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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Oswalt and Hamels on full rest at home.

There's a chance.

Charlie in postgame:

Halladay had a minor groin pull in the 2nd inning.

Those who pointed out the velocity drop in Halladay by the end, maybe thats why.

I'd like to see a game where Phils win without the other team kicking and throwing the ball all over the place.

I finally feel calm! Aaahhh!

Great job by Madson! And by Lidge, but Madson had the harder trio to get out.

Have we learned yet how to pitch to Ross?

This game felt like a loss for almost the entire time...

Glad it wasn't!

Go Phils, can't wait for game six.

My playoff beard will have to stay.

Werth throwing out Ross at third to end the inning might have been the play of the game. Took all the wind out of their sails.

Victorino's favorite saying about anything: "... and that's what it's all about."

Just gotta win back to back home games. How many times did they do that this year?

I didn't see Bochy being upset - What about??

That was some kind of gutty win. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, but Madson and Lidge really nailed that sh*t down. And that gives this team a real chance now.

How many million $ was that game worth to Werth? Incredible throw from right to get Ross at 3rd; and the long ball in the 9th.

Boras has to be dancing.

NEPP is wrong. Both pitchers were getting bad calls; the umpire's strike zone kept changing. The game began with two "balls" that were pretty clearly within the strike zone on the outside corner for a left-handed batter, in a spot that later in the game was a consistent strike. The batter walked to start the game, and scored. I don't think I've ever seen Halladay so angry; he's usually pretty calm, but sitting on the bench after the first inning he was taut, livid, and speechless.

Vic's stopped saying "No questions asked," hasn't he.

Halladay is hurt?

why dose fox and csn keep showing Roy as 1-1 isent he 2-1? and isent that brad's 2nd save? they said it was his first

****Charlie in postgame:

Halladay had a minor groin pull in the 2nd inning.****

Was that when he grabbed his crotch and told the ump to suck it?

They just said Roy Halladay is hurt. (CSN) Did I hear that right?

yikes if halladay is hurt we have a steep hill to climb

Few thoughts:

- Madson was the difference maker tonight. He came in and just snuffed the life out of the Giants by striking out their 4-5-6 hitters.

- Why Lidge continues to get some much second-guessing on here and in the national media baffles me? Guess who has the better ERA since August 1 - Lidge or Wilson? That's right Lidge. He simply has shown the ability to throw that slider at the knee with great consistency with the exception of Game 1 in this series.

- Home umpires continue to be an embarrassment in this series. Migrating strike zone all night long and for every game this series.

- Cholly made a blunder by putting Utley/Howard back-to-back late in the game but Bochy's blunder (pitching Ramirez) loomed even larger tonight. You don't put in a guy who is getting hit like Ramirez in a spot where you desperately need a scoreless inning. Also got away with bringing in Affeldt to turn around Vic.

- When Ross doesn't see a fastball, he looks as mortal as anybody in this series.

- Romo's ankle might be balky as it swells up and if he isn't 100% for the rest of the series it will be a huge blow to the Giants.

- Werth is a 'Red-Light' player and has been the Phils best hitter in the postseason since '08.

- Cholly's gamble of bringing in Oswalt to pitch the 10th of Game 5 is looming really large right now.

- TMac and Sarge didn't shut up for more than 2 seconds tonight. It was ridiculous even by their low standards. A group of preteen girls talks less.

In the end, as much as he seemed to be struggling, Halladay only gave up 2 runs.

And if he injured himself while pitching, that makes his performance all the grittier.

"The seagulls are flockin' & pickin' up all the trash, & the Phillies are packin' for a return trip to Philadelphia!"

TMac doesn't merely speak, he paints word pictures.

Wow. If Halladay was hurt, my respect for him went way up, not that it wasn't high before.

I think one of the reporters asked charlie about taking halladay out because of the injury and he just laughed and said something about halladay not letting him

never mind never mind that was for the nlcs my bad

Halladay with a mild groin strain. Someone picked that up in the previous thread. Nice call.

