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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Forgot all about this video. Ought to bring back great NLCS memories.

Really excited for this. I pick Phils in 6 - extremely close games! Do you think the pitching will get the better of the batters or other way around? Never know what to expect come playoffs!!!

is it 8pm yet? Lets start this thing already!

Phils in 6. Not much offense from either team.

Is it too early to get nervous yet? I hope not, as I'm already nervous.

Phillies in five, and I'm expecting no more than 1 1-run game. The Phils are going to score more than people are predicting.

Pulpit rock

Pulpit rock

Pulpit rock

Pulpit rock


This was the longest week in the history of life.
Play Ball Already!

I think the winner of game one is huge psychologically. If the Phillies beat Timmy, that could demoralize the Giants. If the Giants win it may go seven. I'll split the difference and go Phillies in six.

" Pick the outcome of the Phillies-Reds series"

Uh, don't we already know that outcome? Was I just dreaming that the Phillies already beat the Reds?

"News Corp.'s Fox pulled its channels off Cablevision early Saturday after the companies' programming deal expired and negotiations for a new one stalled, threatening broadcasts of baseball playoffs for some 3 million Cablevision subscribers in New York and Philadelphia. "

Huh? Does this mean that tonight's game might not be on?

Bad enough to not be able to watch the game, but I think that BL will implode if we can't have a thread of endless complaints about McCarver and Buck.

its interesting Bochy left off Zito again, especially with this left hand heavy line up...

Zito has handled Howard and Ibanez pretty well... while Chase has hit him pretty good. You'd think he'd give himself that option.

He's keeping Mota on the list who has had mixed results (Howard and Utley taken him deep) aginst the Phils (kills Rollins) but every one has gotten some hits on him... including the kid, Dom Brown who's taken him deep...

The Giants bullpen has two left handers Affeldt and Lopez. Utley and Ibanez have hit him. Howard has not. Lopez on the other hand owns Utley and Howard.

Still i don't really fear anyone on the Giants bullpen... And since we don't expect much bullpen use because of the starting pitching... maybe it won't batter...

But sometimes when you expect low scoring you can get the complete opposite...

" Pick the outcome of the Phillies-Reds series"

I think the Reds league best offense, airtight defense and the 105 mile pitches out of the bullpen will stifle the Phils. Reds in 4.

Phillies in 6 feels right. I'm more worried about this series than I was the Reds series(which I wasn't worried in the least about), but somehow still way less concerned than have been about any of our other series the past 2 years. It feels uncomfortable having this much confidence in my baseball team. I hope this doesn't mean I've started to take it for granted.

Reds will beat the Braves in 8.

On the Domonic Brown decision.. everyone keeps calling him "dynamic", which I guess he is in theory, but the results haven't shown that. He looks like he could hit a home run on any swing but he also looks like he could strike out on three pitches in any at bat(and Ks have been the much more common result). For some reason he got a lot of credit in his one at bat last game for not grounding into a double play, a pretty low bar. And while he's fast, I don't consider him a pinch running SB threat. Finally, his defense has left a bit to be desired. From an entertainment standpoint, I prefer watching him over Dobbs, but the idea of him being a "dynamic" addition at this point in his career strikes me a bit as wishful thinking.
In summary, if you're thinking with your head and not your heart, a legit 3Bmen in Dobbs is the better option. I don't think adding Brown could win the series for us, but I think not having someone who can field grounders at third could lose it for us (see: Brooks Conrad). A bad back and a weak calf popping up in consectutive games is not a wildly unlikely scenario.

Brian G: if Dobbs was better than Brooks Conrad, you might have a point. But he's not.

also, if one gets hurt enough they cant play, can't you just replace one of Rollins/Polanco on the roster with Dobbs?

Frankly, I have to say that the Yanks will beat the Braves pretty handily in that Giants - Rangers series.

Yikes. Brian. You hate tall guys or something?

Well, the mistaken Reds reference is fixed, so all the jokey posts will make even less sense.

Brian - The most any such disaster could affect the team would be for one game. If Rollins or Polanco break down and can't continue, Dobbs can be activated for the very next game.

And watching Dobbs struggle at bat one more time is not my idea of entertainment. Low bar for Domonic? How about pinch hitting at anything over a .100 average? That's about the bar Dobbs has set. And I don't see any way Domonic Brown falls below that bar.

My son and I just scored tickets to game 5.

This can only mean 1 thing: Phils sweep.

Phillies in 5. Time to take care of business. Go Phils!

Phils in 6. Lose game 1.

Fortunately, I scored a ticket for game 2, which they will win 8-2.

If Polly's elbow acts up in cold weather, Valdez is at 3rd. He bats in the 8th or 9th with the Phils down a run. Gload, Sweeney, BenFran, and Brown sit helplessly on the bench.

Yo, new thread

Only 3 more hours to go, anticipation for this series is making time go slow up until the game. This ought to be a classic, Phillies in 6.

PalyChris, can you find about three or four more?

Phils in 6. Not typed with much bravado.

On our way to the World Series again

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