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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Will a team really pay him more than 4.5 Million per year? Maybe 4.5 for two years, maybe.

I bet he doesn't get a guaranteed MLB deal. There were veteran LOOGYs last offseason that whithered on the vine all offseason. I bet this year is no different and that Romero sits for quite awhile out in FA limbo.

J.C. Romero's kicked.

If only there were a way to get back the $2.75 mil. the Phillies are wasting on Baez this coming year ... That would make a quick $7 mil. into the overpaid, under-performing FA OF pool.


I have a vision of the future...the words "Minor-league Invite" are appearing...and not from Philadelphia.

I will remember Romero fondly though. Without him, there is a good chance this team doesn't make the playoffs in '07 or win the WS in '08.

Besides maybe Wild Thing, there isn't a Phils' reliever I can remember that would get in & out of trouble as fast as Romero.

One of the guys who even when he was on ('juiced') in '07 and '08 you never really had a good idea of what he was going to do when he came into a ball game - good, bad, or ugly.

Amaro just claimed on WIP that Ibanez and Werth basically were equal in terms of offensive production this year.

Either he's outright lying, or he's an idiot. Frankly, he's the biggest reason I'm pessimistic about the longterm future of the team. I just don't think he's good enough to do what needs to be done with this team.

Jack: clout, give me some names of who the Phils could bring in

Clout: "I won't play your games. I think they'll sign someone and you don't, we'll see"

Haha what a douche.

"I wont play your games" = I do not know but will pretend to be right whatever happens.

MG: I agree with you. The bar is so low on aging lefty relief following last offseason. And in most cases (maybe all cases) teams got almost no return from even very small investments - guys like Will Ohman come to mind.

Clout: It wouldn't surprise me at all if Amaro added someone. In fact, I think it's rather likely. Why do you keep claiming I don't think they'll add someone?

My issue is whether that's the right move or not. And without knowing who will be brought in, I can't make a claim that he'll be better or worse than Brown.

If it's a good player, I'd support it. If it's Jeff Franceour, I think that's a terrible idea.

You really don't understand the difference between evaluating what someone WILL do and what someone SHOULD do, do you?

"Amaro just claimed on WIP that Ibanez and Werth basically were equal in terms of offensive production this year. "

I think non-stats oriented baseball folk/media know that people snicker internally if they say RBI, so they use the term run production or production. Without looking, Werth and Ibanez were pretty close in RBIs**, weren't they? Amaro tries too hard to sell $ decisions, doesn't he? I wish he'd give the fan base a little more credit.

** Even though will say the proper plural of compound phrases, using RBI for multiple RBIs sounds pretentious to me.

I'm sort of wowed by Clout's response to me. I thought we were debating what the Phillies SHOULD do (which would actually require Clout to go on a record with an opinion).

If all we're doing is predicting what the Phillies WILL do, then yeah, I agree that it's a strong possibility that they bring in a RF outfielder.

My whole point was that if that player is a crappy veteran, I'd rather go with Brown. Without knowing who you think that player is, though, I can't judge your opinion that it's the right move.

I'll miss JC Romero. Wild and effective, he had a penchant for the big late-inning moment. I'll fondly remember a late 2008 game where he wiggled out of trouble against Chicago and went ape. His reactions were always superb.

Lest we forget his impeccable style and suave demeanor.

Antonio Bastardo is ready to step into the main LOOGY role, though I'm sure Ruben will add one or two veteran arms along the way to supplant the young gun.

Oh, and thanks J.C. but time to be moving on. I don't know that he was that effective this past year, 3.68 ERA for a reliever in the "year of the pitcher" is pretty average and BB>K is definitely not good. He did not sink to Baezian levels though.
He's b*llsy on the mound, doesn't panic and I think that helps him get out of trouble. I see a one year, incentive laden contract for him just before ST with someone. (For whatever my prediction is worth)

Clout doesn't have time to respond. He is too busy reading through the archives trying to determine what other praise he heaped on Melky Cabrera future Phils savior.

Jack: Preparing the fanbase for Werth's departure.

JC Romero will be signing tubs of Ripped Fuel at the Garden State Plaza GNC this Saturday from 11-1.

.186 w/ RISP (215th of 218 Qualifying Players in MLB) had me prepared for Werth's departure by mid-July or so. Unless the Phillies force Charlie to bat him somewhere other than in the middle of the lineup (highly unlikely), his offensive strengths are really being wasted, anyway.