GBrettfan, I used to love when Vic said "no questions asked."

Considering he pitched 4 more innings with the groin pull, I'm not too concerned that he won't be able to pitch a game 1 of the world series if they make it that far, like 10 days from now

Someone must have told him it didn't mean what he thought.

I think hes fine, he said he would pitch from the bullpen in a game seven if needed

Dave - I laughed out when I heard TMac with one of the worst lines I have ever heard to end a big game.

Can you imagine if the Phils win a World Series this year and the Disc Set features game commentary from TMac and Sarge?

I still cannot believe botchy assumed a double play on the Halladay bunt that he thought was a bad call. How the hell can you open your mouth about anything when the strike zone has clearly favored his team. A bad strike zone hurts a good hitting team like the phillies who actually know what the strike zone is, hence the staring down strike 3

MG: Talk about a mixed blessing ... even so, I'd take it in a second for another WFC.

Kuiper is right. AT&T Park was rocking and Madson threw as dominant as inning as the Giants have seen all year. Sad it was really impressive.

Surprisingly the Giants' broadcasters are pretty upbeat in the post-game. Kind of suprised.

Fvck... no such thing as a minor groin pull.

Giants broadcasters have to be upbeat cause the next time they are in San Fran they will be playing tee times

One - that helps explain why Doc didn't run to first on that bunt.

Two - it helps explain his weird response when asked if he'd come out of the bullpen in a game seven if needed, and he didn't say "You couldn't keep me away," he said "I'll do what they tell me to do."

If all goes well, Halladay won't be throwing again this series. Should we continue to the WS, Halladay won't be pitching again until Wednesday. Hopefully 5 days rest will be enough, should be advance.

Oswalt simply manhandled this offense in game 2, so let's hope he can conjure up that magic again. he worked primarily with his fastball in game 2, so I expect him to work his fastball early, and then when thye start swinging for that in the middle innings, steady diet of curveballs and changeups.

I really feel like this series if right there for the Phils to take. Let's see what Sanchez can do in a game 6, when a game 7 is looming, as opposed to a "house money" game 2 after Lincecum took game 1 from Halladay.

I'm still chuckling at Cholly answer to whether he thought Halladay's bunt was foul. Sometimes he's just a dead ringer for Boomhauer from King of the Hill.

cut - Nope. Halladay's performance went up about 2-3 notches in my book. He gutted it out and people will forget about those huge strikeouts in the 6th to get out of a jam.

What did I say fellas? Don't let us win this game....I really hope the giants know what they are getting themselves into

phillies in seven.

one love.

We just needed a win, and we got it.

Hope that groin injury isn't serious. I'd be shocked if Halladay wasn't available in a Game 7, groin injury or not.

Wait, is TMac on in the 9th inning now? I thought Franzkie and LA were on 1-3 and 6-9? If that changed I'm writing the Phillies.

No way to tell about how the injury may or may not impact Halladay IF the Phils reach the WS.

I'm obviously concerned, but still the primary emotion is happiness that they are heading back to Philly to face Oswalt and hopefully Hamels.

I thought the Giants were on a roll and playing with a lot of confidence. A little of the magic is gone, and a little bit of the wind has to be out of their sails at this point.

Still a tough row to hoe, but I have a good feel for the first time since Tuesday evening.

One - that helps explain why Doc didn't run to first on that bunt.

Yeah, I was thinking that too. (Though he also obviously couldn't believe it wasn't a foul ball.)

Jesus, did McCarthy actually say that? He needs to be bound and gagged immediately.

Torn Groin ∞ > Bloody Sock

Dukes, when asked who should call the ninth inning, Cholly responded, "TMac's my guy."

Hats off to Contreras and Madson. They did yeoman's work the last couple of nights.

MG -- I know that old saw -- Scared? Get a dog. However, leg/hip injuries can cause a pitcher to change his motion, resulting in (gulp!) shoulder issues. Here's hoping things turn out OK.

