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Friday, October 15, 2010


This is the right move. Yes, it's a risk. But it's a miniscule risk. The only time Dobbs would be needed is if two infielders both got banged up and had to come out of the same game. The chances of this happening in baseball is extraordinarily slim, and you don't waste a roster spot insuring against a tiny risk.

If any infielder gets seriously hurt, anyway, you can just call Dobbs up between games. The only issue is if two guys get hurt seriously enough to not be able to play, but not seriously enough to be de-activated. This minimizes the risk even more.

It's the right move.

I'm impressed with this call. It signals that the Phillies are playing offense, not defense. They're going for the kill, not preparing for unlikely bad scenarios.

In any case, if Rollins gets hurt again he'd be out for the season anyway.

right move, surprising move.

This is a double dose of good news. Not only are we putting the best possible roster together, but this decision is a vote of confidence in Polly and Jimmy's health. This is awesome!

Well if polly and rollins get hurt we could always just get burrell to change benches for a game to play third. I heard he played it in college.

krukker...great point about the vote in confidence in regards to Polly and Jimmy's health.

I understand the risk is miniscule, but I'm still really surprised they're taking it. It shows that they think these will be close games where a hitter off the bench will be crucial, and no way in hell do you want to run Dobbs out there with the game on the line.

Brown may be able to slice through the wind better going first to third.

I keep seeing J Moyer when they are celebrating, are they saving him for the WFC? Or did they put him out for the year.

Not what I advocated, but I'm okay with it. Kendrick is more valuable as an emergency long man than Dobbs is as an emergency third-string third baseman.

Mostly I just like it because Dobbs totally sucks.

The right move, for sure, but color me somewhat shocked...

I hear that Chooch might be a viable option at 3B anyway.

Raul's Granpa - I missed it, but Jamie Moyer was on the Ripken show on MLB on XM today. I don't think he returns for the WS, but he's been throwing. I guess they let him suit up and sit in the dugout even without being on the roster. Which is great for him. Maybe not bad for the other pitchers, either, if he's still dispensing advice.

I'm surprised by the Dobbs move, too. Too bad for him; he seems a great teammate. But it's true, he's just got nothin' in that bat anymore. Happy for Sweeney to get the chance to stay - and he did have that single off Chapman.

Re: Mitch on Fox. I don't think we'll be able to say the broadcasters have an anti-Philly bias now! I like Mitch, glad to have him on board. SF fans must be displeased about it.

Do you think the networks deliberately place broadcasters with the series of teams with which they are more familiar, trusting in their ability to be objective over their ability to quickly gain a good sense of the opposite leagues' teams? I do.

Christmas in October baby - DOM and Sweenbomb rocking out on the NLCS roster baby!

or, for Charle/Ric Flair:

DOM and sweenbomb on the NLCS Roster - Wooooo!

From Jim Salisbury:

...(L)et’s remind ourselves how much fun the baseball season has become again in Philadelphia.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Phils played in front of scores of empty seats at Veterans Stadium. Now they play in one of best and most lively stadiums in the game. They finished the season with 133 consecutive sellouts, dating to last season. Since 2007, there has been October baseball at the stadium and every seat has been an electric chair. Think about it, there was Brett Myers’ at-bat, Shane Victorino’s grand slam, and Lidge’s drop to his knees in 2008; Rollins’ game-winning double against the Dodgers in 2009; and, of course, Halladay’s no-hitter nine days ago. They all made you jump out of your seat, be it at the ballpark or in your living room. Baseball fans around here have been lucky to have so much. If you don’t believe it, look across the state, where the Pirates just finished their 18th straight losing season.

The guy is a warrior, but the article in the Daily News today does not make you optimistic about the 3-year deal with Polanco.

The guy has had 5 different cortisone shots this year, and while those help you in the short-term, they are not good indicators of long-term health. They take their toll on you.

When Domonic Brown first came up, I suggested that the Phillies might make this exact move, and leave Dobbs at home to keep Brown's legs and bat available.

I was ridiculed and asked (something along the lines of) if I had ever watched baseball before.

Feels good to be right.

Obviously the right move. Who else do you want up when you need a 5 run home run, or need to steal home from first?

THis week layoff has had to be pretty benefical for Polanco and Rollins - which is probably a big factor in diminishing the need for an extra infielder.

Interesting comparison to the Pirates, GBrettfan. Although it was before my time, I've heard about how the Pirates and Phillies had a great rivalry in the 70s. It's a shame that a state rivalry has been downplayed so much because of the Central Division, but even more because the Pirates have just been so awful. Their run of losing seasons is historically long. It would be nice for them to finally turn the corner and be competitive again, but as the divisions are now, it probably still wouldn't rekindle the rivalry. They have taken quite the opposite course that the Phillies have taken...