I don't know if it is in a stylebook or S and W but the plural form of RBI is RBI. They are short for run batted in or runs batted in, the other way is silly and we are just used to it. It is like the legal terms court-martial and attorney general, in plural they are courts-martial and attorneys general.

Gtown Dave: Wanna bet that Werth hits a lot higher than that with RISP next season?

That's not a predictive number in any sense. If Amaro is making a decision based on that (and I don't think he is), then he's an idiot.

Jack: I think another team might utilize him differently, which would most likely result in a better Avg. w/ RISP. Nevertheless, & as much as it pains me to agree w/ Amaro, I simply do not feel that Werth is going to prove as valuable as his new salary demands. For better or worse, r00b committed to pretty much everyone else in the regular lineup first, leaving Jayson odd man out ... both literally & figuratively.

I keep foolishly thinking there's a shot Werth will want to come back to be a part of this (still) potentially historic team and contracts will be re-structured, he'll settle for less and all that good stuff. Then Ruben says something like that and it brings me back to reality. I'm sure he said more than that (I didn't hear it for myself), but to compare an old, only marginally useful veteran in a bad contract to a player with the tools Werth has is insane. I'm glad I didn't hear that interview.

Jack - That's funny because the other day I kind of got the impression that Amaro admitted by default that Ibanez's 3rd year was a mistake because of the cost & likely production they will get out of him.

Ibanez likely will be a around ~1.0 WAR player next year so the Phils will likely have gotten about 4-4.5 WAR over 3 years out of him at $32M. Average FA signing at best.

Werth is never going to take any sort of hometown discount. He said on WIP that he's worked hard to get to free agency and he's going to get his fair market value. As he and every other player should.

Werth and Boras are going to 'make it rain!' I have no doubt he ends up where he gets the most dollars like almost all free agents. One of the bolder lies is that loyalty can't be bought. It can be and often quite for less than you think.

How does signing Cody Ross (career OPS+ 104, 2008-2010 OPS+ 107, 104, 93) make any sense when Ben Francisco (career OPS+ 105, 2008-2010 OPS+ 105, 106, 104) is already on the team and cost-controlled?

Considering the available payroll money is scarce and there are other holes to fill (a backup infielder to replace Dobbs, at least one middle reliever, probably a left-handed reliever), why would spend any money on a Francisco clone to fit exactly the role that Francisco would otherwise fill? Because he went on a monster 40 PA run in October?

Ross had a .735 OPS this year and a .790 OPS last year. He's on the decline. Sure, he raped our pitching in a short series but he's not a good hitter.

There's a reason he was batting 8th in Game 1.

Seems like Cholly would rather have his teeth pulled by the ol' doorknob method than play Francisco.

I guess if you spend a lot of time posting on a Phils blog, you probably think you know as much, if not more about baseball than a lot of people paid to do it full time.

That said, Jayson Werth was in the top 10 in the NL in 9 categories and Ibanez wasn't in the top 25 in any of them.

Darts, Ruben. That's just a stupid comment, any way you slice it.

Cody Ross is unquestionably a better fielder than Francisco, but is that worth spending ~$5M for, especially considering how little money the team has to spend? In my opinion, absolutely not.

"Cliff Lee on the Phillies: "It's weird, when a team gets rid of you, you kind of want them to lose."

Another possible reason for Charlie not playing Francisco is that he simply hates to play anyone save "his guys". It made sense to continue to platoon Francisco w/ Ibañez, much as it made sense to give Brown quite a few more starts than he was afforded, esp. when Werth was struggling mightily. Neither happened. Manuel is what he is, & regardless of who (if anyone) the Phils pick up we're likely stuck w/ Raúl being out there most every day unless he's on the DL or no longer a Phillie.

[insert player's name] is unquestionably a better fielder than Francisco.

For a guy that should be a good fielder, Francisco is one of the worst fundamental fielders I've ever seen in the OF. He can't handle CF or RF period and he's brutal in LF. He makes terrible decisions, has a below average arm, and take poor routes. He's one of those guys where the sum of the whole is less than the raw parts. He's just a bonehead.

If the Phillies want another righty bat, it must be for the bench. Ibanez is unmovable, but still decent enough to play left field, however with Dominic Brown they will need someone to platoon for both players against lefties.

