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Friday, December 17, 2010


Reyes: No deal? Yes! That's the second piece of great news we got this week. I called him garbage anyway.

Isn't Mahay 40-41? I'd go after Beimel.

Man...we can't catch a break. First we settle for Cliff Lee and now this...DAMNIT!!

Put out an APB on Scott Eyre.

None of this would have happened if Figgy was still around....

Clout - Yes, I am familiar with the variability of relievers from year to year.

And yes, I know Beimel is a cool guy. And I'm also aware that ERA doesn't tell us much about relievers.

I saw both Ohman and Beimel maybe five times each last season, and both looked pretty awful. Maybe I saw their worst appearances, but they were dreadful. And Beimel, especially, is a guy who works on a very thin margin. Sorta like the Moyer of relievers.

I'd still stick my million in my pocket if I were the Phils and rely on Contreras and Madson to continue to get lefties out, and Bastardo to work into a steady role for major league minimum.

I would have picked up Takahashi, but he went for more money than the Phils were looking to spend. Too bad.

Hello all, I'm back from military exile, just checking in. Adding my extremely-late two cents on the Cliff Lee deal, I'm pro. As of now, that is all; I have no more energy for speculation this evening. 38 straight hours without sleep made me questuon whether the Cliff Lee deal was even real until I confirmed it with multiple BL posts.

Ishmael, thanks for your military service.

****38 straight hours without sleep made me questuon whether the Cliff Lee deal was even real until I confirmed it with multiple BL posts. ****

Been there before...welcome back to the real world.

Thanks all. Deinitely a transition, now I can sit back and wait for pitchers and catchers.

Shame, I was looking forward to seeing his hat used when they unretire the bullpen carts.

I gotta think this is good news. I agree with RAJ that the Phillies have to get younger, and with the only opennings on the bench, in RF, and the bullpen, there is nowhere else the Phils can get younger. No Reyes means one of the minor leaguers needs to step up.

Off topic, but since someone brought up youtube, I'll leave you with something funny. If you want to hear a good youtube thing, listen to the one where former O's manager Earl Weaver, in a postgame radio interview, drops more f-bombs than words that are actually found in the dictionary. I loved watching the O's play in the early mid to late 1970s, and part of my enjoyment was watching Weaver go ballistic. (That, and watching Brooks Robinson pull off an unassisted double play on the front end of a triple play against the Yankees. Or maybe the crabcake sandwiches. Or maybe the soda dispensor at the consession stand behind first base that seemingly only dispensed pure coke surup. Or watching the drunk Baltimorons. But those are stories for another day.) Our yearly trek down I-95 to see an O's game was always a highlight of my summer.

*** "((fill in the blank)) made me questuon whether the Cliff Lee deal was even real until I confirmed it with ((fillin the blank))." ***

LOL!! Sounds like most of our Tuesday mornings. My first thought was, "Oh **explative**, someone broke into the Phillies website. Again? My Norton Antivirus is working, right?

BTW--grandpa got upset and didn't believe I was really me with out my usual sign-in, so shout out to grandpa...


We don't even need a bullpen. The Four Horsemen are going CG every time out. Then we'll just forfeit every fifth game just to keep things fair.

Bowlcut - Reyes agent misquoted, he isn't still on the market he is still in the market as in Supermercado Gigante - lots of free samples today.

An interesting read is posted at MLBTR about the top 5 Phillies GMs of all time. Based on achievements to date, they rank Amaro 4th. To give you an idea how bad the Phillies have been over their 130+ year existence, they rank Ed Wade 3rd.

Oh, pardon. It's the top 5 Phillies GMs since 1960. But it doesn't change my essential point. Save for two periods covering a total of about 12 to 14 years, plus a one-year fluke in 1993, the Phillies haven't had a great overall track record over the last 50 years.

bap -- I think your aforementioned portion of 10,000 losses were a total team effort.

Funny thing -- didn't the 10,000th loss occur during the '07 magic carpet ride? It's been nothing but good times since.

Len: That was one of my points yesterday. With this starting four, maybe the Phils can go with as many as 2 less pitchers in the bullpen, and add bench players. That's not a bad idea if you need to platoon right and maybe left field next year. Overall, I see losing Werth as a plus, because it will allow the Phils to get younger, and provide more at bats for the bench. I know the statheads will disagree, but I am pretty comfortable with that.

The 10,000th loss did occur in 2007...a Sunday night game at home vs. St. Louis. Strange that just after that the team began to take off...

Every season since then has been memorable. The playoff runs every year, the World Series, the parade down Broad Street. And yet, I will probably never enjoy a season and a pennant race more than I did in 2007. I can virtually remember every game, every Phillies' win, every Mets' loss down the stretch.

The clincher in 2007 ranks just behind the World Series win in 2008 for me...I'll just never forget that game, the Marlins blasting Glavine, Jimmy's triple into the corner, Myers throwing his glove in the air and Burrell leading the charge onto the field.

Yes, the team is significantly better now and nothing will beat playing for league championships and the World Series. For memories though, 2007 is atop my list...

