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Sunday, November 21, 2010



He'll NEVER succeed at the MLB level!!!

0-2, 1 BB, 1 R

0-3, all ground outs. I hope Dom's not distracted by the cheerleaders.

With Dom's speed, he should be hitting the ball on the ground and legging them out.

Totally not concerned in all seriousness. He hasn't played everyday since mid August...there's bound to be a ton of rust.

0 for 3. The death watch begins.

Serious question. Why isn't Ben Francisco playing Winter ball somewhere? If anyone could brush up on the finer points of the game, and in the process make himself a 5 million dollar a year player rather than a 1-2 million per year player, it's certainly him.

The guy is one more mediocre season as a backup from being a Spring training minor league invitee. With his physical tools there is simply no reason for that. I've heard him interviewed and he seems pretty sharp. So, what's the problem? The Phillies haven't asked him?

I just hope Ben hasn't been playing slow pitch softball in the off season. He hits some tremendously high fly outs to left field.

What's the latest on the pronunciation of Dom's first name?

"He was originally scheduled to begin winter ball on Nov. 15."

So why didn't he?

****What's the latest on the pronunciation of Dom's first name?****

Philip (FILL-up) Brown I believe

El Duomo (dwō'mō).

Was he playing catcher for the other team, too? No wonder he had trouble at the plate...

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