For a series that was supposed to feature great starting pitching with classic matchups, we have only seen one genuine great start (Oswalt in Game 2) and maybe Cain in Game 3. That's it. Frankly, I have been more impressed by the bullpens in this series by both teams than the starting pitching.

TMac hosted radio Pre/Post Game as JJ was back in Philly watching the Flyers piss away a winnable game.

If Halliday can make pitches like he did to strike out Ross and Sandoval to end the 6th with a groin pull, I don't see why it's such a concern.

Franzke made the audio call in the ninth, McCarthy must have led off the postgame show with that typically strained, witness dud of a line.

The two time NL champs just got caught in the act of being themselvs

We have life, It wasn't a masterpiece, but now we have the series in our hands with 2 games at the Bank!!

witless. whatever. ah, screw McCarthy, I'm too happy to let him ruin my mood.

looking for Utley and Howard to get untracked at CPB and finally pick up a ribbie or two

MG, agreed about Lidge. He has been solid for a long time and I was very relaxed when they brought him in. I knew he would shut them down.

Would anyone complain if UC started Exxon over Utley? I wouldn't.

Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac on MLB Network just did a Diamond Demo on the play where the ball bounced off Howard to Utley and he missed the throw to first. They both referred to it as a tough play for Utley and Halladay.

NEPP said it was a routine play.

Who should I believe?

Blood pressure just getting back to normal. Stomach still not feeling good, but I'll take it.

The legend of Roy Halladay continues to build. Once we got the lead, I thought there was no way he was going to give it up.

Just heard JRoll on CSN tell the fans to "let 'em have it" when the Giants are back at CBP.

are we ever gonna see Mike Sweeney?

Take all that protective wrap out of your locker room, Giants, and put the champagne away. You won't be needing it for a while. Matter of fact, you might want to consider some arrangements for it to return unopened to SF with you early next week.

Phan -- one game, sure.

should NOT have let us win this is time for Philly to join the Sox of 04 and 07

Jimmy said he likes our chances. Smiling. Said the Huff error got things going.

Tells fans to be wild and get on the Giants - all of them - on Saturday.

Hear that, awh? (And whoever else is going)

Old Phan and Burt, no more drinks for you tonight. You are officially over the legal limit.

Old Phan - Did you see Lidge's body language and the look on his face tonight? He wasn't phased in the least. If you break out video from the '09 playoffs, it is like watching a completely different human being. No fidgeting, walking around or stepping off the mound, grabbing the rosin bag, or shaking off Ruiz.

On a team that has 99 problems (or seemingly does), Lidge ain't one.

Any concerns about Oswalt pitching Saturday after his work yesterday - since it came out that he had already thrown his routine bullpen session earlier and had to get up again to pitch the ninth ?

"let em have it." is now the official saying of the 2010 playoffs...let em have it philly. :)

MG, exactly. I'm not second guessing UC, but I actually wondered why he didn't bring him in last night.
You're right. He just got down to business and looked great.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Halladay went on the disabled list with a right groin strain last season. Said this one is similar but doesn't believe it's as severe."

Todd Zolecki (via Twitter): "Halladay said he doesn't know if he would make next start in 5 days, if this were regular season. Sounded like it'd be a possibility."

Not to put the cart ahead of the horse, but this doesn't sound good at all.

best thing is chase utley and howard havent hit for power at all yet. i know howard has been hitting well for average and has gotten his share of doubles but he hasnt put one out of the yard since sept 25.

if those two, chase especially, can start hitting for power, look out.

i like oswalt again over sanchez A LOT and i'd take hamels over cain in a game 7 1000 times out of 1000

Would they be complaining if Ibanez was out at 3rd onthe foul bunt? It could have just as easily screwed the Phillies.


You just have to believe Utley will get it going, but he isn't hitting, but worse his defense could have cost us that game tonight, but he did make a huge catch in the 7th

IA, it doesn't sound good, but you can't look to far ahead. We still have 2 games to win.

