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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Remeber Phans that we have 3 aces for a reason. Just this reason.

Ibanez makes the catch, and Phils win 3-2

EFF -- Maybe we should stop demanding miraculous outcomes from Halladay every time he steps out there. Halladay got hit hard. Lots of miles on that arm. What's worse, Lincecum was begging to be smacked around tonight. We did not make him work. Bleep, he's the guy with the alleged “blister”. Somehow, Halladay pitched like the guy with the mystery injury.

Werth showed the way -- wait on Lincecum’s fastball. Not tonight. I’ve been wondering about Oswalt’s back. We find out tomorrow.

Unless you thought the Phils would win in 4, this is no big deal.

San Francisco is leading, so what. Did they like to lead? No. Phillies in 5.

The fact that Ryno gets stranded on 2'nd base, with no attempt to advance him whatsoever, along with no SB attempts after saying they were going to run...this team didn't play small ball as promised by UC.

The sky is not falling, even if some are Beerleaguer thinks it is.

Game 2 tomorrow. Oswalt will be money. Bank it.

I am mostly a voyeur here but a longtime fan of beerleaguer and the phillies. I hate Cody Ross. He seems to always haunt the phillies. And this feels a little like bad karma with pat the bat basically winning this for the giants. Makes me nervous. Hopefully just a bad game 1. I live in SF now. Local sports radio yahoos are going to be a big pain now for a few days.

Of Note:

- The Phillies Struck Out 13 times in Game 1. Only 1 of those Strike Outs was Called (Ibañez, 9th), & only 1 of the remaining 12 Strike Outs came w/ a Pitcher batting (Halladay, 5th).

- Jimmy Rollins is now batting .215 (32 for 149) in his Postseason career (36 G, 166 PA, 149 AB), w/ an .285 OBP. He should be batting 10th. In simulated games only.

- The Phillies are 14-24 (.368) all-time at AT&T Park, & 5-9 (.357) from '07-'10. Winning Game 2 is an absolute imperative.

- The last time the Phillies lost Game 1 of a Postseason series, they were swept ('07 NLDS).

Life = over.

I'm going to bed, but can someone start on the list of how Phillie killers fare in the postseason?

Like Bochy has done with Panda, so should Cholly do with J-Roll. I just don't see it happening.

Umpire's inconsistency on low strikes was very frustrating, no question.

But in all fairness, we always tout the Phils because they usually "find a way to win" and work through adverse circumstances. Tonight, the Giants made it happen and the Phils were unable to.

It's a shame because I thought Halladay was pretty sharp for most of the game, but he made a few mistakes and they made him pay in a big way pretty much every time. Lincecum and Wilson did their jobs, but I didn't think either of them was exactly indomitable tonight; the opportunity was there, they could have been had.

Oh well. If anyone can put this aside and take care of business it is this Phils team. Timed to wake from that slumber, bats, tomorrow's a must win.

Neither starter brought their A game tonight. Giants capitalized on the mistakes just enough to win.

I'm sorry but I miss Cliff Lee.

Bochy set this up well. I was afraid of this. Game 1 was a toss up. I assumed we'd win, but realized it could go either way and it did. G-men have a very good chance of going up 2-0 w/ Sanchez on mound tomorrow. Realistically, Sanchez will be tougher than timmy.

G-men hitting better than Reds was unforseeable. Bad game by Doc. Their bats are avg. When avg bats hit above avg pitching and "above" avg bats don't respond you lose.

Oh well the magic only lasts so long. I think it ended tonight. Our age is definitely showing.

Howard w/ 2 strikes or against a good loogy is an automatic out. 25 million to bash avg pitching in the regular season? I think I see the argument now.

I wish we could have had this ump for tomorrow. Sanchez would walk 15.

Yea, the Phils would have won tonight if Ryno hadn't signed that contract. Damn you, Rube!

MG: I will follow up on your post re: Werth - you are right on Werth was great. Othwer bright spots - Hamels has never pitched as good as he did in game 3 NLDS. Mad dog was lights out, Ruiz continues to show up, Lidge struggled but was a scoreless. Wilson looks super hittable.

Quite frankly, I would love to see Sweeny start at first tomorrow to shake Howard and his $25 mill, letterman top ten lists and Entourage appearances back into reality. Look we know he is an instant out with sanchez even if Sanchez wants to walk him, he'll do tjhose lame swing and misses. As for Rollins, I'm all for leading him off cause it will wake up Victorino.