The Phillies have gone from a terrible team (90s-early 00s) to a decent team but not quite there (mid 00s) to happy to be in the playoffs (07) to WFC (08) to possibly historically great. As you said, we've had so many amazing moments along the way. The transition from 06-10 is just absolutely unheard of and we're the luckiest sports fans in the world. As Philly people, we are also the most deserving, after enduring so many years of piss-poor teams. :)

Maybe in a pinch, Roy Oswalt can add third base to his resume as well as left field!

This is a great quote from UC when asked about PtB... "I'm not going to let my heart overrule something we're going for. I like Pat Burrell. I like him like he's a good friend of mine. He's like my son in a lot of ways. I spent a lot of time with him. When we walk out there to play baseball, we're going to get him out. That's what we're out there for. I mean, do I want him to get any hits? Not at all. I mean, that's kind of like how I look at it. We've got to beat him.

Mike Sweeney played 3B in the minors.

Well, at level A+.

Well, for one game.

Well, for one inning.

Maybe it is Oswalt on the depth chart.

I like the move too, because I like Brown, but I'm not sure I'd categorize the risk as "miniscule," like Jack did. The entire starting infield has missed significant time with injuries this season, and the guy who missed the least time, Polanco, is the most banged up right now. Plus, Jimmy's legs did not look at all right in the last series. I could easily see Jimmy and Polanco getting hurt. But hopefully this move signifies that those guys (or at least one of them) have really benefitted from the recent rest.

Dom Brown's pretty tall, can't he play third?

Like clout, I worry about having just one backup IF, but it's hard to argue too hard against this decision. Dobbs has become a liability at the plate. He just simply can not be counted upon in a pinch hit situation... and not having him on the bench eliminates that option.

I'm not sure we'll see Brown get much action... so it likely won't matter much either way, but we're going to war with our best bench.

pete happy, how dare you? Dom Brown can play 3rd, left handed, then come in an pitch a perfect 9th. Show some respect.

Krukker -Glad you liked the comparison and all - Just to clarify, those were all Salisbury's words, not my own.

Dukes, that's a good quote from Charlie. I'm sure PtB is equally determined to hit a HR off us, or at worst draw a walk. Personally, I'm hoping we take advantage of the big OF in SF & his slowness by whacking some hits to LF that are out of his range.

What has Brown actually done since the first few weeks he was called up? Dynamic? No, not really.

Not saying, he's not a better option then Dobbs. But its not like he has shown much of anything, on offense, defense or on the bases in a long time. He has the POTENTIAL though, to lean into one or leg out a hit.

Kendrick was an easy choice for the 11th pitcher.

Guess they're not too worried about losing BOTH Polly and Rollins.

Smart move.

Headline for Zolecki's blog:

Rollins Feels Fast Again

From the lips of Pat Burrell, advice to his teammates whose families plan to come to the games in Philly:

"Go tell your family to buy an [Chase] Utley jersey. Don't wear ours," Burrell said.

(Also, Buster Posey plans to pick Pat's brain about our lineup.)

Read more:

I hope Burrell doesn't give his team inside tips on how to hit Halladay and Oswalt, you know, him being an ex-Phil and all.

I hope Burrell doesn't give Philadelphia bar patrons tips on how to *cough* *cough*, you know, him being a San Franciscan and all.

Good point, Andy! I'm kinda rootin' for Pat to strike out more often than not, although the part of me that has a healthy respect for ex-Phillies' abilities (or an unreasonable fear/superstition, take your pick) thinks we should pitch around him more often than not.

Young Lady.... Your mother rode Space Mountain 20 years ago girl... And you might get to ride tonight....WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think people are missing the key implication of this Dobbs move - now the Exxon is the only backup infielder, he'll be treated like the backup catcher. In other words, pinch hit only in case of emergency. With 8 regulars, 11 pitchers, 1 in case of emergency catcher, and 1 in case of emergency infielder, our bench is effectively 4 guys deep. Francisco, Sweeney, Gload, and Brown. That is certainly our best bench, but I hope we don't have a game where the starter is pulled early and we need a string of pinch hitters.

PtB has some severe reverse splits this year. What gives? Small sample size?

I do not watch enough games but isn't Dobbs a major liability at 3B anyway? He's better than say Utley, Ruiz, or Sweeney but not someone who would be playing the field anyway. Dobbs would get his pinch hitting appearance around the 6th or 7th and then be unavailable anyway.

Kendrick was the obvious and correct choice if a long extra inning game occurs.