Comment of the night was Heather's observation that Doc isn't a big game pitcher.

6 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, one of which wouldn't have scored with better defense, with a groin injury - and he isn't a big game pitcher?

Howard's defense was even worse than Utley's tonight. Not that such a thing should excuse Utley, but he's far from the only offender.

This offense tonight - morbid again. What was most striking to me tonight was the Utley/Howard ABs vs. Lopez in the top of the 8th to get out of trouble.

Lopez was leaving 87-88 MPH fastballs over the middle of the plate. Utley got frozen on an 88-MPH fastball that had alot of the plate and Howard weakly hit a 87 MPH fastball to LF. Those are usually two pitches these guys crush. There were other fastballs tonight that Phils missed on too that were hittable.

When this lineup including two of their biggest bashers are missing on those kind of fastballs, you know they are in a funk.

One battle at a time, but it's not good that Halladay's injured.

Roy will be fine. He is so 1 of the WS will be his..


Their defense as a team in this series has been awful, Utley probably has just been bad the most times, but they haven't played good Defense at all

If Halliday kept pitching tonight, it is hard to imagine he would not be available next week. Pretty clear that he won't be a bullpen option this weekend, however.

I pulled a groan once and couldn't complain for a week.

MG, agree about Lidge. I have felt comfortable with him - tonight I was very nervous about it, but that's because I had a sense of impending doom all night. But during the second half of this season, I felt reasonably confident in him.

I'm not sure what Burrell had buggin' him, to yell at Halladay. (Listening to Halladay interview now, they asked about it.)

Dave - When they get to the mountain, then they will have to cross it.

The Achilles' Heel of the Giants this series has been their defense and their bullpen. Both let them down in Game 2 and the same thing happened tonight.

Don't see the Phils doing much damage against Sanchez or Cain right now with lineup so the Phils are likely going to do some damage against the Giants' bullpen and be opportunistic if the Giants have some defensive blunders.

Live to play another day, and that my friends is why ya gotta believe

Nice win tonight. Watching Halladay pitch was painful. Made me sort of long for Cliff Lee He gutted it out through 6 and got a few lucky breaks. Giants had the Phillies in the ropes and could not put them away. Always bad. We will see what happens now. I like our chances. Rollins seems to be slowly getting a little bounce back. That is whole key to this team. And gotta love Jason Werth. He is just a happy guy in a good situation. He has been a stud for the phillies and came out of no where. I will be sorry to see him go after this year but the guy deserves to go make his money.

GTown, Utley isn't the only offender, but he is the offenderest. Hopefully he will perk up for the trip back to Philly.

its tough halladay could have an injury but come on fellas, we need two more wins and we have two studs going in game 6 and 7.

the last thing i'm worried about is who our starter will be in game 1 of the world series.

lets win another pennant!.....and then throw cole in game 1 of the world series

Phlipper, to be fair, at the time Heather posted that, we didn't know Halladay was injured, and he was laboring so hard it seemed like he'd give up more runs.

You're right, though, take everything into consideration, and the final score, and he did a great job. Thank goodness he stayed in. Can you imagine a BP game from the 3rd inning on?

MG: I think the Phillies will get pitches to hit vs. Sanchez if they're patient & let him work himself into some jams. That depends to a certain extent on the plate ump, of course, but they can't all be this bad ... can they?

I will say this about Lidge. I do think his confidence could be largely shattered in the short run if he gives up a HR. Right now he just has that mojo going. So does Madson who has quietly put together some impressive numbers in his postseason career as a Phil.

Phan -- BOOOOOO!!!! Seriously, you's the punny one!

jwerth is wearing his ring....that is why i love him.

Biggest play of game was Werth throwing that troll out trying to go to 3rd

If Halladay pitches like he did tonight against the Rangers or Yanks' lineup, they will eat him alive.

MG: Right now that's a problem I'd love to see the Phillies have.

What hole did they dig these umpires out of? Bad news.


Have you seen the Yankees lately? their almost as bad as the Phillies lineup

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