Forget about the bad call in the Burrell at bat, the bigger issues is why they didnt throw the low outside pitch to him after that call, he would have swung as he has his entire career and as he did his first at bat. Instead they called a pitch inside and he crushed it.That has nothing to do with the umpire and all about the pitch selection.

so, if the Phils hadn't picked up Jrolls option, you guys think we could have started valdez next year and resigned werth? seems reasonable.

I'm with JC a lower outside pitch to PTB would have had swatting at the fly. Rollins will have a good game tomorrow and then he will be going home to the Bay.

Carlos has definitely called better games than tonight. This was the old Phils beat themselves game - Lincecum was not sharp and the O was putrid.
Maybe this will be good...a dose of reality and backs against the wall.

If Linsecum had been dominating the entire night a la his game in the NLDS this loss would be easier to take but he was beatable and we had more than our share of chances to get to him. The chances he will be that vulnerable his next start are slim.

I couldn't believe Chooch was not setting up outside on that next pitch. Pat swinging and missing would have been a stone cold mortal lock. Turning point of the game.

Random thoughts on tonite's game:
Phile hitters came out aggressively but couldn't get any well hit balls to fall in early on. Rollins and Victorino do not look good hitting left handed at all. Tomorrow they at least hit from the right side.
Chooch always seems to show up. Halladay looked only okay against the weak hitting Giants lineup - one HR to Cody Ross is just an acceptable bad pitch - two homeruns on what seemed to be the same pitch is disappointing in a big game. Oswald can and NEEDS to step up tomorrow.

I heard L.A. say the Phils offense is not just suddenly going to start clicking on all cylinders after 162 games of inconsistency and many games of scoring 0-2 runs. That we need to start scratching and clawing out runs rather than wait for the home run.

So at least we aren't the only ones disappointed and ranting at the offense.

I'm inclined to agree. We did get hits tonight but failed to capitalize on opportunities. And it hurts when the top of the order doesn't get on, although Polly had 1 hit, I think. And I just don't think we're going to see the 1-8 threat we had in years past, as L.A. said ("This isn't the offense of the past few years.").

(I would love for them to come out and mock my words with extra base hits galore, now.)

I do think Roy O. will be good tomorrow.

Well, we know from reading it that Chooch takes losses personally, so hopefully he'll have a better game plan against Ross and Burrell the rest of the series.

Werth was good tonight. But he can't carry the team alone.

I love Jimmy, but I think he should be hitting 8th.

My bet is that Vic looks better from the right-hand side of the plate tomorrow night. Unlikely it does much for JRoll though and Sanchez is going to make Ibanez likely look completely overmatched. See lots more Ks tomorrow night. Oswalt better be nearly flawless because I don't he has much margin for error.

Roy O with a big game tomorrow. Sure Rollins was weak but he will be going home Tuesday to the Bay. No quit in Jimmy or this team.

And who is this Cody Ross? Never heard of the guy.

I wish someone would throw at someone's face

I expected the Giants to win this game, because if they didn't the series would pretty much start and end tonight. The Phillies will break Wilson at least one game this series, and I think this may wake some guys up who really have been skating by on other people's reputations (j.roll).

Rollins looks like a rapidly declining player. Even before the injury issues this year, he wasn't doing a whole lot.

He's a black hole in the lineup now. They can't find a spot to hide him.

He's a guy, you are going to have to keep. But his days of being any sort of dynamic offensive player are probably over.

This team needs to add some punch (and some youth) to their offense soon. The "swing for the fences" stuff in the "Year of the Pitcher", is not going to play.

Worst play of the night, was getting the leadoff 2B from Howard (the one time he actually made contact), and then Werth never even trying to move him to 3rd base. Against a pitcher like Lincecum, that is stupid. You aren't facing Ross Ditwiler tonight.

Of course, with Rollins and Ibanez sucking the wind out of the lineup behind Werth, maybe he should have just swung hard and hoped.

No bunting (even with a 2B playing 3B), no hit-and-runs and no steal attempts. Just sit back on your ass and hope for a long ball (and hope Doc throws another shutout). We continue to play that way, and we'll be home by Thursday getting ready for the offseason.