LOL!! Top 5 Phillies GMs sinse 1960? The list of Phillies GMs since 1960 is a pretty short list, since The Pope held that role from the late 60s and into the 80s, even when he managed the team. I really don't feel this is a point of distinction. A better debating point is who was better, Gillick or Owens. I think the list of best five ends there.

as strong as the starting rotation is a solid bullpen is still a requirement for the Phils to think about a World Championship. another lefty out of the pen is a must. also i'M still worried about Lidge,if he struggles, he could negate a lot of good pitching by the starters. remember baseball is a team game, everyone must contribute.

bs. Yeah, we need what the statheads call a LOOGY. (sp?)

But all this talk about world championships is a bit premature. We haven't started spring training yet, let alone played a game that has any meaning.

If the offense doesn't show up, we're back to last year, in second place, maybe second place in the division and not even making the playoffs.

That's not a terrible thing, that's just baseball. Frankly, 12 games settles a football season, truth be told The other four games are more about sqeezing every last dollar out of a revenue stream than anything else. But not even 162 games in baseball decides the best team.

The difference is that "sh-- happens" counts for a lot more in baseball than football. Guys can walk out of college and be NFL stars. In baseball, guys often walk out of college and learn how long the bus ride is from Harrisburg to Reading.

I can't tell you how upset I am about not having Denys Reyes come to the Phillies! What happend, did the Yankees want revenge and come out of nowhere and swoop him up? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!!!

Bentz: I was at the clincher in 2007, and I've been to at least a game in probably every playoff series since then.

No doubt in my mind, that game in 2007 is at or close to the top of the list. The group singing the national anthem came out at the exact same time as they posted the first Marlins-Mets score with the Fish winning, and that group thought the place was giving them the loudest standing O ever for the national anthem. It was just an unbelievable moment (and that was before we even started playing).

I don't know about the rest of you, but it diminishes my pride in our team of athletes when they roll out one of these Fat Bastards. See ya, Reyes.


They're left-handed fat bastards, and that makes all the difference.

MLB just announced the Gibby awards. Three Phillies won awards. Roy Halladay won two - for best starting pitcher in baseball and best post-season performance. Roy Oswalt won for oddest moment of the year when he had to play left field. But my favorite is Carlos Ruiz winning for being the greatest X-factor in baseball. This might be Chooch's first award!
And on another note - The Welcome Home Cliff Lee billboard on I95 is awesome but be careful when you're driving by it. So many cars are slowing down so people can pictures of it.

PhilliesDude - I just came from the Philly airport but drove the other way. I'm somewhat depressed I missed it.

Agent - {Entering room and opening second of the double doors.} Here we go. This way.

Reyes - {limping through the now wide enough opening} Gracias, my friend.

Doctor - Ah, Mr. Reyes, finally we can get started.

Reyes - {holding up bag} Where can I put this?

Doctor - Here on this counter. {pause} What's in it?

Reyes - My leg.

You realize, of course, that Reyes now morphs into Pedro Feliciano every time he waddles on to the field for (fill in the blank).

If there was ever a rotation that allowed a team to stock the pen with AAA callups, it is the 2011 Phillies.

Reyes is such a load and has such a notorious work ethic (don't worry I will be in shape by July) I am glad they never got to ink him. Somebody will sign him to a minor league deal ASAP.

Jason, incidently, I would re-word your title, "Breaking" News: {Deal with} Reyes Falls Apart

I believe in accuracy of reporting.

I know nothing about Reyes work ethic, but if it anything like others here are describing, I am surprised that the Phillies considered signing him in the first place.

With guys like Utley and Howard, who work their butts off both during the season and off, maybe they concluded that he wasn't a good fit in the locker room.

Let's just say Reyes had a list of pros and cons about Philly and Scrapple, Tastykakes and easier access to Entehmens topped the list. When Zagursky and Blanton told him about Taylor's porkroll, he was sold.

I'm still trying to figure out if Reyes was or wasn't on Ruiz's Christmas list.

Carlos, you still want Pedro? OK, I'll send up you a Three Million Dollar Bill. Work it out and keep the change.

awh: Hagen reports it almost certainly was something in the physcial. Teams don't comment on guys who flunk their physicals because they don't want to prejudice the player from signing elsewhere.

It will be recalled that the last time a Phillies free agent contract fell apart due to a failed physical, the player was Joe Borowski. He subsequently signed with the Indians and finished 2nd in the major leagues with 45 saves.

Would love to be a minor league pitcher invited to spring training just to get a picture with the Phearsome Foursome.

I'm not familiar with the process of a MLB physical and I'm not going to pretend I am. But, I'm not sure how you can fail a physical and not have anything physically wrong with you. Now if the doctor said to the Phillies that he didn't like the looks of something(say his knee) or that he was considerably heavier than they thought or something along those lines....that's one thing. But, that's not failing a physical.

So the agent just flat out saying "we're back on the market" seems odd without addressing why the deal with the Phillies died. I'd have to assume that all MLB physicals are nearly the same, so anything the Phillies didn't like would be something other clubs wouldn't like. So, I'm kinda thinking it's not something that every club would object to. Hence why I mentioned his weight.

His agent also seems to have said something along the lines of, "we hit a snag, and we decided to push back". I have no idea what that blurb means exactly, but I'll admit it does seem the Phils had a problem with something that developed after seeing him in person since the physical was the day before.

In the end it doesn't matter because he's no great loss.

An MLB physical is like a regular physical except the doctor grabs a rosin bag before he makes you turn your head and cough.

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