Francisco fits that bill to a T. He's going to get a lot of at bats in the coming year. His statline over 162 games (from Baseball Reference) is AVG/OPB/SLG/OPS .263/.329/.446/.775, which is about 30 points above average. Against lefties, his OPS is over .800. Pretty good. And probably equivalent to anything they could find as a free agent.

There are few right handed bats that have some upside, and certainly no one you'd actually want to start. There isn't another Jayson Werth available as a free agent for the next 2 years.

Unless Dom Brown turns into him. Which he has every possibility of doing.

So Old Phan, are you suggesting bad karma did in the Phillies when they sent Cliff Lee packing? Years from now they will be writing about Cliff Lee's curse and the Phillies inability to get back to the WS in (fill in the blank number)years! He put the Voodoo Hoodoo on us. No amount of Gris Gris will allow us to win. We were mistaken in blaming old age and was black magic!

What is Jason Worth? That is the question. Probably less than Boras will get him.Since Curt Flood introed FA salaries have increased 5 times the cost of living.It's time Gms got some balls and stopped the insaneness. Never happen.
Phils should take a flyer on Zack Greinke.

jason/phaithful: As a douche yourself I will have to trust your judgment.

Jack: You keep asking me for a name. I keep saying Cody Ross. Then you ask me for another name.

What's the sense of that? I'll be happy to make one up, but I'll defer to Amaro on what's available out there.

LF, I'm now expecting people to now be angry at C----L-- for saying such a terrible thing!

Lee also said part of him wanted the Phils to win so he could face them. He says you want to feel like you were needed in order for them to win. Natural reaction.

I think it was conventional wisdom a few months ago that Werth "proved" the emptiness of statistics, so yes, I think Rube's inanities will find a receptive audience.

Cliff Lee has every right to feel that way. I don't take it personally because he's probably well aware that it wasn't his teammates or the fans who ditched him for a bunch of nobodies, it was r00b. I really have very little interest in watching the World Series at this point -- the mere sight of the Giants makes me physically ill -- but I hope Cliff gets his WFC ring & a big, fat contract extension. he absolutely deserves it.

On Romero: I doubt anyone is surprised at this news. Too expensive for what he does. I appreciate the part he played in our great 6th-9th inning BP of '08! Wouldn't mind retaining him at a more reasonable price, but I also wouldn't mind someone else filling his role. Bastardo - ok, but we still need another LH relief pitcher.

On Werth v. Ibanez: I didn't hear that comment from Amaro, but I heard him say Werth had a good, not great, year. It sounds to me like posturing in an attempt to lower Werth's asking price or value as perceived by other teams. Thus, I don't think he's either out-and-out lying, nor an idiot. But spinning? Definitely. - I guess he could be trying to lower fans' estimation of Werth, too, to make us see him as more replaceable...?....

Francouer? Not a thrilling option to me. Is he better than Francisco? (Another not thrilling option.) That's the problem. Werth won't be easy to replace.

"but I hope Cliff gets his WFC ring & a big, fat contract extension. he absolutely deserves it."
.....with the Rangers, not the Yankees.

DH Phils: Ross is not only a better fielder than Francisco, but his OPS vs. LHP is higher as well. The ideal situation would be to have Francisco available on the bench or to fill in for Ibanez against tough lefties with Ross in RF.

If I thought Jack was right and Dom Brown will put up a solid year right out of the chute, then I'd say we don't need a guy like Ross. But I don't think that would happen and I suspect the Phillies brain trust doesn't either.

Zolecki thinks r00b wants to welcome Romero back to Philly at a big discount once JC figures out no one else wants him:

Phils Decline Romero's Option

I say unless Romero is paying the Phillies for the privilege, I'd rather not.

OLd Phan: Absolutely. I was referring to the upcoming World Series/Off-Season.

Cliff Lee's comments surprise me. Not because I'm completely surprised he thinks that way - a little; I mean, Happ and Myers didn't say they hoped the Phils would lose after they got traded. I would hope he appreciated his teammates and the fans' adulation enough to mitigate his sour feelings vis a vis the Phillies. But mostly, I'm a bit surprised that he came out with it. Why not keep it to yourself? Although the way the press needles & pesters them, it must be tough to keep mum, too.

I was done with Romero after his race-filled rant when he was busted for PED's. I don't celebrate people that have succeeded in life more than 99% of us only to use nonexistent bigotry as a crutch when they fail.