Though Brown has speed I am somewhat wary of his baserunning ability since he is not used to the parks or fielders in the majors. If nothing else, maybe he will be enough of a threat to bother pitchers.

So, I just read in the last thread that Francesa think Hughes is better than Hamels. Let's consider this statement.

Phil Hughes has had one season of 20+ starts, in which he posted an ERA of 4.19 and an ERA+ of 102.

Cole Hamels, on the other hand, has had the following seasons:

06: 23 GS, 4.08 ERA, 115 ERA+
07: 28 GS, 3.39 ERA, 135 ERA+
08: 33 GS, 3.09 ERA, 142 ERA+
09: 32 GS, 4.32 ERA, 97 ERA+
10: 33 GS, 3.06 ERA, 132 ERA+

Hughes posted an ERA of 3.03 last year, primarily as a reliver, and ERAs of 6.62 and 4.46 as a spot starters in the two years prior.

Then there's the matter of Hamels owning the NLCS and WS MVPs from two seasons ago.

Alright, but these are career achievements. Maybe he meant that Hughes finished the season on a higher note than Hamels. Let's see.


August: 6 GS, 4.22 ERA
September/October: 4 GS, 4.67 ERA


August: 6 GS, 2.79 ERA
September/October: 4 GS, 1.82 ERA

Alright, alright, maybe he meant, that now, at this moment, Hughes is pitching better than Hamels, given each pitcher's last start. Hrm...

Hughes line against the Twins AT HOME in game 3 of the ALDS:

7 IP, 0 R, 4 H, 6 SO, 1 BB

Hamels line against the Reds ON THE ROAD in game 3 of the NLDS:

9 IP, 0 R, 5 H, 9 SO, 0 BB

Now, I usually don't mind homerism, but there are things that are wrong, and there are things that are NOT EVEN WRONG.

This guy is a grade A moron.

I don't much care for the TX flag waved behind the plate.

sifl, in response to your post from earlier:

Tim Lincecum, in 9 of his 33 starts, gave up 4 ER or more.

Matt Cain, in 6 of his 33 starts, gave up 4 ER or more.

Jonathan Sanchez, in 7 of his 34 starts, gave up 4 ER or more.

Assuming the probabilites carry over, and the starts are independent of one another, there is a 57% chance that one of those gusy gives up 4 ER or more in one of their starts.

Francesa is a pompous ass but he usually seems to know what he's talking about. What I think Francesa meant to say was "Hughes may end up being a better pitcher than Hamels", which would be a defensible statement.

Oh, and CC just got b!tch slapped by Josh Hamilton!!

Also, Ernie Johnson is the WORST baseball announcer of all time.

Die captain cheeseburger die!

Ok the music and fireworks are a bit over the top for the 1st inning, no?

Man, CC almost gave up another one. I'd love for the Rangers to completely own the Yankees tonight.

I wonder if CC makes it through 3 innings tonight?

Does this team remind us of Phils circa '08?

Sabathia has an 81.00 ERA so far in the ALCS.

Has CC gotten bigger?


more like the rays circa '08

Nolan Ryan threw out the first pitch. Hit 90 on the radar gun.

Only 90? Must have been holding back.

GBrett, I don't think so. The 08 team, really no one saw them coming. We had Cole Hamels, who really hadn't made a name for himself. They have Lee, and well, you know...

I don't think anyone would be shocked if the Rangers won it all this year. I think more than a few didn't see the Phils winning it in 08.

Just my opinion.

If he had warmed up, he probably would have been up around 93 or so.

In other news, Jeff Francouer still sucks.

Back in '08 (this is not true today), we were thought to have three-MVP caliber position players. Many people didn't pick us but no one was shocked by our success.

CC might be toying with a 40 pitch first inning soon.

Yeah, Frenchy comes up small. Again.

Is this the first time a 1B has ever batted 9th in a Championship series?

Career ERA for Sabathia:

Regular Season: 3.57
Post Season: 4.41

Not exactly a "big game" pitcher.

Texas just got hosed.

Tray, we had 3 MVP caliber players, and people thought we were a good team, but before no one feared a rotation of Hamels/Myers/Moyer/Blanton amd rightfully so.

We were picked to lose both the NLCS and WS, and by a large majority of the "experts".

cc tagged him in the chest/shoulder after the foot already hit the plate...he was safe

He looked safe to me. I like the proclamation in the booth that the runner "has to know how the ball's going to bounce off the wall".

I guess he should have pulled out his protractor before running to home plate.

Big surprise that the Umps favored the Yankees...shocking.

Good call. I stand corrected.

Its almost like the umps want to have expanded instant replay.

NEPP, ??

He got the call right.