I also agree with Andersen. The Phillies did not get after it tonight. I saw too many hitters determined to yank the ball over the fence; after Howard hit the double to left-center leading off the second, the Phillies to a man conceded the outside part of the plate to the pitchers; by the time Wilson got in there, he exploited this expertly. This was a poor, poor offensive showing, and moreover a poor offensive *approach*. They needed to have Lincecum get the ball up, and they didn't focus on this objective in enough at-bats, flailing at ankle-high changeups again and again when behind in the count, not picking up Lincecum's rather obvious patterns.

The Phillies looked like they weren't prepared for this game, somehow, while the Giants went ahead and played their game to a tee. Anyone who didn't think this would be a tough series surely knows better now.

I keep thinking of Shane defensively saying "I guess I won't even bother to show up, then" in tired response to all the questions about the teams' lack of offense during the NLDS and the strength of the Giants' rotation. I'd hoped they were using their irritation to get up some good offense. Instead, Shane really didn't show up.

And I remember Zolecki's blog headline "Rollins Feels Fast." Fat lot of good it does to be speedy if you never get on base.

Excuse my tired & frustrated rant. I know this can all change tomorrow, that there were some well-hit balls - just not in a row. We get frustrated every season with the runners left at inning's end standing on the same base they originally got to with no outs, yet they've managed to be a very successful team. We've seen an inconsistent offense all year yet managed to achieve the best record in baseball. The '04 Red Sox were down 0 games to 3 and came back to win, surely we can come back from an 0-1 start!

But I'm just deflated tonight, to lose behind our ace when we had chances to beat theirs. At least I can't say we lost it for Halladay. We did not pick him up, but he didn't have the best day on the mound, either.

Problem #1: Rollins is pretty much an automatic out these days, and has been for most of the season that he was "healthy". No way he belongs hitting any higher than 7th. I'd almost rather have a healthy Valdez than what Jimmy is producing.

Problem #2: Victorino has to start getting on base. Lead-off hitting is not his strong suit, but it's his job now. Just like Rollins before him, he has to try and make the best of it.

Problem #3: Utley & Howard will be pretty much neutralized past the 7th inning. They turn into automatic outs when the LOOGYs come in. They need to move forward in the box and open their stance against those sidearm lefty's.

"Ibanez makes the catch, and Phils win 3-2" writes Erich. Correcto mundo!

Is there a good reason why Rollins is starting over Valdez that isn't two seasons out of date?

Everyone wants to rag on the offense, but how many balls did they smoke tonight, that just landed in Giant gloves? I can think of about 5-6 off the top of my head. Victorino's first swing of the game was a ROCKET to the gap, and somehow Cody Ross caught up to it. Utley, in the first inning, hits a wall scraper that just doesn't have enough to get over the wall.

Lincecum was so hittable early on, and, you know what, we hit him, and we hit him hard. But nothing came from it. Baseball is a cruel mistress.

On the other hand, Halladay made two big mistakes to Ross, and deserved to have those balls hit out of the park. But, when he had to make a pitch, with Burrell at the plate, and runners on, Doc did. He painted a pitch on the inside edge, a beautiful pitch, that the umpire, a man whose livelihood is predicated upon being able to recognize that pitch, and call it strike, just completely f#cked it.

After I saw that missed call, I knew that it would be the turning point in the game. Lo and behold, it was THE turning point of the game. If that pitch is called correctly, the game is still 1-2, and the Phillies would have found a way to get back in that. Also, Ibanez should have made that catch.

Just a frustrating game, because Halladay deserved better. I think he pitched fine tonight, and should have had better results.

And, I don't think the umpire was bad tonight just for Doc. He missed a bunch of pitches for Lincecum and for Wilson. Just a terrible job, and this guy is supposed to be among the best, that's why he's doing the LCS. He was absolutely terrible tonight.

The Phillies will come back in this series. They will win tomorrow. The offense will find a way to get to Sanchez. They will wait him out, let him walk 6 batters, and knock him out before the 4th. The Phillies weren't going to sweep this team, so a loss is a loss, no matter which game it occurs in.

The Phillies will win this series.

It's just one game. Go Phils!

I'd say we have a 15% chance of winning this series now.

They could have gotten to Lincecum early but failed to capitalize.

Let's hope for a return to form by the Phillies..

Good point made my Jason. Giants were indeed poised.

Good Morning!

If I am not mistaken, MG is staying home tonight.