GBrettfan: WS press conference and they were asking him which team he was rooting for to face as WS opponent and if he held any ill regard to Phils for letting him go. As usual press sets it up and player knocks it down. He said he rooted for individual players to succeed because he became very closer to certain players in the clubhouse (he didn't name names), but there was a part of him that wanted them to lose. He also said there was a part of him that wanted them to win, so he could face them (and I assume, beat them, although he doesn't say that outright, it's inferred).

Thanks, doubleh. I know the press gets in your face and won't let a question go.

And I goofed about Myers - he wasn't traded.

How was your St. Louis trips?

so, clout thinks that Cody Ross is going to bring the Phillies another WFC?


I didn't end up going, which is good because Phils ended up getting embarassed that series. LOL.

We moved this summer into a new house and so everything else was canceled.

Francisco will not be back in 2011.

The team is now cutting its dead weight and getting rid of guys making too much money (for their limited productivity).

Romero- gone
Durbin- likely gone
Dobbs- gone
Francisco- likely gone

You can go with guys making the major league minimum, to do just as much as Francisco did in 2010. If not more.

"Phils should take a flyer on Zack Greinke."

Greinke would retire, before he ever plays in Philly, New York or Boston.

Greinke's next stop will be a place like Minnesota, St. Louis or Milwaukee.

Cody Ross can also play center field in a pinch. If Victorino went down, who would take over in center field? I shudder to see any combination of Brown or Francisco there.

I think whoever ROOB gets as the RH platoon bat needs to be able to play CF passably.

So clout thinks flippy is a horse's ass.


Doesn't Greinke have anxiety issues? The NE is not for him if that's the case.

Saw a story today that said the Nats were interested in trading for him. Even though their ballpark attendance doesn't indicate it, the fanbase there is just as critical as any in PA or NY.

"magelb-Cliff Lee was torn watching the NLCS"

Sure hope he's OK.

When I told my sister I may not watch the WS, she wrote me a 90000 word essay on why I should and root for the Giants (she is first and foremost a Philly fan, but she is also a Bay area phan.) Very eloquent, indeed. I still may skip it.

doubleh - Yeah, it's not as much fun to watch the Phillies play out of town when they lose. Congrats on the new house!

As much as it stings to watch another team play in the WS, I will watch. It's the World Series! I watch every year.

Although I'm still bummed out, so it may prove to be a lot less fun to watch this year.

Old Phan, 90,000 words? Was it in caligraphy or raised illuminated script?
I have had offers to watch it at a couple of NY fans homes and I have an old work associate who used to invest with Nolan Ryan who is having a big Texas cookout. Frankly, I don't plan to watch a minute. I cannot take another minute of Buck and McCarver if my team is not in it.

I won't be glued to the TV, but I'll have it on. I will have the volume muted. Seriously. I synced up the radio with the TV feed for the NLCS after suffering through the first three games. Those two are insufferable.

you keep saying Cody Ross and the real world keeps telling you he's under San Francisco control next year. Open those ears/eyes and shut down the mouth/fingers.

Clout: If Cody Ross isn't available...

My point is that there's a few guys who I think would be good to bring in to play RF, and a bunch of guys I think wouldn't.

Is your idea that ANY veteran that Rube brings in would be better than Dom?

I agree he probably will bring someone in. What I don't think is that means automatically it will be the right decision. I think there's a lot of guys out there who it isn't worth to bring in--you might as well save the money and let Dom play.

How about Gary Maddox takes Mayberry, Dom Brown and Francisco to a high school field and teaches them how to play defense out there. Each of them has some rough edges.

Then Davey Lopes needs to take them to another field and get them running the bases. Over and over and over. Learning how to slide properly foremost.

Then Uncle Charlie or GG needs to take them into the cage and get them bunting, hitting the other way, and generally making contact on all kinds of pitches. Shortening up that swing a little with two strikes, etc. Stuff like that.

Each of these guys is at the very least an athletically talented peace of clay. And each of them still has upside (obviously, in Brown's case.) The only question to be answered is this: Are they satisfied to be a player who could be on the Nats? Or do they want to do the little things that win championships?

There are already several articles where Cliff downplays the incident, basically shrugging it off.

