see a movie about this?

Merde! I can throw strikes again. What happened?

this is the greatest day since.....15 December 2009.

Seriously, anyone know of any possible takers for blanton? i know he's nothing special, but it seems to me that he's priced reasonably for a #3 or #4.

On a serious note...anyone think there might be some friction between Doc and Clifton? I mean, Doc is making less than him for less years...that might be an issue for him pride-wise.

I think there should be several teams that would be willing to take Blanton on a 2 year deal (basically what they'd be getting). After Pavano is gone, he'd honestly be the best "Free Agent" available. Hell, the Yankees might want to consider that they're short in the rotation. He and CC can work out together at White Castle.

To those in the Philly area, did this happen too late to make the Daily News?

If not, was the back cover "MERRY CLIFF-MAS!"

National baseball twitterers say Blanton to Boston...

For NEPP...

NEPP, isn't both Cliff and Doc's deals worth ~20mil a year? While Lee got more years, I think the Phils were very specific in the amount per season they chose.

Also got to remember (to paraphrase Stark) that both these pitchers (in successive years) decided it was more important to play in red pinstripes than to become the highest paid pitcher ever. That speaks highly to their character. I think they'll get along fine.

As for friendly competition between them... I can't see anything wrong with four aces all trying to prove they're the true number one.

Trade Blanton and Raul for Greinke.
For a bit of twisted logic, read Mets and ex-Phils beat writer Andy Martino's column.

Still buzzing after hearing the news last night. I swear I didn't sleep much.

Anyway, the lyrics to a Nappy Roots song came to mind:

"Well good God almighty look at what we have here
(And it feels so good to be here)"


"Well we done seen everything under the sun
And been done what shouldn'ta been done
Now that's one bad son-of-a-gun"

NEPP: I think Halladay has made it pretty clear his number one priority is to win a WFC. If that means bringing in another ace at a premium, I'd hope he's OK with it. I mean, Cliff was going to make more than him no matter where he went this offseason. So why should it matter if it happens to be as his teammate?

Welcome back 31!

I don't think Halladay will be bitter or mad or jealous...he knew the deal he was signing was below market and knew that if he waited he would make a lot more money. But it wasn't about that. It was about winning a WS and now they have the best rotation ever and if the offense returns to form they will be the best team ever. Those 4 will probably win 20 games each


Just off the top of my head I'm thinkin' the Tigers could use Blanton, but I'm not sure what they have to offer in return.

And what about Chooch? He must be thinking he just hit the Panamanian Power Ball. :)

this is complete speculation but I get the feeling that ownership let Amaro do this to really drive up the value of the franchise. In other words they might be getting ready to sell the team. Either that or they're close to renegotiating the tv and radio contracts. Thoughts?

My official prediction---Amaro isn't finished. Bet he sells the farm for new bats.

If we could get rid of Ibanez and Blanton's contracts (or at least half of them) that would be a huge win too. GET IT DONE RUBE!!!

Yeah Chooch man. Wonder if the Aces like pitching to this guy? They better start funnelling money to Panama to keep Ruiz healthy and rested.

Maybe we'll go get Upton and Greinke!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Second best present for me other than my first baby on the way!


Only further thought concerning Halladay's take on this...

This is exactly WHY he took less money to come here.

Blanton to Boston.

Why would the RedSox want Blanton?

They already have 6 starters.

I wonder if it is blanton to boston for nothing

Blanton will be on another squad by Spring Training. We have a lot of young arms that can fill that position a lot cheaper and provide comparable performance.

Blanton to the Sox

Wonder what we got for him...

nothing. we will get nothing for Joe Blanton. Why didn't this happen last year? I guess rube gets a pass, but seriously I thought BJB was immovable?

Not only does RAJ get credit for finding the money to make this happen, he and Gillick and Charlie get credit for creating the kind of team that great players want to join. That isn't just a function of the numbers they put up, but the atmosphere that comes with having Utley and Rollins as your leaders - an atmosphere of focused, true professionals who compete hard and just love baseball. That is more unique then you would think and great players want to be a part of that.