I hate to doubt Chooch- I do love him- but I did wonder about some of the pitches he called for last night. On the other hand, he does it professionally while I snarf wings, and Halladay seems to trust him, so I guess I will, too. (I am now processing a mental picture of Chooch snarfing wings and watching and commenting while I do MY job. Heh.)

I bet Buster Posey gets carded a lot.

Have a good day.

Something about Ryan Howard's AB's are driving me nuts. He's nowhere NEAR the ball.

I'm not sure Chooch "calling a better game" would have any impact on the pitches Halladay grooved right down the middle to Ross, Ross and Burrell. If he makes his pitch on any of those at bats, it may have been a different outcome.

Is this a one-game series?
Did you expect the Phillies to sweep?
Did you think the Phillies were going to win every game this postseason?

One of the best things about this team is their ability to bounce back. They fight through adversity and somehow are able to stay lose in the most stressful situations. That being said, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what some Phillies fans see in this team. Some fans dwell on adversity and blow any loss out of proportion. The Phils, unlike some of their fans, will battle because instead of leaping off the Ben Franklin Bridge, they will keep swinging and score more runs. If you actually watched the game last night instead of crying in your beer, you saw that they had a bunch of chances and with a break here or there, you’d be planning the parade instead of planning your trip to spring training or gearing up for football.

While the prevailing Beerleaguer wisdom is that Lincecum was "very hittable" last night, his H/9 for the season is 8.2 and his H/9 last night was 7.7. He threw 63% of his pitches for strikes, which is exactly his career avg (although down a hair from this season's 64%).

In sum, Lincecum pitched a typical Lincecum 2010 game. So, if you think he was very hittable last night then he's been very hittable all season and 98% of all major league pitchers are "very hittable" all the time.

What Lincecum WAS last night was beatable. If you get 2 HRs off him you've got a solid chance to win. Had THEIR bad fielding LF been forced to make a tough play instead of OUR bad fielding LF, Phillies win.

We knew going in that Game 1 would be close and tough and could break either way and that's exactly what happened.

Unlike several posters here I don't think Sanchez is tougher than Lincecum and I don't think the matchup with Oswalt gives the Giants an advantage.

I look for another tough, close game with one or two key turning points.

This is a great matchup and I expect a great series.

My plan is to fly to San Francisco for the three games and visit my son and nephews. Plenty of bridges out there.

Maybe the experts questioning Chooch can correct me here. I always thought the pitcher had the ability (and the right) to shake off a pitch called by the catcher. You know, in case he didn't feel like that was the best pitch to throw in that situation. When did that change?

Joe C. is right: the pitch Burrell hit (that, yes, Ibanez should have caught) was horrible; equally as bad was the pitch Ross hit for his second HR (2-0 count, and you're going to throw the pitch in the same exact place as the pitch he hit for the first one? bad bad pitch-call there)...

but mistakes happen; and it's all well and good to complain about the hitters, but Lincecum and Wilson are both tough customers (only a few of the at-bats struck me as horrible as at-bats, whether the result was desirable or not)... this is how you can easily lose a playoff series.

I would give a share of the blame to Chooch as well as to Halladay for the pitch selections. First of all, the catcher calls the game, and while the pitcher can shake off signs, pitch selection is collaborative. Halladay has said he puts faith in Ruiz and doesn't question his calls much. Also, Ruiz knows Burrell & Ross better than Halladay does.

Re: Ibanez non-catch. I think it would have been a good catch had he made it, meaning it was catchable but not easy. I do think that when Burrell plays LF, he doesn't try for the tough catches, preferring to snag the ball off the wall or on the bounce. Guaranteeing a single, but also limiting the hit to a single and keeping existing baserunners from advancing as far, since he also has a strong arm. Raul doesn't play it safe like Pat, and sometimes it works - i.e., he catches the ball - but sometimes it doesn't. It took him a bit of time to pick that ball up, which was worse than playing it off the wall would have been. In my opinion.

Ryan Howard has 8 SOs in 15 ABs this postseason. Still hoping the "Get me to the plate, boys" version of Howard will show up. Already expressed my frustration with Shane and Jimmy. SF has great pitchers, and if their pitching beats our hitting more than our pitching beats their hitting - (66 HRs since Aug? That's a lot more offensive ability than I thought they had) - well, then, obviously, we won't be going further.

But it was only game 1. I'm looking forward to the fight coming out in the Fightins'.

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