In other news, Cliff Lee is sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Cliff Lee's wife glad he was traded because Philadelphia fans threw snowballs at Santa

Cody Ross 2011 = Pete Rose 1980

Francisco is cheap...he is in his first year of arb if i'm not mistaken....he won't make a million bucks....good for a 4th outfielder no way he goes newhere

phaithful/jason etc.: Amaro said he would fill holes thru free agency or trades. Ross would be a trade.

Jack: You bet. As with anything else, there are indeed guys who would be better than Brown and guys who would be worse.

Just as there are guys who would be better than J.C. Romero and guys who would be worse.

Sounds like we both hope Amaro brings in a guy who is better.

Anybody interested in Ibanez for Rowand? Money is a wash next year and SF would have to give some case for 2012. I think Rowand had 150 ab's leading off - that could help explain why he was so terrible. It would probably be an upgrade on defense, and at least give them another righty.

If there's not a lot of offensie talent that wil fit the team's budget and/or needs than Amaro's got to go after run prevention. That means some shutdown middle relievers and a defensive caddy for Raul. preferably someone he can platoon with as well.

Ibanez for Rowand? WHAT are you smoking?

Rowand's numbers have gone into a tailspin since the Giants signed him. He still has 2 years and about 24 million left on his contract (vs. 10 million for Ibanez). His OPS out there was .749 then .738 and this year it was .659. He's lost his starting job and he was actually worse against lefties than righties. And he's not, you know, YOUNG. He'll be 34!

Ibanez costs less and still produces far better, over 120 OPS points better. Even with Ibanez at 40, the odds of him producing better than Rowand are very, very high.

I'm not expecting anything this offseason. This team is going to roll with the guys they already have under contract, cut bait with anyone expensive and old if they can, and see which young minor leaguers can step up. They'll make their only big moves much closer to the trade deadline.

Is everybody just going to throw sh!t at the wall until free agency begins? Just wondering..

I'd be shocked if the Phillies made any significant upgrades mainly because I don't know what else they have left to trade. Afterall, sooner or later they'll have to turn the page.

I've been spoiled the last decade by competative teams. I don't want to see the frachise go back to the dark ages of the 90's b/c they pissed away the farm trying to keep a decaying ship afloat.

I'm trying to stay away from BL a lot during the offseason, because, well I spent way too much damn time on here during the regular season, but I thought readers would enjoy this.

SI did a position by position comparison of the Giants and the Rangers.

As should be expected, the Rangers hold the edge in pretty much every category, but SI called the right field battle between Cody Ross and Nelson Cruz a draw. If you know anything, about either player, you'll know how exactly batsh!t crazy that is, but if you don't know, a few numbers to consider:

Nelson Cruz

2010 OPS/OPS+: .950/150
2008-2010 averages: .915/136
2008-2010 UZR/150: 11.7

Cody Ross

2010 OPS/OPS+: .735/93
2008-2010 averages: .775/101
2008-2010 UZR/150: 9.27

Boy, what hitting a couple meatball homeruns in the playoffs will do to your perception. The comparison isn't even close. Nelson Cruz is a far better player.

"Is everybody just going to throw sh!t at the wall until free agency begins? Just wondering.."

That about sums it up.

Fata, what matters now is who is hot in the playoffs. What anyone did during the season doesn't matter anymore.

Old Phan, first of all I don't agree, but SI used reasoning based on the player's career track recrods, and listed their 2010 stats on the page.

Besides that, 2010 playoff numbers:

Nelson Cruz:

11 G, .375/.419/.875, 5 HR, 8 RBI

Cody Ross:

10 G, .324/.395/.794, 4 HR, 8 RBI

Cruz still wins by a nice margin. Cruz is the better defender with the better arm, and a far more potent offensive performer.

SI is very wrong.

During the season (and in general) of course Cruz is a much better player, no contest. But Ross is en fuego right now (who knows why?).

Old Phan, I agree that Ross is hitting like crazy right now, but Cruz is even hotter. That's my point.

Good Morning-

Nice to see you, doubleh!

I don't think I could ever warm up to Cody Ross. He reminds me of a rodeo clown.

Rooting for Ross would be like rooting for Pete Rose or Lenny Dykstra, minus some talent and some steroids.

Cody Ross, will fall back to earth.
PEDs do that to ya.
Dont want him in our uniform. Would rather see Phillies pitchers drill him in the ribs every time he comes to bat.

"It is like the legal terms court-martial and attorney general, in plural they are courts-martial and attorneys general."

Right, but if you use the acronym for attorney general, would you say "The 50 AG of the various states agree that the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds ..."