Did they? I didnt watch the replay...looked safe initially.

Go Blue then I guess.

wow, good call, nevermind. they actually got that right but man that was close

I was thinking more of the TX offense, I suppose, watching them hit and aggressively run. Yes, our pitching came through for us in '08, but it was not expected that it would--except our BP. TX has lesser-known pitchers apart from Lee, but they seem to be well-regarded.

Awesome catch!

Yeah, it actually wasn't all that close. Cruz's front foot actually went over the plate. Great catch by Andrus.

Elvis! Thankyou very much

I honestly think the Rangers are the better team. I'd rather face NY in the WS.

I remember Mike Francesca lecturing me on my drive to the Vet in 1993 how the Phils had no chance in Game 6 of the NLCS against the mighty Greg Maddux.

My second most favorite thing in sports is to watch the Yankees lose. Obviously, the favorite thing for me to watch is the Phillies win.

Hmmm. Not exactly a good recipe for happiness as a sports fan.

Like I said, we were not the favorite but our win was not shocking, not when we were perceived to have one of the two or three best offenses in baseball and a pretty solid ace. I thought the distinction you were drawing was one of shock value.

Is Cantu the Rangers everyday 1B or is this a matchup thing against the LHP?

And I agree with NEPP that New York's the easier matchup.

NEPP - Me too.

Rivera makes the Yankees scarier.

Matchup thing, I think. Cantu didn't start every game of the NLDS.

I'd rather face the Rangers in the WS (if we get there). I want to see Halladay/Lee. Call me crazy.

Also, Lincecum has had a long layoff, just like Halladay, but Halladay showed that he can be sharp after such a long layoff (8 days before NLDS game 1). Lincecum will have not piched for 8 days himself coming into the NLCS.

We'll see how he fares early on. If the Phillies can get a couple runs early, that would obviously be huge.

I'd rather face NY for the satisfaction of beating them, which would be greater than the satisfaction of beating TX. Losing to either would be disappointing. And I think the team is highly motivated to beat the Yankees and has the pitching to be better positioned to do it this year.

First we have to beat the Giants.

Would Lee/Wilson be tougher on the Phils than CC/Pettite?

Lee/Wilson actually may be tougher.

So the great Jeter just swung at the first pitch after a 5 pitch walk. I guess the Phillies aren't the only team who take bad at bats.

Sabathia's 4th walk in 2+ innings.

Lee's certainly tougher than CC. I think you have to give the nod to Petitte's experience, as fine as Wilson's been this postseason.

Josh Hamilton from 6/1-8/31:

80 G, 77 GS, .410/.461/.723, 22 HR, 70 RBI


60 pitches for Sabathia now.

Has Sabathia thrown a strike at all this inning?

Just as good as a bunt.

Man, CC looks like KK out there.

Yankees are boring. I'd rather beat George Bush & Nolan Ryan. And I want to see Roy Halladay outduel Cliff Lee.

They're starting to hit Wilson. This does not bode well for the Rangers.

I'm in a bind. If the Phillies weren't in it I'd certainly want Texas to win. But 1) I want to beat the Yankees and 2) I don't want to have to hear about Cliff Lee during the World Series (if we get there). Even worse would be if the Rangers make the World Series and the Phillies don't, then JW will have to make a "keep your Cliff Lee posts under 1,000 rule" or something.

Bottom line, Texas loses and we no longer have to hear about Cliff Lee AND we get to have another crack at the Yankees (if we get there).

So, this is way off any topic, but I find it interesting. Trolling around on

The MVP award was introduced to the AL in 1922, but the award had a restriction wherein a prior winner could not win again. This award was stopped after the 1928 season, and then in 1931, the modern MVP award was instated. Babe Ruth won the MVP in 1923 with the following season:

.393/.545/.764, 1.309 OPS, 238 OPS+
131 R, 41 HR, 131 RBI, 170 BB

Incredible, and Ruth never won an MVP again. Here are just two seasons in which he didn't win the MVP, and these are by no means the only 2 great seasons he had after 1923.

.372/.546/.737, 1.253 OPS, 225 OPS+
139 R, 47 HR, 146 RBI, 144 BB

.356/.486/.772, 1.258 OPS, 225 OPS+
158 R, 60 HR, 164 RBI, 137 BB

1931 (after the modern award had been instated; Ruth was voted 5th in the MVP award this year):
.373/.495/.700, 1.195 OPS, 218 OPS+
149 R, 46 HR, 163 RBI, 128 BB

Next time I hear ANYONE complain about not winning the MVP (Pujols, Chris Johnson, I'm looking at you), I'll just point them Ruth baseball-reference page.

Anyways, found that interesting.

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