What makes this even sweeter is that Lee TURNED DOWN THE YANKEES to come to Philly.

I can't wait for opening day.

What's the under/over on the standing ovation for Lee's 1st home game? 10 minutes?

It's always exciting to get the top player available, but I'm not sold on this making a lot of sense for this team. The Phillies need to start moving the highly regarded A level pitching prospects for hitting prospects or cost-effective major league hitters. There are a lot of problems in this line-up, as much as it stinks to admit. The rotation can probably win them 100+ games on its own in the regular season, but they'll need to be able to put up runs to overcome bad pitching days in the playoffs.

Also, they need their own TV network. If this team, at this payroll, has one bad year and the bandwagon collapses to 80% attendance or lower (instead of 103% attendance), they will be in financial armageddon mode. Supporting this payroll on tickets and merchandise alone is not sustainable.

The Red Sox likely agreed to take Blanton to help us keep Lee from the Yankees...and it also eliminates the Yankees getting Blanton now that they're really short on pitchers.

They cant go after Pavano for obvious reasons, Greinke will cost them way too much and he's not a good fit...I'm guessing Andy Pettitte's phone will be ringing off the hook today.

From Crashburn alley: "The worst pitcher among the Phillies’ “big four” in 2010 was Roy Oswalt, whose 3.46 xFIP ranked twelfth in Major League Baseball. The Phillies have one-third of baseball’s top-12 pitchers from 2010."

I have to admit thankfully I was dead wrong about Amaro and the possible regression of the team given the quiet winter meetings. And I'm glad I was.

where are the blanton to the red sox rumors coming from? any credible sources?

Sunday, February 7, 2011 at Bright House Networks Field:

New York Yankees v. Philadelphia Phillies

Scheduled Pitchers for PHI: Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels

Scheduled Pitchers for NY (A): Sabathia, ?, ?, ?.

That is all.

latest report says that the Sox don't have a deal in place for Blanton at this point.

I bet the Yankees wish their fans had spit on Burnett's wife 2 years ago at this point.

New, um, threads -for Lee. With red stripes.

The Phils already have their own network.

I'm pretty sure they own 33% of Comcast Sportsnet Philly which must be the best kept secret in all of sports.

UnbeLEEEEEEEvable! And, Happy HALLIDAYs!

Unbelieveable acquisition. Does anyone else think we should rethink our lineup and move to a small ball mentality? I think we should trade Brown for a legit leadoff hitter (Mccutchen from Pitts?). The current lineup has flaws galore (esp vs. lhp)...Pitching is possibly the best ever. We don't need a "wait around for a 3 run hr" team. I love Victorino, but he has bad OBP & batting avg...Not good for a small ball team.

Reports out of Boston that the Sox have hired a new clubhouse catering service. This may indicate a Blanton deal is close.

Just when I though I was gonna be stuck with a huge pumpkin headed reliever, Rube gets me a BIG RED DOG for Christmas!!! Now all I need is J.D. Drew saying he'd LOVE to come to Philly for Blanton. Then I'd know this was a dream:)

As said, Yo, new thread

It is correct that the Phillies have a minority interest in CSN Philly. I don't think that's a secret, although I'm not certain the percentage is publicly known. The problem is that is peanuts compared to YES and NESN which are cash registers for their respective clubs. Comcast-Spectacor is getting wildly rich off the baseball team's success. When you own the network and provide the content, you take all the ad revenue and licensing fees. It is the Phillies single greatest business need. They've made a lot of great business moves (winning being the most important of those), but the TV network is the next step and it has to happen to ensure that the salaries they have in place can be supported in the event the winning dries up.

@ Hexy'sBaldSpot: Practically speaking, I'd say being a 1/3 owner of a station that broadcasts 3 out of 4 sports (and carries a ton of content with regard to the fourth) is better than being the full owner of a station that broadcasts 1 sport. An argument could be made that the Phils' current arrangement is more lucrative than a stand alone station as they are getting a piece of all of the sixers' and flyers' ad revenue.

Perhaps it is this arrangement, more than CBP sell outs, that explains the Phils' suddenly deep pockets.

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