It seems "righter" to me to use the plural form of an acronym.

PEDs made Ross get hot for 2 weeks? How do you explain the rest of the season?

Its called "sample size".

aksmith: I've had similar thoughts and always wondered why this was not done more. I've also posted here a couple of times, part in jest, about Oswalt holding a pitchers' bunting clinic just before spring training.

I believe most MLB players today work pretty hard to stay in shape year round. But there is more to it than staying in shape, there are skill sets that need upgrading and practice.

I read an article about Albert Pujols and how he trains daily in the batting cage, hard, all year. Utley is another example with his fielding improvement (no catcalls, please, it was a tough series). Professional golfers work hours daily on the range and putting green in addition to playing rounds. Basketball players will take hundreds of jumpers a day, for hours, or drill on other skills with other players. Baseball doesn't lend itself easily to solitary pracice, major leaguers have time and resources most people do not have.

You can't convince me that Francisco and some of these other players couldn't improve their games significantly with a concentrated practice regime on the specific skills they are lacking in. Game situations are neccessary, but are intermittent. You also need hours and hours of running routes to balls, fielding caroms off the wall, etc. I sense that when players get to the majors there is less of this type of constant drilling, under the assumption that they already know the basics or they wouldn't be there.

If it's good enough for Albert, maybe it might work for Ben. He's never going to be a golden glover out there, but I believe just about anyone with the talent and drive to reach the ML can become a competent fielder and hitter, maybe not a star, but one who will help any team he's on and always be a highly sought after resource.

'Either he's (amaro) outright lying, or he's an idiot. Frankly, he's the biggest reason I'm pessimistic about the longterm future of the team. I just don't think he's good enough to do what needs to be done with this team."

The only thing that keeps me optimistic about the offseason is that Gillick still has his hands in what goes on and is deeply involved in any decisions Junior makes whether he or the organization admits that or not. Left on his own we wouldnt have much reason for hope.

Jack and Clout: Why don't you guys both make lists of all the possible right field free agents? Break it down into three categories:

- Those who would be an upgrade on Brown to start.

- Those who would be a relative push.

- Those who would be worse.

Send the lists to me via personal e-mail, and then I'll share the lists with a council of Elders here (I'm think guys like MG, GTownDave, and dennyb) and then we can settle this dispute.

On the Amaro comment about Ibanez and Werth:

What do you think Amaro is going to say? Letting Werth go is not going to be a popular decision even if he signs a contract for 100 million dollars somewhere (I'm not saying he'll get that much). Amaro is trying to sell fans on the idea that with RISP- Ibanez was the better player this season and he is selling that overall they had similar RBI totals.

Now there is a group that will call bullshit on this and assume that Werth's numbers will adjust next season. However, there are 43,000 fans that got to CBP every night and there are not that many posters on here, or the other sites. Amaro isn't selling this move to people like us- he's selling it to the masses.

TTI: I understand what he's trying to do.

Besides the obvious wrongness of his statement, I just think it's poor business to trash one of your best players as he leaves. It wouldn't be that hard to just say "Werth is a very good player, and we know that, and other teams know that, and we're gonna try our best to bring him back, we'd love to have him here, but we also know he's going to be a high priority for a lot of teams, so we'll just see what happens. Whatever happens, Jayson has done a lot for the Phillies and we appreciate that."

Ross reminds me a lot of Carlos Beltran, remember a few years ago when he was the hot stuff in the playoffs for Houston? The Mets signed him to a huge contract based on that performance. How has that worked out for them?

rob: Um, that's a joke, right? Beltran from 04-08 was one of the best players in baseball. Cody Ross is a 4th OF who has never played a full season as a starter.

There's no comparison. At all.

More time is being wasted on Ross than is necessary. he's a mediocre player having a great postseason, has happened countless times (See jeff leonard, gary matthews, etc). He would be a monumental bust if he signed here. And thank piss-poor pitch selection by the Phils for even making him semi-relevant.

How about a trade for Michael Cuddyer?

The Twins probably wouldn't mind getting rid of him, he's RH, and while his salary is high ($11 million next year), they'd likely eat some of it to move him and then simply tender Jason Kubel instead.

On Beltran: Well, as a Met, he made the All-Star team 4 times, won 3 gold gloves and posted a 126 OPS+ as a CF.

So yeah, totally the same as Cody Ross.

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