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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I wonder how far down the third base line Sammy positions himself to stop a runner?

Welcome back to town, Juan!

He obviously here to teach Chase to make that transition from 2nd to OF, Biggio must be previously engaged.

So, they were unhappy with Perlozzo at third? Because he was a major step up from his predecessor.

The think about Samuel is that he was one of the worst fundamentals players I ever saw. Everything he did was done by sheer physical ability. He was a base stealer because of how fast he was, not because he was savvy or skilled. He was only an adequate fielder at best. And he couldn't lay off the breaking ball away at any time during his Phillies tenure. He was their best player at a time when they had poor teams. Sort of like the year Shane Rawley was their best pitcher. Or Robert Person.

Hopefully, he learned a lot more about baseball after he left the Phillies. Because the Juan Samuel I remember was a great guy who didn't understand the first thing about baseball.

"Hopefully, he learned a lot more about baseball after he left the Phillies."

If he hasn't learned anything in 20 years that would be weird.

So they don't resign Lopes because he wanted more money, but they move Perlozzo to 1B and he is likely making more money than Lopes.

Charlie said "stature?"

As long as they don't make Sammy the hitting instructor, I'm down with it.

Got a stew goin'?

I remember being shocked when Samuel stayed active into the late 90s as feel-good savvy veteran player (like Sweeney, I suppose).

Agreed wtih ak about his fundamentals as a young player. In the early 80s the Phils had a future HOF, future batting champ and future triples leader as middle IF prospects. They ended up keeping a guy who led the league in triples once. :( I wonder if that had any impact on their poor performance from 84-92?

What about Perlozzo will make him a good 1st base coach?

The Phils also inked Pete Orr to a minor league deal as well as re-signed Dane Sardinha. I imagine this is in the comments of the last thread but just in case.

There's an old saying: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. If true, I predict Juan Samuel will be the single best coach in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Unfortunately, the Phillies were unable to agree to terms with Mick Billmeyer's binoculars.

"We just had a difference of opinion as to my value to the organization," said the high-powered precision optical device.

Gonzo just tweeted that the Phillies are interested in talking to an unnamed sextant from the Mariners organization.

Not sure about this move. We'll never know the details of the dollars involved, or how effective these coaches are in communicating skills to the players. I had the sense that Lopes was pretty good at this, that he may have brought some "value added" to the table above and beyond not screwing up signs or sending runners in the wrong situations. But that's speculation. Have no idea about Samuel or Perlozzo.

Anyway, it's done. Always liked him as a player, hope some of that ability can translate a bit to coaching. Welcome back, Juan.

The return of Sammy is making me miss Harry K all over again.


Just need to push Sam out the door now, he's even more useless at first than he was at third.

Sammy is one of my all-time favorite Phillies. Early in his career, I thought he was ticketed to the HOF. Watching him motor around the bases on a triple was one of the great thrills watching baseball.

As others have said, Sammy's biggest problem was his inability to hit or lay off the breaking ball down and away. Mike Schmidt had the same problem early in his career, but made the necessary adjustment. Sammy never did.

When a player continues to make the same mistake year after year, you question his intelligence. I question Sammy's.

I like the hire because I like Sammy, but I don't think he will do a good job. I don't like Bowa, but, if you're looking for a good 3B coach, he's your man.

I'm willing to give Sammy a year and see how he does. Not that I have a choice in the matter, of course. Just don't want to prejudge how he might do beforehand.

Milt Thompson to Astros as minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator.

I guess Ed Wade couldn't pass up the chance to get another former Phillie...

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